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This is a thread on Phiroz Rustomji Daruwala, a cold-blooded serial killer who brutally killed an elderly family in a #murder case that rocked #Mumbai and #Maharashtra 50 years ago. The criminal also planned to abduct matka king Ratan Khatri!
#crime #truecrime #murdermysteries ImageImageImage
2 February 1971. The neighbours of Darabshah Sethna (82), a resident of Jehangir Mansion, near Metro Cinema at Dhobi Talao in #Mumbai were intrigued. The main door of his 5th floor was locked, which was unprecedented as the family never went out together.
Sethna was a bachelor. Gaibai Master (72), her husband Nasserwanji (65) and their servant Bawla (55) stayed with Sethna and cared for him. Sethna was a managing clerk at a reputed solicitor's firm in #Mumbai.
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Manwath is a taluka in #Maharashtra's #Parbhani district. It is located around 500-km from #Mumbai. This obscure place was rocked by a series of 10 gruesome ritualistic murders in the 1970s. These killings were the result of #superstition.
#thread #truecrime #police #history ImageImageImage
Five girls who were about ten years old, an year-old child and four women in their mid-thirties were murdered between 14 November 1972 and 4 January, 1974. These murders had a similar modus operandi and pattern. They were committed at night. These incidents shocked #Maharashtra
The time and location of the crime,use of women as victims, nature of injuries caused to them, pvt parts of some of the victims being cut to extract blood, the absence of motive for the killings, the attempt to dodge the police and the extreme brutality made the case macabre
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A Doctor can be the greatest criminal of the world. He has the knowledge & the nerve-Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's line was personified by a 40-year old Doctor from #Pune who committed a sensational murder in the 1950s. Thread
#crime #truecrime #Maharashtra #Mumbai ImageImage
At around 5.30 a.m. on 13th November 1956, Anant Chintamun Lagu, a Pune-based doctor, came to the GT Hospital in Mumbai with a 45-yr-old widow, who was unconscious. Lagu said she had fallen unconscious during an overnight train journey from Pune to Mumbai.
Lagu said he was travelling in same compartment as the woman. He told the doctors that he did not know the woman, but had gathered during the journey that her name was Indumati Panse. Lagu provided his address in Pune to the hospital.
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🚨New Podcast Episode🚨

Unraveling the McKay Kidnapping: A Chilling 53-Year-Old Mystery with New Confessions and Dark Secrets.

Episode 5 of SPY MURDOCH, a serial exploring the origin story of Rupert Murdoch's intelligence ties by @NarativTv.…
1/ Dive into the haunting truth behind the infamous 1969 kidnapping of Muriel McKay, wife of Rupert Murdoch's right-hand man. Join us as we unravel this mystery with investigative journalist Sharlene Rampersad with the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian.
2/ Hear a shocking new confession from one of the convicted kidnappers, who finally reveals the location of Muriel McKay's buried body and recounts the dark details of the crime. He claims he was just a messenger boy for far more powerful people.
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On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Dallas’s father hurt his son’s feelings. His dad told him he was so out of shape that he couldn’t even throw a football.

#RIP #Murder #HarlingenTX #TrueCrime #RioGrandeValley Image
That night, while talking to his mom outside, 18-year-old Dallas Scott Gilbert remembered those words and went inside the house. He grabbed a knife and walked back outside… 2/
he said he first cut his mom’s hand “playing around”, but it looks like she was putting her hands up to defend herself… then, he got angry and stabbed her multiple times. 3/
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Unsere ARD-Recherche zu #DrRedBull ist eine unglaubliche Geschichte. Eigentlich sind es sogar zwei: Es geht um den mysteriösen Tod einer Frau und den steilen Aufstieg eines DDR-Dopingarztes. #TrueCrime und Sport. 🧵 (1/14)
2017 liegt Sylvia tot in einer Wiese im Umland von #Salzburg. Kurz zuvor hat ihr #RedBull Boss Dietrich #Mateschitz ein Haus geschenkt. Neben Sylvia steht ihr Lebensgefährte in Unterhose. Es ist Bernd #Pansold alias #DrRedBull. Was ist passiert? (2/14)
Sylvia und #DrRedBull alias Bernd #Pansold hatten Streit. Sie läuft davon - in eine Wiese. Bei der Suche nach Sylvia helfen ihre Mutter Maria und Toni, ein Taxifahrer. Wir haben mit beiden gesprochen: (3/14)
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Since January 2023, I have launched a weekly series on @mumbaitak (thanks to @sahiljoshii) where I speak in #Marathi on little-known yet significant episodes from #IndianHistory. This is a thread with the playlists.
Do watch and comment.
#history #trivia #Mumbai #Maharashtra
The first episode with over 2.6 lakh views was on the sensational #TheBawlaMurderCase (1925) which led to the abdication of an Indian king. You can buy my book on this crime here:

#truecrime #crime #Mumbai #Maharashtra #Books
Did you know that the police stations in #Mumbai, the #MumbaiPolice special branch & crime branch owe their genesis to #LokmanyaBalGangadharTilak? Watch this episode to know more about the bitter-sweet (!)relation between #Tilak and the #MumbaiPolice.

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We need to talk about male violence - men killing women & children. Too many women & children have already been killed & it’s the start of a new year - Bruna Fonseca, Natalie McNally & Tausha Haight, her mother Gail Earl, & Tausha’s five children -
identified by family and friends as Macie (17), Briley (12), twins Ammon and Sienna (7), & Gavin (4). I can’t tell you whether these men thought it right to kill, but what I can tell you from 27 years of profiling cases is that they thought it was THEIR RIGHT.
We need to talk about this supercharged sense of entitlement and ownership men believe they have over women and children and stop saying it’s ‘senseless’ ‘tragic’ ‘gun violence’ ‘motiveless’ It’s not.
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This progress is positive. The killer will most likely be known to Natalie, yes. BUT police saying he is not a risk to other women is utter nonsense. He murdered a woman who was pregnant. Of course he is a risk to other women 🚩 EVERY woman knows this. I really wish ImageImage
Men would stop saying ridiculous things like this & focus on what’s important. Appeal to those who know this man. Someone knows him. Listen to the Community intell. I’m hearing that a former partner was stalking Natalie. Do the house-to house, speak to those who knew Natalie &
those whom she confided in. Speak with her family, friends, check social media etc. There’s lots to do in the star burst of a murder. This man is a public protection risk 🚩 Any man who murders a woman is. Help find him. Perhaps you saw the man with the rucksack?
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Can you help find Natalie McNally’s killer? Natalie was 15 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. She was stabbed to death in her home in Lurgan Northern Ireland on Sunday 18 December. This man carrying a rucksack arrived at Silverwood Green near Natalie’s home at 852pm.
He was seen leaving Silverwood Green at 930pm. @PoliceServiceNI are appealing for phone/video footage, CCTV, car dash-cam footage, photos, any information that can help find him. Also, there’s a golf course close to Natalie’s house which leads to the M1 Motorway.
Perhaps you saw the man with the rucksack around this time? Do you recognize his gait in the video? Or maybe you know someone locally who was acting strangely after Natalie’s murder. You can upload info anonymously here… or
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Was ich faszinierend und erschreckend zugleich fand:
In Deutschland (Stand 2018) gab es geschätzt 10 Teufelsaustreibungen - pro Tag. /TN #Exorzismus #Kirche #Aberglaube
Ich wollte die Reaktion abwarten, da ich mir schon dachte, dass das in unserer aufgeklärten Gesellschaft schwierig zu fassen ist.

Hier die Quelle:… /TN
Da ich die Folge gerade eh herausgesucht habe, hier die Folge des #TrueCrime-Podcast #Mordlust zum Thema #Exorzismus: /TN…
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On page 325 of "Dr. Mary's Monkey" by Ed Haslam, we learn about an interesting story:

The Sherman-Ferrie-Vary experiments successfully created aggressive cancers in mice and (at Judyth’s suggestion) these new cancers were tested on monkeys.

1/ Image
... They worked, killing the monkeys quickly. But there was a missing link–they needed to know if their cancer cocktail would actually kill a human. It was decided to test their concoction on a prisoner from Louisiana’s Angola State Penitentiary ...

... who had ‘volunteered’ for the experiment . They brought him to the Jackson State Mental Hospital (near Clinton, Lousiana) where he was injected with their new bio-weapon, and died. .

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The next time I host William Eggleston's Murderabilia on Twitter Spaces I will talk about Eggleston's first solo show at the MoMA from May 25 - August 1, 1976 and Son of Sam David Berkowitz.…
Below here is a photo of The Red Ceiling at the MoMA in New York at William Eggleston's one man show called William Eggleston's Guide.
The Red Ceiling (Untitled) Greenwood Mississippi 1973 is part of Eggleston's Murderabilia. #FineArtPhotography
David Berkowitz killed his first victim on July 29, 1976 during the time William Eggleston was holding his first Portrait Exhibition at the MoMA in New York.
Below her is a photo of David's first victim Donna Lauria.
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#Justice @TamePunk has been served and I have Been officially recognised by the Artorney General as a ‘Victim of Crime’ as the ‘primary Victim’. Never give up your fight for justice from your #abusers. This has occurred for a period of 10 years, with no end in sight & involves Image
A small group Of people whom I know the names of. May they face consequences in the future. I am not allowed to speak of details at this time, but suffice to say recognition of this #crime is healing & a part of my recovery. Thank you to the Attorney General Image
To Victims of crime for recognition, support, empathy, assistance & compensation, including ongoing support, reimbursement of costs and more. Thank you to all Police Officers involved, including forensics. I am most grateful. I am living proof you can make your abuser responsibl
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Therapist 🧵: #Narcissistic Fixated Stalking. #Stalking is illegal in almost every country in the world, but that doesn't mean those who are stalked get the help they need. Stalking is on the Increase due to social media, lack of knowledge by law enforcement as to what #illegal
To do with them, their high levels of manipulation & the law not keeping up with current times. Clusters B's are well known for stalking & taking revenge when they don't get what they want from you. Narcissists & psychopaths are even known to kill your pets.
They may contact your employee With outright lies, stalk you both online & offline & accuse you of stalking them. Stalking is something narcissists (and other cluster B's) love to engage in. It gives them power, control & yes, entertainment #dysfunctional
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Therapist Tip for your #mentalhealth: How to spot a #narcissist We are in a #narcisstic #psychopathic and #sociopathic epidemic. Look for these 🚩🚩1. Mirroring your interests 🚩 2. Love Bombing you at first. Feels like bliss 🚩3. Early obsession. Go too fast in any relationship
Fall in love with you in first week(s). 🚩4. Feels too good to be true 🚩5. They are idealising you & you can do no wrong. You are perfect for them. This is the 'honeymoon' period 🚩6. Them comes drama out of the blue 🚩 7. They come from a position of "how am I?" #psychology
Wanting others attention 🚩They do not care about how you are or how your day was. Do they ever ask you how you are, how was your day, say "that sounds like a tough day for you", show genuine empathy) Watch for 'false' empathy. Does the conversation always go back to them? #narcs
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/09/2022…
Global supply chain risk and resilience | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal…
#GlobalSupplyChains, #EconomicAnalysis, #risk, #resilience, #robustness
Researchers Identify 'Master Problem' Underlying All Cryptography | Quanta Magazine…
#ComputationalComplexity, #CryptographySecurity, #OneWayFunctions
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A True Crime documentary in three pics and a video… [Ep 1] Thursday, c1235hs GMT - I put out a little table with a huge pile of mealworms, and set up my camera hoping to capture foxes having supper… 🤓🎥🌳🦊🍃🍂 #TrueCrime #nature #wildlife
[Ep 2] I return 48hrs later to discover an actual crime scene… Who has committed this flagrant breach of the law?! Investigators swing into action. 🧐🌳🍃🍂 #TrueCrime #wildlife #nature #NaturePhotography #CSI #CrimeScene
[Ep 3] The investigation swiftly identifies a prime suspect… 🤨🐈‍⬛🌳🍃🍂 #TrueCrime #nature #wildlife #cats
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/09/2022…
Origins, evolution and future of global development cooperation - Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre…
#GlobalDevelopment, #GlobalCooperation, #DevelopmentPolicy
Coronapod: why stopping COVID testing would be a mistake…
#COVIDTesting, #DataAccuracy, #PandemicResponse
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/03/2022…
The next variant: three key questions about what’s after Omicron…
#COVID19, #PostOmicron, #variants
Social and Ecological Factors Affect Long-Term Resilience of Voyaging Canoes in Pre-contact Eastern Polynesia: A Multiproxy Approach From the ArchaeoEcology Project…
#resilience #VoyagingCanoes #EasternPolynesia #ArchaeoEcologyProject #MultiproxyApproach
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