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BUSINESS EXCELARATOR PROGRAM is a unique program for entrepreneurs to provide practical strategies to identify growth opportunities & overcome current challenges.…

Questions that will be answered in this program: Image
Question #1: Have you defined department-wise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on specific goals & targets to measure whether your business objectives are achieved?

#performance #business #program #covidsolution #covid19 #msme #AtmaNirbharBharat #lockdown
Question #2: Do you get the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your company as a Business Summary Dashboard on a daily basis to monitor & measure the progress of your company?

#business #program #covidsolution #covid19 #msme #AtmaNirbharBharat #Lockdown5 #startups
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Around 5,000 Chinese PLA's soldiers have crossed & dug in into the disputed Indian area in eastern Ladakh.

Times of India reports that flag meetings and military hotline talks are being held between Indian and PRC's commanders to de-escalate the heightened tensions.
India's PM Modi held a meeting with National Security Adviser Doval and Chief of Defence Staff General Rawat, amid escalating border tensions with China in Ladakh. - Times of India
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+2,167 new subscribers in 48 hours (one tactic @DanBenoni from Growth Design says you should try).

He just published one article that generated +2,167 new subs…

…in just 2 days 😱
In fact, they had been averaging 60-130 active users non-stop for 2+ days.

Most of it is pure word-of-mouth.
They also saw some familiar faces in our Slack's #new-subs channel (oh—hi there @csallen✌).

And even some legendary tech CEOs.
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#NEW: The House is moving ahead with votes on another massive $3T rescue bill that would send nearly almost $1T to state & local govts:

Also includes:

*Additional $1,200 cash payments for individuals.

*Extends $600 weekly supplemental federal unemployment benefit.

*Funding to cover rent & utility bills.

*Hazard pay for essential workers.

*Grants to thousands of municipal govts dealing w/ sluggish revenues.

*Funding for USPS & local schools

*Provision to protect inspector generals from being fired by Pres. Trump

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Omega Days of the Alpha Liar – #New by yours truly.…
Burying the Nakba: How Israel Systematically Hides Evidence of 1948 Expulsion of Arabs…
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#New by me... for #MayDay2020.

The Bankers’ Trick and Identity of the Devil in Psalm 92…
"If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now,
It's just a Spring clean for the May queen. 🐍
Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on.
And it makes me wonder."
"There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have #two meanings.
In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings,
Sometimes all of our thoughts are #misgiven."
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#NEW from me: The Economist is now publishing state-level estimates of 2020 vote intention based on my analysis of our our polling data from YouGov. Let me explain how this model works & what it tell us about what might go down in November. THREAD…
The problem: National polls can mislead us about what might happen in POTUS elections. That's b/c there can be large gaps between how left- or right- leaning competitive states are compared to the country as a whole—& the electoral college elects the POTUS, not the popular vote.
State-level polls are also few and far between these days, and many still haven't fixed the problems that caused SOME of them to misfire in 2016 (no education weights being the biggest issues). We think that a lack of weights for political lean could be a similar issue this year.
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April 24, 2020, World Economic Forum, Jennifer Morgan, Exec. Director of #Greenpeace International, priming populace for Fourth Industrial Revolution &

#Fascism as opportunity/turning point.

#WEF #COVID19 #4IR #Nature4Sale
-"The next pandemic"
-"[It] is going to last"

22nd: "We have to be able to move forward [] because the pandemic is going to last. It’s not going to be over quickly."

24th: "... we create a world that is also able to efficiently & effectively address the next pandemic ..."
Morgan: "To kickstart a solution, we must recognize that the primary focus on short-term growth & #GDP is misplaced... Not only is GDP an outdated way of #measuring economic performance... it is harmful. GDP fails to #measure... if we are living within our planetary boundaries."
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#HAPPENINGNOW: White House Daily Briefing 4/27/20


- Consistent decline in cases across major cities
- There is a hunger for getting our country back; and it’s happening faster than we think
- Every Gov has more ventilators than they know what to do with

- Collaboration with the private sector to develop testing capabilities has been unprecedented
- Top Executives across the US to make major contributions
- Quest Diagnostics: 10 mill tests by end of May
- Labcorp; 45 days ago, we could do 2k tests per day; now it is at 60k
#NEW: Labcorp to ensure at home test kits are available with no upfront cost to the consumer.
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Dear Followers,

Track intraday (16 April 2020 & Expiry Day) stock's update in reply!! Intraday price movement highly dynamic so you can trade according to your plan.

T&C apply

Educational Purpose Only

New Chart-

#Mindtree trading near resistance 785 level and now if stock able to hold this level we can see upside towards 800-815 levels.

New Chart-

#M_MFIN 15Min chart trading near 166.00 resistance levels if stock close above this we can see upside towards 170-173 levels with the help of 162.00 support level.

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July 31, 2017, #WEF: "As developments in artificial intelligence and robotics advance, there is going to be a severe and swift disruption of many working classes."…
"#UBI, an economic proposition in which a sum of money is regularly paid to a population, could be a vital bulwark against the unintended consequences of #automation in the workforce."
"Companies will profit significantly from workforce #automation, so the private sector will be able to afford shouldering this burden, while at the same time still making greater #profits."
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#BREAKING: Michigan Gov. Whitmer closes K-12 schools for the remainder of the year.

The executive order sets guidelines for remote learning and ensures teachers, school employees will be paid for the remainder of the year
#NEW: Gov. Whitmer writes in the press release: "“My number one priority right now is protecting Michigan families from the spread of COVID-19. For the sake of our students, their families, and the more than 100,000 teachers and staff in our state..."
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Finance Minister Bill Morneau expects direct govt spending of the govt to help Canadians deal with COVID-19 (not including cost of deferring taxes) will be over $105 Billion #cdnpoli #coronavirus #COVID19
#NEW 1st look we have had at early govt estimates for costs of #COVID19 programs according to Finance Bill Minister Morneau:
CERB - $24 Billion
Wage subsidy - $71 Billion
Deferred taxes - $85 Billion,
Loans to businesses - $25 Billion
So far: $205 Billion
#cdnpoli #coronavirus
This does not include things like healthcare costs, or transfers to provinces, or other programs and announced (and obviously unannounced). These are also short term numbers that - percentage of loans will be paid back and taxes paid in future.
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#CONVID19 #GFI List 29March : 1. Put @USNationalGuard LNO Team in every #hospital to count #PPE Supply , Report days of supply to #Governors /micro manage #PPE . 2 . Make All side walks oneway . 3 . Make all Store Aisles oneway : Grocery / #Lowe’s/ #Walmart’s / #HomeDepot /
Stores with Baskets, wipe basket handles /counters between customers.4. @USCoastGuard @USACEHQ Allow only daytime operations on #Mississippi River / River is hi levees are old ,if ship / barge crash the levee and it breaks #NOLA will Flood ,5 open the frigging #mississippi
River Spillways . One more frigging Time , If levee breaks , #New Orleans floods along with 100 Chemical Plants . @CONVID19 is attacking the river cities ,one disaster at a time , @Whitehouse @realDonaldTrump @LouisianaGov @USACEHQ @USNorthernCmd
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I hear Birds. And it’s 7:18 am on [ 🦊 ] I’m not Q << no Comms > outside LOL 😂 yaw BUTT HURT over [ AS ] << so What. #IAMQ TOO. WE FAM STILL. NO DIVISION JUST BIENG HONEST. ARE WE NOT ALL A LITTLE Q.uestionable ! Lol. #WhenDoBirdsSing
Does 7:18 am = Qdrop 781. Going through the military q op. program. I was like am I under something or can I justbfake news. I mean you do see all the crumbs holding into 🍞 being dished out back 2the mass 2bconsumed the way it is. We know some1 was singing like a canary
When I was watching the news and I heard the birds chirp I looked at the clock and I was like my eyes are wide open. 🦅 song >>?? Who knows. But the dominoes are falling in the map is lining up. 🚢 🚢 🚢 Titanic events are occurring
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#NEW A new publication from Indian Journal of Medical Research presents a mathematical model for #COVID19 in India, #coronaupdatesindia #Corona #COVID19 [Thread]
The mathematical model seeks to capture various aspects of a future trends in India considering two contrasting scenarios
While the study considers variables such as failure and success of airport screenings, quarantine measures, it doesn't explicitly has global spread variable (US, Europe) and domestic lockdown (since it was submitted in Feb, when the speed of pandemic was unknown
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#VirusVote: Senate fails to advance phase 3 #coronavirus stimulus bill 47-47, after Democrats opposed Big business bailout money, with limited relief for working families.

After vote @senatemajldr blasts @SpeakerPelosi for blowing up deal last minute

Language for Senate Dems denied 60 votes for GOP bill to pass

• 1 time check of $1,200 to those earning up to $75K/year; $0 for those earning above $99K

•$150K for couples in that bracket

•$500 per each child

•Verified by 2018 or 2019 tax filing

Big business bailouts were strongly opposed by Democrats

The Senate Republican bill allows the govt to take stock equity from companies that accept loans

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Thread: Broad stimulus payments in #COVID19 response bill (some call them “Recovery Rebates”) need to *get to* people who don’t file tax returns — including many low-income people, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities — not just to tax filers. 1/
That means two things:
1. Policymakers need to make everyone up to some income limit eligible for the payments and... 2/
2. They must enact delivery mechanisms that reach people automatically to the maximum extent possible. Without such delivery mechanisms, millions will be left out, including many who need the payments the most. 3/
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14 countries have so far used some form of #castransfer and #basicincome program as #coronavirus response.

Here is what we know:

1. #Australia: one-time cash payment $750 to seniors, veterans and low-income people
2. #China: expanding Dibao program’s value and coverage for affected families

3. #Hong-Kong: one-off cash injection to all 7M adult residents

4. #Indonesia: expansions of e-food vouchers by 33% for 6 months
5. #Ireland: sick pay, illness benefit and supplementary benefits for workers affected by virus-related measures

6. #Italy: €600 childcare voucher for workers with children below age of 12

7. #Japan: ¥5,000 vouchers to those loading ¥20,000 for smartphone payments
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#NEW poll of the 2020 Democratic primary from The Economist and YouGov:

% support among likely voters (change vs last week)

Sanders: 24 (3)
Biden: 18 (0)
Warren: 16 (1)
Bloomberg: 12 (0)
Buttigieg: 11 (1)
Klobuchar: 7 (0)
Steyer: 2 (1)
Gabbard: 2 (-1)
Compared to last week, our poll shows a big dip in Bloomberg's viability, and a modest increase in the share of Democratic primary voters who say they'll consider voting for Amy Klobuchar.
Share of Democratic primary voters considering voting for each candidate (pooled over the last month):

Sanders: 45%
Biden: 45
Warren: 45
Buttigieg: 29
Bloomberg: 26
Klobuchar: 22
Steyer: 13
Gabbard: 6
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It is 2020!
At the beginning of each #newyear, we make #new plans, new #resolutions, new #goals , want new #directions, forge new #paths and much more. This is wonderful. It sounds like we all want #CLARITY in our hearts about what to do and how to get it done. @PD_PneumaFaith
As I was thinking about this over the last couple of weeks, the scripture for #PneumaFaith kept coming to my mind. "The unfolding of your word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." (Psalms 119:130 NIV). @PD_PneumaFaith
The word #UNFOLDING is used in many translations of this verse (#entrance, #teaching, #revelation, #explanation #disclosure #opening #declaration) Whatever translation we read, it implies the #reading or #meditation of the #word brings #light, #illumination ...
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#NEW poll of the 2020 Democratic primary from The Economist and YouGov:

% support among likely voters (change vs last week)

Biden: 24 (-2)
Sanders: 19 (-5)
Warren: 18 (-2)
Buttigieg: 9 (2)
Bloomberg: 9 (4)
Klobuchar: 6 (1)
Yang: 3 (-1)
Gabbard: 3 (0)
Steyer: 2 (1)
Bennet: 1 (1)
Which candidates are Democrats considering voting for? (These numbers are from the past month of polls)

Biden: 48%
Warren: 47%
Sanders: 45%
Buttigieg: 28%
Bloomberg: 22%
Klobuchar: 20%
Yang: 16%
Steyer: 12%
Gabbard: 6%
Bennet: 4%
Patrick: 3%
Who would Democrats be disappointed in as the nominee?
(These numbers are from the past month of polls)

Gabbard: 43%
Bloomberg: 29%
Patrick: 23%
Biden: 23%
Steyer: 22%
Sanders: 22%
Bennet: 21%
Buttigieg: 19%
Klobuchar: 17%
Yang: 17%
Warren: 16%
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#NEW from me: What would happen if the Democrats instituted a national primary using ranked-choice voting? I got the data from @YouGovUS and crunched the numbers:…
@YouGovUS We had YouGov ask over 2,000 Democratic voters to rank all the 2020 candidates over the past month. We used those responses to simulate ranked-choice voting in the primary.

How does RCV work, you ask? Just a reminder....
@YouGovUS 0. Count up all the ballots
1. Did someone win a majority of the vote? If yes, they win. If not....
2. Anyone who listed the last-place candidate gets their votes redistributed to their next-ranked option.
3. Re-tally the votes and repeat 1-2 until someone gets a majority.
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#NEW I wrote about "electability" and the 2020 Democratic primary for the paper this week. We combined political science and polling data and found that a moderate Dem with strength among working-class whites has the best chance against Trump.

The 2020 election is likely to be close. Trump's approval rating & GDP growth suggest that he'll win about 49% of the two-party vote, per our modeling. He's clearly competitive, especially when Democrats need to win the popular vote by about ~2.5pts to win the electoral college.
So the "electability" of the candidates is a particular concern for Democrats.

So what do we know about who is more likely to win general elections?
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