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The U.S. has determined that #WNBA star Brittney Griner is being wrongfully detained in Russia.

That means the State Department will work more aggressively to secure her release.…
WNBA star @brittneygriner was taken into custody in Russia in mid-February.

She is still detained there.…
When the @WNBA season opens Friday, all 12 teams will honor Griner and the @PhoenixMercury will spearhead a leaguewide charity initiative.…
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Yesterday was payday. Tomorrow is game day for the #WNBA playoffs. But everyday WE NEED MERCH!

So open up your wallets, enter your card number, and tap in…

(cc: @TheSkyShowCHI)

First of all, this is absolutely a @DICKS Stan Account and they are my #1 recommendation for team gear!

Not only do they have @Candace_Parker’s ACE merch, but they’re @GrowTheGameW’s biggest supporter when it comes to giveaways!

Isn’t it beautiful?! 😍
@Playa_Society may be their name, but they definitely didn’t play about these sweatsuits! (When y’all see me in it again on Wednesday, mind your business. 😂)

Y’all better cop from this restock before it’s too late!

So stop playing and head on over to
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We @dapperlabs just announced a massive partnership with @LaLiga plus $250M in new capital from an incredible group: @Coatue @A16Z Mary Meeker @bondcap @GVteam and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) among others

Thread time 🧵👇…
We started @dapperlabs with a simple mission: drive mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies

Similar to @billgates’ push for “a PC on every desk”, we believe #NFTs are the catalyst to putting “a blockchain wallet in every pocket”

The “master plan” is simple:
1. Kickstart network effects by engaging new users with unique original content that sets new bars for usability and engagement. (@nbatopshot @laliga @UFC and more)

2. Support independent developers building on top of the decentralized @flow_blockchain ecosystem #onFlow
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A Hall of Fame Career: @Catchin24 By the Numbers #20HoopClass

@Catchin24 is the only #WNBA player in the top 12 all-time in ALL 8 major stats categories.

@Catchin24 is one of only 3 #WNBA players to play at at least 15 seasons and 450 games with the same franchise.

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🚨 HISTÓRICO MOMENTO PARA EL DEPORTE ARGENTINO 🚨 Florencia Chagas (19 años) se transformó en la primera argentina drafteada en toda la historia para jugar en la #WNBA. Con el Pick número 31, fue elegida por Indiana Fever.

🙌🏻 #MujeresTitulares Image
#MujeresTitulares Florencia Chagas hizo historia y tiene la chance más importante de toda su vida con sólo 19 años de edad: dejará Italia tras ser drafteada por Indiana Fever ¡PARA JUGAR EN LA #WNBA! Image
Tercera ronda del Draft. Pick número 31. Indiana Fever. Lo de Florencia Chagas puede marcar un antes y un después en la historia del básquet sudamericano. ¡UNA ARGENTINA EN LA #WNBA! 😱🇦🇷 Image
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#TriviaThursday: Game-Winner Edition 🏆

Let's see how well you know the #WNBA 🤔
Who hit the game-winner in Game 1 of the 2016 WNBA Finals?
How many seconds were left on the clock when @MooreMaya knocked the game-winner in Game 3 of the 2015 WNBA Finals?
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It's time to celebrate! 🥳

The @seattlestorm are #WNBA CHAMPIONS ‼️
The unanimous #WNBAFinals MVP, @breannastewart 😀
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Poppin’ bottles 🍾 🍾🍾
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In case anyone's interested, I did some back of an envelope hypothetical maths for 2021 @WNBA Free Agency:

Cut everyone who looks a likely/easy cut, ended up with 71 roster spots up for grabs.

Also results in around $8,100,000 in cap room league-wide.

#WNBA (1/5)
If you assume 12 2021 1st-rounders make rosters, those numbers come down to around $7,300,000 for 59 players.

On my Free Agency list last week -… - there were 81 players: 43 UFAs, 11 RFAs, 16 Reserved and 11 Suspended-Contract Expired.

#WNBA (2/5)
I went through the list and hypothetically gave out contract levels that seemed reasonable to the top players. Ended up with 14 max/supermax, and 22 mid-high (150-160k) contracts.

That gets you 36 players earning a total around $6,250,000.

#WNBA (3/5)
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🎉 We’ve added WNBA stats to Her Hoop Stats. 🎉 to check it out during the free beta preview. Features include our reSEARCH section, the #WNBA version of Lobo’s Look, team and player pages (including Win Shares and PER), and more.
Our home page at puts tons of information at your fingertips about the 2020 WNBA season. Recent results, our Lobo’s Look preview of upcoming games, team leaderboards, player leaderboards, and more.
On our team pages you can see every season in WNBA history for a team with a summary, per game stats, total, and advanced stats for the team and their opponents for the regular season and the playoffs.
Here's the @minnesotalynx:…
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Was supposed to do a thing yesterday, but ended up not being able to do it. But then I wrote down some of the things I would have probably said....

Sport and politics have always been deeply intertwined. Sport has, and continues to be, a powerful vehicle for social change.
Athletes have played no small part in keeping the conversation about racism and racial inequality fixed at the front of our minds amid the distractions - and make no mistake, they are just that - of Fawlty Towers, toppling statues, and Rule Britannia.
Millions tuned in to see the Premier League and the NBA as sport finally made its comeback. And those millions were to be reminded, night after night, through quiet, peaceful protests and messages on shirts, that Black Lives still Matter and that we haven't forgotten about that.
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I am inspired by the #NBA players striking. Enough is enough. #BlackLivesMatter
And the #WNBA has done an amazing job of advocacy and protest. Our athletes are setting the tone. It’s getting less comfortable to be comfortable.
The status quo NEVER benefits the oppressed. Use your voice. Use your platform. Even if it costs you.
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Anyone else notice that Pam and Rebecca colour-coordinated for the Lynx and Aces? Even on the right sides of the screen. #WNBA Image
Rebecca continuing her trend of dressing in one of the team's colours. #WNBA Image
Hmm, does this count? Pretty close... Image
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Just to get it on the record, in my yearly effort to go 8-0, I'm taking both home teams tonight. Chicago are just a significantly better team than Phoenix, and home-court gives Seattle the edge in a toss-up game. #wnba
2-0 baby! Taking the Sparks tonight, as they've been the second-best team in the league over the final weeks and should have too much for Seattle. And Sky for the upset, over a Vegas team that faded and only has part of their home-court advantage.
Hamby blew my shot at perfection, but might as well keep this going. Connecticut 3-2, because I think they have enough to keep this tight and home-court could get them over the line at the end. And Washington 3-0, because they're that good. #wnba
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#Mercury starters vs. Dallas: Bonner, B. Turner, Griner, Mitchell, Y. Turner ... January back after 2-game injury absence ... Mercury with 10 active players tonight #WNBA
#WNBA officials for #Mercury vs. Dallas: Billy Smith, Tim Greene, Ashley Gilpin
#Mercury C Brittney Griner wide open for second dunk of #WNBA regular season ... Mercury leading 12-10 over Dallas at 3:49 1st Q
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We all get older. It’s an unavoidable fact. Sports fans are no exception. We grow up and we grow old. Unfortunately, so do our heroes. The life of a sports fan, measured by their heroes, has a few major milestones that mark our cycle. #mlb #nba #nfl #nhl #wnba #usmnt #uswnt 1/17
#1 - Establishing a Hero
Think back: Once you were the starry-eyed child. You watched on the television or, hopefully, someone took you to a game. There you were amazed by what that one guy or girl did. How can he run so fast? Did you see that pass? 2/17
Someone did something that made you take notice. You were amazed, in awe. Maybe it was Sandy Koufax's control, Mike Schmidt's power, Walter Payton's finesse, or Sue Bird's control of the court. Something made you become a sports fan and you wouldn't want that to change. 3/17
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