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We are excited to share that the Taiko alpha-3 testnet is LIVE! 🥁

This marks a significant milestone on our journey towards a decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-EVM. This testnet will be critical in testing much of the network design and components.

Let's dive in 👇

1/21 Image
Full alpha-3 launch details are in our blog post:…

You can find all guides here:

Continue reading this thread for a summary of the blog post above.

2/21 Image
Relative to alpha-2, the major changes are:

1. New protocol economics design and implementation
2. Both proposers AND provers are permissionless (alpha-1 had only permissionless proposers, alpha-2 had only permissionless provers)
3. Support Taiko Inception Layers (L3)

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👉Media #announcement!
A briefing on the failed 🇷🇺 T-90M main battle tank with the participation of representatives of the Centre for Research on Trophy and Advanced Weapons will take place on March 16, 11:00 a.m., in the Military Media Center.
Elements of the #T90M tank will be demonstrated at the briefing.

❗️Accreditation for media representatives is required and will be available until March 15, 6:00 p.m. Accreditation applications can be sent to
and must include: the name and surname of the media representative, the name of the media, AFU accreditation press pass number, the telephone number.
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Before you trade a 0dte or a Lotto please understand this:
Lottos are extremely cheap trades that have the ability to 1x, 2x,3x etc. your money because of the inherent risk associated with them.
Notice how shorter term trades yield higher % gains in a shorter amount of time than longer term trades. Thats because the higher the risk, the higher the reward.
These trades, just like any other trades, are still charted for a high probabilty setup.
However, if you look at the greeks you have to understand that since it is a 0DTE it still HAS TO go to .01 on expiration. Which is why the theta is typically higher than the delta.

So what does that mean to you?
1. Entries are KEY!
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Hello #everyone! This is the 6th update on the final stage of the evolution of #Zignaly’s #ProfitSharing 2.0. This week we have an important #announcement to make! But first, I would like to share something about the new Profit Sharing interface we are working on. (1/10) Image
The initial version of #PS2.0 that we will release is finished from the back end, but the UI still has basic functions, while the full version comes later. That way, we can launch the most needed functionalities without delaying the whole deployment. (2/10)
Profit Sharing 2.0 is a massive update and includes most of the requests from our Zignaly community in the last 2 years, so we still have a lot to add - and, we will keep doing that! (3/10)
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This morning, the official BAYC Instagram account was hacked. The hacker posted a fraudulent link to a copycat of the BAYC website with a fake Airdrop, where users were prompted to sign a ‘safeTransferFrom’ transaction. This transferred their assets to the scammer's wallet.
Immediately upon discovering the hack, we alerted our community, removed links to the compromised IG account from our platforms and attempted to recover the account.
At the time of the hack, two-factor authentication was enabled and security surrounding the IG account followed best practices. We’ve regained control of the account, and are investigating how the hacker gained access with IG’s team.
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Thread zum NFT Projekt @TheCyberLegends

cc: @NFTethics

Diese Projekt (Stichwort: Fake Gewinnspiel von @MontanaBlack) ist nach @squiggles und @hypebearsclub vermutlich der nächste Scam.…

(Auch zu @AlphaInitiumNFT wird bald etwas folgen)
Was ist passiert?

Ab dem 06.02. ist das Minting von CyberLegends live. Der Mint kostet 0.25 ETH + Gas Fees. Aber der Floor Price ging in wenigen Stunden in den Keller, sodass niemand mehr den Mint nutzte. Es wurde auch nicht besser. Heute liegt der Floor Price bei 0.016 ETH.
Auf dem Discord ist im #report-scam Channel derweil etwas Panik aufgekommen, was eine Ironie. Besonders auffällig war WEARETHEWAHLE, folgend nur "der Wal" genannt, der eher dazu rät, günstiger auf OpenSea zu kaufen, weil der Floor Price kaputt ist.
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#Announcement INDICA BOOKS (@IndicaBooks) is pleased to announce its latest book 'Communicating Across Boundaries: The Indian Way' by Sri Ramesh Rao & Avinash Thombre

A Brief Overview of the Book & Authors Bio +
#BookOverview India is a multifaceted, multicultural nation with a rich tradition of ethnic, religious, linguistic, social and cultural mores, beliefs and practices

What has allowed for such a rich diversity of people & what have been the challenges to effective communication...
…between and among these groups? India is also Bharat, and where does the twain meet between the imagined and the real India and the imagined and the real Bharat?
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Let's talk roadmaps. And how they are mostly useless in their current form. And how every project has them and doesn't use them right!

Why? Because I'm tired of finding every project cargoculting roadmaps and missing the point of the exercise.

Maybe this thread will help.
2/So what's a roadmap? Well, in the most basic level, it's meant to be a map of a road, but usually people understand it as also containing directions from point A to point B.
3/The problem is immediate when you even look at this basic definition of roadmap:

NFT Project roadmaps aren't stating point B.

They're like a map with a bunch of towns circled, and no apparent destination.
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#Announcement #zee # @coinkit_ com 50 100 $btc

🔥ZeroSwap Dex Offering - ZeeDO MainNet and Staking Launch

Empowering Community with 200,000 $ZEE to participate in IDO/Community Distribution sale on ZeeDO.

🔹What is a Community Distribution Sale on ZeeDo?👇👇
The public sale of tokens on ZeeDO at a pre-decided price is termed “Community Distribution Sale” on the ZeroSwap Dex Offering Platform

🔹How to Participate in Community Distribution Sale on ZeeDO?
To participate in any IDOs/Community Distribution Sale, staking $ZEE is a primary step/pre-requisite, by staking, users can earn rewards as well as get access to the token sale.
🔹Reasons for doing a $ZEE Community Distribution Sale at 0.60/USD
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Dear Friends,
If your are a positional/swing trader, then it is for U.

Added Patterns to detect HHHL & LHLL
1. Higher high higher low
2. Lower high lower low Image
What is the use HHHL?
- It tells trend is changed
- price action is changed and price is making higher high
- Ride ur runners.
- These swing points can be used as support and resistance. Image
What is use of LHLL?
- Price action changed
- Can take a short position.
- Use this exit your portfolio stocks so u run ur winners till they making lower low.
- Use as portfolio exit rule so when ever stock making LHLL, u will get email
- Use SL as price action based. Image
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Dear Friends,

If your are a positional/swing/long trader, then it is for you.

Added multiple portfolio support to the system.

What is use of having multiple?
Track multiple stocks based on ur criteria.

Add exit rules. Image
Exit rules:

Set your own exit rules for your each portfolio.

What is exit rule?
Define a rule for exit, When you want either book profit/loss and come out of the trade.

Eg: For my short term portfolio, I want exit stocks which closing below 50SMA. Image
What is the use of exit rules?
- U no need to analyse your portfolio stocks constantly.
- Define a rule/Multiple rules which ever works for you then System automatically send an email to when ever a stock from portfolio matched to ur exit rules.
- Do once, and check ur mails
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Dear Friends,

If u r following any patterns and u want track those stocks how they r performing on next few days, there is Save as watch list feature added.

Give it a try and give your idea and suggestions. Image
What is use of it?
- No need to track these stocks manually
- Automatically will added all stocks to watch list.

I want to track break out strategy by Donchian Channel and verify whether these breakouts are working or not.
1. On day 1, perform the Donchian channel breakout pattern and save as watchlist.
2. From day 2 to 5, just watch your watch list, find how many are showing profits and losses.

3. If that pattern alone not working for add volume patterns also using advanced patterns.
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Dear Friends,

Added the below patterns to the system.

If u want to get alerts to your email then just favorite that pattern so u willl get email notifications on EOD basis.

Go to scans > Chart Patterns… Image
A double top is an extremely bearish technical reversal pattern that forms after an asset reaches a high price two consecutive times with a moderate decline between the two highs. ImageImage
- double bottom is the end formation in a declining market. 
- The pattern is formed by two price minima separated by local peak defining the neck line. ImageImage
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#Lockdown21 Rathinavani Community Radio Programs Podcast regarding #Covid_19india awareness shows & teasers threads from Jan 30 2020 | Rathinavani is the first community radio to broadcast the detailed information in Coimbatore city regarding #Covid_19india awareness

#podcast 1

January 20 2020 broadcast

Dr. Neminathan Talks about Coronavirus | Govt. Helpline Numbers | First Information Report from WHO…
#Podcast #Thread

March 21st 2020

Rathinavani 90.8 Community Radio | CoViD 19 - Janata Curfew | Community People Opinion | PM Modi Speech Tamil Translation | Hosted by RJ Vicky & RJ Madan | RCAS…
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