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🚨 Stop giving smartphones to your kids! 🚨

A friend shared Sapien Labs' report that highlights a deeply concerning correlation between early access to smartphones (& tablets) to young children and the increased likelihood of suffering from mental disorders as adults. (1/5) Image
The numbers are truly shocking:

(a) ~60-70% of women who were exposed to smartphones before the age of 10 experience mental health issues as adults

(b) ~45-50% of men who got exposed to smartphones before the age of 10 also face similar challenges later in life. (2/5)
I urge parents to resist the temptation of handing over a phone to kids always - while crying, or eating food etc.

Instead, encourage real-world interactions, outdoor activities & hobbies.

As parents, we have a responsibility to protect our children's mental health. (3/5)
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#OnePlusBusiness thread!
1/ If you're not familiar with OnePlus, it's a Chinese smartphone company that's been making waves in the tech industry for the past few years. Their phones are known for their high-end specs and affordable prices.
2/ OnePlus started out as a small start-up in 2013 and has since grown into a global brand. They've released numerous successful #smartphone models, including the OnePlus 7T, 8, and 10T.
3/ So, what's the secret to their success? One key factor is their focus on customer satisfaction. They've created a dedicated community of "OnePlus fans" who help provide feedback and shape the development of their products.
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Obsolescência programada: 📱💻

É amplamente conhecido que determinados #gadgets, #carros e outras tecnologias têm uma vida útil deliberadamente curta, para fazer com que você substitua-os. Qual é a realidade?

O professor Lew Rockwell trouxe uma explicação para isso: ⬇
@gustavoramos @alan_schramm @38bitcoinheiro @RedpillOliver @R0nih @TonyoLucas…

Em que ele diz - ❝Pode chamar isso de obsolescência programada caso queira. Ela é programada pelos fabricantes porque os consumidores preferem o aperfeiçoamento à continuidade, a disponibilidade à longevidade, a substitutibilidade à reparabilidade ⬇
@gustavoramos @alan_schramm @38bitcoinheiro @RedpillOliver @R0nih @TonyoLucas o progresso e a mudança à durabilidade. Não se trata de desperdício justamente porque estão sendo utilizados os processos de produção de menor custo possível.❞

Como dizem os americanos 🇺🇸 “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” (eles não os fazem como costumavam fazer) ⬇
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Die Schweizer Bevölkerung soll in Innenräumen "grundsätzlich" über das #Kabelnetz kommunizieren und nicht über das #Smartphone.
Dies verlangt die Volksinitiative "Schutz vor #Mobilfunkstrahlung" (@SaferPhone_INI-Initiative), die heute lanciert worden ist. (1/5)
"Die Versorgung der Wohn- und Geschäftseinheiten mit Fernmeldediensten erfolgt grundsätzlich über das Kabelnetz", fordert der heute präsentierte Initiativtext.
Auch will er den Schutz vor nichtionisierender #Strahlung in der #Bundesverfassung verankern. (2/5)
"Bund und Kantone bevorzugen und fördern den Einsatz von funkfreien Techniken", heisst es in der Initiative weiter. Anlagen und Geräte sollen den "Grundsatz der tiefstmöglich erreichbaren Exposition" einhalten müssen. Die Grenzwerte seien entsprechend festzulegen. (3/5)
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Chinese #smartphones continue to lead the market share despite crackdown by the Indian government…

By @sourabhjain24
Four out of five #smartphones sold in the June quarter in India were made by Chinese companies, according to reports. This is despite the crackdown by the Indian government on Chinese smartphone giants #Xiaomi, Oppo and #Vivo, which control half of India's smartphone market.
In addition to the crackdown by the government, there have been calls for a boycott of Chinese products in India since the two countries clashed in the Galwan valley in 2020.

FM #NirmalaSitharaman recently spoke about the crackdown on Chinese companies in the Rajya Sabha.
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Ayer se presentó la Encuesta Nacional sobre Disponibilidad y Uso de Tecnologías de la Información en los Hogares #ENDUTIH 2021 de @IFT_MX e @INEGI_INFORMA, dando seguimiento a esta encuesta desde 2017.
Abro🧵destacando algunos resultados sobre internet y telefonía celular.
La penetración del internet en🇲🇽sigue avanzando, alcanzando a 88.6 millones de personas de 6 años y más, lo que significa que 3 de cada 4 personas de este grupo de edad es usuaria del internet, comparado con 2 de cada 3 en 2018.
El uso de internet tiene claras diferencias por edad: el grupo con mayor % de usuarios es el de 18-24 años (93.4% del total del grupo), contra los de 55+ años (42.4%).
Nótese que a pesar del regreso a clases presenciales, no disminuyó el porcentaje de usuarios de 6-17 años.
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[Thread/Exclusive] Here comes my promised, MASSIVE Nokia Prototypes’ photo dump. Friendly warning, you’re about to see some of the CRAZIEST Nokia designs ever to have (or haven’t?!?) existed:
1. Nokia Unknown RM-806 (Asha-based, early 2012) Prototype: ImageImageImageImage
2.1. Nokia Booklet Cyan (Unreleased eReader) Prototype: ImageImageImageImage
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"Smartphones" trump food. #DigitalID

Nov 1 2021, #CBDC India: "so every single person today, even if he's not able to afford all the 3 meals, is having a #Smartphone in his hand. And I must thank some of the Asian countries which actually revolutionize[d] the smartphone market"
"so these three: the #biometric identity, the no-frills savings account [], & of course the #smartphone, & the fact that data is so cheap in India was the one which actually set the ground... I think #Canada & India started on this journey of instant payments almost together..."
Jan 18 2021, Payments #Canada: "Design attributes for a retail #CBDC... introduction of a new channel for illicit activities, money-laundering, terrorist financing other socially undesirable behaviours."

#DigitalID #Compliance #Surveillance…
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Available in 2024: Snapdragon ride system platform
Cristiano Amon, CEO, Qualcomm

#CES2022 #CES @CES @Qualcomm @cristianoamon #mobile #5G #smartphone #MWC22 #auto #automotive
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The power in your pocket:
On July 20, 1969, humans landed on the #moon. Key to that feat was a computer module designed by the @MIT Instrumentation Laboratory called the Apollo Guidance Computer For all mankind.
Not particularly powerful by todays standards having 64Kbyte of memory & operating at 0.043MHz but boy did it deliver on a complex task greater than the sum of its electronic parts, providing computation + electronic interfaces for guidance, navigation & control of the spacecraft
Even then, there were teams of technicians and engineers at the Goddard Space Flight Center using 5 @IBM System/360 Model 75s #mainframe computer to run parallel comparative calculations to ensure everything went right ... no room for error IBM System/360 Model 75 were the size of a small room
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#Digital technologies, which have become one of the important parts of our lives, have numerous benefits in many areas such as #education, #health, #economy, etc. But, and there is a big but?
What are the costs of #digitalization for #children and #young people? How should families treat children on the internet or social media using? What do the figures tell us? Here is the threat on Children & Young People’s Mental Health in the Digital Age by the OECD in 2018. Image
Almost half of the world is connected to the #internet, and in countries that are members of the OECD almost everyone is #online. For children and young people today, being online and using social media have become an integral part of their lives.
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European Commission proposes a common charger for electronic devices , smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld videogame consoles.

#EU #MargretheVestager #Smartphone #electronic #ThierryBreton
Also the Commission proposes to unbundle the sale of chargers from the sale of electronic devices. This will improve consumers' convenience & reduce environmental footprint associated with the production & disposal of chargers, thereby supporting the green & digital transitions
Improved information for consumers: producers will need to provide relevant information about charging performance, including information on the power required by the device and if it supports fast charging
#Antitrust #Apple #Google
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Opening what I suspect will become a very long [Thread] on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (#PCSCBill) which, having been introduced last Tuesday, gets its #SecondReading *next* Tuesday - #precipitous, to say the least...
While it is all too often merely lip service, the Ministerial statement of #HumanRights compliance on the cover of this Bill 👇 is particularly #hypocritical, given its actual contents...
Many have been writing about the impact of this proposed legislation on lawful #protest, notably @IanDunt...…

...who, critically, picks up on the extraordinary #HenryVIII power @pritipatel is trying to grab.

(Let's hope THAT one gets struck quickly!)
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🔴 Responsabilité numérique : l'exemple des #musées 🏛️

Je publie aujourd'hui une étude pour analyser l'état du web muséal français autour des enjeux d'#opendata, de #privacy, d'#a11y et d'#ecoconception.

Thread à dérouler ⬇️ 1/33
tl;dr : déroulez le thread ;

📰 Sinon, l'étude est accessible ici :
📊 Les données sont ici :… (eh oui, #opendata oblige)

Tout est sous licence @creativecommons, n'hésitez pas à la réutiliser. 2/X
❔ Partie 1 - Méthode - Quel périmètre d'analyse ?

Je me suis intéressé aux 100 #musées les plus fréquentés en France, en 2018. En repartant des données en #opendata du @MinistereCC.

Si on soustrait quelques doublons de sites, on obtient 89 sites web étudiés.

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WEF coverage on #COVID19 is like a lesson learned of the #TheLeft championing #Globalist ideals thru the lens of COVID19 (catalyst) climate (destination)

#GlobalistLeft view the pandemic as a stepping stone to change policies on health, social, economics

#thread ...
Jun 2019: A new agreement with WEF World Economic Forum gave multinational corporations influence over matters of global governance. #WEF & #UN signed a memo of understanding to partner with each other. UN quietly turned itself into a public-private partnership
2008 Labour #British PM Gordon Brown & #French President Nicolas Sarkozy made calls for a new International Governance System for a (#WEF Global Redesign) to overhaul the int'l financial architecture” akin to the 1944 Bretton Woods…
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A thread on what happened to one of the most talked and hyped Indian phone company #Micromax
1. It dates back to year 2000 when Micromax Informatics was founded as a software company by Rahul Sharma and his friends in Gurgaon who had just come out of college and wanted to venture into a "dot com" which was booming during 2000s.
2. It was that time when coin phone was a big trend which enabled people in remote areas to connect with family and friends. These phones looked like landline but didn't require the wiring as it was operated using a SIM and benefited multiple people with a single SIM. Image
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Thinking about a low cost easy to manufacture home test kit for #Coronavirus. Outline: #Nasal_swab (Q-tip) w/ freeze dried reagents for isothermal #DNA amplification with #COVID19 primers. Colorimetric readout by #iOS or #Android #App w/ #geolocation & #HIPPA compliant reporting. Image
Read-out would be in minutes - timer in App - read by camera in your smart phone. No other machines. Links to telemedicine groups for positive results. Built in positive control - e.g. no color = improper test, green NEGATIVE, red POSITIVE.
I’ve done my best creating when faced by a challenge. Next gen sequencing when my son went to new born intensive care - #454 @iontorrent. Ultrasound on a chip @ButterflyNetInc when wanted to monitor my daughter’s kidneys.
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"Qui l’arrivo di VR e di AR compiono come mai immaginato prima, né sognato prima, il sogno di Edward Bernays"

Researchers at the Samsung #AI Center have produced a system that can recreate realistic motion from just a single image of a person

"We believe that telepresence technologies in AR, VR and other media are to transform the world"
Graphene could soon make your computer 1000 times faster

“If you want to continue to push technology forward, we need faster computers to be able to run bigger and better simulations for climate science, for space exploration, for Wall Street”
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Thanks to @BlrCityPolice, and e-lost reporting app, I am going to get my lost phone tomorrow. I just completed the identification formalities this evening. The police have recovered the phone.

Thank you for such a wonderful service. 💐 🙏🏼
Some #tips on #Smartphone theft issues. These days, newspapers have at least 2-3 such cases everyday of chain snatching, phone snatching, bag snatching.

Want to know about all three?
How to avoid losing a phone?
1. Don't hold phone loosely in your hand on road facing side while walking. Avoid using SM apps on road.
2. Walk on footpaths, not on roads. Use headphone, Bluetooth, keep phone in trouser side packet. 3. Don't use phone while driving. Park n use.
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¿Cómo condiciona el #smartphone el consumo de #audio entre adolescentes en la era de @Spotify? Artículo de @atutobarrios, @Viky_puma1 y @luismipedrero en @Rev_Comunicar con muestra en 1.000 estudiantes de España, Colombia y México. #HILO con resultados:

🔗 Image
1/5 La #música es el contenido sonoro preferido desde #smartphones (65%), y la mitad de adolescentes la buscan en plataformas de #streaming, especialmente en @Spotify, @YouTube y @AppleMusic Image
2/5 ¿Quiénes son los principales prescriptores de #música entre adolescentes? Casi la mitad (45%) eligen por sí mismos, a 1/4 les recomiendan amigos y solo 1/10 se deja influir por sugerencias en #RRSS Image
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0/ Huge start to the week in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem. Below is an 18-part thread covering events from the past day or so. Hope you learn something!
1/📱 The #smartphone-crypto integration news continues!

Indeed, @Opera announced, "after the success of our Crypto Wallet and Dapp explorer in Opera for Android, we have decided to open Opera Touch for iOS to Web 3." Was also revealed Opera is integrating @ENSdomains and IPFS!
2/ 🔌 For the eighth instalment of their #CryptoTuesday initiative, @Ledger added @TomoChainANN [ $TOMO ] and @QRLedger [ $QRL ] to the Ledger Nano S. Also, both projects' apps were integrated with the Ledger Live manager.…
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