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yoonkook nsfw au ✩

after high school, yoongi leaves to chase after his dream of becoming a famous rapper. as his popularity grows, the more the spotlight grows on him. despite his friend’s warnings, yoongi can’t seem to let go of his friends with benefits, jungkook.
♡ smutty angst with a happy ending, i love drama but im a big ‘ol softie so.
♡ taehyung, yoongi, seokjin, and hoseok are famous
♡ namjoon, jungkook, and jimin aren’t famous
♡ any questions or concerns:
01. so no head?

#yoonkookau | #nsfwau
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🌺🎹Yoongi is the newly hired band pianist for rising US Pop Star and heartthrob JK. While on stage JK is charming, chivalrous, and kind—behind the scenes he’s something else altogether, and Yoongi doesn’t much like how two-faced he is. Or: an enemies to lovers #yoonkookau. 🎹🌺
🌺 I’ll be starting this soon don’t worry
🌺social media au + thread fic parts
🌺probably not thaaat long an au but who knows
Tags to be weary of:
▪️drinking/drug use
▪️internalized homophobia/homophobia
▪️”hate” to love (bc we luv that)
▪️probs smut lets be honest
▪️typos! 🤪😅
▪️other tags may be added
▪️also fluff!! we love soft bois
#kookgi #yoonkook #yoonkookau
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AU in which Jungkook is a cop, called out to check on a noise complaint. Upon arriving, Jungkook’s mistaken as a stripper and isn’t sure what to do when a very cute drunk man starts advancing on him.
🐰🐱 • yes! I will be writing this as a drabble. I’m in the middle of finals week(s) so I won’t be officially starting it until I have time! (Which shouldn’t be longer than a week) 😅☺️ • 🐱🐰
When Yoongi called his friends last week to tell them about the break up, he was a mess. Literally sobbing on the phone, snot and tears everywhere, ring on his finger thrown off and lost in the mess of his apartment.

His fiancée had called off the engagement. Yoongi wasn’t+
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#yoonkookau |

-A highschool au where junior Jungkook is extremely dedicated to his track career but suddenly shows up late to practice everyday with a doughnut (he hates doughnuts) due to a certain senior Min Yoongi who works at the local bakery
this will be:
-social media au
-some crack
-mainly yoonkook
-maybe side namjin and/or vmin
-my first au so sorry if its rough

p.s please make sure not to break the thread! thanks!!
-track star
-hates sweet things especially doughnuts

-works at a cafe
-wants to be a pastry chef
-is a sugar addict
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jungkook’s mother is forcing him on a vacation with their family and close relatives. jungkook’s dreading the two months he’ll have to spend with them far from the city. he definitely doesn’t expect himself to take an interest in yoongi, kind and caring yoongi.+
but also one of his cousin’s friend and a grown man 25 years older than him. it really shouldn’t happen- this thing between the two of them, but it does anyway and they get themselves in a terrible yet beautiful mess.
┊“even if it’s just the two of us against the world, our love is unstoppable.“┊

┊“you think so ?“┊

┊“i’m sure.“┊

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#yoonkookau #NSFW #yoonkook

Jungkook likes to send Yoongi, his brothers best friend, photos that he has taken whilst out on his travels around town. One day however he slips up and sends something meant for his NSFW account.
🌟 Vminkook are best friends

🌟Jungkook - Photography major, Seokjins baby brother, owns a NSFW twitter account.

🌟Taehyung - Theatrical Arts major

🌟Jimin - Dance major, crushing on his dance teacher

🌟Hoseok - Dance major - Also teaches - crushing on his student Jimin
🌟Namjoon - Business management graduate - Seokjins boyfriend - works at Jins restaurant

🌟Yoongi - Music Composition graduate. Seokjins best friend

🌟Seokjin - Culinary school graduate - runs Big Seoks Bistro - Jungkooks big brother - Yoongi's best friend
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Yoonkook au where music professor Min Yoongi finds an account dedicated to his ever-changing hair colour. After some investigating, he finds out that it’s run by none other than failing student, Jeon Jungkook.

#yoonkook #yoonkookau
This will be:
-lil bit of fluff
-lil bit of angst
-side minjoon bc I can’t resist
-lil bit of crack
-maybe some nsfw but we will see
Yoongi and Jungkooks twitter accounts: Yoongi is a music professor, jk attends his class and is too afraid to look him in the eye hence he’s failing
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#yoonkookau where yoongi is a soundcloud rapper and, to retain a sense of normalcy, takes the 7:35 every morning. one day, while commuting to the studio, he notices an attractive passenger and impulsively posts the stranger's photo to twitter

it goes viral
things to note:
-jungkook is 18 and yoongi is 23
-yoongi is up and coming
-hoseok and namjoon are contracted under the same company as yoongi
-jungkook doesn't have any social media, his best friends do
-side namjin and vmin
things to keep in mind:
-this is my first twitter au
-ignore the time stamps
-i'll try and update regularly but I do have a full-time job
-i'm hardly on twitter so i apologize for any and all mistakes
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Yoonkook au 💫

Jungkook is the popular plaboy of his high school. Funny, handsome, captain of the football team.

Yoongi is the quiet kid who doesn’t care for popularity.

What happens when they meet at a party and Jungkook becomes curious?

• 2nd au lesgetit
• Probs gon be NSFW🔞 at some point
• Don’t tag bts :p
• Mainly fluff & angst & maybe some crack
❗️Mainly social media/text AU but will definitely have written parts (more than my previous au)
Character intros start tmrw ~

pls support and give this au lots of love as well 💕🤪
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↳ pizza delivery | yoonkook au

where a starter youtuber meets a cute pizza delivery guy

#yoonkook #yoonkookau
• jeon jeongguk: starter youtuber, loves to hang with his friends
• min yoongi: works at laundry pizza but makes music on his free time
• jeongguk’s friends: taehyung, jimin, & jin

- tae is his bff since diapers
- jimin is his bff since middle school & currently dating hoseok
- jin is his neighbor who treats him like a son
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Yoonkook au 💋

•• In which Yoongi mistakenly sends his nudes to his study group chat ,, and Jungkook thinks it’s love at first sight

• pls don’t reply to the thread
• this is my first social media au so pls be nice uwu
• don’t tag BTS lmao
• NSFW 👅🔞warning
• likely smut / slight angst / fluff / CRACK
will start tmrw with the character introductions ~ pls give this au lots of love 💜💜
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— yoonkook au 🎧

jungkook loves listening to the voice of this person who posts calming voice recordings—even though he never saw him yet. until one day he hears it—not on a video, but at his history class where he finds yoongi as his professor.

#yoonkook #yoonkookau #btsau
- angst
- fluff?
- angst
- i’ll try to write everyday!
- i appreciate all your comments (even though sometimes my notif is broken ☹️)
- tw? maybe!
- angst
- let’s bathe in angst
- thank you for being here
- enjoy!
- sml!!!
Students gotta stick with each other
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