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ICYMI: @SafaricomPLC has introduced an approval feature for M-Pesa cash reversals, heeding to a cry by many customers hit by fraudulent cancellation of transactions before they are concluded. - @NationAfrica
In the new feature, a cancellation of an M-Pesa payment transaction is promptly followed by an automated call from @SafaricomPLC to the affected customer with a request to approve or decline the action as the cash is held by the service provider.
Approval of a reversal transaction means the funds are released back to the sender while in the event of a rejected reversal transaction, both the sender and recipient are required to prove their cases.
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The power in your pocket:
On July 20, 1969, humans landed on the #moon. Key to that feat was a computer module designed by the @MIT Instrumentation Laboratory called the Apollo Guidance Computer For all mankind.
Not particularly powerful by todays standards having 64Kbyte of memory & operating at 0.043MHz but boy did it deliver on a complex task greater than the sum of its electronic parts, providing computation + electronic interfaces for guidance, navigation & control of the spacecraft
Even then, there were teams of technicians and engineers at the Goddard Space Flight Center using 5 @IBM System/360 Model 75s #mainframe computer to run parallel comparative calculations to ensure everything went right ... no room for error IBM System/360 Model 75 were the size of a small room
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Coming up in a few: @BLAZEKenya is hosting a Twitter Space discussion on Money Management: How to save from 2000hrs....

Set your #BLAZESpaces reminder:

#BLAZESpaces is now live.....
.@MichaelThotho is a personal financial trainer

@val_njoroge is a a financial entrepreneur

@GanjiAfrica is a CBO and a financial digital content producer

@wanjikumsusan is founder of Legacy Hub and a certified life coach.

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With so many digital loan apps including @SafaricomPLC @NCBABankKenya's MShwari... How do you manage loans available at the touch of your device 24/7?

Join @BLAZEKenya Space discussion on How to Manage Debt and Loans from 2000hrs hosted by @ItsKwambox…
The only loan app @ShillingsSense has ever used is @SafaricomPLC @NCBABankKenya's MShwari.

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Live: @SafaricomPLC launching their 10th Sustainability Business Report

YT Live link:
Standing Together Going Beyond.

10th @SafaricomPLC Sustainable Business Report.


.@YvonneOkwara hosting the launch of @SafaricomPLC's 10th Sustainable Business Report

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Happening rn: MPesa Super App launch with BAKE experience.

Live link:

Going deeper into the @SafaricomPLC MPesa Super App introduced today.

Live link:

ICYMI: The offline mode of the @SafaricomPLC MPesa Super App is only available on Adroid devices only since the iOS doesn't allow that.

Live link:

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Countdown to @SafaricomPLC launching their MPesa Super App this morning from 0800hrs the redefines #TheFutureOfMoney

Live YouTube link:

.@SafaricomPLC is now live with @Sitoyo on the new MPesa Super App.

Live link:
.@SafaricomPLC CEO @PeterNdegwa_ on the new MPesa Super App

Live link:
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God-willing, I’m looking forward to making Kenya and everyone proud during this week’s World Rally Championship Safari Rally. - Equator Rally champion Carl Flash ⚡ Tundo

#WRCSafariRally Image
Carl Flash ⚡ Tundo spoke during the announcement of a partnership that will see the seasoned driver and the three young Kenyan drivers selected as part of the @FIARallyStar programme via a Sh3.5M sponsorship by @SafaricomPLC.

#WRCSafariRally Image
The Safari Rally will be about mental aptitude and it will be super exciting to be out there with young guys - Carl Flash ⚡ Tundo.
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@SafaricomPLC CEO Peter Ndegwa says there's real commitment from Ethiopia to facilitate new licensees to operate #TwendeTukiuke
As soon as we are allowed we'll replicate the success we have had in mobile money services business in Kenya and other parts of the world. Ethiopia has allowed new licensees to operate mobile money within a year - @SafaricomPLC CEO Peter Ndegwa #TwendeTukiuke
The focus now is setting up a reliable telecom infrastructure. We'll work with regulators to evolve the regulations - @SafaricomPLC CEO Peter Ndegwa #TwendeTukiuke
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It is often said that the greatest wealth and the strength of any nation lies in its youth. This means that the youth not only shape the trajectory of a nation’s economy, they are also central to achievement of the United Nations’ SDGs. - Kasimu @SafaricomPLC HR
Data from the World Bank indicates that Kenya has the highest rate of youth unemployment in East Africa – with 17% of all young people eligible for work lacking jobs.
If we are to secure the future of the country, there is an urgent need to address the risk that the current acute unemployment situation presents.
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Flora Mutahi is not your everyday captain of industry. She is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of @melvinsteas, one of the first companies in the region to venture into the flavoured tea industry. - @MaudhuiHouse
The accountant by training says that growing up, everyone thought she should pursue the highly regarded professions such as a doctor or a nurse.
In the ’90s, she says, venturing into business was seen as a path for people who were simply incapable of pursuing other lucrative careers. Mutahi’s interest in business would later see her pursue an executive MBA from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
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.@PeterNdegwa_ I want to highlight some of the key impacts on our business from the pandemic that continue to inform our assumptions.
#SafaricomHYresults #TwendeTukiuke
.@PeterNdegwa_ The most immediate and dire impact continues to be how the pandemic will play out in Kenya, its economy and the consumer wallet especially with the recent spike in the infections being recorded in the country. #SafaricomHYresults #TwendeTukiuke
.@PeterNdegwa_ The second is when we resume charging on M-PESA, and the third is the consumer behaviour regarding elasticity on pricing when we do return to charging.#SafaricomHYresults #TwendeTukiuke
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.@PeterNdegwa_ Our plan targets over 10Million Kenyans who are using 2G phones to be able to purchase a 4G phone affordably without straining their wallets. #SafaricomHYresults #TwendeTukiuke
.@PeterNdegwa_ As a result, we have seen improving Service Revenue trajectory in quarter two, signalling slow economic recovery and improved execution.#SafaricomHYresults #TwendeTukiuke
.@PeterNdegwa_ We have reported sustained recovery across most of our key performance indicators. The growth in our customer numbers across the different KPIs, is a positive sign of the business resilience and the opportunities for the future.#SafaricomHYresults #TwendeTukiuke
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Watch as our Chairman @michaelj2, CEO @PeterNdegwa_, Acting Chief Finance Officer Ilanna Darcy and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer @SteveChege_ announce our 2020/2021 #SafaricomHYResults live on our YouTube page #TwendeTukiuke
We will be announcing the results live on our You tube channel. Click to watch
.@michaelj2 This 20th anniversary has reminded us of the journey over the last two decades and gives us an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved during these two decades and how we can look forward to the next few decades with some optimism.
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We were so impressed with this video that we decided to surprise the H-Town kids with some birthday goodies as we continue to celebrate our 20th anniversary. #TwendeTukiuke
They are a group of children from Huruma who have come together to use their talents to produce engaging content that is both fun and entertaining. #TwendeTukiuke ImageImageImageImage
In the group there are actors, models, rappers, singers and sports men. #TwendeTukiuke ImageImageImageImage
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