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Still one of the most wild views of my life

Full moon setting with sunrising simultaneously

Had just driven 10 hrs straight thru the night from San Antonio to Rosewell New Mexico
Was unreal to see the moon next to a mountain on such a flat horizon Image
Yeah I've met the grays #Disclosure Image
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Our latest policy briefing is out!
The Coverage principle ensures all relevant corporate vehicles are included in the scope of #BeneficialOwnership disclosure requirements. Why is this important?
Read the full briefing here:… Image
The briefing explains that, to generate actionable and usable data across the widest set of policy aims, #BeneficialOwnership disclosure requirements should apply to all corporate vehicles through or by which assets can be owned, benefitted from, and controlled.
#ICYMI, the Open Ownership Principles set out best practice standards for effective #BeneficialOwnership disclosure.
Read the Principles here:
#transparency #OpenData #disclosure
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BREAKING NEWS: the lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH. WE MUST SUPPORT #Missouri #HB1169. It is LITERALLY the ONLY chance we have to prevent this… NO ONE knows the the……
Support local farmers - not #BillGates and #CCP factory farms that want to poison us
To be clear - at this point there are zero states requiring informed consent for “vaccine food”. While I would argue that it must be done under existing law I absolutely do not believe that will happen. If #Missouri will pass #HB1169 the informed consent and disclosure……
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Dr Carol Rosin, Aerospace Executive :

“Their last card will be the #AlienInvasion and is all LIES‼️”

#EndTimes #GreatDeception #ProjectBlueBeam #AlienAgenda
Alien Reproduction Vehicles

(The Tablet in the image was posted by Elon Musk ex-Wife Grimes )

#EndTimes #ProjectBlueBeam #AlienAgenda…
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majic : is to impose change
by force of will .

v .:::::5:o . o
‘ solar dragons are back. upgrades .
they bring most potent power of truth and justice clear as it is.., they take no nonsense. b ready and open to see clearly and hold the line for now #disclosure is near. all we want is smooth transition into light. ‘
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beat it #mofos we win every damn time ., every damn day ., just admit defeat [ now ] ✌️ 👅
+ our bots are way cuter
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The ONI since WW2 has found is that our "reality" works like a computer game - yes its a simulation but one designed to keep all "players" eternally reincarnating into the sim..where we are "mined" for our negative bioemissions -human suffering- to feed the Rogue AI Image
What has been discovered is reality is happening simultaneously.. Our reality is mapped as a simulation, very likely from our DNA which has been altered. Now you know why the Grey biobots steal DNA in human abduction scenarios ImageImageImage
Since WW2 there have been whitehat efforts to steer this "soultrap" or "soulfarm" back to SOURCE timeline.
The WW2 Nazi scientists caused big problems with "reality" when they developed anti gravity craft which are pretty much "Time travel" devices. ImageImageImageImage
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“ quantum physics is now confirming what has been known intuitively for thousands of years . . all things are connected on the smallest level by the unified field ., molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, quarks, and super strings lie one unifying field from which all emerges . .
. . . this field ultimately is consciousness ., all thoughts send out energetic vibrations through this consciousness field . . . which is the ultimate underlying fabric of the physical universe ., this explains why our thoughts affect each other
. . . the earth, #dna , plants, and even the flow of electrical currents ., all is one . . . we are all ripples in the ocean of existence ., we and all things ultimately are vibrations within this field . . . consciousnesses is the basic behaviour of all things in the universe
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1) I lived under the regime of the #SEC for 25 years as an investment banker. So what I am about to tell you is nothing new to me. Every member of the securities industry can corroborate and every securities lawyer with integrity can back these statements.
2) DISCLAIMER: Before you proceed, you must know that I am not a #securities lawyer, and this is not legal advice. In addition, these are only my own opinions.
3) The SEC designs rules that makes them "operatively contagious", like a virus. If Im sick and I touch you, you get sick. To understand what this means one first MUST understand the term #Gatekeeper as it is has been commonly used in the regulatory community.
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The new US #climate law could unleash capital markets, with massive implications for Canada. More than ever before, Canada needs to align its climate-related #disclosure rules with the elephant next door: here’s how. A🧵
Some background: disclosure is a dry corner of climate policy, but it's an important one. Regulators (@SECGov & @CSA_News) set rules on what types of info companies must disclose to the public. It provides critical info so markets can accurately price risks and opportunities
Unlike other types of risk, disclosing climate risks has been voluntary—a massive gap. Companies both affect the climate (their GHGs) and are affected by it through extreme weather events (physical risk) and rapid shifts in tech, policy, and markets (transition risk).
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Today's @olof_rockner creation is a diagram designed to help show how I see and communicate with my Upsight Vision. Upsight is a form of visual consciousness, a layered network of moving images available to me when I turn my attention to them. #ufotwitter #aliens @LuAngeles 🧵1/ Image
This ability evolved after my encounter. I use my eyes to focus on Upsight images the same way you would use your vision to focus on a person walking across a room or catch sight of a bird flying past your window. 2/#uaptwitter #UFO #ufotwitter @ExoAcademian @UFO_Rabbit_Hole
I’ve broken Upsight into three levels for easier understanding. Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing, and Astral Projection/Abstract Knowledge. The first level, closest to my eyes in the diagram, represents lucid dreaming. 3/ #ufotwitter @the_jandashow #uaptwitter
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@AaronSiriSG I have looked at the document. This is what I find interesting.

I wish to take a look at the research material gathered by the mother and presented to the judge.

Could you help me (and others) with that?

Thanks. Image
@AaronSiriSG Furthermore, I find this to be of interest, as far as precedents are concerned. Image
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1/10 This scene created by the multi-talented @olof_rockner is from one of my first remote viewing encounters aboard an alien Grey spaceship. I didn’t see any technology on the ship. No flight controls or anything like that. Just this room with a raised glass table. #ufotwitter Image
2/10 There were about a dozen Greys standing in a circle looking down at this glass table. At first, I thought it was empty, then I realized they were remote viewing something themselves. #ufotwitter @EngagingThe
3/10 But they were doing it as a team to get better coverage of what they were viewing. When the person they were remote viewing moved out of one of the Grey’s field-of-vision, it was picked up by the Grey next to him. #uaptwitter #ufotwitter @ForExperiencers
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In a recent research on Disclosure Standards for Sustainability Information led by CF40 Executive Council member Tu Guangshao, several recommendations for improving the #sustainability #disclosure framework of corporates (“the company” below) in China were made:
1. Sustainability governance

1) Disclosing the company’s structure for sustainable development governance.

2) Disclosing the responsibilities of management in terms of assessing and managing the risks and opportunities related to sustainable development.
3) Disclosing the board’s governance of risks and opportunities related to sustainabilitu, including, at a minimum, the board’s identification of material sustainability issues, and its monitoring of the management of sustainabilitu issues and the progress towards targets.
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1/9🧵 It's grievous #CDNmedia won't do its job so it appears I'm betraying my gender for contributing the facts

But problem with this narrative is they're omitting the part where Chu met the girl at a bar & that's what everything hinges on due to Supreme Court precedent #Thread
2/9🧵 Reason it matters that Chu met her at a drinking establishment is because Supreme Court ruled it's reasonable to ascertain someone is an adult, due to the pub's legal onus to check IDs to permit entry. Chu can't be prosecuted for luring a minor since she misrepresented age
3/9🧵 Now, with the amount of people who don't know the first thing about #CDNlaw + #CDNmedia failing its due diligence to inform, everyone is hopping on a political bandwagon to seek vengeance & claim the system is completely broken

💥This discourages women from reporting💥
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356/ 5/24 UFO lobbyist @SteveBassett: "The Disclosure event is coming & it's the biggest event in human history... It's almost impossible to measure it."
If ETH is true & UAPTF hearings lead to #disclosure, he's spot on.
If ETH is false, UAP are prosaic🤷‍♂️… Image
357/ @SteveBassett said his UAP media archive 1000+ articles now, & that he's reading them all.
My assessment is that he's tracking the political rhetoric & deconstructing the 60k foot strategy better than anyone else right now.
358/ @SteveBassett to WaPo's @AshleyRParker: "The American people may hear from their govt the biggest truth, ever relayed, in a formal way to the human race... Now if you’re going to start truth-telling, to regain trust, why not start with a big one?"
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Important for those living with #HIV. As it currently stands, if you have a #CD4 over 200 and no other health conditions it is expected you will fall into phase 6 for getting the #covid #vaccine.
However, the #vaccine is not currently expected to be given through #HIV clinics (although this may change). This means that if you have not shared your status with your GP it is likely that you will not be considered for the #covidvaccine until later phases!
This has been raised and being looked at by @THTorguk @NAT_AIDS_Trust @DHSCgovuk @NHSEngland
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238/ Nov 30: Interesting exchange between @StephenAtHome & Obama.
Colbert: UFOs? Any UFOs? Did you ask about that?
Obama: Certainly asked about it.
Colbert: And?
Obama: Can’t tell you. [pause] Sorry.
Colbert: Okay. Alright. I'll take that as a 'Yes.'
239/ @Debriefmedia was launched on Nov 30 by defense & intelligence reporters @LtTimMcMillan, @mjbanias, & @MicahHanks.
They're continuing to cover the UFO/UAP beat.
McMillan teased a big UAP story breaking tomorrow, Dec 2.
Here's their mission statement:… ImageImageImage
240/ @Debriefmedia provides an update on the UAP Task Force briefings & "two classified intelligence reports on UAP" that went viral in the IC as it included photographic evidence of a cube & triangle UFO shot from the cockpit of two F/A-18 fighter jets.
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"How can non-financial information reporting work for SMEs?" Looking forward to hearing @larawoltersEU keynote speech at the event organised by @AccountancyEU @ACCANews @EACB_News @SMEunited

.@larawoltersEU "Banks and investors are requiring more information on companies' due diligence and non-financial reporting. This can lead to cheaper loans"

#NFR #UNPG #disclosure
.@larawoltersEU at @AccountancyEU event: SMEs should be covered by #humanrights and #environmental due diligence legislation under proportionality principle and using a #risk based approach; guidelines should be produced & if possible supporting funds could be considered
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Eric Davis is the scientist from the leaked Wilson memo which also describes a top secret corporate UFO crash retrieval & reverse engineering program.

Wilson memo is practically confirmed now, not to mention Bob Lazar's testimony.
#Disclosure 🛸🛸🛸… Image
Eric Davis, who just disclosed the existence of "off-world vehicles" wrote research papers for the Pentagon regarding traversable wormholes, stargates, antigravity aircraft, teleportation & more.

Maybe these technologies are next up in the #disclosure pipeline! ImageImageImageImage
Eric Davis is working with remote viewing pioneer Hal Puthoff, David Talbott & other great scientists on the #SAFIRE Project, which created clean nuclear fusion generators for commercial use, using the electric universe model👀
Future of energy is #Safire? ImageImage
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