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Bin jetzt mit @KollektivC in St. Pölten angekommen.
Die ersten Gruppen #CoroNazis sind uns schon begegnet, ebenso wie ein paar Wannen.
Offiziell los geht's erst 14:00
1330 Momentan schon ca. 100 Personen auf dem Domplatz St. Pölten. Die letzten Standbetreiber*innen bauen und reisen ab.
Sogar Polizei mit Helmen ist da
1342 Von den Seitengassen herrscht reger Zustrom. Mittlerweile dürften es ca. 300 TN sein.
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In the endothelium,selective impairment of insulin-mediated NO production may contribute to the development of #hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, atherogenesis, insulin resistance. NO induces vasodilation and inhibits platelet aggregation, vascular smooth muscle cell growth
Angiotensin #Ang2 inhibits insulin-mediated PI3K pathway activation, thereby impairing endothelial NO production and Glut-4 translocation in insulin-sensitive tissues, which results in vascular and systemic insulin resistance, respectively.
On the other hand, Ang II enhances insulin-mediated activation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase (#MAPK) pathway, which leads to vasoconstriction and pathologic vascular cellular growth.
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I’m watching our National suicide which I am powerless to stop or even slow for reasons that I simply cannot fathom.

Perhaps I’ve just outlived my time; I cannot recognize this world hell bent on madness and self harm to aid a communist superpower rival rising in the east. #NO
Any one of us ordinary Americans should just be able to say “Stop. Think. This is madness.” And get the Democrats to snap out of their trance like devotion to the destruction of the US.

But not one of us can make ANY real impact to slow this without institutions or resources.
Is there not one single US billionaire who wants to try to save the US research pipeline? One major tech CEO? Is there no research university President who wants to stand for academic freedom and our most talented students and future scientists?

How is there no one at all?
Read 5 tweets Datos oficiales Covid. MAPA OMS.
Cuando les digan la pandemia ha terminado, en los próximos meses, estén seguros de que nos están mintiendo.

Ahora algunos intentan COLAR que la pandemia termino, Suecia, Dinamarca, UK y más ....
En cada país han dejado las mínimas medidas justito para no decir que no hacen NADA de NADA.
Lo estamos viendo en los colegios, en #España, ...
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Nur noch wenige Tage, dann endet die Wahlperiode. Zeit Bilanz zu ziehen über @AndreasScheuer als Bundesverkehrsminister. Ich habe ein kleines Best-of der Leistungen von #Scheuer in seiner
Amtszeit zusammengestellt. Hier der Thread, es wird etwas länger werden👇


Bei der Pkw-Maut verstieß Scheuer laut Bundesrechnungshof gegen das Haushaltsgesetz und brach das Vergaberecht.

Der Verstoß gegen das Haushaltsrecht bestand in dem gezielten Verstecken von hunderten Millionen Euro an Kosten für das Projekt beim staatlichen Lkw-Maut-Betreiber Toll Collect 

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Ive decided to hand a copy of the constitution to anyone who asks for my vaccine status. Please help me inspire NYC to say #No more.
#NYC if anyone wishes to join me please do. Let’s remind our leaders what kind of people New Yorkers are - “With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles. You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together.
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PESCARA: Piazza Rinascita 19:00

COSENZA: Piazza Bilotti 19:00
NAPOLI: Piazza Dante 19:00
SALERNO: Piazza Portanuova 19:00

BOLOGNA: Piazza del Nettuno 19:00
FERRARA: Piazza Trento 19:00
FORLI': Piazzale della Vittoria 19:00
MODENA: Piazza Grande 19:00
RAVENNA: Piazza del popolo 19:00
RIMINI: Piazza Tre Martiri 19
TRIESTE: Pizza Unità d'Italia 19:00
UDINE: Piazza Libertà 19:00

ROMA: Piazza della Rotonda 19:00

GENOVA: Piazza De Ferrari 19:00
IMPERIA: Piazza S. Giovanni 19:00
SANREMO: Piazza Colombo 19:00
SAVONA: Piazza Sisto IV
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During a BRUTAL study at Harvard in the 1950s, Dr. Curt Richter placed rats in a pool of water to test how long they could tread water.
On average they'd give up and sink after 15 minutes. Image
But right before they gave up due to exhaustion, the researchers would pluck them out, dry them off, let them rest for a few minutes - and put them back in for a second round.
In this second try - how long do you think they lasted?
Remember - they had just swam until failure only a few short minutes ago...
How long do you think?
Another 15 minutes?
10 minutes?
5 minutes?
60 hours!
That's not an error.
That's right! 60 hours of swimming.
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If story of #Sinauli shocked u yesterday, wait till u read about #Rakhigarhi ,as accepted internationally the #Oldest & #largest civilization to be found in world!
This will also answer the Q about whether #NoAryan theory has been proved or not & role of Modi govt
In the budget of Feb 2020, @nsitharaman announced 5 archaeological sites located across five states to be developed with on-site museums
Rakhigarhi in Haryana, Hastinapur in Uttar Pradesh, Sivasagar in Assam, Dholavira in Gujarat and Adichanallur in TN
Found in 2020?
Ans No
, #Hastinapur was initially found in #1952
#Rakhigarhi 1963
Dr. Lal who was incharge of excavation believed that these couldn't just be related to #Mahabharata but can successfully dispel the myth of #Aryan invasion !
Dr. Lal believed that these could have belonged to 800 BC
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1)How many of us know about the biggest discovery of Century in #Sinauli  , Bagpat ,UP ?

A discovery that's so explosive that it has the potential to rewrite the twisted history from the West !

Silence of media is understood !
2) 2005,some farmers found copper & gold artefacts!
ASI was alerted & Archaeological dept under Dr. Sharma knew the importance of this discovery !
It easily proved that this is older  & advanved than #Mesopotamia or #Sumeria as proposed by west
3)But it took 13yrs & a new Govt to actually start excavation under Dr. Manjul

3 types of burial sites were found!
That directly refers to  Antyeshthi procedures described in Rig veda !

Extremely advanced Copper artefacts& OCP found confirmed Copper hoards were found in India
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For over 18 months I’ve seen people prove over and over again that lockdowns are, simply put, unscientific and ineffective BS.

Let’s remember please that when people tell you to “trust the experts” they didn’t mean the experts…
They meant sit down, shut up, obey, or you’re killing the vulnerable and a selfish sociopath. (Meanwhile Governor Cuomo…well we all know what happened there.)

I just read again the peer reviewed paper from 2006 that ended any illusion for me that we were acting or being lead..
by rational men and women with our best interests at heart.

The lies, deceptions, hypocrisy of course have not stopped nor did they only include denying all of us our basic human need for community and companionship. They denied us the right to basic healthcare
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1/#HamasAttack Reports of Hamas flying drones against Israel. I've been waiting for this. Hamas has been training to use suicide drones & for spying.
Here's 1st of a thread.
1 #Iran-designed Ababil.
2 Quad-drones used for spying. Used by "photographer" during fence rioting
2/ How does #Hamas get its quad-drones? These models were smuggled in through crossing pts from Israel as "toys."
Besides spying, drones like this were used by ISIS to drop grenades on coalition forces.
Hamas had a drone lab in Tunisia w a drone wizard (who met an untimely end).
3/ That's no innocent toy deployed in Iraq!
Don't forget, even balloons have been weaponized by #Hamas.
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So what is really happening in #SheikhJarrah?
At the end of the 19th century the committee of the Sephardi Jews in Jerusalem and the committee of Knesset Israel (Ashkenazi Jews) bought the land in #SheikhJarrah that was completely empty at the time.
In the 1950’s the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan that controlled the land illegally, decided to build 28 houses for Arab Palestinian refugees. The price the Palestinian families needed to pay for a house was giving up on their refugee statues and their refugee cards.
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#Dislipemias y enfermedades del #Colesterol. Parte I

¿De qué se tratan?

¿Cómo se interpreta un perfil lipídico en un laboratorio?

¿Qué son las #LDL pequeñas y densas y por qué son las que más interesan?

¿Qué es el Colesterol No HDL?

#AbroHilo Image
➡️La #enfermedad #cardiovascular es la principal causa de muerte en la población general. Está asociada a decenas de patologías, entre ellas, #diabetes, #obesidad, #tabaquismo, enfermedades autoinmunes, etc; y la que veremos hoy: las dislipemias o enfermedades del colesterol.
➡️Las #Dislipemias son enfermedades causadas por alguna alteración en el metabolismo de los lípidos (colesterol y triglicéridos).
Pueden ser primarias-de causa genética, adquiridas-por determinados hábitos como 🍔🚬 y secundarias-asociadas a otras enfermedades.

#Sigue ⬇️ Image
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En el context de pandèmia i de les necessitats extraordinàries (sanitàries, econòmiques i socials) que ha generat la #COVID, el @Govern va tancar el 2020 amb la despesa pública + elevada de la història (32.151 milions d'€).

Pq el dèficit públic s'ha contingut? ho explico 👇
La despesa va augmentar en tots els departaments de la Generalitat, amb l'increment + intens a #Salut (+2.861M€, +27,2%). També a #Territori (+33%) - per l'afectació en el transport públic, #Treball i Afers Socials (+18%), #Empresa (+23,9%) o #Cultura (+45,9%).
En conjunt, l’impacte de la #Covid-19 sobre les finances de la Generalitat el 2020 es calcula en 4.761,4 M€: 3.638,2 M€ degut a una major #despesa i 1.123,2 M€ degut a una caiguda en els #ingressos.
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Ms. Amber "not-an-abuser" Heard.

A thread to expose a little bit more of Ms. Heard's claims that she wasn't violent, doesn't drink or do drugs, and had no other agenda.😉

#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JusticeForKateJames

Let's start with these screen grabs. ImageImageImageImage
Let's continue with a toast ImageImage
or two or several. ImageImageImageImage
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1) #CasoCarlosLanz Sobre el caso de la lamentable desaparición del #Profesor Carlos Lanz, ocurrida el 8 de agosto de 2020, detallamos a continuación las múltiples diligencias que con todo rigor el MINISTERIO PÚBLICO y los órganos auxiliares de #Justicia hemos desarrollado
2) #ACTUALMENTE se encuentran comisionados dos fiscales nacionales y un fiscal regional del estado Aragua: Además se encuentran comisionados como órganos auxiliares de investigación el Sebin, la DGCIM, el CICPC y la PNB.
3) #INVESTIGACIONES Se han presentado más de 100 diligencias entre las cuales destaco: 
- 29 entrevistas (círculo familiar, vecinos, equipo de trabajo, amigos, compañeros de ideales)
- experticias forenses, 
- análisis de telefonía, 
- revisión de movimientos migratorios,
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To sum up: @BorisJohnson thinks that the poor should eat less meat and drink less milk. Stuff them with protein extract/oil/starch mixtures instead; microsize agriculture, while we're at it. What could go wrong?…
"It suggests families should move away from meat and dairy, helping to reduce livestock numbers, by choosing 'plant-based options' – and one day even meat grown in a laboratory."

Enjoy your meal, Britain!
The idea was already "on the table" in 1969. A Rockefeller commission urging for a dietary shift 'away from consumption of animal livestock towards vegetables and synthetic meats' and 'a closed system of agriculture - food from factories'

Here we are!…
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We have to stop pretending the kids are alright.

This is their planet too.

They have a right to an education ... a future.

After all, wasn’t that what we enjoyed at their age? Wouldn’t it be selfish to not offer them the same?

Children are not major transmitters:…

“The secondary attack rate in paediatric household contacts was LOWER than in adult household contacts”
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What's happening in Ethiopia?
Killing civilians is not a war, it is GENOCIDE!
Stop the GENOCIDE in Tigray.

In the Tigray region North Ethiopia #No communication, #NO Banking ,#No Humanitarian Aid, #No Transport, #NO electricity,
#NO Fuel, #NO life-saving supplies (including medicine, Food etc.) for more than a month. The Intl. Comm. should briskly act for the immediate ceasefire, restoring basic services & opening lifeline humanitarian corridors.
Gov't sponsored eviction is taking place in all occupied towns in western Tigrai. Humera, Mai-Kadra, Dansha, Baeker, Bereket, Rawyan, Adebai and few more towns. Amahara militias and armed forces have spread written warning to all none-Amahara residents, which is 99% of the total.
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We recently explored: A Rockefeller communication manual on #contacttracing, the [Share] Verified (UN/Purpose) guide on vaccine #communications, & insights from The #Vaccine Confidence Project.
Here is another from The Behavioral Insights Team - "at the heart of the #UK gov't".
Spun from the "heart of the UK gov't", The Behavioral Insights Team expanded to a global consulting firm "w/ offices around the world... Our work spanned 31 countries in the last year alone...Our growing portfolio of #BI #Ventures makes #behaviouralscience-backed tools..."
The strategic & coordinated campaigns for global vaccine roll-outs & uptake, must be understood as #advertising/ marketing. The more subtle, the more effective. Billions $$$ have been invested for one simple reason: huge returns. What we see today - has been years in the making.
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2. How abt when 19 minutes after @POTUS was inaugurated the #WashingtonPost DECLARED the #IMPEACHMENT CAMPAIGN had STARTED?Was thàt when #Trump divided America? Did the ripping up of @POTUS' State of the Union,by #NancyPelosi right in front of the world,bring the country 2gether? Image
3. Remember the DONORS,so SÚRE Hillary wld WIN,aka #Bloomberg,#TomSteyer,#GeorgeSoros & #MÀNY #MÓRE INVESTED #MULTIMILLIONS in #Hillary,they were PRÓMISED SHÓWERS w HÚGE RETURNS when SHE became PRESIDENT,&THEY LÓST all those MILLIONS,so they wanted TRUMP ÓUTofthe #WH by any means Image
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1) #AHORA informamos de la reunión con la Fiscal de la CPI @IntlCrimCourt Sra. #FatouBensouda juntos con el Defensor del Pueblo Alfredo Ruiz... Allí aportamos detalles de los avances del sistema de justicia de #Venezuela para sancionar violaciones a los Derechos Humanos (Hilo)
2) En nuestra exposición señalamos el compromiso del Estado venezolano y sus instituciones para investigar, imputar, acusar y condenar -tal como lo ha realizado el Ministerio Público y los Tribunales competentes- a los responsables de dichas violaciones a los #DDHH
3) En tal sentido la CPI @IntlCrimCourt EN ESTE MOMENTO ESTÁ EN LA FASE PRELIMINAR ( que #No ha concluido ) PARA DETERMINAR SI EN #Venezuela se han dado #casos que puedan ser de su competencia y cómo han sido #Sancionados
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🙋 Hola, queremos aportar nuestro granito de arena y facilitar información sobre preguntas F.A.Q. sobre la #LuzUltravioleta #UVC #RadiacionUltravioleta 💜 #Climatizacion #Aerosoles

¡Dentro Hilo! 🔽 (1/22)
(2/22). ¿Qué es la Luz Ultravioleta?

Dentro del espectro electromagnético, en la
zona no visible, encontramos las longitudes de onda
comprendidas entre los 10 y los 400 nanómetros, donde encontramos la luz #UVA,
#UVB y la #UVC
(3/22) ¿Por qué la UVC es tan especial?

La #UVC se sitúa en el rango de longitudes de onda entre 100 nm y 280 nm. Dentro de este rango UVC, la región situada 220 nm–280 nm se considera #germicida o #GUV por sus siglas en inglés (Germicidal UV)
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