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1 I love this excerpt, which seems to be pointing to the good guys. Are #UFOs really defying physics? Is one group f***ing with & using us while another is trying to wake us up to amazing possibilities with tech & ourselves?

"The #Phenomenon involves both sightings of actual
2 "machinery - the #UFO/#UAP themselves - as well as individual beings, the so-called “#aliens” or Visitors. Both the machines and the beings behave in ways that defy the laws of physics as we understand them, and at times they even seem to flaunt their capabilities in front of
3 "us, as when they follow commercial and military aircraft as if daring the pilots to follow them or shoot them down. But what if they are not violating laws of #physics at all? What if they have somehow mastered a #quantum effect that we have not discovered? They do seem able
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1 "There are some researchers who claim that #DNA is, indeed, the source of #consciousness because DNA is the source of all life on Earth. If DNA issued the commands to build the neural networks of the brain & spine, & if the neurotransmitters themselves have genetic precursors,
2 "then DNA already knew exactly how to do that: how to build an incredibly complex system of 17 billion #neurons in the cerebral cortex. That knowledge must be encoded in the microscopic #genome as a series of commands. If it is - and there is no conceivable way it isn’t - then
3 "DNA must be where consciousness comes from. If we can just understand DNA we can understand ourselves, and if we understand ourselves we can begin to understand the Others." ~Sekret Machines: Man (End of Chapter 8).

#ufo #uap #dna #aliens #delonge #ttsa #levenda
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1 #Knapp tonight: "The government programs...recognized - along the way, about 10 or 12 years ago - that if u only study flying saucers & objects in the sky & nuts & bolts flying craft, you're not gonna really get to the heart of this mystery." @g_knapp at #UFO MegaCon #AAWSAP
2 St. Patty's Day, 2018, #Knapp invited to DC by #Reid. On way there, he thought he knew a lot about #AAWSAP/#AATIP. But when he arrived & met w/Reid & some others, he realized he only knew a little, tiny bit. We all know about AATIP, but in reality, there was something b4 that.
3 "I sat down for a couple of hours w/@SenatorReid & other people whose names, they don't want to be known. They brought me up to speed on how #AATIP was created. How its predecessor was under way for a number of years. It coexisted for a long time...I got this briefing about
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Thread: Italian UFO Conference with Luis Elizondo and Tom DeLonge. Lue: The topic of UAPs is an emotional topic for many. And Tom, I and our colleagues are not here to change your mind or position. Just here to provide facts and data and let you decide.
He will split it into two parts. Technical problems so no slides right now. Ten minutes about TTSA and how we got here today. Lue throws it over to Tom for his story and how TTSA came together.
Tom: I started this company about two years ago when I painstakingly met a group of very high ranking US officials. And they kindly listened to an idea that I had to create a vehicle for disclosure. I then met another group of high ranking gov't officials, like Lue, and we
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