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1/x A great study:

#Predicting #Infectious #SARSCOV2 From [PCR] #Diagnostic #Samples

FYI only @carlheneghan


“ Methods
...#RT_PCR_confirmed #positive samples’ ...ability to infect Vero cell lines [was determined].” >…
2/x con’t

“...90 #RT_PCR #positive #samples were #incubated on Vero cells

26 samples (ie 26/90= 28.9%)
demonstrated viral growth

#NOT 100.0% !]

...There was #NO [viral] growth in samples with a [cycle threshold] Ct > 24
[symptom onset to test] STT > 8 days.” >
3/x con’t

SARS-CoV-2 Vero cell infectivity was #ONLY observed for RT-PCR Ct<24 and STT < 8 days.

Infectivity of patients with Ct>24 and duration of symptoms > 8 days may be #LOW.

This info can inform public health policy and guide clinical, #INFECTION_CONTROL..” >
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Well where do I start with this one!

#Article from #TheLiverpoolVermin who are just as #bad as the #TheScum

🤬#Police #drag man off #Merseyrail #train in #handcuffs after he '#refuses to #wear #mask'🤬…
I've #watched the #video many times in #shock & #horror at the #actions from the #police #FORCE & I've read both #articles #TheLiverpoolVermin & #BritishTransportPoliceFederations #Statement

Something not quite right none of it adds up, the video shows the #Police ARE #Lying🤬
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this is one of the weirdest debates, and threads as a whole, you'll ever see on this platform.

might want @threadreaderapp for this one yall, its in the hidden replies :)
it begins with @AWings099. insisting that bees are made of honey.
but then something happens. you see, this is his bio: naps are nice, comfy vibes
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Twitter is making me start a new threat. #noban 49
Judge - Before 6/22, when consular officer was reviewing an H-1B, did the officer have to review critical infrastructure requirement? Isn’t that a new requirement? Judge - Where do I look for criteria consular officer is supposed to use. Wen - It’s in the INA. #noban 49.1
Wen addressing Panda arguments. Judge - Anything in administrative record to support finding that Pres was consulting with DOL and DHS secretaries re impact on economy? Wen - I think so. Don’t have cite handy. #noban 50
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Le Sardine si schierano per il #NO
al #Referendum Costituzionale.
Tagliare il numero dei parlamentari mette in discussione la Democrazia. Il problema dei nostri rappresentanti non è il sovrannumero,ma la qualità del dibattito.

#IoVotoNO #SardineperilNO

Il parlamentare è fondamentale perché deve portare la voce dei cittadini nelle istituzioni.
Il taglio dei parlamentari indebolirebbe questo principio e con lui la centralità del Parlamento e del popolo, nel sistema costituzionale democratico.
Ridurre i parlamentari a una voce di costo è un grave errore.
La democrazia non si svende in cambio di un piatto di lenticchie. Si manifesta anche e soprattutto con la rappresentanza in Parlamento.
La democrazia non è economica né a buon mercato.
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Disha's bestfriend is trying to convey a message through hashtags. I'll try to decode in the thread to be continued
1) #Orion: #SSR's Lonavala home (maybe Rhea or someone else met Disha there or he's just linking Sushant with Disha to establish a connection
2) #no #affair: Means someone other than #DishaSalian's partner forced physical intimacy against her wish
3) #no #slip: Means she didn't slip off the 14th floor, so no accident
4) #journalist #republictv: maybe a journey knows something about Disha's mystery
5) #9619192804 #call: He's providing his WhatsApp no. based on other posts he made with the same hashtag. He wants to be contacted regarding Disha
6) #Sweatheart #Dadar: Her family's residence. Maybe sweetheart is Rohan Rai who's influencing her family
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Thread über die Aussagekraft von #Covid19-#PCR-Tests und das #Containment bei der Kontaktnachverfolgung in Österreich.

Im #Ö1-Morgenjournal erklärt Benka (Gesundheitsministerium), warum Kategorie-I-Kontaktpersonen trotz negativem PCR-Test in Quarantäne bleiben müssen. 1/16
Eine Verkürzung der Quarantäne auf 10 Tage ggf. mit 2. Test wird angedacht.

Benka erklärt, dass die Vorgaben für Quarantäne nur Richtwerte wären und die Gesundheitsbehörden den Personenkreis ausweiten könnten. 2/16

Online bis 21.7.2020:…
Die Falldefinition für Hochrisikontakte in Räumen wurde allerdings ab 15.5.2020 aufgeweicht und berücksichtigt den Infektionsweg über Aerosole nicht mehr.

Das #BMSGPK muss nachschärfen, sonst beruft man sich auf die "strengen Vorgaben des Bundes". 3/16

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1/4: A deal we will NOT accept: @eucopresident graciously offers not to cut €€€ for #democracy programs in exchange for destroying effectiveness of conditionality in EU budget ‘22! Thank you, but #NO thank you!…
2/4: On the same day #Orban and #Fidesz demonstrate how blackmailing goes, if they have voting power: „No“ to post-Covid recovery for everyone, if the EU insists on „Yes“ to democracy in #Hungary #NextGenerationEU…
3/4: My answer is the other way around: no €€€ for #Hungary et al unless: 1) commitment to EU values; 2) participation in anticorruption-System of EU Prosecutor office; 3) indiscriminate funding with part of € for #NGOs, #freemedia, municipalities. @GreensEFA @PeterMueller9
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Me apedrean, los que antes me ensalzaban.
No incomoda que denuncie la realidad de niños pobres en África, pero si la realidad de la gestión de la pandemia.

Ellos tienen los megáfonos y la inquina. Yo la entrega y la evidencia científica.
Cada uno juzgue -hilo
13 feb @el_pais por oriolmitja

Aviso sobre el escenario de riesgo para la propagación del coronavirus Covid-19…
24 feb @agenciasinc por oriolmitja

Advierto que es necesario preparar a los hospitales para una oleada de casos Covid-19…
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#Novomatic sponsert Alois-Mock-Institut. #Neumann sagt das im #IbizaUA. #Sobotka ist dort Präsident, die Domain lief bis dieses „Sponsoring“ publik wurde auf Bernhard Ebner, den LGF der #ÖVP NÖ. Um 14:48 änderten sie die Domaininhaberin. Was ist los mit diesem Land?
Hier die aktuelle Domainabfrage
Der @DariusDjawadi war schnell genug, und hat die Domainabfrage gescreenshotet, bevor sie geändert wurde.
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Were the “Sons of God” in #Genesis 6:1-4 just human #Antediluvian #kings?

Um, #NO, and here is why:
"Inspiring Philosophy" is one of the best apologetics sites on Youtube. Whether its tackling Jesus mythicism and the Omnipotence Paradox or defending the concept of faith itself, inspiring Philosophy does a fantastic job in defending Christianity as well as theism as a whole.
Michael Jones, who makes (and narrates) the Inspiring Philosophy videos, is an impressive scholar, and I encourage all Christians to visit his youtube channel (a link will be provided at the end of the article).

However, every scholar eventually gets things wrong, and Michael
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Should the #story of the woman caught in #adultery be removed from the #Bible?

Um, #NO, and here is why:
The story of the woman caught in adultery is one of the most powerful historical events to be found in the Gospels. It speaks to the heart of God’s love and mercy, a love that we are to share in our hearts, a love we are to share with the world. It is also a foreshadowing of the
gift of grace and salvation to come, a gift won by the physical death and resurrection of Christ, a gift that can bring about our own spiritual resurrection. Who cannot feel compassion as this woman is dragged before the public, an invisible scarlet letter emblazoned on her chest
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Does the #Bible teach that there will be no #romantic #love or #future #children in the #Resurrection?

Um, #NO, and here is why.
To say that Jesus had many enemies during his earthly ministry is a huge understatement. Though some pharisees were friendly to him (John 3:1-21), most despised him, challenging him and even plotted to kill him (Matt 12:14). One of their main issues with Christ was his refusal to
follow their oral tradition (Matt 15:1-9, Mark 7:1-13). Indeed, Jesus criticized the Pharisees’ over this very tradition. He pointed out their real problem; making the oral law on par with scripture. They had basically added to the Word of God.
The Sadducees had the opposite
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Does #Exodus 21:22-25 teach that abortion is okay?

Um, #No, and here is why:
Politics is one of the most divisive subjects in the history of mankind. It has caused strife within societies as well as between nations. It can divide couples, families, and culture. It can influence the news channels, TV shows and movies we watch. Often, we decide who is a
good person and who is a bad person by the political beliefs they have. Even religions and theology can be divided by politics, and Christianity is no exception. This latter point is interesting, considering that the Bible itself is quite clear on many subjects that we bicker and
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Risk assessment, latest news on confirmed cases, #preparadness checklist, geographical distribution and information on coronaviruses.

Find all relevant latest news on the outbreak of the #NovelCoronavirus #nCoV2019 on our dedicated page.

Info ➡️ Image
#RiskAssessment 22.01
• potential impact of #nCoV2019 outbreaks is high;
• further global spread is likely;
• moderate likelihood of infection for EU/EEA travellers visiting #Wuhan;
• moderate likelihood of detecting cases imported into EU/EEA;
Report: Image
@WHO @WHO_Europe @ECDC_EU @EU_Health @EU_Commission Daily update of the #nCoV2019 situation - 24.01
• 897 lab-confirmed cases
• 26 fatalities
• imported cases in: #HongKong, #Macau, #Taiwan, #Thailand, #Japan, #SouthKorea, the #US, #Singapore and #Vietnam
More: Image
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Did you make it into the hottest midday session, Seeing Red: Managing Multidrug Resistant Gram-Negative Infections? Easily met room capacity!

@ProCEhealth Richard Lewis introducing @ErinMcCreary and @OncIDPharmd (Sam Aitken)

@ASHPOfficial #ASHP19
Why is this talk titled "seeing red"? Not because you look like this guy ➡️🤬 but because of the micro report!

Man, I love me a witty title! 👏🏻
So many good slides here! Visual simplification of methods of GNR resistance. The boxed ones are most important in GNRs. #ASHP19 #SIDPEC
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Was #Jesus a #Mythical figure based on the #Egyptian #god #Horus?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
There were about 20 or so gods in the Egyptian pantheon who were called Horus. The two most famous are Horus the Younger, aka Harseisis (The Horus of this article) and Horus the Elder aka Herakhty. Horus the Younger was the son of Osiris and Isis, a god who avenged his father
by confronting and battling Seth, his uncle and the murderer of his father, Osiris. Horus the Younger is among the more famous Egyptian gods.
But is Jesus Christ based on this falcon-headed god of the Sky?
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Was #Jesus a #mythical figure based on the #Phrygian #god #Attis?
Um, #NO, and here is why (#Expanded and #updated)
Originally, Attis was the mortal son of King Croesus. Despite a prophecy warning of his death, Attis was accidentally killed in a boar hunt. In later times, he was seen as the son of Nana, a nymph or female spirit, and Agdistis, a hermaphrodite monster (though technically,
Agdistis was the grandfather; Attis’ father was actually a tree (more on this later). He was the consort (in some accounts lover) of Cybele/Kybele, the Phygrian mother goddess. There are varying accounts as to how he died and what happened afterwards, but he nevertheless went on
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Is #Jesus a #mythical figure based on the #Greek #god Adonis?
Um, #NO, and here is why (#Updated and #Expanded):
Adonis was the son of princess Myrrha and King Cinyras (more on them later). A mortal beloved by both Persephone and Aphrodite, he became the center of a nasty love triangle. Zeus intervened, saying that he should spend 4 months of the year with Persephone, 4 months of the year
with Aphrodite, and could do anything he wanted during the remaining 4 months of the year. Adonis chose to stay the last 4 months with Aphrodite (no doubt to the chagrin of Persephone. Having said that, Hades, Persephone’s husband, would have approved).
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Was #Jesus a #Mythical figure based on the #Greek #god #Dionysus?
Um, #NO, and here is why. (#Updated and #Expanded)
Dionysus (Roman Bacchus, also called Liber) was the Greek god of wine. In the mainstream myth, he is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman named Semele. Despite having a human mother, he was born a full- fledged god, and went around the ancient world, teaching, fighting Amazons
(with the aid of war elephants) and even invading India. He used his powers in a variety of ways, from making women go insane to turning pirates into dolphins. He eventually brought his dead mother from the underworld to Olympus, where she became a goddess. In most traditions, he
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Was #Jesus a #mythical figure based on the #Greco #Egyptian god #Serapis?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
Serapis is a…very unusual god, to say the least, and to better understand him, we need to look at his history. The roots of Serapis leads back to both the Egyptian gods Osiris and the Apis Bull (aka Hapi). The latter was seen as the incarnate god Ptah while alive. However,
when the Apis bull died (most of the time due to old age), he was identified with Osiris. Eventually over time Osiris and Apis became more closely associated with each other, until they eventually became one god, Osirapis/ Osorapis. Later, Ptolemy the 1rst of the Ptolemaic empire
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Was #Mary, the #mother of #Jesus, based on the #Egyptian #Goddess #Isis?
Um, #NO, and here is why #Round #Two
When I wrote my previous article on the faulty comparisons between Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Egyptian Goddess Isis, I didn’t realize that there was one aspect of the so-called Virgin birth comparisons that could be brought to bear by Jesus Mythicists, and I knew I had to
tackle it (one day both of these articles on Isis and Mary will be combined).
Major Debunking ahead.
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Was #Jesus a #mythical figure based on the #Sumerian #god #Dumuzi and the Babylonian god #Tammuz?
Um, #No, and here is why.
Dumuzi was the Sumerian god of Shepherds, the underworld and vegetation (though as we are about to see, he wasn’t really much of a god…). He was married (some sources say just a lover) of the goddess Inanna. He is identified with the Babylonian god Tammuz, whose tales share many
a similarity with that of Dumuzi. (though there are interesting differences). He was classed as one of the so-called “dying and Rising” gods of antiquity, though the “Dying and Rising” category has fallen out of academic favor.
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