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As a Brazilian hockey and soccer fan who likes soccer jerseys and loves to see jersey concepts for hockey I couldn't help but to wonder how they would look like and since I didn't find something like that I created one for each team! Image
Disclaimers: soccer jerseys usually have a sponsor and since we don't have that in NHL I simply used the helmet sponsors (for those cool guys that don't have one like Avs and Flyers I used the one from arena naming rights)

Teams are in abbreviation order!

Ok let's go!
1 - Anaheim Ducks
#FlyTogether @AnaheimDucks @DucksBRA

It's pretty simple but I think it looks fine, didn't want to mess something Image
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So one of the biggest complaints I've seen from #Flyers fans over their efforts this season, is "they get scored on a lot, right after scoring".

So let's find out if this is true...
#FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere
Through 28 games in 2020-21, the #Flyers have been scored on 18 times within 5 minutes of scoring a goal.
- 12 of those goals against came within 2min of scoring
- 4 of them came within 1min of scoring
- 2 of them came within 30 seconds of scoring
#FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere
How does this compare to the rest of the league?

Most goals conceded within 5 minutes of scoring:
1. #Oilers - 28
2. #Caps - 22
3. #Leafs - 20
4. #Flames - 19
5. #Flyers/#GoldenKnights - 18

and the fewest:

31. #Stars/#Ducks - 4
29. #Sharks - 6
28. #Bruins - 7
27. #Kings - 8
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1/ With the NHL trade deadline a day away, I'll present a "road-map" forward for the Nashville #Preds.

Some may ask: ""

Today they're a fan favorite line. But Grimaldi+Smith first appeared randomly, a year ago. I was the first/only to argue for their pairing! ☝️
2/ What NHL analysts tend not to grasp about the #Preds is that they don't have a "franchise" forward (ie. McDavid, Matthews, Panarin, Kucherov).

To succeed, they have to take niche pieces & fit them in such a way that the "sum becomes a whole of the parts".

ie. Line Chemistry
3/ Historically, #Preds lines that generate a *consistently* fluid offensive *identity* have displayed a common formula...

Hyper-Sonic Speed
Wildcard skill

To understand the history, see the quote below. Then let's advance to each category:
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1/ The Athletic & NY Times are considered "newspapers of record".

Meaning once humanity's extinct, aliens will be reading these sites...and their flawed justifications for coup's in the #Preds organization & Latin America!

But with GAME TAPE in orbit...the truth is out there πŸ‘½
2/ It may have escaped Mr. Vingan's notice, but the day he declared "Mission Accomplished" in George Dubya Jr. fashion...

...the #Preds lines had just blown up - in yet another iteration of Coach Hynes' top six experiment.

It's important to understand *why* that change occurred
3/ The last #Preds GAME TAPE thread explained how Turris & Granlund found success in a new offensive system.

But that strategy was akin to an NFL team reaching the 40 yard line, and kicking a field goal each time.

It repressed the skill of JOFA+Duchene:
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1/ Stymied offense that looks done for? Games that seem all but lost?

Mahomes took care of it in Kansas. And I am telling you, GAME TAPE will take care of it here in Nashville!

We are going to goddam Disney Land...or "Muskoka Ontario Canada"....wherever hockey champions go!
2/ To recap the last GAME TAPE developments...we last discussed the prevailing "formula" that tends to bring out the most fluid offense possible.

The #Preds *partially* moved in this direction, securing 2 out of 3 wins last week. But we can do better...
3/ The top six #Preds line combinations the staff went with, while respectable...are not the most optimal.

It's not just the "chemistry" between players. There was a new strategic framework adopted for these lines, and that's what we'll look at today...
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1/ On Sunday's GAME TAPE thread (quoted below), I presented observations on balanced lines - and a formula for generating offensive chemistry.

In 'Part 2', I'll explain how Monday's needless loss to the Leafs is actually rooted in issues with the #Preds 2nd line…
2/ After two initial victories against Chicago & Winnipeg, the staff wanted to help a struggling #Preds 2nd line.

Unfortunately, their solution was something akin to a "Jenga" error. They began pulling the wrong pieces out of place - weakening the balance of the structure...
3/ To rehabilitate the Duchene & Granlund was decided that replacing Jarnkrok with Forsberg would be the solution.

In doing this, the #Preds destroyed their elite JOFA line...and got in return a still-underwhelming 2nd line...
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1/ Ignored calls & texts...just to study games on my NHL app. 🧐

Good news...this GAME TAPE thread will reveal the secrets of *HOCKEY LINE CHEMISTRY* πŸ˜‡

Bad news...girl I liked - likes me less now. πŸ˜ͺ

Sorry babe...trip to the Stanley Cup > trip to the Hakka restaurant 😈
2/ Some current context...

After two initial victories, Coach Hynes was concerned by anemic scoring & began mixing up offensive lines.

Thereby producing 2 *needless* losses. Since 2018, "anemic scoring" is just the nature of the #Preds beast...
3/ The #Preds are chasing a playoff spot. All that takes is wins. Low scoring wins count too!

Prioritize defense. And let's compose offensive lines based on demonstrated chemistry...rather than obligation to a contract or "the analytics community".

The answer is within...
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