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No words to say how exhausted I am. 16 cases in schools, and students haven't even entered buildings! I can't believe @NYCSchools wants to reopen and continue to be pushing this crazy school reopening plan.…
MS88 was one of @NYCSchools with staff testing positive for #Covid_19. The staff weren't informed immediately, contact tracers didn't get to members who were exposed, and this morning they were told to return to the building. 👀😔😱…
I wrote most of this on my train ride to school this morning w/ @MOREcaucusUFT: "3 Days Into NYC School Reopening And It's Clear: Schools Are Not Safe" #NotUntilItsSafe #returntoschool2020 #wewontdieforDOE…
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Truly no words on how furious I am at my union @UFT. Educators are forced back into schools buildings 9/8, a few days after UFT said it was unsafe to go back, then after striking a backroom deal w/ @NYCMayor. @UFTUnity shame on you. People will die on your watch. #wewontdieforDOE
Still haven't gotten our school building inspection report even tho @UFT Prez Mulgrew promised we'd have it today. People are saying it might not come til Saturday. We're supposed to go in-person Tuesday. @UFTUnity what you agreed to is not okay. #OnlyWhenItsSafe #wewontdieforDOE
We STILL don't have a clear idea how a @NYCSchools plan that hasn't been figured out in the past 2 months (or 2 weeks for that matter) will be figured out in another two weeks. We have no money. We don't have the staff to do their convoluted plans. It's NOT SAFE. #wewontdieforDOE
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While I'm preaching self-care, I also need to recognize all the education advocates who've been fighting so damn hard to stop an unsafe NYC schools reopening. There are too many to tag: y'all give me strength which then lets me keep going. Here we go: @JiaLeeNY @joelfrominwood ..
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@NYCMayor is saying some seriously dangerous nonsense. “... people think that if you raise enough questions & doubts, folks will run away and hide. That’s not what I do.... We just don’t surrender.” It is not "surrendering" if you listen to stakeholders' VERY VALID questions.
the fact the @BilldeBlasio thinks that keeping New Yorkers safe is "running away and hiding" and is "surrendering"...???? Where is the logic? We are asking you to consider the reality that WE COULD DIE if you send us back.
Plus: it's not like the city has some GRAND PLAN for the Fall semester. There are HUNDREDS of crucial, and simple!, questions that have gone unanswered with regard to this reopening. #wewontdieforDOE #OnlyWhenItsSafe
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We teachers on the ground have been leaders in a vacuum of leadership. I have faith that we will win and stop an unsafe school reopening.

It's time to fight back and organize.

March for the Dead, Fight For The Living.
#OnlyWhenItsSafe #wewontdieforDOE…
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My eyes are tired from side eyeing and eyerolling at the blatant gaslighting of teachers, the weaponizing of parents against teachers, comparison of nurses vs teachers, and all the lies folk are telling themselves with #hygienetheatre #wewontdieforDOE
I have to ask why these pinterest teachers are spending their own money to make pandemic education look cute, while still placing kids next to each other, in schools where masks are not required. Is it for likes? Why add more surfaces to clean? Can we stop gaslighting ourselves!
Lets talk about the mold, lead in water, PCBs. Lets talk about 100 year old buildings with out of date HVAC systems. Lets stop trying to put lipstick on a pig. Our schools have been crumbling for years. EdDeform made social distancing more difficult. Break this down.
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Just thinking to myself

It would be so much easier if @NYCSchools just called full remote. They're gonna go full remote anyway at some point

My teacher friends in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, their teachers unions and communities fought back and won

@UFT get it together
So damn tired and demoralized

I was talking to a former @NYCSchools teacher who resigned last week

She left because she didn't want to be part of an institution criminalizing students anymore

And we're going to be traumatizing them further if we go back into school buildings
Why do educators have to fight for our safety
Why do principals have to fight for our safety
Why do students have to fight for our safety
Why do families have to fight for our safety
Why can't we just be safe
@NYCMayor @NYGovCuomo
We keep us safe
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