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Please, #TRUST !

Yes, I know Trust is an arrogant thing sometimes & Remembering is just A Game but in times like these it’s needed for me to SHOW what bad has done in the world because it’s doing A lot of good. .

It’s waking A lot of People up to how the world around them
Has been created …

Now imagine showing what bad did in the world to misdirect 1 BUCK, Then imagine what I have not shown yet that is the counter moves to all the bad that has been done to try misleading me—It’s all seen crystal clearly by those whose minds are now trained to
See as I have always seen ..

There is A reason why you Know who was the lead character in the movie “Marry Me” …

We’re Going Black & White, Which makes Grey & once the Gray Chapter concludes it’s time for ‘Color On Grey’ …

I’m #RED/SANTA & Trinity is on the Right, she
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#Globalist Jews Created And Run Communist #China
- Israel #Epstein was one of the few foreign-born Chinese citizens of non-Chinese origin to become a member of the Communist Party.
- Sidney #Shapiro, an American Jew, was a high ranking member of CCP’s govt
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, '19
"Once you understand the massive Soviet Rothschild penetration and occupation of the US body politic by the sons and daughters of alleged Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania & Russia, ALL becomes clear."
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17 herramientas GRATUITAS de #hacking #ciberseguridad #gratis:
Va hilo 🧵
1.Zeek: : monitorea y analiza el tráfico de red en tiempo real, captura paquetes, registra eventos y genera alertas de actividad sospechosa. Ampliamente utilizado en la industria y en la investigación académica. #Zeek #seguridad #red
2.ClamAV: :detectar y eliminar virus, malware y otras amenazas en archivos y mensajes de correo electrónico. Se utiliza a menudo en servidores de correo y sistemas de red para proteger contra amenazas de seguridad.#ClamAV #virus #seguridad #malware
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@JukkaDavidsson #Ohisalo myös.
- #Sisäministeri'stä tyynylomalle. Junaili #Torssonen syylliseksi #Auvila'n hylsy-VOK 'vasara-arapien' hyökkäykseen.
Torssosen #KRP sormenjäljet siirrettiin postipaketin teippiin.
- Torssonen vapaa, arapit himassa.
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1)The term #Rwandaphone doesn't exist unless in #Congo there is a place called #Rwanda. Kinya-Rwanda is not a primary language spoken by a tribe called Banyarwanda,but kinyarwanda language was named after a place. Rwanda borrowed that language from an unknown bantu language!
2)In Tanzania,the province of Kigoma,that place is known as #Buha,they speak #Kiha.In Burundi they speak Kirundi,all these languages are mutually intelligible.Kigoma is larger than Rwanda with a 2 million population. It is said among #waha the Tutsi are 2%!Are they Rwandaphones?
3)In Uganda,the district of Kisoro,a place is known as #Bufumbira, they speak kifumbira but the language is mutually intelligible with Kinyarwanda,Kirundi,Kiha & Kihangaza(🇹🇿 )!They don't speak Kinyarwanda because they are not from Rwanda!These languages differ only by accent!
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Thread on whole school reading
1. In the last 3 months, I have written a whole school literacy strategy document for my school and revamped our reading and intervention programmes. We now talk about phonics intervention, reading fluency intervention...
2. We don't just look at reading ages, we now look at SAS, SC and PC data from our NGRT reading tests. The data is not just for our whole school lead, all staff now have access to them through SIMS
3. We don't just talk about the English department when it comes to teaching reading fluency, we now have a whole school schedule that all subjects contribute to. The target is for all students to have 4.5 hours of reading fluency teaching across subjects fortnightly.
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Cheetah Time

All those Water Marked ballots will show the cheatahs—get ready, cause this sheetahs about to get entertaining …

While Running A swift 77 MPH towards the cheatahs, Cheatahs standing on that rug together in “victory” see the cheetah coming …
THEIR eyes get AS…

The cheetah grabs the rug with it’s awesome Cheetah mouth & pulls the rug right out from beneath the cheatahs !

The world finally sees it’s all staged purposely to show what #WE ALREADY KNEW, CHEETAHS


This “midterm” only verifies what has already been known but there is only 1 small tiny issue, does anyone know what that small tiny issue is? …

Who controls the
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1/n #RED #ALERT !! This has to REACH MAXIMUM people so people #RETWEET. You will Understand ONLY when you have read it. I have been talking about the Impact of Interest Rates on #AssetAllocation. There could be NOBODY ELSE world-over who understands this, better than #LarryFink Image
2/n In response to a question potential for client rebalancing into fixed income just as rates and markets eventually stabilize.

ANSWER: “Traditional 60-40 allocations are certainly at a balance, and portfolio liquidity profiles have also been impacted.”
3/n “for the first time in years, investors can actually earn very attractive yields without taking much duration or credit risk. Just a year ago, the U.S. two-year treasury notes were yielding 25 basis points”
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Ring The Bell


Crazy to think it’s been 6 years already that we’ve been #RED, Transitioning to #Greatness ImageImage
ABBA *+*🧎‍♀️

Even when “Broken”, NOT Broken …

1 & 0 Stand Tall

#Rejoice ImageImage
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How does color psychology snatch your #website visitors? 😤

Find out ⬇️ (1/4)
Did you know #colors are so important in #webdesign that they even determine our purchasing decisions? 😯

That’s why it’s so important for brands to be selective and precise. (2/4)
𝗙𝗼𝗿 𝗘𝘅𝗮𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲, 𝗦𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗰𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗿 𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗴𝗲𝗿𝘀:

#Red: Passion, Love, Anger - Netflix ❤️

#Blue: Calm, Trust, Intelligence - Facebook 💙

#White: Purity, Cleanliness, Virtue - Apple 🤍

#Black: Mystery, Elegance, Evil - Nike 🖤 (3/4)
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I Tried showing this whole time, meeting in the middle is & always has been the only way ..

Under The #RED Hood
Forgiveness was the only way ..

For the longest time the people have had no idea who or what they’ve been fighting for.

Now it all becomes crystal clear,
The people figure out The Son has been right in front of his people this whole time waking everyone up on social media—The one who this entire world has been waiting for & is #WH-Y EVERYONE on the world stage has been SHOWING & DOING all that they have been for 1 “Nobody”.
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WHAT IF ol’ man river is trying to tell everyone something important but the masked singe is not taken seriously or not many choose to see beyond face value ..

#BioChem + Wind = THE WALL has always meant so much more, #SHIELD .
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Hawaii —Home of the Samoans
McLovin’ ..

#RED & #BLUE BELTS (Political False Reality world) Of Truth ImageImage
The writing about the past were never about the past, it was always about the future/now/these times we’re all living in.

Time Travel is Fun.

The future took all the data needed back to the past as far back as they could & preserved the truth of what the future held ImageImage
So that each generation could do everything that needed to be done in time to counter evil, the light would pass down the information from generation to generation to those trustworthy ..
which is the exact same thing that’s been done with wrestling & mostly every other layer
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➡️ #AnanthaPadmanabha Vratha (Tit-bits)

#ANANATHA is also popularly called as #PadmaNabHa the one who has a Lotus like navel or the one who has Lotus in the navel. #AnantHaPadManabHa is none other than #Vishnu the Supreme God;

Significance of #14 in #AnantaPadmanabha Vratha ++
> It is performed on the #14th Lunar day #Chaturdasi.

> This vratha is performed for 14 years before it is concluded with Udyaapana.

> Lord Vishnu is worshiped with 14 varieties of flowers, fruits and dishes.
Another significant feature in this vratha is worshiping Lord #Anantha with a #red coloured silk thread having 14 knots called #Thora.

A special sweet dish made with wheat flour and jaggery is prepared in 28 # and half of it is given to a Brahmana after Nivedana to #Anantha.++
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How @discord is a scammers paradise 🏝

A story /🧵 on how the lack of a trust layer 🤝 for the internet creates a breeding ground for scams / scammers with #red flags 🚩 to watch out for along the way.
1/ First, some team background. A lot of our team have backgrounds in fraud prevention / #investigation 🕵️‍♂️ which we’re extremely lucky to have as it prevents 🛑us falling for what you’re about to read.
2/ Around 2 weeks ago we were approached for a transaction via someone out of the blue on @telegram.

We’ve had plenty of these reach outs be incredible so only a small 🚩 here.
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🪨 & 🛹

Born To RoLL Skate Video, Featuring myself & FAMILY …
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Myself & Tyrone/T-Bone (T-Bone Was in OSIRIS #THE #STORM

Madison Wisconsin
“Combat Tactics, Mr Ryan”

Tactical Skateboarding Full Length Video
Put my heart & soul into my part in this Video, BoRn To RoLL!

#Madison Wisconsin
#One Love

The Champ Is Here !

.@taylorswift13 — CALM DOWN might Make sense to everyone now …
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Pelajaran dari Hyundai dlm memposisi & mempromosi jenama | Sewaktu menjadi pelajar d US hampir 30 tahun lampau, kereta Hyundai sering menjadi bualan kami para pelajar Malaysia d sebabkan oleh 2 perkara: harga jualannya yg murah dan kualitinya yg rendah 1/14 #ioniq5 #marketing
Sebagai pelajar yg hidup dgn elaun sara hidup dari penaja, kereta jenama Hyundai dah tentu jadi antara calon "favorite" (walaupun org lain tak pun "berahi" dgn kereta jenama Hyundai ini d waktu tu).

Ya lah, harganya jauh lebih murah berbanding dgn jenama lain. 2/14
Oh ya, ini kereta terpakai ya, bukan kereta baharu. Maklumlah, kami pelajar.

Tetapi, dengan harga yg murah ia d pakejkan dgn kualiti yg rendah.

Ada d kalangan kawan2 yg dah pun punyai kereta berjenama Hyundai, akhirnya terpaksa menapak ke kampus.

Hyundai dah tersadai. 3/14
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“Global Warming”?

More like, it’s going to get #COLD !

[New World Order Back & White]
[Skull & Bones]
#Hangover Krew
#RED & WE PLAY #BLACK Claws Out !!!!!!!

Born To Rise Up outa this Hell, NOT Hell Raiser !!!

There is no Step #5 !!!

NO MORE PINS IN ME !!!!!!!!!
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For the last 1 week & (4)(3) days everyone has had A lemon or two chucked at them in some way shape or form, yesterday [they] threw the whole 🍋 🌳 …
Today as MANY feel they are at the lowest they’ve ever been in life, together as A whole, I’ve always promised I would be at my ImageImage
Very BEST …

Turn 10 .✍️ Image
Who are You Going to Call Upon? …
#SWEET Skateboards
#SWEET Water
White Water ImageImage
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A Goofy 🐮 🐄 Movie …
Scooby Snack Time …
kPEPermit The Frog …
SIMON says ..
Mickey MOUSE Skate Video .

Cow - Wisconsin
Scooby - doG
PEPE - Skateboarder
Peter Griffin - Pan/Jesus/The Griffin
SIMON - Take Care Of My Sheep
Mouse - PAW PAW
I AM & This is my Command, LOVE AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!

Everything you hav been taught is A lie, it’s A Throne of lies ..

I Command you give my people the biblical truths with COMPASSION, LOVE & EMPATHY , EVERYTHING .

Everything that has been kept from humanity, Show them
Who has been right in front of them this whole time ..
SHOW the people All That has been kept hidden from them & WH-Y !

Shock the world awake, MY people are ready.✍️

1 Jesus Nick Name - Pan
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