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Thread: #Alnatura. Der Bio-Lebensmittelhändler mit 1,12 Mrd € Umsatz entstammt der sektenhaften Weltanschauung #Anthroposophie Rudolf Steiners.

Alnatura fiel durch krude Esoterik, schlechte Arbeitsbedingungen und der Ablehnung von Gewerkschaft und Betriebsrat auf.

Thread 🧵
Gründer von #Alnatura ist der Anthroposoph und ehem. Waldorfschüler Götz Rehn. Seit den 1970ern hängt er dem esoterischen Glauben an. Er ist der Schwager des #dmDrogeriemarkt-Gründers und Anthroposophen Götz Werner und Professor an der privaten Schwurbel-Hochschule @wwwalanusedu.
Sein Leben und sein Unternehmen richtete #Alnatura-Gründer Götz Rehn nach Hellseher und Okkultist Rudolf Steiner aus. Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft will Rehn nach der sektenhaften #Anthroposophie und ihrer "Sozialen Dreigliederung" ausgerichtet sehen.
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Significance of #Sengol or #Rajdanda as explained in the Mahabharata.
In Shanti Parva of Mahabharata Yudhishthira enquires about the origin of Rajdanda from Bhishma Pitamah. Bhishma explains how upon Brahma deva’s request Mahadev himself manifested in the form of Rajdanda.
Brahma ImageImageImageImage
deva passed the Rajdanda on to Bhagwan Vishnu. It was later handed over to Manu, and then to his sons. The holder of this Danda is supposed to protect Dharma with the energy of Mahadev himself.
Being staunch bhakts of Mahadeva it is most likely that the Chola Kings took ImageImage
inspiration from Mahabharata to create this beautiful tradition; where Bhagwan Shiva is represented by the Rajdanda; thus always reminding the kings that they are the upholders of Dharma (righteousness) on behalf of Mahadeva.
Images 5 and 6 - Mahabharata, Shanti Parva,
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Significance of #Sengol or #Rajdanda as explained in the Mahabharata.

In Shanti Parva of Mahabharata Yudhishthira enquires about the origin of Rajdanda from Bhishma Pitamah. Bhishma explains how upon Brahma deva’s request Mahadev himself manifested in the form of Rajdanda... ImageImageImage
Brahma deva passed the Rajdanda on to Bhagwan Vishnu. It was later handed over to Manu, and then to his sons. The holder of this Danda is supposed to protect Dharma with the energy of Mahadev himself.

Being staunch bhakts of Mahadeva it is most likely that the Chola Kings took..
inspiration from Mahabharata to create this beautiful tradition; where Bhagwan Shiva is represented by the Rajdanda; thus always reminding the kings that they are the upholders of Dharma (righteousness) on behalf of Mahadeva.

[narrated by @MySutradhar ]

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Why is River Ganga called as Tripath agamini ?

#Tripathagamini Ganga

Because of #Bhagiratha's efforts, the river is also known as Bhagirathi. She is also known as tripathaga, because she flows in the three worlds, heaven, earth, and the netherworld. Image
Another epithet that Ganga is known by is Jahanvi, because she flooded the ashram of Sage Jahnu while being led by Bhagiratha.

With a touch of Vishnu's feet simple water of #Brahma's #kamandala expands into a mighty stream which Shiva bears on his head when it descends and
then releases. Later, sage Jahnu does the same. Thus born of threes sources, #Vishnu's feet, #Shiva's coiffure and sage Jahnu's ear, Ganga is said to be ‘Trisrota'. At Prayagraj, she is joined by Yamuna & the unmanifest Saraswati & becomes as Triveni-confluence of 3 rivers.
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The #Pancharama kshetras are 5 #Shiva Temples in #AndhraPradesh that are believed to be made of a single #Atmalinga
During Mahayudh between prabhu #Kartikeya & #Tarkasur, each time the demon was killed, his body would join again. Shri #MahaVishnu told #Kartikeya ji that body
1/5 Image
Tarkasur has an #Atmalinga that needs to be broken into 5 pieces & fixed where they fall by Pooja & building a Temple.
So each piece was worshipped by a Devta & has a unique feature! All shivlinga have scales due to being hit by His Aagneyaastra used to break the Shiva Lingam
2/5 Image
worn by Taraka.
Lingam broke into 5 pieces & was trying to unite by making Omkara nada
Surya Deva by the order of #Vishnu, fixed the pieces & worshipped them by building temples over them.
The pieces stopped their movement & became famous as Panchaarama Kshetras. 3/5 Image
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नैनीताल जिले के भवाली से लगभग पांच किलोमीटर की दूरी तय करने पर आप "घोड़ाखाल" पहुंच सकते हैं जो न्याय गोलू देवता के मंदिर के लिए प्रसिद्ध है। समुद्र तल से 2000 मीटर की ऊंचाई पर स्थित इस आकर्षक मंदिर को "घंटियों का मंदिर" भी कहा जाता है।

#nainital #Almora #Kumaon #Uttarakhand
#GoluDevta is considered to be an incarnation of #GaurBhairav (#Shiva), and is worshipped all over the #Kumaon & #Garhwal region. He is worshipped as the god of #justice and he serves it well. His mantra is following: "Jai Nyay Devta Goljyu Tumar Jai ho. Sabuk lije dain haije"
#GoluDevta is seen in the form of #Shiva, while his brother Kalva Devta is in the form of #Bhairava and Garh Devi is in the form of #Shakti. Golu Devta is also prayed as a key deity (Ista/Kula Devata) in many villages in #Kumaon and #Garhwal regions of #Uttarakhand

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🧵The self-realization path: In the famous Ankola Sloka of Shivanandalahari, the various stages of Bhakti are vividly portrayed. A chaste wife, whatever be the nature of her husband, devotes herself to the service of him. There is a clear distinction between the Bhagawan and

the Bhakta. It is the type of Bhakti characterized as 'dāsyam'. A creeper, which, growing near the tree, slowly catches hold of the trunk for support and ultimately when fully grown completely covers the tree. Here the relationship between the Bhagawan and the devotee is

intimate and close as between friends. This superior Bhakti is called 'Sakhyam'. Final example - A river finding its way into the sea and becoming completely one with the sea after confluence. In a similar way, the devotee after having given up everything which is the

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🧵#Shankaracharya #SriSri Vidhushekara Bharathi Mahaswamiji on The glory of #Shiva’s names spoken by Vayu in the Shiva Purana

शिवो महेश्वरश्चैव रुद्रो विष्णुः पितामहः॥
संसारवैद्यः सर्वज्ञः परमात्मेति मुख्यतः॥
नामाष्टकमिदं मुख्यं शिवस्य प्रतिपादकम्॥

Those eight names are Shiva, Maheswara, Rudra, Vishnu, Pitamaha, Samsaravaidya, Sarvajna and Paramatma.

He is named ‘Shiva’ as he is very pure Or as the source of all auspicious qualities, Lord Shiva is called so.

This doctrine of #Parameshwara is found in the beginning

of Veda and in the end of Veda. This is the principle that can be understood from the Veda alone.

Maya should be understood as Prakriti. The wielder of this is Maheshwara. His Vibhuti, glorious manifestation, is the whole world.

‘Rud’ is the cause of grief or sorrow.

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🧵Trimurtis' advent

Generally people think that: Vishnu was already there & Brahma-Rudra arise later without having been in the beginning. By that, both of them are considered to be in the Jiva category.

From this following statement of #Atri #Maharishi in the #Bhagavatam
1/n From Vid Sri V.Subrahmanian
we know that this idea is not based on firm foundation:

श्रीमद्भागवतपुराणम्/स्कन्धः ४/अध्यायः १
अत्रिरुवाच -
विश्वोद्भवस्थितिलयेषु विभज्यमानैः
मायागुणैरनुयुगं विगृहीतदेहाः ।
ते ब्रह्मविष्णुगिरिशाः प्रणतोऽस्म्यहं वः
तेभ्यः क एव भवतां मे इहोपहूतः ॥ २७ ॥

When Atri Maharishi

prays to the Supreme Cause, Jagatkarana, to bless him with a child, the Trimurthys together appear before him. Then what Atri Maharshi says about those three is as follows:

That you, Brahma, Vishnu & Girisha,incarnate in every yuga for the maintenance of world's creation,

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#Thread on Bakshali Manuscript, ca. 224–383 CE a Hindu Treatise in India's contribution to Mathematics. It was a gateway to the modern Mathematics.
It has World's earliest use of Zero.…
#Archaeology @CKRaju14

Bakshali Manuscript Folio 14 has world's first use of "0" or "Zero" as a Placeholder dating 2-3rd Century AD
सुण्य-स्थान sunya-sthana or 'empty place' has been used several times.

The original writer of Bakshali manuscript knew "Sumerian" (c. 4500 – c. 1900 BC) or their existence.
The writer writes on Folio #33 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐒𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐬 (𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫 𝐝𝐞𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬) 𝐝𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐧 "𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐮".

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#gratitude #Karma #SHIVA #Kundalini
The rendition of Ayagiri Nandini is so flawless and so uplifting that I have listened to this almost every day last year!
Very happy to note @kuldeepmpai reaching billion views on YouTube.
Here is small thread of appreciation.
Please share.
Our purpose in life will always be revealed to us when we are ready. Till that time, please do your best in whatever dharmic work you are doing with no expectation of any return/reward. This is what Lord Krishna said in The Geeta.
Sanatana is positive philosophy.
Please watch the YouTube video for the gratitude expressed by @kuldeepmpai. Link is in the picture. Also note the screensaver on Mr. Pai's Mac.
It is the same message as provided in The Geeta. Image
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The #Vedic #PurushSukta is dedicated to the Cosmic Being from whom Creation manifests & serves as the source of Puranic accounts of Lord #Vishnu as the #Cosmic Purush. I have earlier mentioned His 3 Purush #Avatars so sharing some details in this thread, do read till the end 1/5
According to the #Satvata #Tantra the first form is known as #Karanodakshayi #Vishnu, #MahaVishnu or #Narayan who is the cause or 'Kaaran' of our #multiverse. #DeviBhagwat #Puran states that it is impossible to measure how many #Universes emerge from His body pores..2/5
The 2nd form is of #Garbhodakshayi (Garbha = Womb) #Vishnu who permeates each Brahmand & from whom emerges #Brahma to begin the process of #Creation.

According to #Devi #Bhagwat there exist countless #Brahma, Vishnu & #Shiva forms to cater to the billions of Universes...3/5
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Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple ❤🇮🇳
Sri #Meenakshi Amman Temple, Tamil Nadu In the ancient temple city of #Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, on the southern bank of Vaigai river, stands the magnificent Meenakshi #Amman Temple. It is dedicated to
Meenakshi (Sanskrit term meaning 'fish eyed'), a form of #Goddess Parvati, consort of Lord #Shiva, worshipped here as Lord Sundaresvara. The goddess Meenakshi is the principal deity of the temple, unlike most Shiva temples in #South India where Shiva is the principal deity.
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More Malachi Martin & Rama Coomaraswamy nuttiness. (from left to right in photo) Bishop Urbina Aznar, Bishop Malachi Martin (Jesuit), Father Rama Coomaraswamy and Bishop Lopez - Gastón.…
According to Rama Coomaraswamy, Malachi Martin was a bishop.
(Sadly, the video has been made private) For more on Bishop Malachi Martin, see 13 minutes & 8 seconds from Fatima Path to Peace Conference (2013) w/ Vennari, Gruner, Kramer, Searson, Ferreira, & Sungenis
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#Margasira #Pournami is reckoned as #DattaJayanthi; He is called #Dattaatreya (Datta + Aatreya) because, pleased with the penance of #Athri Rushi, Lord #Vishnu gifted himself (#Datta) to the sage Athri as his son. +
As per #Bhagavatha Purana #Dattatreya was the sixth incarnation of Lord #Vishnu born to Sage #Athri Mahamuni and #Anasuya.
#DattaAtreya was #Yogapravartaka roopa of #ParamaAtma #Vishnu.

PrAhlada Rajaru, Kartyaviryarjuna, YaduRaaja, Alarka Rushi were disciples of Lord Dattatreya. +
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#sKaNda (#SubrahManya) #ShasHti (29.11.2022) 🧵

In #TheerthaPrabandha Sri #VadiRajaru extols the glory of Lord #SubraHmanya

सुब्रह्मण्यस्य महिमा वर्णितुं केन शक्यते |
" ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯಸ್ಯ ಮಹಿಮಾ ವರ್ಣಿತುಂ ಕೇನ ಶಕ್ಯತೇ "

who has the capacity to describe the merits of Lord SubraHmanya;
Dedicated to Lord #Subrahmanya, sixth day (#Shashti thithi) of the sacred lunar month #Margasira maAsa is known as #SkandaShashti or #SubrahmanyaShashti.
It is believed to be the day Lord Subramanya was born. As such He becomes the presiding deity of Shashti tithi. ++
If there is khanda (broken) thithi [<Panchami (+) >Shashti] and the day is coinciding with Sunday or Tuesday + Satabhisha Nakshathra + Vaidruthi Yoga it is known as #ChaMpaShashti. +
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Happy #WorldSnakeDay. #Snakes have an unfair reputation as being poisonous/ aggressive. Our fear of snakes may come from Christianity. Satan took the form of a snake tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yet snakes aren't bad at all! They're critical to ecosystems around the world
#Snakes evolved 130 million years ago in the Cretaceous period from a common ancestor that they share with #birds and other #reptiles. They have cloacal spurs or vestigal limbs, which shows their shared ancestry with limbed reptiles. #WorldSnakeDay 🐍🐍🐍
#Snakes see on the infrared spectrum using heat receptors called pit organs making them epic predators with natural night vision goggles to see prey. Snakes have a detachable jaw which can swallow food whole that is much larger than its own body weight. #WorldSnakeDay 🐍💚
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Once upon a time around 500 BCE, in a town called Takshashila, there lived a boy named Pāṇini, and he was an utter fool. Everyone made fun of him for being a fool, and his parents and teachers thought he would amount to nothing.
One day, he somehow got admitted to Takshashila University, where people came from far and wide to study. Perhaps his father knew someone there, or perhaps they took pity on him. He was a #Sanskrit #Grammar major. Grammar was the respectable subject to study at the time.
Perhaps he wanted to study #Yoga or something, but his father, like other South Asian dads, wanted his son to study the best thing for his future. It was something like SA dads wanting their kids to study #medicine or #engineering today.
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#GANGOTPATTI (Ganga Sapthami) - What does it indicate?

7th Lunar day (#Sapthami) in the bright fortnight of the lunar month #Vaisakha Maasam is reckoned as #Gangotpatti the day Holy #Ganga (Ganges) emerged out from the ear of Sage #Jahnu. +
After #Vishnu #Paadodbhavi the divine Ganga descended on to the earth making Lord #Shiva's matted locks as its platform,

Ganga followed #Bhagiratha to the Nether worlds to purify the souls of #Sagara Puthras lying in the form of an ash in the ashrama of #Kapila Maha Muni. +
On the way the waters of Ganga submerged the Ashrama of Sage #Jahnu who got annoyed and drank the entire Ganga waters.

Afterwards the Sage got pleased with the prayers of Bhagiratha and others and released Ganga from his ear for welfare of the mankind. +
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Har Har Mahadev

Passing by.

#JaiShriKedar ImageImageImage
En route. Only divinity. Nothing else. Vast difference in developing this place even in last 4-5 years. #Rishikesh
#HarHarMahadevॐ #JaiShriKedar ImageImageImage
#Rishikesh is giving Brigade Road a complex!!! ImageImage
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Jai Sri Ram
Jai ShivaShakthi

Krishna district
Pedana Mandal

ShivaShakthi in every village and every home
As a part of this program, with an aim to completely introduce ShivaShakthi in 20 remote villages, out of 31 village panchayat, visited 2 villages today. ImageImage
Out of around 1200 villagers in the village approximately 350to400 members have converted their religion. Excluding 2or3, no one else have a BC certificate. There are 3temples and 4churches in the village.200people in the Kapu community have converted their religion Image
Out of 700 people in the village, 100 to 150 people have converted to Christianity.
There are 2 temples and 2 churches in the village.

There is only one reason that people are getting converted into Christianity. Image
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Did you know about the place where Bhagwan #Shiva and mata parvati got married?

The Triyuginarayan temple in Triyuginarayan village located at the confluence of the Sone-Ganga and Mandakini rivers in the Rudraprayag district is of considerable significance because it was the
venue chosen for Lord Shiva and Parvati's marriage. The ancient temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu.Triyuginarayan consists of three words - Tri + Yuga + Narayan.

The word Tri denotes Three, Yuga means era and Narayan refers to Lord Vishnu. This temple has been in existence
since Satyuga, followed by Treta Yuga and Dwapar Yuga. The Satyuga was the Yuga of Lord Vishnu, while Treta and Dwarapa were the Yugas when he reincarnated as
Rama and Krishna respectively.

The celestial marriage of Bhagwan Shiva and Mata Parvati took place in the presence of
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#Thiruvempavai #திருவெம்பாவை Tamil Nadu has given India a lot by way of Bhakti movements from time immemorial.
A short thread based on my understanding. Today also is the day of #ArudraDarshan #Thiruvadhirai - a big festival and celebration in Kerala and TN
Above image is of Brihadeeswara Temple, Tamil Nadu. It is said, having a darshan of Gopuram itself is a blessing.
Paavai Genre: Paavai songs are part of an ancient tradition amongst unmarried young girls, where they would light lamps in the early mornings of Margazhi and sing songs in praise of Bhagawan Shiva or Bhagawan Krishna (or may be both).
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