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#Margasira #Pournami is reckoned as #DattaJayanthi; He is called #Dattaatreya (Datta + Aatreya) because, pleased with the penance of #Athri Rushi, Lord #Vishnu gifted himself (#Datta) to the sage Athri as his son. +
As per #Bhagavatha Purana #Dattatreya was the sixth incarnation of Lord #Vishnu born to Sage #Athri Mahamuni and #Anasuya.
#DattaAtreya was #Yogapravartaka roopa of #ParamaAtma #Vishnu.

PrAhlada Rajaru, Kartyaviryarjuna, YaduRaaja, Alarka Rushi were disciples of Lord Dattatreya. +
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What is #UttaraAvadhi for performing Paksha Sraaddha?

In case a person miss to perform Paksha Sraaddha on the day of Pithru thithi, it can be performed on any one of the specified days viz.

Maha Bharani;
Vyatheepaatha Yoga;
Mahalaya Amavasya.
During Krishna Paksha there will be no #Pournami thithi. Hence, for those Pithrus whose thithi (lunar day of death) happens to be Pournami (full moon day), rites should be performed on any of the specified days mentioned above. +
If one miss to perform even on any one of the specified days; still one can perform on any day before Aaswayuja Sukla Panchami. +
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➡️ #AnanthaPadmanabha Vratha (Tit-bits)

#ANANATHA is also popularly called as #PadmaNabHa the one who has a Lotus like navel or the one who has Lotus in the navel. #AnantHaPadManabHa is none other than #Vishnu the Supreme God;

Significance of #14 in #AnantaPadmanabha Vratha ++
> It is performed on the #14th Lunar day #Chaturdasi.

> This vratha is performed for 14 years before it is concluded with Udyaapana.

> Lord Vishnu is worshiped with 14 varieties of flowers, fruits and dishes.
Another significant feature in this vratha is worshiping Lord #Anantha with a #red coloured silk thread having 14 knots called #Thora.

A special sweet dish made with wheat flour and jaggery is prepared in 28 # and half of it is given to a Brahmana after Nivedana to #Anantha.++
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What is prescribed during #VAISAKHA maasam?
(01.05.2022 to 30.05.2022)

> Praathah SnaAna (Chaitra Sukla Pournami to Vaisakha sukla Paurnami);

> Pithru (Thila) tharpana;

> Udaka Kumbha DaAna (donating water); +++
Worshiping Lord Vishnu with Thulasi, Chandana
during Vaisakha maasa is highly meritorious and mukti daAyaka. +++
> Watering Aswatta Vruksha, performing pradakshina (circumambulations) around Aswatta Vruksha;

> Gou-Seva;

> bestows Kulaabhivruddhi;
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Annabhishekam was performed at Sri #Brihadeeswara Swami temple in #GangaikondaChozhapuram in presence of Pujyashri #Shankaracharya Swamigal. Every year, the #Annabhishekam is performed on the #Pournami Full-moon day in the Tamil month of Aippasi. ImageImageImageImage
The Annabhishekam is being performed for more than 3 decades by #Shrimatam devotees as ordained by Pujyashri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati #Mahaswamigal ImageImageImageImage
More than 1000 kgs of rice is prepared and offered in Abhishekam to Sri Brihadeeswara Swami who is more than 13.5 feet tall and 62 feet in diameter. The rice thus offered is served as prasadam to devotees. ImageImageImageImage
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