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#RAISETHECAPS is something we see coming by a lot in the @THORChain community. What are those caps? Why do we have these? Why should they be raised? And most important, what is the impact of it on $RUNE?

Let me explain 🧵
2./ @THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity protocol where users can swap native assets against each other. Without wrapping or pegging assets.

To enable users to swap a certain asset, a liquidity pool of that specific asset needs to be available on #Thorchain.
3./ For example, if you want to swap native $ETH for native $BTC there are 2 liquidity pools needed. The first one is $ETH / $RUNE, the second one is $BTC / $RUNE. As you can see, both are paired against $RUNE. This is the case for every asset on @THORChain.
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OTD in 1959, after taking a shot from Andy Bathgate in the nose, Jacques Plante leaves the game & returns wearing a mask.

This is a (mega) thread to Plante & to the mask wearers who followed. Some great goalies/masks do not appear & some appear more than once.

Gerry Cheevers and his iconic mask. The first to have markings on it. #NHLBruins

I considered doing a thread just on Michel Dion's mask.

#Pens #LetsGoPens
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So one of the biggest complaints I've seen from #Flyers fans over their efforts this season, is "they get scored on a lot, right after scoring".

So let's find out if this is true...
#FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere
Through 28 games in 2020-21, the #Flyers have been scored on 18 times within 5 minutes of scoring a goal.
- 12 of those goals against came within 2min of scoring
- 4 of them came within 1min of scoring
- 2 of them came within 30 seconds of scoring
#FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere
How does this compare to the rest of the league?

Most goals conceded within 5 minutes of scoring:
1. #Oilers - 28
2. #Caps - 22
3. #Leafs - 20
4. #Flames - 19
5. #Flyers/#GoldenKnights - 18

and the fewest:

31. #Stars/#Ducks - 4
29. #Sharks - 6
28. #Bruins - 7
27. #Kings - 8
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J'ai enfin terminé la lecture de l'épais rapport #IndianChronicles par @EuDisinfo.
Quelques pensées ⤵️
Ce rapport montre un incroyable écosystème qui dépasse largement celui de la seule désinformation.
Il ne s'agit pas que de "fausses nouvelles" ni de "faux émetteurs" mais d'une longue et complète opération d'influence impliquant une nébuleuse de médias, d'ONG, de think tanks...
et même de personnes, dont plusieurs étaient morts et ont été ressuscités pour servir une légende.
C'est sans doute l'aspect le plus choquant de cette opération que ces impersonations de personnes décédées ou d'organismes fermés.
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It is with profound sadness and yet great pride I share this story from the @washingtonpost today. My professional life was rocked to the core on Monday morning. But I love my job. I love covering the @Capitals and telling their story. And, more than anything...
....I love the people I’ve worked for and with for almost a decade.

And what I’m proudest of is the relationship I’ve built with #Caps fans. Because that’s all I am. A huge fan with a great job. Thank you to all the Caps fans who stopped me to talk, to take a selfie or to ask if
@MayHockeyNBCS is really a scary guy. Secret’s out now. He’s not. He’s a class act and has made my job incredibly fun. It’s not often you have chemistry like that in this profession. You can’t fake it. We never did. For that, I will always appreciate him....
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[1/2] Today we received trove of NYC #supportivehousing interview outcome data. Here's one that stands out: "Rejected. Client presented as resistant during the interview process. Client did not engage interviewer appropriately." What does "appropriately" mean? Who judges it?
[2/2] The provider does. Is this #racialized, is it #gendered? Is this a valid reason to #gatekeep housing from a homeless person w/ mental illness in need? Social workers should not get discretion to gatekeep a basic human need w/ no accountability. Yet, here we are.
[+1] Here's another reason a homeless person struggling with mental illness was rejected from supportive housing: "Applicant was evicted from previous rental property." @NYCCouncil needs to move forward with legislation to stop this kind of gatekeeping.
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Public service announcement. If you're a #Caps fan who is in love with Ovechkin and cannot bear to hear anything negative about your idol, do your mental health a favor and unfollow me. Better yet, block me so that no inconvenient truth accidentally seeps into your timeline.
I should also note that I normally block all hysterical Ovi screamers anyway, so you only get one shot to call me a horrible assclown without credibility who is like stupid and junk.
Is it really worth it? Be a child, save yourself from fascism, all that.
I am serious. Just keep living in your world of angelic Ovi carefully created by the Capitals PR department. Why do you need to harass me with your unhinged ramblings? I'm sure there're plenty of safe spaces on the interwebs where you can circle jerk on your hero. Go in peace.
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The IOC keeps giving Russia chances, and Russia keeps pissing all over another line in the sand.
Folks in the West simply don't understand: Russians view sports as foreign politics. They only care about winning. "How" never enters the equation. "How" doesn't matter. Gold does.
I mean... You can give them 1000 more chances to clean up their act. It won't change anything. When the IOC says "stop cheating", Russian officials hear "stop getting caught."
IOC is far away. Putin is close. And Putin demands gold. All the time. Any cost.
Oh, and in case the whole "harass, threaten, discredit and silence the whistleblower" playbook seems unfamiliar, here is where it comes from.
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My son and I are eating barbecue and arguing about greatest goalies in each NHL team's history. Some teams (Buffalo, Edmonton, NJ) are open and shut cases. Others are tough. Care to settle it, Twitter?
Let's start with #NYR
Moving on to Chicago.
How about Florida? I am with @strombone1, my kid is vehement about Beezer.
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"Mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio
has had three different legal names, court records show"
- New York Daily News…
"...curious twist,
the application said the required legal notice disclosing the name change would be published in the weekly Boston Phoenix,
and not in a New York City newspaper.
In contrast, the legal notice of the 1983 name change was published in the New York Law Journal."
"...from 1995 to 2001,
the now-candidate for mayor was registered with the city Board of Elections as Bill de Blasio and voted 10 times under that name,
even though he had not yet petitioned the court to change his name from Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm."
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