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#DisclosuresTribunal Judge Charleton says he is now able to sit tomorrow and Thursday (he was supposed to sit in Court of Appeal but he is no longer doing so).
#DisclosuresTribunal Irish Examiner's Mick Clifford now answering questions
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford telling Patrick Marrinan SC, for tribunal, about his career to date. Studied engineering before studying journalism.
#DisclosuresTribunal Marrinan: "I'm not sure there's a replacement for Vincent Browne" - when Clifford mentions he stepped in for Vincent Browne on his Tonight show.
#DisclosuresTribunal Asked when he got involved in Sgt McCabe story, Clifford:
I think it was May 2013 - just after publication of the Assistant Commissioner John O'Mahoney's report into penalty points
#DisclosuresTribunal Asked about rumours he heard about Sgt McCabe, ClifforD: There were 3 particular incidents from 2014
#DisclosuresTribunal 1) Early 2014, in conversation w/ someone Clifford would classift as a source, while talking about McCabe, he said "there's an issue there". He said there'd been allegation of sexual abuse, said something to effect "that's still there, still hanging over him"
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford said that was the first time he heard anything. He confirms to tribunal this person wasn't a guard.
#DisclosuresTribunal 2) Clifford said second time he heard it, it was from a source who was very familiar with politics. Clifford said this person has a friendship with a senior guard. Clifford: The individual is not any of the senior gardai who are the focus of tribunal's work.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford said after first person said it to him, he checked it out and satisfied himself it was without foundation. Then in conversation with this second person, they said "You know yer man McCabe is a kiddie fiddler"
#DisclosuresTribunal 3) Clifford says the third time it was said to him was when his then editor Tim Vaughan said it to him in second half of 2015.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford confirms they're the only 3 occasions that stand out for him. He said in 2016 he had a sense it was out there in the ether. Says he works from home so wouldn't have huge amount of contact with journalists
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says when he first heard the allegation, he was "floored". Clifford: I had been following [McCabe] story, it wasn't getting much traction..then out of blue this comes along, I made inquiries in Cavan, I satisfied myself it wasn't true...
#DisclosuresTribunal Marrinan raises an anonymous letter which was sent to INM about Sgt McCabe. Clifford says he knew nothing about that
#DisclosuresTribunal [Clifford also said he became aware McCabe's legal team were aware of the false allegation and he found that very reassuring as he felt Mr McDowell was a public figure and felt he wouldn't allow himself to be used by someone to run an agenda...
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford saying Taylor contacted him some time after article he wrote about Taylor's suspension. It was just a mention in an article about something else. Clifford said he had no interest in meeting Taylor but he said he got a call from him out of blue
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford said, in this call, Taylor mentioned that Noirin O'Sullivan wasn't good for An Garda Siochana. Taylor also mentioned McCabe as "Maurice" which struck Clifford as unusual.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says he then subsequently met Taylor in late August/early September. Clifford says he can't remember who called whom.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford said he suggested they meet in a coffee shop but Taylor suggested they meet privately so they met at his (Taylor's) home.
#DisclosuresTribunal [Taylor was under investigation at this point] Clifford: There were 2 prongs to it. He spoke about scenario he found himself in, impact on his family, himself and career. They were in reduced cicrumstances financially and emotionally.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says he talked NOS. He said Taylor said he and Callinan suspected NOS was leaking to media. Clifford insists he has no basis to believe this - this is just what NOS said to him
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says Taylor DID talk about texts to him. He says Taylor said his whole thesis was that NOS wanted to get her hands on his phones because of info on his phones in relation to Sgt McCabe. Clifford says Taylor said NOS wanted to destroy evidence
#DisclosuresTribunal [NOTE: Taylor has since conceded to the tribunal there was nothing on these phones to destroy]
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says he met Taylor again after Taylor made his protected disclosures. Clifford said he was surprised Taylor made a PD as he would be incriminating himself. Clifford said at this second meeting, at Taylor's home...
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says he checked with Taylor about him saying texts were used as part of campaign and Taylor confirmed this. He also confirmed an intelligence file was created in Garda HQ about McC and that someone had been appointed to monitor McCabe's use of Pulse
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says he can't be 100% that Taylor told him he was sending texts to journalists. But Clifford says Taylor's gist re: emphasis on texts was definitely that statements in these texts would show that this alleged campaign against McCabe was being run
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford explains that Taylor told him that 'these phones had the evidence of what had gone on previously'
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford now turning to his book and his reference in his book to the texts. See here:
#DisclosuresTribunal now seeing email Clifford sent to Taylor on April 4 2018 in which he attached chapter (which mentions texts) for Taylor to check for accuracy. [NOTE: Taylor denies telling Clifford he sent texts as part of campaign but he also didn't correct Cliff's chapter]
#DisclosuresTribunal In the chapter, it also states that NOS wasn't happy that Taylor leaked a letter for Callinan (which Callinan had sent to the Department of Justice) to RTE on the day of Callinan's retirement. Clifford has also told tribunal about this conversation.
#DisclosuresTribunal Marrinan now reading out the line about the "hundreds if not thousands of text messages to media and garda personnel casting McCabe in a dark light. Journalists were briefed that McCAbe was a person who had a record of sexually abusing children"...
#DisclosuresTribunal Marrinan puts to Clifford: Is it possibly you got that from McCabe? Clifford: I established that was said between them [McCabe and Taylor] at the meeting. [Note this passage was sent to Taylor for his approval and he didn't ask for it to be changed]
#DisclosuresTribunal Taylor DID ask Clifford to make a correction - in relation to the Children's Ombudsman's investigation into Roma children leak and whether he was interviewed and Clifford made that change.
#DisclosuresTribunal Asked if he can assist the tribunal in any other way, Clifford says he's written a lot about this story and while "analysed might be too sophisticated a term", he has examined it. Says he has nothing by way of first-hand knowledge to assist tribunal
#DisclosuresTribunal Counsel for Sgt McCabe has no questions. Michael O'Higgins, for Supt Dave Taylor, now asking Clifford questions.
#DisclosuresTribunal OH draws up Clifford's statement to the tribunal and when he said his only knowledge of any campaign to smear McCabe was what he became aware of in late Sept 2016 in respect of what was in Taylor's protected disclosure
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says he didn't intend to give impression that that was first time he heard of campaign. Says the PD was first time he became aware of anything on paper.
#DisclosuresTribunal OH: He [Taylor] says that he unquestionably discussed McCabe with you and would have said things in general terms but not in specifics.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford: He did talk about his plight [arrest, suspension] but he connected his plight to this campaign against Sgt McCabe, including texts. He was uncomfortable as he was involved in something unsavoury
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford: Specifics were not referred to other than the texts...and the reason was because it went back to his thesis about the phones
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford said in statement to tribunal: "A source told me about the conversatoin between McCabe and Dave Taylor. I established what had occured in that conversation through sources. I was able to confirm the content of the conversation....
#DisclosuresTribunal [cntd] "... I don't recall specifically if Supt Taylor said to me about hundreds and thousands of text messages being sent, however the character of what he said to me would be very much along those lines."
#DisclosuresTribunal OH goes to Clifford's second statement to the tribunal. [NOTE: OH also outlines how Clifford is primarily relying on memory..but he did find a note later which he sent to the tribunal]
#DisclosuresTribunal [NOTE: Taylor told tribunal in statement: I had a conversation with Clifford before McCabe. I told hom Clifford dabout campaign to negatively brief about Sgt resepct of Ms D..on instrcutions of Callinan and "this was always done verbally"]
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford's typed note includes line: "Dave taylor - few interesting things - DT definitely spread rumours - only following orders"
#DisclosuresTribunal In Clifford's second statement he said his recollection is that Taylor placed lot of emphasis on text messages being part of the issues around Sgt McCabe in relation to communication within the senior management of the Gardai and in contacting journalists.
#DisclosuresTribunal OH insists Taylor didn't tell him [Clifford] he sent texts.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford's statement also includes line: "I have a recollection of Taylor saying he would reference the sex abuse allegations in communications by text with journalists."OH puts it to him that's not true and says Cliff said this morning he's not 100% sure
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford's stmt: I have no specific recollection of Taylor saying Callinan scripted specific texts and that he passed them on but I do recall him saying Call would contact him and then he would contact journalists to brief negatively about Sgt McCabe re: Ms D
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says on Taylor's request, he didn't take notes and it's possible his recollection is not 100%. But he says one thing he can say with certainty is the issue of texts - being a smoking gun (Cliff's words) - that thesis was central to what he was saying
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford's statement also says: "I do recall him saying that references to the sexual abuse allegations against Sgt McCabe were frequently made in texts by him" In statement, Clifford also disputed to tribunal that Taylor said this was "always done verbally".
#DisclosuresTribunal OH puts to Clifford that Supt Taylor did not show him his protected disclosure. Clifford says he asked Taylor various details and asked him to confirm them. Clifford says beyond confirming those details, no, he didn't have sight of Taylor's PD.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford confirms that it's very rare for a journalist to show subject of a report, etc, material [about them] for publication. OH suggests some ppl would just check 'dot and comma'. Clifford says some wouldn't just check 'dot and comma'.
#DisclosuresTribunal Conor Dignam SC, for An Garda Siochana, now asking questions
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford confirms to Dignam that he was never negatively briefed about Sgt McCabe by any member of An Garda Siochana
#DIsclosuresTribunal Dignam reads out line in Clifford's statement: "Looking back, I'm very surprised I was not contacted by Dave Taylor or anyone in that millieu at that time, because from my experience if you are writing anything negative about any organisation people may..."
#DisclosuresTribunal [Cntd] "...reach out to try and soften what has been written. In retrospect I am surprised that did not happen." Clifford acknowledges this and says it's correct, says it has happened on an occasion in the business world.
#DisclosuresTribunal Dignam puts to Clifford he broke the story about the PDs. He agrees. Dignam asks him if - after publication of articles - Taylor contacted him to say anything was wrong in them. Cliff: I was in contact with him and he never stated anything was wrong in them.
#DisclosuresTribunal Dignam puts to Clifford this morning he said Taylor didn't show him his PD [But he did say Taylor confirmed details of PD]. Dignam asks if he feels in a position to say if anyone else gave him those PDs. Cliff: I don't on basis of identifying people/sources
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford said Taylor's protected disclosure was unprecedented and incriminating of himself. Dignam asking what steps Clifford took to check the truth of the PDs - by either Taylor of McCabe.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford said he wasn't in a position to do so. He said he was reporting the "lodgement" of the protected disclosures. Dignam suggests the word "revelations" in Irish Examiner editorial elevates the position. IE asks for the whole editorial to be considered
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says he didn't write the editorial. He also says the revelation was the fact that these protected disclosures were lodged
#DisclosuresTribunal Dingam going through Clifford's statement to tribunal in which he says central thesis to Taylor's position is that NOS wanted his phones in order to clear them of texts re: campaign against McCabe.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford told the tribunal he went back to Taylor (at second meeting) and asked him about those texts in which he confirmed texts were used. Dignam puts to Clifford that he had been told of this by somebody else. Clifford: I acquired the information elsewhere
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford says he's not in a position to explain "elsewhere". Judge Charleton: Am I wrong in assuming it's Maurice McCabe? Clifford says he doesn't want to say who it is.
#DisclosuresTribunal Dignam now reading out excerpts of Cliff's book where he references texts, intelligence file on McCabe in Garda HQ, etc [this is the excerpt Taylor DIDN'T correct]. Dignam asks Clifford if he understands Taylor doesn't stand by these claims now. Cliff agrees
#DisclosuresTribunal Dignam refers to bit in chapter about Taylor's arrest. Clifford tells tribunal: He described it in a way that he believed it to be humiliating and he also suggested one individual in station who showed him compassion was subsequently demoted or transferred..
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford repeats that Taylor "was pretty explicit in laying out that case" re: that he attributed his plight (arrest and suspension) to his knowledge of the alleged campaign against Sgt McCabe and specifically the allegation that NOS was aware of it.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford tells Dingam that the animus Taylor showed toward NOS - this would not have affected, from his point of view, his pursuit of the story that a protected disclosure was made.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford: Absolutely I took it into account..but fact it [Taylors' claim] was self incriminating and incriminating against someone T looked up to [Callinan]. "In my opinion, that was achieved, it wasn't just desirable to publish it, it was nec to publish it"
#DisclosuresTribunal [NOTE: This is in respect of his articles about the PDs in October 2016]
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford repeats the matter of the PDs was unprecedented. Tribunal has heard in their first meeting, DT told him what he said to him was not for publication. Dignam asked if DT gave him a 'release' to report on PDs. Clifford says this did not happen
#DisclosuresTribunal Dignam puts to Clifford that he's not comfortable saying who told him about the conversation between McCabe and Taylor. Judge: I'm not asked to comment on whether a paper did a good job, etc..if ppl don't like what they read in paper, they can stop buying it
#DisclosuresTribunal Judge Charleton says he understands Clifford's position.
#DisclosuresTribunal Dignam refers to Paul Reynolds' RTE reports on O'Higgins Commission of Investigation on May 9, 2016. (Says this is for PR and RTE) but he asks Clifford to confirm that he had a leaked copy of OH report prior to RTE reports on May 9, 2016. Clifford: Correct
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford tells tribunal that in respect of the Tusla matter being reported in Feb 2017 - the Irish Examiner published it on afternoon before Prime Time reported on it that evening.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford tells tribunal he didn't know former Garda John Wilson had the nickname 'jockey Wilson'. Says he "feels very left out in that regard"
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford is being asked questions by his own counsel now
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford confirms to his counsel that neither Martin Callinan or Noirin O'Sullivan ever complained to him about anything he wrote.
#DisclosuresTribunal Judge now asking Clifford questions. Clifford confirms he didn't really have any dealings with DT until day he went to his house. Said when he met him he looked vaguely familiar - possibly from TV.
#DisclosuresTribunal Judge asks him about the danger of getting too close to sources. Clifford says that always applies and journalists have to be vigilant of. Clifford said when he first met DT, he had an element of sympathy for him but...
#DisclosuresTribunal [cntd]...Clifford also felt if Taylor hadn't encountered his own difficulties he might have carried on his merry way. Clifford says he doesn't want to sound callous.
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford said at second meeting, DT mentioned how he had met a spiritual person. Clifford repeats that he thinks if DT hadn't encountered his own problems, he doubts very much that "any of us would be here" - i.e. at a tribunal
#DisclosuresTribunal Charleton asks Clifford about what Taylor was saying to him about NOS. Clifford refers to the note he's found and given to the tribunal. Clifford: I wouldn't categorise that they couldn't stand each other...
#DisclosuresTribunal [cntd] Clifford: DT gave me impression they did not have any kind of close working relationship. Clifford says Taylor says NOS was very secretive. Clifford says DT gave impression that DT and Callinan "were at one" and NOS was "removed somewhat from them".
#DisclosuresTribunal Clifford's note said: "MC and DT suspected she [NOS] was releasing info to us - how divided they were - going back no of years".
#DisclosuresTribunal Judge asks Cliff about Taylor's claim he & Katie Hannon wouldn't have been neg briefed by him. Judge asks Cliff about his prev work and asks if he was considered a thorn in side of AGS. Cliff says he wouldn't go that far. Says he'd call himself an 'irritant'
#DisclosuresTribunal Mick Clifford has now finished giving evidence. Tribunal has broke for lunch and RTE's Paul Reynolds is next witness scheduled to give evidence
#DisclosuresTribunal Tim Vaughan, former editor of Irish Examiner, is now giving evidence (not sure what happened schedule)
#DisclosuresTribunal Vaughan on his career: I started with the Kerryman in 1987. In 1991, I joined the then Cork Examiner, 1995: appointed dep editor, 2001: then editor - until Sept 2016
#DisclosuresTribunal Vaughan says, in latter half of 2014 (but he's not 100%) he overheard a conversation btw 2 men in aisle next to him on train from Dub to Cork. He said they were reading newspapers and he heard name McCabe..
#DisclosuresTribunal ..he said one of the guys wasn't too enamoured with McCabe and then he heard reference to 'abuse' or 'abused'
#DisclosuresTribunal Vaughan saying he also shared a call/conversation with a source and "he" mentioned, if he knew about rumours re: sexual abuse in Dublin media circles about McCabe and Vaughan hadn't.
#DisclosuresTribunal V said there was no mention of children or the sordid details that the tribunal has heard. V said he didn't take it seriously but he was concerned enough to check it out with Mick Clifford "who led the coverage from the very start"
#DisclosuresTribunal V said Clifford was emphatic it was untrue. V was satisfied with Cilfford's accounts. V said he never had any neg briefings about McCabe from Callinan or NOS or Taylor.
#DisclosuresTribunal V said person he had the call with - wasn't someone who wrote or commissioned anything to be written about McCabe. V said he didn't take the allegations seriously as he considered McCabe to be a man of integrity. Adds this is what happens to whistleblowers
#DisclosuresTirbunal Asked about journalistic privilege, Vaughan says: I can see from one point of view that when someone waives their protection, it should be ok for the journalist to acknowledge that they are the source but I think that is a very dangerous path to go down.
#DisclosuresTribunal [cntd] Vaughan:...There are consequences or unforeseen consequences of going down that path. I think protecting sources is at the heart of journalism and even if someone describes themselves as the source, once you start pulling on that thread..
#DisclosuresTribunal [Cntd] Vaughan: " can start to unravel and you've no idea where that will go. You wouldn't know if somebody who admitted being source was operating under duress or if they were one source...could reveal a second source."
#DisclosuresTribunal Marrinan SC, for the tribunal, points out that in his statement to the tribunal, Vaughan said that if a source waives their privilege "I see the merit in the view that privilege then no longer exists".
#DisclosuresTribunal Vaughan: "If you're a journalist who decides to reveal a has the potential to cause problems down the line re: future sources"
#DisclosuresTribunal Judge Charleton tells Vaughan that he grew up watching the Watergate hearings. Vaughan agrees he did too. Judge says Bernstein and Woodward did great work and are justifiably heroes in world of journalism.
#DisclosuresTribunal V concedes T has said he's the source. Judge asks what privilege is possibly attached to him now. Judge: Here's a man saying, I've done something disreputable, I'm the source to A, B, C and I'd like A, B, C to come fwd - where's the journ priv? I don't get it
#DisclosuresTribunal Judge now pushing Woodward & Bernstein example and asking were they in the wrong? "I'm grasping around, trying to understand what it is? I'm very willing to listen" Judge has made the point that Taylor is being accused of perjury and is asking for help
#DisclosuresTribunal McDowell, for McCabe, has no questions. Judge asks Sean Gillane SC, for RTE, if he has anything to ask. He doesn't.
#DisclosuresTribunal Judge asks Vaughan if he would have a problem with a journalist confirming their phone number. V asks for context. Judge says if there's a list of contacts btw Commissioner and unknown numbers, should jour ID themselves as one of the numbers.
#DisclosuresTribunal Judge tells Vaughan he may be surprised to hear it but there are some people in this room who do have a problem with this.
#DisclosuresTribunal Vaughan: Privilege is not attached to source. It's in society's interest, and's attached to the's not in gift of the source.
#DisclosuresTribunal Vaughan's counsel puts to V Mark Felt (Deep Throat) was identified 30 years after fact. Judge: What does it matter if it's 30 mins or 30 years. Judge says people who come before him who are invoking privilege will have to give reason for invoking privilege.
#DisclosuresTribunal V repeats that if a journalist gives up a source than people will have problems in future with sources. Judge says he understands the chilling effect. Judge put forward to Vaughan an example of an experience he had in terms of professional privilege.
#DisclosuresTribunal Frank Greaney now answering questions. Greaney is only here because his name appeared in Clerkin investigation (into Supt Taylor leaking) - as his phone number appeared on Taylor's phone.
#DisclosuresTribunal Marrinan goes through questions he was asked. He gave the tribunal his phone number and he told tribunal he was never briefed neg about Sgt McCabe and has no evidence of any alleged campaign.
#DisclosuresTribunal These are the questions that were sent out to many journalists at the start of the tribunal. The questions are here: 1/2
#DisclosuresTribunal Questions 2/2
#DisclosuresTribunal Bar Question 1 and 2, all of Greaney's answers are "No"... Greaney says Taylor never spoke to him about Sgt McCabe and Greaney never asked Taylor about Sgt McCabe. [Greaney was a crime correspondent for 98fm at the relevant time]
#DisclosuresTribunal Greaney: He never mentioned Maurice McCabe to me - whether it was in a negative light or otherwise. Asked if any other crime corrs told him they had been briefed neg about McCabe, Greany: No.
#DisclosuresTribunal Greaney also says that he found Taylor to be "exceptionally professional and helpful". Says he doesn't mean this in a bad way to DT's predecessor but Garda Press Office would traditionally be very difficult office to deal with. DT was helpful
#DisclosuresTribunal John Burke - who moved from Sunday Business Post, where he was public affairs correspondent, to RTE in May 2013 - is now giving evidence
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke works on RTE's This Week. He says his interest in Sgt McCabe story began in January 2014.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke says he's never met Callinan. He says he did interview NOS years ago when she was dep commissioner for a colleague's book (on photographs). Burke says in terms of press queries at the weekend, he'd send queries to either Taylor or Andrew McLindon
#DisclosuresTribunal Kathleen Leader, for tribunal, asks Burke if he ever thought to introduce himself to GPO or have a colleague introduce him to Supt Dave Taylor, Burke: No.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke re: Garda Press Offce: "We got very little information out of them... To call it a relationship is to stretch it..."
#DisclosuresTribunal Leader draws up on screen the waivers of Callinan, NOS and Dave Taylor - in which they waive privilege should they be identified as the source of any information in relation to Sgt McCabe
#DisclosuresTribunal Leader: You've explained to us your dealings with GPO on the record - mostly email accompanied with a call or text about the email. Burke agrees - and he says the text/call rules out any ambiguity.
#DisclosuresTribunal Leader asks Burke if he has had any OFF the record dealings with GPO. Burke: None really to be honest. I'm not adverse to the notion of it, if there's a specific need for it. But during Taylor's time there, certainly not at all.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke says he didn't know about abuse allegations against McCabe until media reports about the same. Leader asks him about Paul Williams' article of April/May 2014. Burke said they went under his radar and passed him by at the time
#DisclosuresTRibunal Burke also said he wasn't aware of any murmurings about Sgt McCabe in RTE at the time. Burke is adamant that Taylor said absolutely nothing to him about Sgt McCabe. Burke said if he had he would have checked it out with either McCabe or his legal rep.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke says he's "mystified" as to why he's on Taylor's list as having been negatively briefed by him
#DisclosuresTribunal This is evidence of Taylor in respect of Burke: 1/2
#DisclosuresTribunal Taylor also said...Burke confirms he was reporting about penalty points. But he said they didn't have discussions. Burke: My dealings with Dave Taylor would have been no different to his civilian counterpart Andrew McLindon, here's a list of queries (email)
#DisclosuresTribunal Leader going through DT's billing record of texts/calls with Burke in 2013 and 2014.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke has provided tribunal with emails sent from him to Taylor/Garda Press Office for relevant period. Tribunal sees an email from Feb 21, 2014 in which Burke asked Taylor questions re: fallout of 'disgusting' remark at PAC in Jan 2014
#DisclosuresTribunal sees Burke didn't get much by way of reply except for Garda Press Office to say GSOC is examining matters pertaining to FCPNs. Also, Burke wasn't replied to by Taylor.
#DisclosuresTribunal Leader going through various emails Burke sent. One included request for i/v with Commissioner, another about Sean Guerin review... Another about a complaint Sgt McCabe made re: bullying.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke says the McCabe story is something he would have dipped in and out of at the time. He said big stories for him at that time were Irish Water and Ian Bailey case (in terms of Garda controversies)
#DisclosuresTribunal sees email Burke sent to GPO in July 2015 re: McCabe not wanting to head up the traffic unit in Mullingar anymore and the O'Higgins Commission of Investigation and questions being raised at O'H by counsel for NOS about McCabe's motivation
#DisclosuresTribunal B said he didn't have full info and didn't have transcripts of O'Higgins but he put the info he had to the GPO. Burke said how he viewed this info was the juxtaposition btw claims about McCabe's motivation at O'H and public pronouncements from NOS re: McCabe
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke confirms nobody spoke to him about any rumours. Leader asks did he feel a bit foolish...Burke: only experience of DT is that he has told tribunal he spoke to me about it and he didn't...
#DisclosuresTribunal Leader recalls evidence of others who've said rumours were going around (Harris, Kenny, McGuinness, etc)...Burke repeats nobody said anything to him. Says first time he heard of Philip Boucher Hayes' claims was when it was reported in The Sunday Times
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke says he and PBH wouldn't have discussed each others' stories. Says RTE has almost like different separate media within RTE - with different reporters answering to different editors, etc. Earlier said there is an element of competition in RTE.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke repeats (in respect of Paul Williams' articles) that he wouldn't really read work of Paul Williams.
#DisclosuresTribunal sees texts between Burke and Taylor. In Sept 14, 2014 [This is AFTER Taylor was transferred out of GPO], text from JB to Taylor which includes line "Ring you tomorrow from a good landline". Burke says he believes that was in respect of a bad reception.
#DIsclosuresTribunal Burke says he would get texts with "unsolicited praise" from Taylor - after he left the press office. Burke said they did meet in Temple Bar one time. [RTE counsel previously said to Taylor, when he was giving evidence, that they had never met]
#DisclosuresTribunal Example of unsolicited praise: Taylor texted Burke on 28/9/2014: "Great scoop on Hogan"
#DisclosuresTribunal In statement to tribunal, Burke said:
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke says he doesn't wish to identify either his source or the third party (which he knows). Asked if the third party was a guard or if the exchange was about Ms D, Burke says he'd rather not be drawn. Says his understanding of this won't assist the tribunal
#DisclosuresTribunal Leader asking about a poisonous letter which was sent to RTE. Judge asks Leader if this was sent to tribunal by RTE. Leader says it wasn't. Judge now making comments about RTE's cooperation (or lack of). Gillane says there was MORE than one letter sent to RTE
#DisclosuresTribunal Gillane SC, for RTE, says when RTE became aware of second letter, RTE chased it up and contacted tribunal's solicitor. [Tribunal has heard this poisonous pen letter was sent to Prime Time]
#DisclosuresTribunal [NOTE: Earlier today, tribunal very briefly heard mention of an anonymous letter being sent to INM in respect of Sgt McCabe]
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke said he didn't know about these letters and only heard about it via tribunal in recent days/weeks. Judge tells tribunal: We haven't read it out because it is poisonous.
#DisclosuresTribunal Leader says Katie Hannon reported on Prime Time, at some point in 2016, that a poison pen letter had been sent to RTE.
#DisclosuresTribunal Michael McDowell SC, for Sgt McCabe, asking questions. McD refers to the comment in his statement earlier in which he said he didn't have direct information but was aware of a conversation.
#DisclosuresTribunal McD asks if it was one of the four alleged conversations the tribunal has heard about (Philip Boucher Hayes and Callinan; Deasy and Callinan; McGuinness and Callinan or Seamus McCarthy and Callinan). Burke says he'd rather not say.
#DisclosuresTribunal McD asking about the text Taylor sent to Burke on 28/9/2014: "Great scoop on Hogan, ur good Dave". Burke saying these unsolicited texts of praise were not expected. [It was to to do with an Irish Water story]
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke replied: "Thanks a million Dave! Much appreciated!!" McD suggests this exchange is consistent with idea DT had a reasonably friendly relationship with Burke. Burke: We wouldn't have been friends..up to point we met for coffee I'd never have met the man
#DisclosuresTribunal McD asking about texts btw DT and Nov 2014. JB to DT: Meet today or tmw morning, same place as last? DT to JB: Tomorrow midday same location. JB: Perfect. DT to JB: Sorry john have to cancel, sorry. JB to DT: No problem Dave. Tomorrow suit?
#DisclosuresTribunal McDowell asks if Burke was aware of any negativity among top ranks in AGS around NOS at the time. Burke: I've a vague recollection of issues in newspapers about dissent in the ranks...but has no info/details.
#DisclosuresTribunal Michael O'Higgins, for Dave Taylor, now asking Burke questions
#DisclosuresTribunal OH repeats that it's Taylor's position he did negatively brief Burke about Sgt McCabe. Burke says: no, he didn't.
#DisclosuresTirbunal Burke confirms that in respect of the conversation he was told a source had with a third party but won't identify the source or third party - says to ID them won't make any difference re: Taylor's position.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke repeats he wasn't aware of any rumours about Sgt McCabe
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke confirms that the conversation - which he won't reveal details of - would have taken place after February 2017
#DisclosuresTribunal Digam asks if Burke's source has made any public statements about this alleged conversations, Burke says he cannot say. Dignam says it might be important in terms of privilege that this 'source' might be invoking now. Burke repeats he cannot say.
#DisclosuresTribunal Burke tells tribunal that his contact with Taylor in 2014 (after transfer out of GPO) was to find out if anything would come of that contact but he said nothing came of that.
#DisclosuresTribunal Tribunal told tomorrow it will hear from former Assistant Commissioner John O'Mahoney [who carried out investigation into penalty points in 2012/2013] and Supt John Ferris of the Garda Press Office (again). They'll be followed by Michael O'Toole, of the Star
#DisclosuresTribunal It's told on Thursday, tribunal will hear from Conor O'Donnell and Sebastian Hamilton, of Irish Mail on Sunday/Irish Daily Mail, followed by Conor Lally, of Irish Times, and maybe Paul Reynolds of RTE
#DisclosuresTribunal Then on Friday, it will be Dearbhail McDonald, of Irish Independent, Ian Mallon and Paul Williams, and they hope to include Debbie McCann, of the Mail - with McCann continuing on Monday.
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