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Are you possessed? Are you sure?

What if I told you,you are possessed but you just don't know it? That would have to depend on your definition of possession right? There are different kinds of possessions & Here's how I learnt about them.

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From a biblical point of view, almost everyone is possessed😂 don't fight me. Let me finish..A person who lies too much is said to be possessed by the spirit of deception,while those who are sexually active are possessed by a spirit of lust,those who hate have a spirit of hatred.
If you eat too much you have a spirit of gluttony, if you're a jealous person then you my dear,have the spirit of greed & enviousness. The main point here is that every bad thing you do is attributed to the demon/spirit that's possessing you. Hard to take in hey? I can imagine.
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There is one thing you're ought to learn from folklores, especially the most local ones because they are all true. Believe me, I know. Dare to turn a blind eye on them & they will unfold right in front of you.

Note: Not To Be Read By Mine Workers!

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Inkosazane yezintaba. Goddess of the mountains they call her. In Zulu tradition, she is said to be in the deepest of caves & mountains. It is also believed that she is the one who unveils the earth so that water may spring up. You believe in her? Well... Sfiso met her.
He received a call telling him he had received a job as a miner at a coal mining company in KZN.I won't mention the name of the mine for obvious reasons. As expected, he was beyond ecstatic! Unemployment for 4 years broke his family apart.Having two wives is no child's play!
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The Phrase "an eye for an eye" wasn't invented to not be used. Even at this day an age, there are people who very much believe and use this phrase to do exactly what it says... An eye, for an eye.

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For some of you who don't know what this saying means, well we can do this both ways, that is, yo take u to the bible scripture that talks about the origin of thus saying, or I could briefly explain it to you in my own words. Okay, no . I'm choosing to go the bible route.
According to Bible scripture,the meaning of "Eye for an Eye" is that a person who has been injured by another person must return the offending action to the originator. In simple words,it means Revenge.And y'all know what they say about revenge,its a bitch so I've heard 😂😂...
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The biggest achievement the devil has ever had was convincing people that he doesn't exist. Fall for his trap and he'll attack when u least expect him.

My friend's roommate was a victim.

A thread.
We've seen so many fiction movies and documentaries that at the end of the day have one common message. That the devil doesn't exist. Now think of it this way..if the devil doesn't exist, does God exist ? MAYBE this is why more people are becoming atheist.. Not that I'm judging.
Everyone has a right to believe in whatever they want vele. My friend's roommate was one of those that don't believe in the supernatural and God.The world was a live-and-die process for her.That soon changed when she was sucked in what she thought can be explained psychologically
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