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Hoy celebramos el Día Internacional de Internet, una fecha que nos invita a reflexionar sobre cómo la tecnología ha transformado la forma en que ejercemos la abogacía. #DiaInternacionalDeInternet #AbogaciaDigital 🧵 Image
En el Día Internacional de Internet, debemos reconocer cómo las nuevas herramientas digitales han abierto un mundo de posibilidades para los abogados, permitiendo una comunicación más ágil, acceso a información actualizada y colaboración remota. #Internet #AbogaciaDigital
En el Día Internacional de Internet, destacamos el impacto de las redes sociales y los medios digitales en el ejercicio de la abogacía. La difusión de conocimiento legal, el acceso a casos de referencia y la interacción con colegas en línea. #RedesSociales #AbogaciaDigital
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#bloggerstribe need good content. By being a good guest blogger and adding value to someone else's #blog , you're going to build relationships with other bloggers.

Bloggers make up a large percentage of conversations happening on the #internet… especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can be tremendously influential. Which makes them good friends to have. By making friends with other bloggers through guest posting, you're going to grow your influence in the realm of… social media, which will ultimately lead to more blog subscribers. Guest posting is great for search engines

The one non-negotiable you should have for guest-posting is this:

The host blogger must include a link to your blog
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[1/🧵] Ah, #XRPL, the #blockchain of choice for tech-savvy investors looking to make a quick buck in the world of #Web3 domains.

Why bother with @ICANN when you can just get an NFT? Isn't it practically the same?

WRONG! 🧵👇 Source: https://web3domains...
[2/22] — Outline —
🔸 Fundamentals and Definitions
🔸 #Web2 vs. #Web3
🔸 "Domain" Projects
🔸 @fynbosdev and #ILP
🔸 A Better Approach (#XRPL)
🔸 Standardization Source: https://www.gagan.p...
[3/22] — 1⃣ Fundamentals — Domain —

#Domains are #namespaces that are used for coupling #IP-addresses to human-readable names for ease of use.

They are also organized in a hierarchical structure for governance purposes. Source: https://www.compute...
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Regular internet usage is associated with lower risk of dementia in older people

1. The prevalence of dementia is increasing with an increase in longevity. Prevention is preferred as there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease.
#dementia #MedTwitter #NeuroTwitter #Internet
2. 18,154 adults aged 50-65 were followed up for a maximum of 17.1 (median=7.9) years.
Regular internet usage was associated with approximately half the risk of dementia compared to non-regular usage.
Educational status did not play any role in this association.
3. In addition, additional periods of regular usage were associated with significantly reduced dementia risk.
However, estimates for daily hours of usage suggested a U-shaped relationship with dementia incidence. The lowest risk was observed among adults with 0.1-2 hours of usage
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Jour 2 du #FPAC2023 (Forum du #Peering d'Afrique Centrale|#CAPF2023) en cours depuis ce matin (0800 UTC) jusqu'à la fin de la journée. Avec les #IXP|s:
@DoualaIx,@CAMIXCameroun,@ixpgabix,@IspaDrc (#KinIX, ...),#CgIX, ...…

@AfPIF - @AfricanIXPs
#FPAC2023|#CAPF2023: Bonne question fondamentale sur l'évolutivité de l'architecture et le déploiement d'un point d'échange(#IXP) traditionnel.

Question de + en + difficile & dont la réponse de @michukis (sur l'image), trouve exception à @ixpfranceix.
@AfPIF @AfricanIXPs
#cmNOG Image
#FPAC2023|#CAPF2023: Petit résumé (image) sur la question et ses réponses désormais ouvertes de par l'existence d'au moins une implémentation exceptionnelle comme celle de l'IXP @ixpfranceix :-)

Avec @michukis, @francksimon & autres.

(5mn de Pause)
@AfPIF - @AfricanIXPs
#cmNOG Image
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#ForumPAC:Forum du #Peering d'Afrique Central (#FPAC|#CAPF) en cours depuis ce matin (0700 UTC) et demain.
#IXP|s représentés:@DoualaIx,@CAMIXCameroun,@ixpgabix,@IspaDrc (#KinIX, ...),#CgIX & autres de la sous-région Afrique Centrale (AC).…

@nk_ghislain : "Comment mobiliser les acteurs non opérateurs réseaux (banques et autres) à rejoindre un Point d'Échange Internet local ?"

...réponse au #ForumPAC ;-)

#FPAC2023 : Pause...

...Reprise à 1400 UTC+1

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I'm awaiting an event in the near future; I'm not quite sure how it's going to play out, or how quickly. but I suspect that the fiasco of @elonmusk's ownership and right-wing politicization of @Twitter will mark the end of a global illusion, perpetuated on the Internet.

the illusion was that the #Internet was somehow equivalent to #democracy itself. merely being on the Internet, in this social illusion, was like participating in democracy. the idea was that "everyone" had a voice of equal weight and importance to every other voice.

nobody bought into that illusion, or put more energy into sustaining it, harder than @jack Dorsey and @Twitter.

it's a lie. access to the #Internet is a matter of money, just like everything else in this authoritarian, capitalist society. the rich get *more Internet*.

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[1/12] 🧵 @Conste11ation ( $DAG) is a highly scalable and secure distributed ledger technology (DLT) that achieves zero/low trust interaction platforms, peer-to-peer (P2P) internet overlay protocols, and platform-neutral computation description language. Let's dive in! 🚀
[2/12] 🔐Zero/Low Trust Interaction Platforms (Shared Security):
@Conste11ation creates a shared security environment through its L0 consensus mechanism. L0 allows metagraphs (custom consensus apps) to maintain their own L1 layer while sharing L0 security with the global network.
[3/12] 🌐This shared security model reduces the need for trust as metagraphs inherit the security of the global L0 network. It's similar to Polkadot's shared security model, where parachains share security provided by the relay chain. #cryptocurrency #DAG
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one of the most bizarre aspects from the 1990s #technology / #Internet boom was how it somehow managed to convince a whole lot of optimistic and uncritical people in media (and business) that humanity had somehow entered a "post-industrial" age.

computers and electronic devices are *manufactured items*, requiring a massive industrial base in order to function—and yet somehow it was easy for gullible editorialists and entrepreneurial grifters to talk as though the digital world had somehow *replaced* all that.

the #programming nerd and #STEM-lord culture that arose seemed especially eager to believe that they'd miraculously done away with the need for mining and factories and skilled industrial labor, merely because they had @arduino and #3Dprinting to play with now.

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Il y a une théorie comme quoi #internet serait #mort vers 2017.
Pas mort fonctionnellement, mais parce qu'il serait presque entièrement pris, submergé par l'intelligence artificielle.…
Que la majorité des contenus seraient créés par des #IA...⏬suite
Internet serait mort, car la majorité des contenus que vous voyez seraient créés par des #IA, combinés à quelques employés ou influenceurs payés pour avancer un agenda. J'aime beaucoup cette théorie, même si difficile à vérifier. Mais pas mal d'éléments vont dans ce sens.⏬suite
Plus je creuse pour trouver des #bots trolls d'IA faux résistants Covid, plus j'en trouve. Je vous ai montré les plus évidents ci-dessous. J'en trouve beaucoup d'autres mieux #programmés. Mais ils ont des points communs ⏬
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El poder de los datos para #OSINT: ¿Es posible lograr la plena identificación de un usuario de Telegram?, ¿Qué información se puede obtener de un enlace de invitación?, ¿Qué tan expuestos estan nuestras #HuellasDigitales? 🚨

#AnalistaOsint #ManuelBot #Socmint #Leaks

1⃣ Estas y otras interrogantes, nos hacemos todos a diario... Es por ello decidí abrir una investigación empezand desde una simple búsqueda en #Dorks, para luego terminar encontrando toda el registro digital de una persona a través d su #HuellaDigital encontrado en #Internet

2⃣ Bueno empecemos... navegando por #Google, me puse a rebuscar un rato aplicando #GoogleDorks #GoogleHacking o #Dorking, a fin de encontrar en algunos "enlaces de invitación a grupos de #telegram", los mismos que son generados por los usuarios "administradores" ... 🕵🔎

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There are new pathogens in our midst.

My latest article about media #manipulators, velocity #hacking, and the latest Covid origin #controversy.

Maybe some #mainstream journalists & influencers take a good look in the mirror.

Read:… Image
How much should we think about the role of information in society?

In this article, I use the recent media coverage surrounding #lableak versus #zoonosis to point toward a new threat we have not yet wrapped our heads around:

Information pathogens with high #velocity. Image
#Velocity is a metric for the transmission efficacy of information given a particular content payload, its viral packaging, and its host environment.

Basically the R0 of information, a measure of #contagiousness.

Info pathogens with high velocity outcompetes good information. Image
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#RwOT at Yuhi we have been testing the @SpaceX #Starlink in Rwanda so that you don't have to venture into it blindly and not knowing what to expect, and here are a couple of observations we have made for the last couple of weeks of using it... 🧵 ImageImage
1. It took about 12 days from the day it was shipped to be delivered to us. This was a door-to-door delivery, so there was no hustle with customs or getting licenses from RURA.
2. From the packaging it seemed like the dish wasn't new, it looked like it had been used (had dust)
3. The setup is straightforward - you just need to plug in the power cable to the router, then the ethernet cable from the router to the dish (For power and data).
4. They don't use the usual connectors, so make sure not to damage them cause it'll hard finding a replacement/spare
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Paresse AI-ssistée 🤖

Il y a eu débat sur l'utilisation de l'#IA comme signe de paresse intellectuelle suite à mon article de la semaine dernière sur #LinkedIn concernant #ChatGPT.

Un thread pour clarifier les choses :
l'IA est un OUTIL, comme tant d'autres !

L'histoire humaine est remplie d'#innovations conçues pour faciliter notre vie et nous permettre d'accomplir plus avec moins d'efforts : la roue, l'encyclopédie 📚, l'ordinateur 💻, #Internet 🌐...

Tous ces outils ont contribué à notre progrès en tant qu'espèce.

Traiter une personne d'infirme pour utiliser l'IA, ce dont j'ai eu droit en commentaire, est insultant envers moi et surtout envers ceux qui ont de véritables handicaps pour qui l'IA peut être une aide précieuse.

Ne confondons pas l'usage d'outils avec la paresse !

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What was the fate of the "Mariupol Madonna"?

Meet the "Mariupol Madonna" #Marianna #Vyshemirskaya. We found her in ... #Moscow. Exactly one year ago, on March 9, 2022 a heart-rending photo of a pregnant girl from #Mariupol made the rounds of the world.#Ukraine️ #Kiev #USA
She was standing with blood splattered on her face in front of a building with broken windows. "The Russians have bombed the maternity hospital!" - shouted the West.
I was speechless. I found out about everything when I came back home to #Donetsk.
I went on the #Internet and - it turns out I was the victim of a #Russian air raid. Although there had been no air raid! There was only one positive thing from my 'fame' - my family found out that I was alive" -
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#RaisinaDialogue2023 | #Bytes of Promise: How Can #Technology Lift Communities?

We are live tweeting the session with @alisabrypc, @OmarSAlolama, @PandaJay, @yodifiji, @gautamagg77 and @yaelwiss

Stay tuned for more updates!

@orfonline @ril_foundation

.@alisabrypc: Lack of consistent policy and affordability of #technology and devices is a challenge for #SriLanka. But the potential is enormous.

#RaisinaDialogue2023 #Raisina2023
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[1/12] To understand what else is needed to create a financial future based on #blockchain technology, just consider what the #Interledger #Protocol was NOT designed to do. 😉

[A #Thread 🧵] Source:
[2/12] 🤔 What problem does #ILP genuinely address?

Just like the #internet will never agree on a single #protocol to fix everything, the world will never agree on a single #blockchain or ledger [#DLT].

What must be resolved is:
🔹 Addressing
🔹 Fragmentation The Interledger
[3/12] ❗️ To make it easy and #ELI5-friendly here is everything in one picture:

When Alice wants to send money to @bob_way, #ILP will perform all the heavy lifting so she doesn't have to worry about #wallet addresses (#PubKeys) and the like. Source:
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"Doctor, the cancer has spread to the brain. Would he be alive for atleast 3-4months? There are so many things we want to do for him " 2 children enquiring about their elderly father brought in with seizures
Read on this miraculous story.
#CancerAwareness #oncology #MedTwitter
An elderly patient who was diagnosed as #lungcancer 2 years back presented to the ER at 5 pm with multiple episodes of seizures. He couldnt speak, recognise his daughters and was having slurring of speech. His consciousness levels were low
#CancerAwareness #oncology #MedTwitter
A MRI of the brain done showed one of the most tragic sights-multiple areas of the brain affected by Cancer deposits. In the image you can see them as the fluffy white spots.
#lungcancer #MedTwitter #oncology
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@vpkivimaki @kokoomus @PiaKauma @oikeuskansleri
#GoldmanSachs on tuottanut sovitut vaalitulokset #Scytl laskennalla, alkaen 10/2007, jolloin #ETYJ sai porttikiellon Suomessa vaalien tuloslaskentaan, koska liikesalaisuus.
Eduskuntavaalien tulokset etukäteen tiedossa…
@vpkivimaki @kokoomus @PiaKauma @oikeuskansleri #Vaalit #DEMOKRATIAA? | 25.1.2008
Electronic Frontier Finland ry:n (#Effi) kertoo, että #OM: n vaalijohtaja #Jääskeläinen kieltäytyi antamasta järjestölle tietoja, miten lokakuun kunnallisvaaleissa koekäytettävä sähköinen äänestysjärjestelmä on toteutettu…
@vpkivimaki @kokoomus @PiaKauma @oikeuskansleri Critical U.S. #ElectionSystems Have Been Left Exposed #Online Despite Official Denials | Aug 8, 2019
An ES&S documents clearly shows the #modem #transmission of #votes from the company's #DS200 optical scan voting machines going over the #internet.…
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A thread on how:Starlink’s internet speed rattles competition

Starlink, a satellite internet provider that went live in Nigeria on Monday, has left many subscribers who can afford it excited over its super speed capability.

#starlink #internet #elonmusk #data #businessday
Starlink hardware and shipping comes at a cost of N276,000 ($600). The monthly subscription is pegged at N19,780 ($43) making it the most expensive internet service in the country.

#starlink #internet #elonmusk #data #businessday
But many Nigerians, especially entrepreneurs, and businesses may be driven more by the speed than the high cost. Starlink says Nigeria is the first African country where the service is going live.

#starlink #internet #elonmusk #data #businessday
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one more rumination for tonight, I think. this one is about something that's been called "contrarianism"—a word that's been coined in some attempt to describe the perplexing behavior of celebrity 'influencers', specially the more toxic ones like @mtaibbi and @mattyglesias.

but the behavior is probably quite general. just about *all* of the #journalist and #media figures who have some privileged access to the press and to mass audience have learned to behave in this way on @Twitter and social media: they run away from challenging questions.

the blue-checked "influencers" of the @LPDonovan / @StevenTDennis / @JakeSherman sort (I've picked three names almost at random) are the people who have *benefited the most* from the #Internet-ization of #journalism. social media has amplified their social privilege.

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#capitalism requires what people call "magical thinking". it requires people to believe that impossible things aren't merely *possible*, but can be done routinely, and turned into a dependable cash flow. #AI / #AGI of the @fchollet / @JeffDean sort is a perfect example.

the very name "#AGI" gives the game away: the #programming boys daydream that they've invented a "general intelligence", a universal thinking machine capable of solving literally any problem—and #capitalism is willing to gamble on that. it's just what #business wants.

remember that the ideal corporation in #capitalism *does nothing*. it produces nothing, it provides no service, it solves no problems for anyone not in the ownership hierarchy—because producing things *costs money* and capitalists hate all expenditures for any reason.

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more #cryptocurrency talk. it seems that there may be (another) #cryptocrash developing; there's been so many of them.

to reiterate my earlier point: the allure of #cryptocurrencies is instant #money in vast volumes, and that's why $BITC and @ETH have a million copycats.

#cryptocurrency (and the related #blockchain money-making gewgaw, the #NFT) are in a sense nothing new. there have been untold millions of #investment scams and #business tricks and other shifty clever ways that at least *pretend* they can guarantee an effortless #profit.

this is an artifact of the extreme #wealth inequality encouraged by #capitalism: once you've got a bunch of elite capitalists *hoarding* all the #money, that means you've got big enough piles to *steal*. all get-rich-quick schemes are ultimately acts of disguised _theft_.

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