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being an undercover detective is hard but jeongguk's always up for the challenge.

he's assigned to get close to 'v', gang leader of the poison ivies, the most feared gang in all of new york, as his precinct wants to get more intel on how things are handled and the exact crimes +
they commit.

jeongguk was told he could turn it down and they'd find someone else to do it, but he waved them away with a scoff.

as /if/ there was anyone better suited for a job like this than him.

that night, at home, he does the most extensive research he's ever done in his
years of being in this field, finds out every publicly known detail about gang leader v. he's given a solid week to fully prepare himself, and prepare himself he does.

that weekend, he finds himself sitting at a bar, feet dangling, dressed in black jeans with rips /everywhere/,
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taekook au;

Taehyung is the most popular idol in the country, so naturally everyone at the year-end award function has their eyes on him, but he has /his/ eyes on a young man with a video camera that’s there to record the event. Little does he know, Jungkook despises all idols.
“I can’t believe you’re living out my dream, Jungkook. It’s not even fair!” Jimin whined while hitting Jungkook’s arm as they walked to their next class.

Jungkook just rolled his eyes, “Trust me, it’s the last thing I want to do, but my photography advisor says it’s a golden
opportunity or whatever and that if I do well, I’ll be able to get a job right after we graduate next semester.”

“And not to mention, you’ll get to see all the beautiful and talented idols.” Jimin added, a little quieter.

Jungkook stopped in his tracks. His eyebrows furrowed
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taekook au ;

to help pay for graduate school, taehyung decides to take on a part time job as a housekeeper at a mansion on the wealthy side of town; he doesn’t expect to become so attached to its cute owner & single dad, jungkook and his little son

#taekookau #taekook #vkookau
Taehyung double checked the address on his phone before looking up at the mansion in front of him. To say it was large would be an understatement; with its gray & tan stoned driveway and tall, swaying palm trees, this was easily one of the most beautiful houses he had ever seen.
He walked up to the ornate mahogany door, taking in the intricate patterns carved into the wood, marveling at the level of detail that went into it. He rang the doorbell once, twice before turning the doorknob, surprised that it was unlocked.

He looked down at his phone again
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[Taekook AU]

Jungkook is a famous art gallery owner that looks up to an elusive and mysterious painter, Vante. After years of trying to schedule a live paint session, Jungkook finally gets a response back. But when they meet, Jungkook is more stunned by Taehyung than his art.
-will be long

-angst oof 😤

-might cover some heavy topics like depression and suicide but I’ll put warnings before those updates ⚠️

-happy ending 💞
Jeon Jungkook, at age 24, had the textbook definition of a perfect life.

He had studied fine art and business theory in a renowned college abroad and upon returning to Seoul at 22, had invested his savings into procuring art pieces from around the world.

He had worked hard.
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“You forgot to give me your numb-“
Jungkook called out after him, but Tae was long gone. He sighed and went into his room, collapsing back on the bed. It had been a long day but for some reason Jungkook felt more awake than ever.

He decided to shower, put away his clothes and
get some song writing done, but before that he needed some coffee. Searching all over the suite for the coffee maker, Jungkook quickly realized it was missing.

If only Tae had actually given him his number. He decided to call the main lobby, “Hi this is Jeon Jungkook, Suite 6”
The voice on the other end seemed young and confused “Um sir I’m really sorry, I’ll have to ask Manager Kim”

“Can you actually tell me where he’s staying? I can go ask myself” Jungkook asked.

“Yes Mr Jeon, usually we don’t disclose this information but since you’re a VIP guest”
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* Taekook AU * NSFW

Jungkook and Taehyung are the most shipped couple in Kpop.... If only people knew they were real.
They think they've been hiding..
Until ONE Vlive changes everything.

#taekook #vkook #kookv #taekookau #btsau #vkookau #kookvau #taekookfanfic
I've been wanting to write this AU for awhile...I write on AO3 but never on here so....should I write it? It may have been done but not by me. 😁 It'll have social media, crack and SMUT....retweet/reply!
BTS' private Twitter profiles....They hide in plain sight....some more obvi than others cuz they don't like to follow the rules of staying hidden. 😉
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AU: Taehyung is fascinated by the arms of the guy in front of him in one of his lectures, and so he often doodles them, paying extra attention to the tattoos he has on both his arms. One day, he checks the drawings he did and notices the tattoos change regularly.

#taekook #vkook
So one day that the guy has his arms covered by his shirt, Taehyung decides to flip through his copybook to look at his already drawn pictures of the man's sleeves tattoos. Except everytime, there's a small detail that changes, until it's not the same tattoo anymore.
But he's sure he drew them exactly as he saw them. He didnt take art classes for THIS to happen. So he pays extra attention the next few weeks, and either he's completely mental or this man's tattoos change. All. The. Time.
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