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Blue & red? 🤔💭 Reminds me of👇🏻 Crustaceans living in COLD water. Blue bloods. #watchthewater
Note ring from chandelier at Lincoln’s head when @realDonaldTrump is in photo. We were just discussing Booth & Mary Todd via Philip Mudd! 🤔💭@FLOTUS?! @Saintedanon @JackalsLast
2. Blue bloods go to to my #Thule #Greenland #LucisTrust #AliceBailey dig which goes to 1919 & a whole host of other important notables!👇🏻
(Thread is not even remotely complete)
3. Links to John Wilkes Booth, OwlY & Yale Skull and Bones.
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1. #PaperPlanes
I’m over in another dig & I make a paper plane connect. Been seeing this for a while, BUT why? What does it mean, & what does it mean to [them]?
I decided to l👀k. Warning⚠️ This is a deep, long dive but important pieces revealed.
2. As you can see in painting we have Bush throwing 2 paper planes, sitting like a child (criss-cross applesauce), w/ 2 towers down. 911. This was artist that painted Bill Clinton’s creepy #bluedress & red heels 👠 up in #Epstein’s home.
What is a paper plane?
3. Folded money💵 (paper) shown below, you’ll see what the art turns into = 911. This is what we carry around all day🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😠 So [they’re] using this method for curses, or collective manifestation w/ unwitting participants? Now we know. They know about paper folding so should we...
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2. ”When in Rome”? Aah! I knew had it somewhere! I realized it’s found in my #Thule #Greenland #LucisTrust Thread! “...literally & figuratively true as evidence of Rome’s domination & rule over the world...represent almost every single entity on earth.”
3. @JackalsLast provided the Gematria matches of “When in Rome...” for @IvankaTrump’s tweet. 👇🏻
We are seeing other marches from previous decodes, and I’m sure we will be adding to this soon with other notables. 😉
It always connects!
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1. This will be my Thread on #LucisTrust. You’ll find that this connects multiple sources & digs already done, as well as major use of #symbolism Luciferianism, #Freemasonry, old & new age #occultism, & prominent world leaders & it‘ll go on! Will take time to drop it all. #QAnon
2. #LucisTrust - Alice Bailey, the face of LT Or is she? Alice born 6/16/1880. Alice & her husband Foster Bailey (among many others! For Later😉) Founded Lucis Trust in 1922 & “Lucifer Publishing Co”. She wrote over 24 books on theosophical subjects...
#sevenrays #UnitedNations
3. #LucisTrust - Bailey was a theosophical society member about 1917 & b/c very influential in Adyar Society founded by Helena Blavatsky (Russian Occultist) w/ HQ in Krotona Hollywood #Pedowood. Note #symbolism
@JackalsLast @paulacblades001 👉🏻1919 & #TripleEights
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It's happened?
Bill is locked up in a secured location awaiting a military tribunal. Bill was arrested at approx. 8:30 am on Friday, July 26th in a completely covert operation.
Fighter jets overhead one hour ago...
"I am involved..We are gathering up a lot of suspects..don't want to spook them right now. But most of what's been said is true, there's just a lot more people involved than you think..."
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En este hilo algunas curiosidades del sobrevuelo de la @NewHorizons a #UltimaThule (como van saliendo):
- No sabemos la forma exacta o si es binario.
- La resolución de las mejores imágenes será de ~35 m/pixel (mejores que Plutón).… @IyC_es #UltimaFlyby
#UltimaThule #UltimaFlyby
- La tasa de transferencia de datos es de 1 kb/s (20,000 veces menos que una conexión a internet casera)
- Solo hasta el 2020 se descargaran todos los datos.
- Después del sobrevuelo le quedan 20 años de vida a las baterías de la @NewHorizons2015
#UltimaThule #UltimaFlyby
- El Sol desde la distancia de Ultima tiene un brillo de apenas 100 veces el de la Luna llena y un tamaño angular menor que el de Saturno visto desde la Tierra.
- Desde la nave Ultima se verá con el tamaño angular de la Luna desde la Tierra.
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