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We're #LIVE from Dekalb County where the family and lawyers of Manuel 'Tortuguita' Esteban Paez Terán are presenting an independent autopsy. Terán was killed by Atlanta police in January as they were camped in defense of the 'Atlanta Forest.'…
Lawyers and family are holding a press conference discussing the independent autopsy of Manny 'Tortuguita' Terán. #Live…
Watch Manuel 'Tortuguita' Terán's Independent Autopsy Report Released at Press Conference #LIVE on YouTube
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🔴 US President Joe Biden holds a speech in Poland on the same day the Russian President held an anti-West speech, blaming the US for escalating the #warinUkraine.

Biden speaks alongside the Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Follow along #live here ⤵️…
🔴 "#Russia thought #Ukraine would fall in 72 hours but thanks to the heroic behaviour of the Ukrainian people and the support of the free world, the imperialistic ambitions of Russia were not fulfilled,' says Polish President Andrzej Duda.

"Ukraine must win this war" ⤵️
🔴 President Andrzej Duda thanks all the Polish people that have taken in Ukrainian refugees since the war.

Duda says it is a "proof of solidarity' for the Ukrainian people ⤵️
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#LIVE: East Phillips Residents and Allies Occupy the Roof Depot Site in South Minneapolis…
Here's our article (with videos and stream) about the rally on Sunday:…
Nicole, who lives in the East Phillips neighborhood, speaks with us on the ground. "We don't matter to them [. . .] they've been doing this to us for too many years."
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🔴 Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a speech now, nearly one year after Moscow's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Follow it live here ⤵️…
🔴 Russian President Vladimir Putin starts his speech by calling the present time "important , complex and very decisive".

"A year ago, for the safety of our country and citizens, [..] we started carrying out the necessary actions" in Ukraine ⤵️
🔴 "We did everything possible to resolve the Donbas problem peacefully," says Russian President Vladimir #Putin.

But the "West prepared different a scenario," Putin says ⤵️
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#LIVE 🔴🇺🇸 US President #JoeBiden praises the Ukrainian people for their effort and courage since Russia's full-scale invasion of their country almost one year ago.

🇺🇦 "Unchecked aggression is a threat to all of us," says Biden ⤵️
#LIVE 🔴🇺🇸 "We know there will be difficult days, weeks and years ahead," says #JoeBiden in Kyiv.

🇺🇦 "Russia's aim was to wipe #Ukraine off the map. But Putin's war conquest is failing" ⤵️
#LIVE 🔴🇺🇦🇺🇸 "Putin thought that #Ukraine was weak, and the West was divided. He was plain wrong. One year later, the evidence is right here in this room," says #JoeBiden in Kyiv ⤵️
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🇺🇦🔴🇺🇸 US President Joe Biden is on an unannounced visit to Kyiv today, where he is meeting with Ukrainian President #VolodymyrZelensky.

Follow along #live here ⤵️…
#LIVE 🔴🇺🇦 Ukrainian President #VolodymyrZelensky says he hopes that 2023 will become a "year of victory" for #Ukraine during a joint press conference with US President #JoeBiden in Kyiv.

Watch his speech here ⤵️
#LIVE 🔴🇺🇦 "Today, our negotiations (with the US) were very fruitful,” says Ukrainian President #Zelensky, as he thanks the US for their support for Ukraine's war effort.

🇺🇸 "The results of this visit will surely be seen on the battlefield in liberating our territories" ⤵️
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#LIVE: Minneapolis Residents Rally to Defend East Phillips and Show Solidarity with Atl. Forest Defenders…
Learn more about East Phillips here in our newly published article:…
East Phillips’ residents are 76% people of color. Many members of the East Phillips community are immigrants and non-English speakers, and over a quarter live on income below the state poverty threshold.
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We zijn in het mooie Arnhem voor de aftrap van de #D66-campagne voor de Provinciale Statenverkiezingen. #Erbij #Live #Draad
D66 komt samen in een nogal louche poppodium naast het station. Luxor Live heet het geloof ik.
Het programma is nogal kort. Om 14.30 uur is de koffie, om 15.00 uur praatjes en dan om 16.00 uur borrel. @msteeman is er ook.
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Bij het Joods Museum voor een gesprek tussen Frits Barend en Paul Cliteur. #Erbij #Live #Draad Image
Programma met de titel: ‘Waar gaat het over als het over Joden gaat?’…
Het programma is volgeboekt. Maar ik heb een kaart. Naar binnen!
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🚨Discorso di #Powell all'Economic Club di Washington🚨

Fra una ventina di minuti zio Powell tornerà a parlare dopo il recente #FOMC.

Seguiamo #live il discorso per capire se la #FED confermerà la sua posizione o se verrà in contro ai mercati

@crypto_gateway @GatewayMeme @CryptoMeme_Ita @MemeingBitcoin @AFTSDCrypto @hardrockcrypto @MarcheseCrypto @TradingonIt @BitCryptoRepost @financialjuice 2/ Prima di cominciare è molto interessante l'intervento di ieri di Bostic della FED:

"Se necessario si potrà rivalutare la possibilità di tornare ad almeno un rialzo di 50 bps."
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We are #LIVE from #Philadelphia covering an apparent public community meeting about new redevelopment plans for FDR Park in South Philly hosted by the authors of the plan. Residents who planned to speak against the redevelopment are not being allowed in.…
There is a security guard at the door of the Grand Yesha Ballroom in South Philly asking what side people are on before allowing them inside the apparent public comment meeting.
A community member shows the only green space in the area and explains how the redevelopment plan is to replace part of the area with AstroTurf. Image
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Bij de kandidatenpresentatie van #JA21 in Burgers Zoo. #Erbij #Live #Draad Image
We zijn in Burgers Zoo in het conferentiecentrum. Ik moet de bordjes volgen maar ik zie ze niet. Ik hoor dierengeluiden.
Dit zijn de bordjes. Het heet Safari. En het is hier heel donker. Wonderlijk. Image
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#LIVE Hit-and-run suspect in truck is now in the Norwalk area on SB 5, still driving with lights off at high speeds…
Suspect is now in the West Anaheim area on SB 5 as authorities stay close behind him.…
UPDATE: The suspect has made it to Orange County, near Disneyland.…
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🎉 MeiTalk Beta is live!

In line with our roadmap, we’re thrilled to announce the Beta release of #MeiTalk, the futuristic multi-streaming service built to transcend all limits.

Sign up here:

#LiveStream #MultiStreaming Image

This launch signifies our continued innovation to bring Web2 & #Web3 users closer together and reshape traditional standards in one inclusive environment.

#web3users #livestreaming #Live

Within #MeiTalk, you can have a glance at how the future of #livestreaming will be. Many features will be implemented periodically starting today.

#websitelaunch #launch
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The #Leicester pushback.
#Indians gather in #London to discuss with @BBC journalists about hate and prejudice against India & the Hindus, by the corporation. 1/m
@india_narrative @TeamBharat_ @drvivekkaul @TwitterIndia @ISSF_India @BritIndianVoice @abhikyogi @arifaajakia
#BBC Protest
It is not often that #Hindus congregate in such large numbers. The fear of ethnic cleansing in #LeicesterCity has scarred the highly educated & professional community. 2/m
@arifaajakia @hindu_naree @SarahLGates1 @ramindesai @CharlotteFLit @CJBdingo25 @Pallavi_Aus
Biased coverage by the #Western mainstream #media is leading to hate crime against #Indians. Incidents have been reported in the #UK #USA #Canada where Hindus have been attacked.
@DisinfoLab @finnlau_cd @puneet_sahani @SaarcSec @AKanuv108 @Arzookazmi30 @changu311 @jiten_jain
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Nancy Pelosi's husband has been attacked at his home.
Assailant in custody.
Pelosi's husband was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.
Via @CNN just now.
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Hello hello London! 👋🏻 We’re at IET Savoy Place, London for DSS London 2022 by #YugaByteDB. It’s gonna be super interesting tech session starting at 2 pm today! Don’t miss my #Live #Tweets in this #thread! 🤩🧵
@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImageImage
Yes, the setup is going on for the grand presentation of the #Tech #Track. The master is teaching the student here! #JustKidding Say hi to Julie Wise and Dave Roberts from #YugaByteDB! 👋🏻

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImage
We’ve got our Social Media / Content Director @rachel_pescador from #YugaByteDB here, who’s busy at work and got some cool #swag! 🤩

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImage
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*Exits Stage Left*

2 Minutes 2 Midnights.

HOLY #TRUCK !!!!!!!

Championship Belt Of Truth !!

Easy As 123 !
A Masterpiece ..
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I have A sUrPRISE for You this evening—Stay Tuned … 🎸 🥁 🎤 🎶
Paranoia Is IN BLOOM.

You “Love” what all of you have earned throughout your lives but you will LOVE what is coming even more.
Your blood, sweat & tears put into everything you’ve earned will not be for not— Image
-You will be given back what is rightfully YOURS;
-You will be given back what has been stolen from you;
-You will be given back your soul;
-You will be given back FREE WILL;
-You will be given back your lives;
-You will be given back your FREEDOMs;
-You will LIVE again … ImageImage
GREED has poisoned the Soul of Man, that greed has caused humanity to live with stone hearts—Stone hearts to flesh is what saves the world.
You love what you have earned because you earned it being A slave to A corrupt system that was purposely making it hard for many to truly Image
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Nous sommes aujourd’hui à @Angers pour la journée #pollens et #santé. Rendez-vous sous ce tweet pour plus des extraits en #live 🧵 Affiche de la journée Pollens et santé du 16 septembre à
@BrehonDavid, directeur d'@airpl_org et Gwenaëlle Hivert de l'@ars_pdl donnent le départ de cette journée pluripartenariale et rappellent l'enjeu de #santépublique que constituen l'#allergie aux pollens. Vue de la salle, David Bréhon lance la journée pollen. Au
L'ensemble des #PaysdelaLoire est couvert par 2 dispositifs complémentaires de surveillance des pollens : les #Pollinariumssentinelles (observation des végétaux 🌾) et les capteurs de #pollens (mesure dans l'air) ➡…
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Сладков +

Мы прошли всю контролируемую нами часть села. Марьинка, конечно, разрушена полностью. Из домов ВСУ делали опорные пункты.

Впрочем, чем раньше мы полностью освободим этот населенный пункт, тем быстрее пойдет его:
- разминирование;
- расчистка завалов;
- восстановление.

Представляю себе планы военных, но не нахожу возможным их сейчас излагать. Полагаю Марьинка скоро будет полностью освобождена.

Дело в том, что я с удовольствием берусь за любые темы, за репортажи, в которых есть интересные человеческие судьбы. Меня привлекает военная история, какие-то послевоенные рассказы.
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Federal complaint against #Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi for his role in Iran's summer #1988Massacre

Former U.S. Attorney Gen Michael Mukasey, Plaintiffs’ Counsel to Present Details and Statutory Basis

Judge Mukasey: Raisi has not denied his participation in #Iran's #1988Massacre. In 2018 he was quoted as saying that the murders committed at the direction of the Death Commissions were “one of the proud achievements of the system.”
Former Iranian political prisoner Sheila Neninavaie:
When I was escaping #Iran, I felt the responsibility of echoing the voice of my fellow cellmates, and those who did not survive.
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