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as usual, liz's recap is a clear and crispy version of my talk, and you should read it if you're intrigued by the idea of testing in production.

(but I've still got the edge on rainbows muahaha 🌈🌷💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🌸🌟🌈)
favorite moment of this afternoon was afterwards, when a few -- multiple! -- people with formal security and QA backgrounds came up and told me even MORE reasons to urge testing in prod. 🤗🥰
second favorite moment has to be at the end when I was marveling over my own moderation and self-restraint, and @lizthegrey piped up "I'm a good influence!" sotto voce, front and center. 🤣🥳
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I'll be livetweeting @mipsytipsy's talk on testing in production in a few minutes... #VelocityConf
@mipsytipsy The room is full, and we found her! [ed: hi, I was marshalling her from her hotel! this place is a twisty maze!]

People feel trepidation or like they're yoloing like a cowboy when they hear "testing in production". It gets peoples' attention. But it has a bad rap. #VelocityConf
The reality is that we all do it all the time. Responsible engineers test in prod, irresponsible engineers don't.

It's actually a false dichotomy; it's not a binary. You can test in production *and* before you reach production. #VelocityConf
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Advance slides in case anyone needs them (e.g. for accessibility reasons), for my #VelocityConf keynote! Featuring art by @emilywithcurls!…

See you all at 9:05am sharp!
and here are some additional resources: I'll mention at the end of my talk:… and… #VelocityConf
And you can hit up to see my words in realtime, even if you aren't here in person!

Just imagine me saying them alongside my slides ;) #VelocityConf
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It blew people's minds when I said "we literally sent 25% of our company to work the booth at #VelocityConf" when explaining why I couldn't livetweet as much this conference. Our booth duty, like everything else we do, is run through grit and tenacity.
We are literally throwing engineers, founders, anyone we can pull, into booth duty. We don't have a giant marketing or devrel machine (I wish we did).

All we have is a great product, and world-class experts working on it.
Come talk to @honeycombio at #VelocityConf. You might run into @maplebed, for instance. Or me. Or @mipsytipsy. In addition to the indomitable team of @dotpem and @jennitbd.
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.@gwenshap on running out of disk space: you can add more disk, or turn it off, change retention settings, and then back on.

the worst thing you can do is truncate the disk log with /dev/null while Kafka is running. Corruption!! #VelocityConf
@gwenshap When you're in a hole, first stop digging. If you don't know where the holes are, stop digging.

If you over-provision, upgrade to pick up bugfixes, feel comfortable asking for support, and don't "just tweak the parameters because"... you'll be better off. #VelocityConf
Subtle edge cases: if your disks are full but you discover it through an asynchronous flush... and it then crashes... and there aren't enough caught up leaders for quorum... data loss.

a human needs to decide what the new golden state should be after data loss. #VelocityConf
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Last night -- took 4 hours to find my airbnb, which I was locked out of; another 2 he til I got in (at 5:30a)

This morning -- locked in the cement basement for an hour w no signal

... San Jose hates me, your honor, and that's why I'm late for author signing @velocityconf 😩
let's not even get into last night, where I ended up in a hotel where I picked up my keys from a bulletproof glass window facing the street, and high tailed it home at 3 am after realizing my neighbor was... entertaining visitors, and her pimp outside kept calling to me #sanjose
(that's not even why I went home, actually... went home because there was no AC, and heeeeell no)

Anyway, my book signing will be during my ask the experts session. It's better this way. I'll have some unicorn cover stickers here by then. #VelocityConf
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Next at #VelocityConf, @aknin on being an SRE
Engineering and reliability are opposing forces, and we need a mix. 100% reliability allows for no change or improvement. #velocityConf
Once we measure reliability, we can create an error budget. Failure has a quantifiable range that’s ok - teams can move as fast as they want, if the error budget is not exceeded. #velocityConf
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The final keynote of the morning is my former colleague @aknin, on how to be an SRE (and no, it's not starting a new org structure)! [ed: I've reviewed this talk in advance and it is *killer*] #VelocityConf
@aknin He works with teams to understand what reliability means, and then to quantify that definition.

This requires SRE skills, development skills, and product/project management skills. #VelocityConf
We should first start by defining SRE. Not all of us have the same definition!

Engineering -> using scientific principles to design/build things.

But how do you apply science and design to reliability? #VelocityConf
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Opening #VelocityConf is @GoldbergChen (director of GKE/Istio) on using tech to scale your teams!
@GoldbergChen "Talent is the most valuable thing every company has, and happy teams build happy products." --@GoldbergChen #VelocityConf
Think about whether you're setting up both the team and the product for success when you make choices. #VelocityConf
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"There are only two things your organization should be spending time on: making your customers happy, or making your people happy.". -@lizthegrey at o11y meetup. #velocityconf
"CI/CD is great, and it's only the first step. We need to learn how to get our code into production faster, understand it better, and use the same tools for pre-prod and production"

(my phone camera broke so all I can do is selfies now, sorry)
speaking of which, here is my summary of San Jose today
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First tutorial of the day: “Move Fast and Learn from Incidents” with @lhochstein , @this_hits_home , and @nora_js along with a great crowd of TAs from Netflix, Slack, New Relic, and OSU! #VelocityConf
We are going to be role playing a few incident investigations during the session #velocityconf
A few things we’ll be looking for during these investigations which @lhochstein deems “gaps” falling into the following categories:
1) Tools
2) Operational expertise
3) Resource (people) gaps

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Final talk I'll be getting to at #VelocityConf before I dash to Toronto: @IanColdwater on improving container security on k8s.
@IanColdwater She focuses on hardening her employer's cloud container infrastructure, including doing work on k8s.

She also was an ethical hacker before she went into DevOps and DevSecOps. #VelocityConf
She travels around doing competitive hacking with CTFs. It's important to think like an attacker rather than assuming good intents and nice user personas that use our features in the way the devs intended things to be used. #VelocityConf
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My colleague @sethvargo on microservice security at #VelocityConf: traditionally we've thought of traditional security as all-or-nothing -- that you put the biggest possible padlock on your perimeter, and you have a secure zone and untrusted zone.
@sethvargo We know that monoliths don't actually work, so we're moving towards microservices. But how does this change your security model?

You might have a loadbalancer that has software-defined rules. And you have a variety of compartmentalized networks. #VelocityConf
You might also be communicating with managed services such as Cloud SQL that are outside of your security perimeter.

You no longer have one resource, firewall, loadbalancer, and security team. You have many. Including "Chris." #VelocityConf
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Leading off the k8s track today is @krisnova on migrating monoliths to k8s! #VelocityConf
@krisnova [ed: p.s. her ponies and rainbows dress is A+++]

She starts by providing a resources link:…

The problems we're solving:
(1) why are monoliths harder to migrate?
(2) Should you?
(3) How do I start?
(4) Best practices #VelocityConf
.@krisnova is a Gaypher (gay gopher), is a k8s maintainer, and is involved in two k8s SIGs (cluster lifecycle & aws, but she likes all the clouds. depending upon the day). And she did SRE before becoming a Dev Advocate! #VelocityConf
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Final keynote block: @lxt of Mozilla on practical ethics and user data. #VelocityConf
@lxt And also ethics of experimentation!

"just collect data and figure out later how you'll use it" doesn't work any more. #VelocityConf
We used to be optimistic before we ruined everything.

Mozilla also used to not collect data, and only had data on number of downloads, but its market share went down because they weren't measuring user satisfaction and actual usage. #VelocityConf
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Next up is @mrb_bk on why marketing matters. #VelocityConf
@mrb_bk Hypothesis: marketing >> code in terms of software adoption. [ed: and this is why I became a developer advocate!] #VelocityConf
You need to consider community early when developing a product.

Always ask, "Why do people matter?" "Why does adoption matter?" #VelocityConf
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Next up is @rogerm on O'Reilly's insights into trends with Radar. #VelocityConf
@rogerm They look at changes in search terms year on year; the two largest increases are k8s and blockchain. #VelocityConf
People are becoming less interested in broader topics and more interested in specific technologies e.g. pytorch. #VelocityConf
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Next is my colleague @rakyll on distributed tracing!! #VelocityConf
@rakyll In a big city, you learn to deal with large scale and navigating your way around, in an environment that has a lot of chaos and data.

And sometimes things don't go according to plan if you encounter construction, etc. along the way. #VelocityConf
It doesn't matter where the error happened, from a user's perspective, it's a failure to them.

Maybe we're doing better at @GCPcloud, but there are lots of opportunities to improve still, says @rakyll. #VelocityConf
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First up at #VelocityConf this morning: @tammybutow on chaos engineering to increase resilience!
@tammybutow She's been doing chaos engineering since 2009. But she wants to encourage people to do Chaos Days the same way that they do Hack Days - to build resilience into teams and products. #VelocityConf
Chaos isn't about going rogue and setting everything on fire; instead, it's much more scientific and collaborative.

You need to do thoughtful, planned experiments to reveal weaknesses. #VelocityConf
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I'm excited to see @alicegoldfuss's talk on container operations for the first time! #VelocityConf
@alicegoldfuss She's telling us about the idyllic picture painted by advertisements (for instance, for cars) with the fancy 0-60 numbers... vs. the tiny small words "laboratory setting" or "test track". #VelocityConf
That's how @alicegoldfuss feels about container talks. Presenter comes out and says "BAM, I will revolutionize your infrastructure? What's that? Run more than one container? No problem! [with shipping container images overlaid on cars]" #VelocityConf
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Final speaker of morning keynotes: @kavya719 on real-world data to analyze performance of systems and end user experience without breaking the bank. #VelocityConf
@kavya719 Think about performance and capacity: you can use the "YOLO" method, or do load simulation; but the better approach is performance modeling.

Represent your system by a theoretical modelj, get results, and translate back to your system. #VelocityConf
First example: we have a response time SLA for a client to webserver to database system. [ed: I'd call that a SLI, not a SLO or SLA].

Assume that requests come into a queue. #VelocityConf
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Next up is my colleague @drensin on why #SRE and #DevOps are friends! (likely quoting me and @sethvargo a bunch) #VelocityConf
@drensin @sethvargo [ed: full disclosure, this is a sponsored talk.]

How many people have heard of SRE? like 80% of people. But 3 years ago, it was crickets. #VelocityConf
"Obviously in the age of Twitter, they must fight, right? But no, they actually reinforce each other."

And you should look at @lizthegrey and @sethvargo's video series for more details.

But the key message is: they developed independently but landed in same place #VelocityConf
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Next up is @francesc [ed: <3 <3 <3 my former colleagues!] on why machine learning will make programming better! #VelocityConf
@francesc Is software eating the world? The number of LOC is increasing dramatically -- tens of millions of LOC for Chrome, Windows, etc.

And *cars* have hundreds of millions of LOC. #VelocityConf
He works at @sourcedtech but also runs @justforfunc.

So how can ML on source code help us? It's related to doing natural language processing and data mining. #VelocityConf
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Next talk at #VelocityConf is a sponsored talk by @beevek on moving fast without breaking things.

How do you decide when to measure and make course corrections?
@beevek If you make it cheaper and less risky to measure where you are and where you're going, then you'll be more efficient about accomplishing your goals and managing risks.

Reduce the scope of potential failures by checking them with the real world as soon as possible. #VelocityConf
How do we decide what to invest in? There's always more tests, metrics, and automation to write.

Prioritize where cost of failure and change velocity is the highest for your observability and risk management. #VelocityConf
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