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One night, up late and tangled in memories, a reminiscing Yoongi asks twitter to find the boy he used to babysit, his childhood best friend. Jungkook responds.

[social media au]

#yoonkook #yoonkookau #YOONKOOKWEEK2K19 #yoonkookweek19_D3 #yoonkookweek2k19_D3
- will start when it starts, tonight probably
- slice of life
- shameless fluff/humor
- shouldn’t be too long but this is me and I can’t control myself 🤡
- side minjoon
- inspired by this prompt, by the most sweetest cutest bestest person 💗
yoongi & friends
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‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ 𝐲𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤!𝐚𝐮𝐬 ☽༓・*˚⁺‧ ͙
(ʀᴇᴄs ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴅ)
NOTE: i only made this bc @xnochujk wanted recs and ALSO bc i never want to lose any of these amazing aus anygays lets get it #yoonkook #슙국
my very talented friend Enea wrote this and its so fucken good!! tae’s my fave character so far (also check out their fanart they do a lot of yoonkook go commission him!! uwu)
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#yoonkook au where babyboy idol jk gets humiliated by rock band drummer yoongi on twitter. but what happens when jungkook gets asked to collab with his band and yoongi finds out that there’s more to him than meets the eye
#yoonkook au 1
#yoonkook au 2
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「yoonkook au」

where youtuber jungkook posts about all his failed attempts at wooing his new neighbor while Yoongi’s doing a good job at being an oblivious and emotionally constipated neighbor
— side vmin probably
— do not reply, quote instead please
— lastly, enjoy 🖤
#yoonkook au」

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🔞NSFW #yoonkook au where jk runs a nsfw blog and sends his pictures to vmin for a second opinion but he ends up clicking his crush’s (who is a famous rapper and childhood friend) messages instead
#yoonkook au profiles
#yoonkook au kooks secret ig
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#yoonkook au where jungkook is a comic artist in an interview with taehyung when he meets AgustD. his ultimate favourite artist AgustD. so it’s only natural to panic when he learns that AgustD knows his comics, his face and his twitter handle

#sugakookie #슙국
character profiles!

jeon jungkook
character profiles

min yoongi
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《𝘼𝙗𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙨》

#yoonkook au. Where Jeongguk had been abandoned by his exes, who happens to always have a MIN in their name.
~ fluff, crack and of course angst
~ social media au
~ rt if reading
~ disclaimer: no happening had really happened in real life, jeongguk and yoongi did not really did this. The scenes are fictional and some of the characters im gonna put in are also fictional
~ enjoy
~ stan bts
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「 How I Met You 」• #yoonkook au
《This is a fictional work and in no way true. I do not encourage ship wars either. Please keep in mind that the only real bts ship is ot7xot7. Enjoy!!》
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#Yoonkook au

Up and coming artist, Jeon Jungkook doesn’t see the harm in agreeing to a double date for the sake of his best friends happiness.
Hyung line Profiles + nsfw
Maknae line Profiles + nsfw
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💫yoonkook nsfw au💫

like adam and eve, let's have our sin


church boy jeongguk meets tatted, problematic yoongi one night when he had to close the church later than he should.

—im an atheist, tho I had to learn the bible and live in a catholic environment so im well informed.
—english is not my first language please, forgive the mistakes.
—will be written and have some social media parts.
—kind of based in this song…
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yoonkook au || idol x non-idol au trope

jeongguk is yoongi’s (probably) biggest fan—and he’s known for doing vlogs and a crackhead. however, things took a turn when he accidentally posted his ARSD on his nsfw account; tagging yoongi and his group’s acc.

#yoonkookau #yoonkook
litte notes !! 💗

※ this is my first au !! please be gentle with me :(

※ i hope this won’t flop !! i’m so excited whenever i post things i love to do and i get so sad when it flops or get no attention at all :(

※ will start later !! ♡
relations and connections ;

❶ jeongguk — non-idol
friends with: taehyung, seokjin and jimin
knows: namjoon

❷ yoongi — idol (group: hasejin)
friends with: hoseok, namjoon, seokjin, jimin
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↳ pizza delivery | yoonkook au

where a starter youtuber meets a cute pizza delivery guy

#yoonkook #yoonkookau
• jeon jeongguk: starter youtuber, loves to hang with his friends
• min yoongi: works at laundry pizza but makes music on his free time
• jeongguk’s friends: taehyung, jimin, & jin

- tae is his bff since diapers
- jimin is his bff since middle school & currently dating hoseok
- jin is his neighbor who treats him like a son
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— a #yoonkook au

yoongi asks for a sub on twitter, and jeongguk thinks he's talking about anime, but the only anime yoongi wants to reenact with him is hentai
— crack & nsfw
— mostly social media
— probably short idk
— college au where everyone knows everyone, more or less,, I made a chart thingy with their nicknames and relationships
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#yoonkook au

Sugar baby au, Yoongi is a CEO of Genius Records and just so happens to spot Jungkook out in the town. He becomes enamored and wants to find the pretty boy occupying his mind.
Okay even the three of you that gave me support lifted my soul✊✊. So I'm this is my first AU be nice. Please don't reply just quote or rt. Time stamps don't matter.
The love birds
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#Yoonkook #AU (edited)

After one of his best friends keeps disappearing for weeks at a time, Fairy Yoongi wanders into vampire territory looking for him ~ only to be spied on by the sweet vampire prince Jungkook upon his arrival
-Text/post/social media AU (vampires and fairies use that shit too ... at least in here they do)

-side vmin

-side 2seok or namseok (haven’t decided yet)
Meet the fairies 🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️
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✧ || #Yoonkook AU

Jungkook refuses to reveal his real feelings to Yoongi, their relationship never furthering more than friends with benefits. That is, until an anonymous account decides to expose everyone, Jungkook and Yoongi included.
•social media/writing
•friends with benefits to lovers
•some sad stuff
Yoongi and Jungkook’s twitter accounts
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#yoonkook au, where jeongguk's eyes changes color depending on his mood, to avoid people reading him he wears eye contacts. once, jk lost his contacts while yoongi roams around with his camera. yg fell in love with his eyes and yet when he put down his camera jk was gone.
- please dont tag b*s
- rt if reading tho!
- im backkkkkkkk!!!!
- dont expect too much
- i suck but imma write this so

- half crack, half angst???? depends lol
- main: yoonkook
- side ships: minjoon, and taehyung x jin x hoseok coz i love a poly
- dont tag b*s

he just wants to relax and all. and so he went for a trip, and so was jeongguk
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#yoonkook nsfw au

>where jungkook and yoongi both have secret nsfw fanaccounts for each other also used as a venting account from their stressful idol lives.

what's to happen when yoongi reads a yoonkook au on twt and maybe wants it's events to happen in real life?
if this gets attention ig i'll do it😔👉👈
alright so don't reply just quote, and ignore time stamps🤡
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“ sᴏ ᴄ̶ᴀ̶ʟ̶ʟ ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ, ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ? ” — yoonkook || wrong number!au ;

yoongi likes music, pizza and obscure vines references; until one day he gets a text by a drunk, naive boy who just got his heart broken and needs someone to talk the night through .

#슙국 #yoonkook
♡ ♡ ♡

→ mostly fluff, lots of fluff, vine references, hurt&comfort, slightly angst ;
→ tw // mentions of abusive relationship ;
→ tw // swearing, mention of sex, might get nsfw ;
♡ ♡ ♡

© credits to @hvimang for the lovely moodboard & to @thirstymxn for helping me with the plot and yoongi's pov ;
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▪️Yoonkook AO3 Fics ▪️
▪️Someone to Stay
▪️General Audiences
▪️Hanahaki Disease
▪️Teen and Up Audiences
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#yoonkook au 」
Jungkook was used to it, the petty arguments, the forgotten dates and the ignored calls. There's only so much the younger can take before he finally snaps.

→ In which Jungkook watches from the sidelines as yoongi prioritizes his career over him.
→ student!jungkook x idol!yoongi
→ nsfw
→ social media
→ swearing/mature themes
→ twitter accounts
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yoonmin au

Bad boy Min Yoongi was cursed to turn into a cat every night and the only way to break it is to make a cat lover fall in love with him before it reaches 100 days.

#yoonminau #YoonMin fluff, comedy, nsfw (?), smut (?)
i'm gonna start this in a few hours coz i'm sleepy lol goodnight 🙀
the usual notes before i start:
-everyone knows everyone (one way or another)
-i'm thinking of smut coz as u know, my other aus they all smutty but let's see (if it cant be helped)
-contains cursing, angst, nsfw (?) idk i guess ++
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ー「yoonkook」camboys au 🔞

Jungkook and Yoongi have been dating for three years. One unsuspecting night of passion leads one thing to another. They decides to start up their own NSFW twitter/IG account to explore this new side of their relationship.

- NSFW!! 🔞
- dom!Jungkook
- sub!yoongi
- this au will have both mostly social media posts and a few text posts
- don't reply, please quote RT!
- enjoy!!!
1. Matching NSFW twitter profiles

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ー 「yoonkook」blind date au

Min Yoongi's friends decided upon themselves to set him up on a blind date... unfortunately, one Jeon Jungkook was roped into it on accident.
This is my first social media AU!
- Do not reply, please quote RT 💕
- Come talk to me about this!
- Please ignore the time stamps
Uh oh,,, what are you up to now jimin,, #yoonkook
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