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My goodness. Just listening Matt Hancock being grilled by Sarah Montague about the appalling A&E figures in England and ACTUALLY BEING ASKED by her why the Scottish Health Service is performing so much better, will not answer the question despite being asked THREE times!😂
Hancock even tried to wriggle out of it by trying to smear the ScotGov, saying full allocations aren't made to the Scottish Health Service. That only made it worse for him, because if that was even true it would show the SHS performs better on LESS money. What an own goal!
Isn't it a pity that the Tories can't act like adults and talk to the ScotGov about how the Scottish Health Service manages things. Share ideas. Share solutions. That's what would happen in an equal partnership, but this isn't an equal partnership.
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Anyone with curiosity about this needs to search my available posts for "Debt", "Revenue" & "English Debt" to call forth some interesting articles too 😉

See how Scotland has bn under-funded & over-taxed for centuries since the #TreatyOfUnion

This article in particular - Financial Cost to Scotland of the Union - Harry Gow's contribution to 'Scots Magazine', Sunday 1st March, 1891.

#ScotRef #JustifyTheUnion #CountryNotCounty #Centralisation #EnglishDebt #DaylightRobbery #SameOld…
I took screenshots in case anyone wanted to know more about the #EnglishDebt Scotland took on as part of signing the #TreatyOfUnion
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Let's get this published!…
Alex's cover pic for the publication of Britannia holding (what will be) the tatty, old, no longer fit-for-purpose #TreatyOfUnion

Does it get folk's seal of approval?

#ScotRef #JustifyTheUnion #CountryNotCounty
Wee cover update à l'Alex. Background/frame is a scan of the cover to 'Gazetteer of Scotland' (1847). Coloured in photoshop. He's done a sterling job of it so far 😁
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Let me get this right.

- Theresa May spent 9 months telling everyone she wouldn't have a GE. She didn't need one and she didn't want one. She was strong and stable and she was the saviour who would use a "strong hand" to navigate the UK through Brexit.

- In May 2016 the SNP had a manifesto committment in the Scottish Parliament elections which said that #IndyRef2 should take place "if there was a material change of circumstances, such as the UK leaving the EU". SNP won 63 seats out of 129. Pro-Indy Greens = 6 seats.

Putting total #IndyRef2 supporting MSPs in Holyrood at 69 out of 129 (or 53%). Labour came third place in Scotland for the first time in 98 years.

- On 23rd June 16 Scotland voted 62% to remain in EU with every single one of Scotland's 32 council areas voting remain.

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Why 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿's law don't gel with 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿's, hence the #TreatyOfUnion demanding our laws remain separate. This letter was written in as a huge debate on English Courts taking jurisdiction over Scottish one's was in progress due to Orr Vs Ewing inheritance case.

#ScotRef #JustifyTheUnion
From the Xmas edition of the 'Scotsman', 1883. Our lawyer and correspondent extraordinaire, Thistledown, makes the implications of an #EnglishUsurpation of #ScottishLaw clear.

#ScotRef #JustifyTheUnion #DissolveTheUnion #SameOld
From the same Xmas edition of the 'Scotsman' we have a fan of Thistledown's, I believe he probably had many at this point (he can count me in), making the distinction between 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 & 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 clear.

#ScotRef #JustifyTheUnion #DissolveTheUnion #CountryNotCounty #SameOld
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@BCCletts I know this one 😉

Articles from the 1850-1875 group & as cited below each quote and passage from James Grant's 'Old and New Edinburgh' (1880), vol. 1, Chapter 17.…
@BCCletts So technically Scotland was paid £100,000 to take on a share of England's £20m debt - & that's not what the debt would translate as now - literally £20m worth of debt as of 1707.

#ScotRef #DissolveTheUnion #JustifyTheUnion #UseTheMandate #AboutTime #SameOld #EnglishDebt
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Scottish independence : letter on the necessity of dissolving the union between England and Scotland, and on restoring Scotland to her ancient supremacy as an entire and distinct nation.

Published 1845. Written 1844 by John Steill, who paid for this statue of Wallace.
"The union between Scotland and England one of the blackest transactions in history....."

"...when England had a purpose of her own to serve, however prejudicial it might be to her weaker neighbour, no obstacle would be allowed to stand in the way of its attainment."
"the voice of our Scottish members, in the misnamed British Senate, is drowned amidst the tumultuous clamours of iron-hearted tories, bloated corruptionists, and hordes of other venal creatures, who have been sent by the..... constituencies of England...."
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The #ERG and the Tory hard-#Brexit mob want us leap into the dark with both hands tied behind our backs when the reality is, the adversities of their decisions would never bite them, they are insulated from the harm it will bring. (1/11)
They have been busy moving money out and being paid eye watering amounts to advise those with deep pockets how to mitigate the harm and exploit the weakness in this 'new modern Britain'. (2/11)
May's party is ram packed with people who will never have to worry about the untold harm that any form of Brexit will serve up. They'll have their personal fortunes, gold plated pensions and gongs aplenty to keep them warm. (3/11)
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Here is 101 reasons and powers that Scotland will gain with dissolving the union with England, and these are real facts..

There are 62 areas of power that Scotland doesn't have but will instantly gain as a result of ending the union with England..
1 the constitution
2 registration and funding of parties
3 international relations
4 the civil service
5 defence
6 treason
7 fiscal, economic and monetary policy
8 currency
9 financial services
10 financial markets
11 money laundering
12 drug abuse
13 data protection, access information
14 elections
15 fire arms
16 film classification
17 immigration and nationality
18 scientific procedures on animals
19 national security and counter terrorism
20 betting, gaming and lottery
21 emergency powers
22 extradition
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Here is what Scotland can do: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️🇪🇺
EU nationals won't need much persuading this time and we already have all the tools to do it. Please ask them how Brexit impacts them and their lives, listen and empathise. Then sign them up to register to vote...
@euforindyscot has teamed up w/ @ScotIndepFound & @mail_aye and produced these Polish (circa 50% of nEU Scots are Polish!) & English language (20% of overall electorate dropped off register since 2014) flyers for the BIG Indy Kit (also includes 50 Voter Registration forms!)
Re: Polish flyers - The idea is that while you keep some Polish forms handy for campaigning on the ground, you identify and deposit some at key locations like delicatessens, churches and cultural groups. These are guides how to register to vote, which can be done online, too!
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Thread: As the prospect of an indy Scotland in EU fast approaches, you'll hear one argument more than most, there are no certainties over Scotland's EU membership. The reason you'll hear this? Its sufficiently weasel worded to sew doubt & be beyond disagreement.. /1 #ScotRef
.. but guess what? Its not beyond disagreement, there are a number of certainties over the issue of an independent Scotland's EU membership and I'm going to list every single fucking one of them here.. /2 #ScotRef
1. It is a 100% certainty that the EU will be good faith actors in Scotland's membership negotiations. /3 #ScotRef
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