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#AMAAVAASYA - The #PITHRU Thithi (Titbits) -🧵

As per Lunar calendar there R 16 thithis (Lunar days) out of which 14 gets repeated twice in a cycle of 30 days starting from Prathipada ending with Chaturdasi. Other 2 thithis that occur once in a month R Pournami & AmaAvaasya. +
A lunar month ending with Poornima is called #PoornimaAnta & the one ending with Amavasya is called #AmaAnta.

Chaturdasi overlapping with AmaAvaasya is called #Sinivaali & Amavasya overlapping with Prathipada is called as #Kuhu. Both are astrologically considered as malefic. ++
AmaAvaasya is also known as #Darsha thithi. Darsha (Darshana) means the day AmaAvaasya is visible. On this day of Darsha when Amaavaasya thithi is prevailing around afternoon time (#Aparaannah vyaapini) Thila tharapana is given to forefathers. ++
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#DayLordNakshatraLord #DLNL
#Saturn #ShaniDev 🙏

#ScareMongers will have a heyday today! 🤷

#Fact- If #Saturn is #Benefic #YogKaarak in #Kundali, #Jaatak may not find a better day to start longterm activities/business for #profit generation/#Wealth creation

Again, in any case not ALL #Amavasya #Maavas is bad. Read quoted tweet of few months back in thread
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@Astrology_us Remember an interesting tale from #Mahabharata on this tweet

At d start of #Kurushetra muhurat was set for d #battle date & time to begin it coincided with #Amavasya #NewMoon

#Krishna knew if #war began on Amavasya it was advantage #Duryodhana

So using his Krishna neethi 1/n
@Astrology_us So in order to confuse & convince it was #Amavasya a day before #NewMoon

He did tarpanam as a mark of respect to ancestors which is customary in our tradition

Seeing this msg went upto to all devas including #Sun & #moon tht today is Amavasya #surya #chandra #astrology... 2/n
@Astrology_us Immediately #Sun & #Moon rushed to earth to meet #Krishna

Askng him, on reachng bhoolokam why is he observng #Amavasya today while its actually further away

To this Krishna replied when #Surya & #Chandra are before me at d same time & place is it not #NewMoon #astrology.. 3/n
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The 28th Nakshatra - Abhijit

There is also a nakshatra called #Abhijit that was part of the original #nakshatra mandala. Abhijit is 4°13'2o" long and is placed between 6°4o' and io°53'2o" #Capricorn and it was the most auspicious nakshatra during the ancient times. Image
It was such a powerful nakshatra that if an important activity began when the #Moon was in Abhijit nakshatra, it guaranteed unparalleled success. During the #Mahabharat, Shree Krishna came to know that Duryodhana was planning to start a war with five Pandav brothers at a
time when the Moon was in Abhijit. He was aware of the power of the Abhijit. The Kauravas were planning to begin Mahabharat when it was #Amavasya tithi (New Moon) and the Moon was in Abhijit nakshatra; this day would be an extremely potent one to bring a successful outcome.
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The 16 days of Pitru paksha period which is hailed as best time for honoring your ancestors ends on Amavasya Tithi popularly known as Sarv Pitru Amavasya. Sarv Pitru here means all the ancestors who were born on this earth irrespective

of time and place. Usually, this day is observed to show your honor to all your forefathers who were born in your lineage. But in today’s modern time, the younger generation is facing many challenges to perform the rituals as they are not well-informed and some might

have migrated to other cities .If you were unable to perform the shraddha ritual for your deceased relatives due to some reason or you have forgotten the tithi of your departure, then you can give the offerings for all your pitris on this day only.
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Wednesday, 19th August 2020

Today #moon is transiting through #maghanakshatra. #Sun and #mercury are also currently transiting #magha nakshatra. Magha nakshatra is royal throne.The #nakshatra is also related to your pitris,therefore it is a good time to honour your ancestors. Image
Magha nakshatra lord #Ketu is located in #Mulanakshatra in natural 9th house of kalpurusha.According to Nadi astrology, 9th house of chart also symbolises ur forefathers. #Ketu itself is the karmic imprint of past births. Moreover the tithi operating during sunrise (till 8:11 am)
is #Amavasya tithi.Best time to honour your ancestors. Many doshas in your personal chart are remedified with paying respect to pitris.
Also, all the fiery signs are active with 6 planets located in Aries,Leo and Sagittarius ,the temperature in many countries
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Monday, July 20, 2920 - Astro Quote

Today is Hariyali Amavasya and Moon will be transiting Punarvasu Nakshatra which is also known as return of light. Anything which is donated during this nakshatra comes back. The things you want in repetitive pattern such as #meditation Image
practices can be initiated on this nakshatra.

As it is #Amavasya tithi, giving donation on name of Pitras can help you earn good merit. Making Pitras happy is utmost important as They are related to our trine house mainly 9th house. The 9th house in the chart is related to
your luck, opportunities and dharma. A powerful 9th lord can bless you immensely with multiple opportunities and success in all spheres. In this fast paced world of Technology, we have almost forgotten the importance of honouring pitris.
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Somavati Hariyali Amavasya 2020

The #Amavasya which falls in the month of #Shravana is known as #HariyaliAmavasya. This time it is falling on Monday i.e. 20 July, 2020 forming an unusual combination and making it doubly auspicious. Therefore, it is called as somavati Image
hariyali Amavasya. This day is sacred for taking dip in holy rivers and performing tarpan to your ancestors. People who have kaal sarp dosh and graham dosh in their natal #horoscope should perform puja today. Mondays of the Shravana month are very auspicious and performing

remedies even for #planets like #moon will give best results.

Astrologically, on this day moon will be in #Punarvasu nakshatra in #Gemini during morning and transit to cancer in Punarvasu 4th pada which is a pushkara navamsa pada. #Sun is placed in Pushya nakshatra, which
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