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Unsere ARD-Recherche zu #DrRedBull ist eine unglaubliche Geschichte. Eigentlich sind es sogar zwei: Es geht um den mysteriösen Tod einer Frau und den steilen Aufstieg eines DDR-Dopingarztes. #TrueCrime und Sport. 🧵 (1/14)
2017 liegt Sylvia tot in einer Wiese im Umland von #Salzburg. Kurz zuvor hat ihr #RedBull Boss Dietrich #Mateschitz ein Haus geschenkt. Neben Sylvia steht ihr Lebensgefährte in Unterhose. Es ist Bernd #Pansold alias #DrRedBull. Was ist passiert? (2/14)
Sylvia und #DrRedBull alias Bernd #Pansold hatten Streit. Sie läuft davon - in eine Wiese. Bei der Suche nach Sylvia helfen ihre Mutter Maria und Toni, ein Taxifahrer. Wir haben mit beiden gesprochen: (3/14)
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Grand Prix du Brésil - Interlagos 🇧🇷 25/11/2012 : Tout le monde espérait du suspense et de l'animation pour la dernière course de la saison, à Interlagos, et personne n'a pas été déçu.
Des accrochages à répétition, de la pluie, deux sorties de la voiture de sécurité, des choix de pneus bizarres, plusieurs changements de leader, et au final un scénario qui a sacré Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), qui a pourtant connu bien des frayeurs sur la piste d'Interlagos.
Tout a commencé dès le départ, que l'Allemand a manqué, au contraire de son seul rival pour le titre, Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), parti lui comme une fusée de sa septième place, dans le sillage de son poisson pilote Felipe Massa.
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#SV5 #vettel #AbuDhabiGP
Norbert Vettel: "I have always had a soft spot for engines, screwed on mopeds and motorcycles - and rode mountain races. It was like a virus. So I bought a kart for 1200 marks for the kids. Sebastian was three. I set up bowls for a slalom in our yard and he curved around”
“On a podium I built , I presented him with his first motorsport cup, which we had previously obtained. What a glow in his face."😭😭😭
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Q: Abu Dhabi is not a sad occasion for you…it is exciting
#SV5: “ yeah that’s how I see it, I don’t know if I’ll be in tears and breakdown but I thought about this so much and it feels so right! I’m looking forward to #AbuDhabiGP & what comes after” #SV5 #Vettel
“I know the adrenaline rush will be different and will be gone, the excitement of driving in places like Suzuka pushing myself and the car to the limits and it makes me sad. Yet it is a trade for something new/different exciting. That’s how I feel”
Q: how do you want fans to remember you?

#SV5: “…. Fans make the sport what it really is. We had an experience without fans it felt wrong!. I’ll miss the people, their little messages, the attention. How should they remember me I don’t know.I don’t feel I want to be remembered”
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Seb’s Final Beyond the grid episode 😭💚

#AbuDhabiGP #SV5 #Vettel…
Q: How scary is the prospective of life without F1?

#SV5: “unknown that’s how I feel! It’s a fantastic world that can get you in it and stay forever. Obviously I can’t drive forever…
I am a racing driver yes but when I get home I enjoy the bits of life..there is always more..”
“There is always more to life and more to enjoy other than the racing world,which obviously has consumed me,I’ve been obsessed with it most of my life. I’m sad that I don’t have the adrenaline rush anymore,not to have the competition the feeling of pushing myself, the car…”
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'A short view back to the past...'

Aston Martin reflected on some of the best memories they’ve created with Sebastian Vettel the past two years:

#AbuDhabiGP #SV5 #Vettel
First podium 💚 #AzerbaijanGP 2021
Making a mark without leaving a trace

#BritishGP 2021
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The story of William!who got invited by Sebastian Vettel at #BrazilGP!

Williams’s father big dream was to take him to Interlagos but as you can guess Prices were an issue. last year William’s father passed away on his birthday while shopping for the party
#Vettel #Seb5 #SV5 Image
On Tuesday and Wednesday He decided to talk to Seb, he arrived at the hotel at 6 a.m. Dozens of people try to take photo.
William’s goal was to get Sev to read the two-page letter he wrote. In it he told him about his support to German drivers but more….
William told Seb about his memories of the day, the time, what he was doing, what he was eating or thinking, while Seb had won his championships. As well as mentioning several victories, such as that of Malaysia 2015 which is his favorite race…
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Seb: "What I am convinced of is that I can be among the best, be the best. I have proven to be that, but that does not give you a guarantee that you are the best every single day".

#Vettel #iNews
Seb: “It does not sound right to me to sit here and say I’m the best, but if others choose to do so that is okay with me. I have no problem with that".

#Vettel #iNews
Seb: "But it would be ignorant to neglect or forget the amount of talent that is out there and what other people can do as well, how hard they work, and sometimes, even if I don’t like it, beat me when they are better. Then it’s about how you react".

#Vettel #iNews
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A falta de 20 minutos para la presentación oficial del nuevo Aston Martin F1 AMR21 se ha filtrado cómo será su nuevo diseño 😳

#AMR21 #UnlockTheVault #IAMF1 #F1 #Formula1 #SebastianVettel #Vettel #LanceStroll #Stroll #AstonMartin #AstonMartinF1Team
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Di certo in preparazione alla qualifica, non il medesimo buon umore di ieri. Un commento lapidario sullo stato di "quella" vettura #Vettel #Onboard #TeamRadio #PortugueseGP #FP3
Sorpreso in merito alla parte finale del team radio. Sapete (se mi conoscete da un po’) che non mi piace speculare anche perché ci sono diverse interpretazioni: 1) Assetto diverso necessario al suo stile di guida. 2) Diversi componenti aero (pochi pezzi nuovi). 2B)Non riferendosi
...necessariamente a pezzi che si vedono 3) Situazione relativa a rotazione PU di cui non siamo naturalmente a conoscenza. 4) Semplice sfogo per la sua incapacità di far rendere la sua vettura oltre al limite (come riesce Charles). Mia idea: 2/2B ma solo mio parere #PortugueseGP
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