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At least 17 sevengill #sharks have been killed by infamous #killerwhale pair Port & Starboard this week in South Africa. Only the livers were eaten with the leftover carcasses washing ashore [1/3] 📸 @MarineDynamics Christine Wessels ImageImage
We 1st observed this pair hunting sevengill sharks in False Bay, Cape Town in 2015 in a paper led by PhD candidate #TammyEngelbrecht. The paper includes a review of killer whale science in South Africa [2/3]… &…
The drama didn’t stop there. In 2017 this pair then started targeting #greatwhitesharks, ultimately resulting in the sharks abandoning established aggregation sites, in work led by @AlisonTowner1… [3/3] Image
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#WATCH | Woke marine biologists urge we end our derogatory language towards sharks 🙆‍♂️

#Woke #marine #biologists #derogatory #language #sharks
Woke Biologists Claim Now Even Wild Animals Are Suffering From the Effects of Systemic Racism

One of the most diabolically clever notions the Left has ever devised in order to advance its Marxist agenda has been “systemic racism.”
It’s so useful that “experts” keep finding it in more and more places, and absurdity is no bar for how low they will go. Their audience, after all, is Leftists, who are already accustomed to swallowing absurd claims on an industrial scale
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(1/3) CITES has moved to enact some of the most significant protection for shark species targeted in the fin trade and scores of turtles, lizards and frogs whose numbers are being decimated by the pet trade. 👏

#CITES #wildlife #animals #nature #sharks #news #environment Turtle swimming

(2/3) 160 governments, parties to @CITES, adopted proposals to regulate international trade in more than 500 new species. 👏

#CITES #wildlife #news #turtles #oceans #CITESCoP19 #UN…

(3/3) If you are interested in #wildlife, #travel, #nature, #history, #climatechange, or #sustainability, read The Planet.

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When I tweeted this (OT) last Thursday, I hadn't expected it to spark subtweet discussions. More surprisingly, were the responses from @lamaveproject and 2/3 of the authors. Here is a long-ish 🧵to unpack everything #DecoloniseScience #DEI from the past 3 days:
I deliberately did not mention the authors @VSenigaglia @daniellahanf @ponzoale in the OT. Seeing that they had all listed LAMAVE as a common affiliation, it seemed this was an organizational problem. And yes, I ---
--- will continue to tag @lamaveproject in this thread even though they have denied any affiliation to the paper in question. [more on this later]
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This week, investigators found that German #meat companies sold sausages made from bones.

The #livestock sector is highly secretive, hiding its practices from the public eye. As a result, many people don't know what animal products are made of, including these 8 examples.👇1/11
Many #ChickenNuggets contain very little actual meat.

Instead, they mostly consist of fat and other body parts, including #chicken nerves, bone, skin, and connective tissue. @iltaylorwriter reports. 2/11…
Few people know that #horse blood can be involved in the production of pork and beef.

Farmers across Europe use a hormone derived from pregnant mares to increase reproduction in pigs, #cows & other farmed animals. @KevanySophie reports via @guardian. 3/11…
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CA Se Door Raho -

CA Ko Nikal Do -

But this is how me as a CA as well as other CA/CS around me have added value to #Startups and #Angel #Investment
#SharkTankIndia #startupindia #SharkTank ( 1/n )

@namitathapar @amangupta0303 @Ashneer_Grover @peyushbansal @vineetasng
Angel Investors commit to invest in Startups without having any knowledge that there is a deemed "Angel tax" on premium paid on equity u/s 56(2)(viib)

I have saved 200 Cr+ on tax on such hasty decisions taken by #Investors by applying for #Angeltax exemption #startupindia
The Deal by #Sharks is followed by Term Sheet and Share Holders Agreement

As a CA/CS our role is to educate the #Startup #Founder about the clauses like Buy Back, Drag along , Anti-Dilution and Liquidation preference

#SharkTankIndia #SharkTankIndiaOnSonyTV
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Taronga’s marine scientists, in collaboration with Macquarie Uni & others internationally, are investigating the effects of pulsed electric fields on #shark physiology & behavior to deliver innovative improvements in deterrents to save the lives of people & #sharks. #ScienceWeek
This @ARC_gov_au funded project builds on a previous ARC LP by this team that uncovered information on #shark vision and demonstrated the effectiveness of counter-illumination (light emitting) devices in deterring shark attacks
The new project (late 2020>) will test the effectiveness of existing & improved personal deterrents against attacks from white, bull & tiger #sharks. This should reduce fatalities by increasing device-use, while also reducing the need for indiscriminate meshing/culling programs.
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On the subject of Port Jackson #sharks, another collaborative project involving Taronga's Dr Jo Day used long-term acoustic monitoring to show that PJ #sharks migrate inshore in winter to breed. PC: Bluebottle Films. #ScienceWeek
Further #ConservationGenetics work led by Taronga's Dr Jo Day uncovered evidence of high breeding site fidelity in female Port Jackson #sharks (Sydney Harbour and Jervis Bay) & highlighted important areas & actions for their #ConservationManagement.
Previously the extent of reproductive philopatry (tendency to return to an area to breed) was unknown for this species, which made targeted #ConservationManagement impossible. #ConservationGenetics #MarineScience #ScienceWeek
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As Taronga’s Research & #Conservation Coordinator, & a marine biologist specializing in #ConservationGenetics, Dr Jo Day, wears many hats – & most are waterproof! Jo’s work covers many areas & species, including the little-known Port Jackson #shark... #MarineScience #ScienceWeek
Data from GPS and accelerometer tags fitted to Taronga zoo-based Port Jackson #sharks allowed the team to identify resting & active swimming, as well as feeding behaviour.
Using fine and broad scale #MovementEcology data from these Port Jackson #sharks, #MachineLearning models allowed the team to identify these key behaviours in this elusive #marine #shark species.…
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#Whales & #dolphins are facing many manmade existential threats: depletion of food by overfishing, drop in birthrates due to industrial pollution, killing by discarded fishnets & plastics etc
#Watch #Seaspiracy. It’s #seas #piracy. It’s #conspirasea
Over 300,000 #whales and #dolphins are killed as bycatch in #fishnets every year. People eating #seafood is the reason that fishing trawlers go to sea & cause these deaths of whales & dolphins. #Boycott #seafood. It’s #seas #piracy
Watch #Seaspiracy
3/6 🦈
Every year at least 50 million #sharks are killed as #bycatch in commercial #fishing. 90% of sharks have been lost in the last few decades. Eating seafood contributes to the bykill of sharks and other #sealife.
#Boycott #seafood
#Watch #Seaspiracy
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So one of the biggest complaints I've seen from #Flyers fans over their efforts this season, is "they get scored on a lot, right after scoring".

So let's find out if this is true...
#FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere
Through 28 games in 2020-21, the #Flyers have been scored on 18 times within 5 minutes of scoring a goal.
- 12 of those goals against came within 2min of scoring
- 4 of them came within 1min of scoring
- 2 of them came within 30 seconds of scoring
#FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere
How does this compare to the rest of the league?

Most goals conceded within 5 minutes of scoring:
1. #Oilers - 28
2. #Caps - 22
3. #Leafs - 20
4. #Flames - 19
5. #Flyers/#GoldenKnights - 18

and the fewest:

31. #Stars/#Ducks - 4
29. #Sharks - 6
28. #Bruins - 7
27. #Kings - 8
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We are loving the #FreshVsSaltyFish debate, but no shallow-dweller—salty or not—can win in a battle of the fishes when deep-sea fish enter the race.

#TeamSalt #TeamDeepSea
Here we go #FreshVsSaltyFish

Despite its fierce name and looks, fangtooth, Anoplogaster cornuta, is small and has relatively bad eyesight. But the pronounced dark line down their sides is a lateral line that allows them to sense small movements.
#TeamSalt #TeamDeepSea
Weird and Wonderful: The fangtooth fish has a face only a mother could love:
#FreshVsSaltyFish #TeamSalt #TeamDeepSea
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#Whalesharks are the largest fish in the sea, reaching almost 19m! They are one of only three filter-feeding shark species, the others being the megamouth shark and basking shark. They use gill filters to catch plankton, jellies and small fish. #Sharktober
We usually think of filter-feeding as happening automatically as the animal swims with its mouth open, but whale sharks are actually very active hunters. They use active suction to catch small animals near the water's surface. #Sharktober #whaleshark
#Whalesharks typically prefer tropical and temperate open oceans, but their slow migrations often bring them near shore to feed. These aggregation sites, including #SouthAfrica's southern coast, often benefit greatly from #ecotourism as a result of these beautiful visitors.
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Time for another #TetZoocryptomegathread, in which we examine the backstory to a photo or film said to depict a cryptid, or monster. This time, we’re not looking at a photo claimed to be of a live animal BUT at photos which depict a very dead one: a rotted carcass, in fact…
I am of course talking about the ZUIYO-MARU CARCASS: the large, decomposed body of a sea creature, ‘captured’ by accident in the nets of the Japanese fishing vessel the Zuiyo-maru on April 25th 1977 while they were about 48km off the east coast of Christchurch, New Zealand…
The name ‘Zuiyo-maru’ has been written in several ways in the literature (as ‘Zuiyomaru’ or ‘Zuiyo Maru’, for example). I’m here going to follow the style used in the 1978 report on the carcass (Zuiyo-maru). And the Zuiyo-maru carcass will be called the ZMC from hereon!
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At Least 5 Lakh #Sharks to be Slaughtered to Create #COVID19Vaccine Doses for All, Conservationists Warn…

(📸: NOAA)
Conservationists have warned that at least 5 lakh sharks are likely to be slaughtered in order to develop enough doses of an effective vaccine and immunise humankind against COVID-19.
All vaccines consist of an immunological agent called adjuvant—meaning "to help" in Latin—which makes the vaccine more efficient by strengthening its immune response.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/09/2020…
We need to shift our focus from competencies to agency | by Esko Kilpi | Medium…

#agency #competencies
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NEWS: We have a new picture of the state of reef sharks.

After nearly 400 reefs sampled across 58 nations, @globalfinprint global reef shark & ray survey is in. Results are a sobering reminder that we must act now.

1/8 Image
Why? Conservation of reef #sharks is crucial. They are vital predators keeping important coral reef ecosystems in balance. (below from Belize)

There were bright spots in the surveys where @TheWCS works. Melanesia, including Papua New Guinea (video), Solomon Islands & Fiji in many spots. Among others. @wcsfiji @WCSPNG

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Yesterday, on the 1st day of the UK's #COVID19 lockdown, I started posting a daily #deepsea fact on my instagram (@diva_amon) to help amaze/excite/distract. Will cross-post them here also. Feel free to add comments/questions/etc. & I'll try to get to them #DivasDailyDeepSeaFact
DAY 1: The test used to diagnose #COVID19 & other pandemics was developed with the help of an enzyme isolated from a #microbe found in #DeepSea #HydrothermalVents & freshwater hot springs.
Video: @NERCscience @adrg1.
Fact: @WHOI.
DAY 2: #DeepSea life can be slow. Case in point: the Greenland #shark (Somniosus microcephalus) can live for >400 years & only becomes sexually mature at >150 years old. Yes, it took me a grand total of 2 posts to start talking about sex. I blame @Marahh2o. Video: @oceanexplorer
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It may be a #SnowDay for those of us at the main @SmithsonianEnv campus - but some of our researchers are enjoying rustic, tropical lab digs on Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Any ideas what book’s fictional island was based off of Cocos? HINT: 🦖🦕 #ScientistsInTheField Image
Did you guess #JurassicPark!? Michael Crichton's novel (and the subsequent movies) take place on the fictitious "Isla Nublar" of Costa Rica, which is modeled after Cocos Island! #TheMoreYouKnow Image
With views like these - we can understand why famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau called Cocos "the most beautiful island in the world". #FoulingProject Image
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Good morning Twitter! I move to Australia today! 1 like/retweet of this tweet = 1 thing you (maybe) didn't know about Australian #sharks.
Alright, let's get this party started: First, numbers aren't 100% accurate but anywhere from 170-190 species of #sharks call Australian waters home. That's a lot, seeing as how there are roughly 500-ish species.
According to the Australian Government's Department of Environment and Energy, of those 170-190 species, around 70 are thought to be endemic. Endemic means "native to a specific region or environment and not occurring naturally anywhere else."
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