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For 200+ years, the U.S. has divided up seats in Congress among the states based on population counts that include both citizens & noncitizens, regardless of immigration status.

I wrote about how the Trump admin is signaling it may want to change that👇…
2. Since the first US census in 1790, the Constitution has called for a head count every 10 years of "persons" living in the US to determine number of congressional seats each state gets. The 14th Amendment was ratified to require the counting of the "whole number of persons."👇
3. State of Alabama & @RepMoBrooks are suing @uscensusbureau to stop bureau's longstanding policy of including unauthorized immigrants among "whole number of persons" for apportionment. Alabama @AGSteveMarshall argues unauthorized immigrants are not "persons" under Constitution👇
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JUST IN: @NewYorkStateAG is leading group of states, counties, cities & @usmayors in asking federal judge to allow them to defend @uscensusbureau in lawsuit by Alabama seeking to exclude unauthorized immigrants from #2020Census numbers used for redistributing seats in Congress👇
@NewYorkStateAG @usmayors @uscensusbureau 2. "No individual ceases to be a person because they lack documentation," says @NewYorkStateAG Letitia James in statement.

"We are intervening in this case ... because the values enshrined in the U.S. Constitution deserve better than a halfhearted and inadequate defense."👇
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UPDATE: On July 24, @RepPressley asked if @uscensusbureau Director Steven Dillingham could confirm that citizenship data collected pursuant to President Trump's recent executive order will not be used in the bureau's apportionment count. Today, bureau replied, per @LinaFuego👇
@RepPressley @uscensusbureau @LinaFuego 2. Here's video of the exchange between @RepPressley & @uscensusbureau's Steven Dillingham during July 24 House @OversightDems subcommittee hearing -- when Dillingham agreed to provide a written response within 10 days (it's been 16 days since hearing)👇
@RepPressley @uscensusbureau @LinaFuego @OversightDems 3. The "ongoing litigation" is this lawsuit filed by Alabama, which is challenging inclusion of unauthorized immigrants among “whole number of persons” from #2020Census used to divide up congressional seats, Electoral College votes among states👇

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SCOOP: @uscensusbureau is removing a #CitizenshipQuestion it was planning to include on #2020Census for American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands & US Virgin Islands -- U.S. territories that use a different form than one used in states & Puerto Rico👇…
@uscensusbureau 2. After this story was published, the Census Bureau revealed that it is removing the #CitizenshipQuestion it was originally planning to include on next year's island-area census forms (I've deleted earlier tweet that said those forms include the Q)👇…
@uscensusbureau 3. Asked why change was made, @uscensusbureau said: "No citizenship question is to be included on the 2020 Census, this includes the Island Area censuses too." More from bureau on no #CitizenshipQuestion for American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands & US Virgin Islands👇
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THREAD: You won't see a #CitizenshipQuestion on the #2020Census, but there are *other* @uscensusbureau forms that ask whether a person is a U.S. citizen. That’s caused a lot of confusion. Let me walk you through some of those other citizenship questions👇…
2. These surveys predate Trump admin’s failed attempt to add a #CitizenshipQuestion to the U.S. census, which, by the way, has never *directly* asked for the U.S. citizenship status of every person living in every household in the country👇…
3. Unlike the census, these @uscensusbureau surveys collect responses to a citizenship question from a *sample* of households & don’t impact how congressional seats & Electoral College votes are divided up among the states.
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NEW: @uscensusbureau plans to release at end of September test products based on 2010 census to show how differential privacy may be applied to #2020Census, according to bureau's @john_abowd & Tori Velkoff.

From last week's Joint Statistical Meetings👇…
@uscensusbureau @john_abowd 2. @uscensusbureau's Tori Velkoff said that after the new test products are released in September, the bureau will continue to gather feedback on how differential privacy impacts #2020Census users' data needs, including during a planned @theNASEM workshop in November.
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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: @uscensusbureau is sending workers to walk through neighborhoods this month through Oct. 18, to make sure it has a complete list of home addresses for #2020Census. Official canvassers carry 1) badge w photo ID, 2) bag & 3) laptop w logo👇

@uscensusbureau 2. @uscensusbureau says if you want to confirm the address canvasser who visits your home is an official employee, you can search for their name in this online directory👇…
@uscensusbureau 3. Or you can contact your regional #2020Census center👇…

- Atlanta: 470-889-6800
- Chicago: 312-579-1500
- Dallas: 972-510-1800
- Los Angeles: 213-314-6500
- New York: 212-882-7100
- Philadelphia: 267-780-2600
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THREAD: New details about #CitizenshipQuestion saga were released in court filings that Trump admin submitted 4.5 hours past Aug. 2 deadline for responding allegations of a cover-up. @TheJusticeDept is asking US District Judge Jesse Furman of NY to retroactively extend deadline👇
2. Here's what the Trump admin filed at 4:30 a.m. ET on Aug. 3:

- @TheJusticeDept's opposition to sanctions motion by #CitizenshipQuestion lawsuit plaintiffs in NY repped by @ACLU, @NYCLU, @arnoldporter👇…

- Exhibits👇…
3. NEW: #2020Census printing contractor @rrdonnelley is producing paper forms without a #CitizenshipQuestion at "planned production rate," according to @uscensusbureau's Albert Fontenot. As of July 12, around 11.6 million paper forms had been printed👇…
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NEW: @uscensusbureau has released tag lines for the #2020Census in 13 languages. In English, it’s “Shape your future. START HERE.” Stand by for the other 12👇…
2. #2020Census tag line in Arabic👇
3. #2020Census tag line in Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)👇
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NEW: @uscensusbureau is dividing up the U.S. population into 6 different mindsets to guide #2020Census outreach:

- Eager Engagers
- Fence Sitters
- Confidentiality Minded
- Head Nodders
- Wary Skeptics
- Disconnected Doubters

From final research paper👇…
@uscensusbureau 2. @uscensusbureau is dividing up the U.S. into 8 segments based on likelihood to respond to #2020Census:

-Responsive Suburbia
-Main Street Middle
-Country Roads
-Downtown Dynamic
-Student & Military Communities
-Sparse Spaces
-Multicultural Mosaic
-Rural Delta & Urban Enclaves
@uscensusbureau 3. "Responsive Suburbia is predicted to self-respond at the highest rates overall and by internet. This segment is composed of census tracts that primarily consist of suburban neighborhoods of single-family homes."👇
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NEW: 14 Senate Democrats led by Sen. @brianschatz have introduced a bill that would "nullify the effect" of President Trump's executive order directing all federal agencies to share citizenship information requested by the @CommerceGov Dept👇…
@brianschatz @CommerceGov 2. @SenBrianSchatz and 16 other Senate Democrats also sent a letter to Commerce @SecretaryRoss & AG William Barr calling President Trump's EO on citizenship records "a blatant effort to collect this information for political & discriminatory purposes"👇…
@brianschatz @CommerceGov @SenBrianSchatz @SecretaryRoss 3. Sen. @CoryBooker, a co-sponsor of the new bill, has also recently introduced a Senate bill that would ban @uscensusbureau from including citizenship information among data provided to redistricting officials after #2020Census👇

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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: There’s *another* hearing on Capitol Hill worth watching today. @uscensusbureau Director Steven Dillingham & @USGAO are set to testify at 1 p.m. ET before House @OversightDems @GOPoversight subcommittee. Stand by for live tweets👇…
@uscensusbureau @USGAO @OversightDems @GOPoversight 2. Live stream of 1 p.m. ET House @OversightDems subcommittee hearing led by @RepRaskin on #2020Census preparations👇

@uscensusbureau @USGAO @OversightDems @GOPoversight @RepRaskin 3. Here is @uscensusbureau Director Steven Dillingham's prepared statement for today's House @OversightDems @GOPoversight subcommittee hearing on the #2020Census👇…
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UPDATE: Trump admin & groups that challenged #CitizenshipQuestion are asking to extend deadlines for court filings related groups' request for a federal judge to punish Trump admin for officials allegedly providing false/misleading statements & obscuring evidence about the Q👇
2. To catch you up on where the #CitizenshipQuestion legal battle currently stands (and no, the #2020Census forms will not ask, "Is this person a citizen of the United States?")👇…
3. JUST IN: U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman of NY has approved extending deadlines for court filings related to #CitizenshipQuestion lawsuit sanctions request -- but not as long as plaintiffs and Trump admin had requested👇
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“They sent me back to Queens, and I’m happy to be here,” Rep. @AOC (D-N.Y.) tells crowd at town hall in New York City on immigration and #2020Census.

“Welcome home!” an attendee yells out over cheers.
2. “The census was a huge win that we had,” @RepAOC says at a town hall in Queens, NY, calling Trump administration’s failed push for a #CitizenshipQuestion an effort to “intimidate documented and undocumented immigrants alike.”
3. “The hard part is actually getting counted properly,” says @DesisRisingUp’s Roksana Mun of the #2020Census challenge ahead for immigrant groups and communities of color after the Trump administration’s failed push for a #CitizenshipQuestion.
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3. Last week, AG William Barr said citizenship data Trump admin has directed Census Bureau to produce could be "relevant" to Alabama's lawsuit. President Trump's executive order suggests using data to generate count of unauthorized immigrants.

4. Part of plaintiffs Alabama @AGSteveMarshall & @RepMoBrooks' argument for excluding unauthorized immigrants from the #2020Census apportionment count is that the term "persons" in the Constitution should not apply to unauthorized immigrants👇…
@AGSteveMarshall @RepMoBrooks 5. Groups including @MALDEF have been worried that Trump admin would not fully defend @uscensusbureau against Alabama's lawsuit, so they have intervened in the case👇…
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NEW: Trump admin is asking federal judge to dismiss lawsuit the state of Alabama filed to get unauthorized immigrants excluded from #2020Census numbers used to redistribute congressional seats among states.

Here's @TheJusticeDept's response to complaint👇…
@TheJusticeDept 2. Important to remember what 14th Amendment says:

"Representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each state, excluding Indians not taxed."

(All American Indians included since 1940.)
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NEW: @uscensusbureau is facing 3 major challenges in hiring workers for #2020Census, @USGAO finds in new report:

1. Delayed background checks
2. Low unemployment
3. Language barriers

2. Completing background checks for #2020Census recruiting assistants, office operation supervisors, clerks, & partnership specialists "taking longer" than @uscensusbureau expected bc applicants didn't completely/accurately fill out required form, plus more checks are required👇
3. #2020Census job applicant pools are small because low unemployment rate and pay rates not competitive enough in some areas. @uscensusbureau did not meet goal of hiring 1,181 partnership specialists by May 1, for outreach to communities of color & other hard-to-count groups.
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NEW: Sen. @brianschatz wrote to heads of @Twitter, @facebook, @Google & @reddit to urge them to notify Congress & @uscensusbureau by October their policies for dealing w #2020Census disinformation & commit to producing regular reports on actions taken👇…
@brianschatz @Twitter @facebook @Google @reddit @uscensusbureau 2. Full disclosure: Sen. @brianschatz's letter cites my 2018 interview with @uscensusbureau's Deputy Director @jarmin_ron, who called #2020Census misinformation on social media a "challenge"👇…
@brianschatz @Twitter @facebook @Google @reddit @uscensusbureau @jarmin_ron 3. UPDATE: Spokesperson @katieniederee says @Twitter has received and intends to respond to Sen. @brianschatz's letter urging @jack to notify Congress & @uscensusbureau by October the company's policies for dealing with #2020Census disinformation.
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NEW: Peer-reviewed journal publishes @uscensusbureau research finding #CitizenshipQuestion, which courts have permanently blocked Trump admin from adding to #2020Census, likely to lower response rate 8 % pts more for noncitizen than citizen households👇…
2. Earlier thread breaking down latest @uscensusbureau research on impact of the now-blocked-from-#2020Census #CitizenshipQuestion from June, when an earlier draft of the paper was released on @repec_org IDEAS site👇

3. *By “noncitizen household,” I’m referring to, as the @uscensusbureau researchers put it, “housing units potentially having at least one noncitizen.” (Ran out of characters in earlier tweet) H/T @blfraga
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JUST IN: Both Trump admin & plaintiffs in #CitizenshipQuestion
lawsuits in NY have agreed to proposed court order that would permanently block:

- including question on #2020Census
- delaying printing to add question
- asking people about citizenship status for 2020 census👇
2. It's not over until it's over: @TheJusticeDept & @NewYorkStateAG @ACLU @NYCLU @arnoldporter agree US District Judge Jesse Furman "will retain jurisdiction ... to enforce the terms ... until the #2020Census results are processed & sent to the President by December 31, 2020."
3. UPDATE: U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman of NY has signed order permanently blocking:

- including #CitizenshipQuestion on #2020Census
- delaying printing to add question
- asking people about citizenship status for 2020 census

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JUST IN: @NewYorkStateAG informs Judge Furman in SDNY that the parties have negotiated an agreement on an order permanently blocking the citizenship question on the #2020Census, and barring delays on the survey, now that the White House dropped its bid.

cc: @CourthouseNews
@NewYorkStateAG @CourthouseNews "PERMANENTLY ENJOINED from including a citizenship question on the 2020 decennial census questionnaire..."

Read the proposed order in this 4-page doc:…
@NewYorkStateAG @CourthouseNews UPDATE: The permanent injunction is now signed in the #2020Census litigation for SDNY.

Attorney's fee applications due July 30.
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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: @uscensusbureau Director Steven Dillingham & @USGAO are set to testify on #2020Census prep during 2:30 p.m. ET hearing by Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee. Stand by for live tweets👇…
@uscensusbureau @USGAO 2. Live stream of @uscensusbureau director & @USGAO testifying on #2020Census preparations👇…
@uscensusbureau @USGAO 3. "Regarding the president's executive order, we are carefully reviewing it," @uscensusbureau Director Steven Dillingham tells Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee, adding bureau's begun planning interagency working group👇

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ICYMI: The race question on the #2020Census will ask non-Hispanic white people where they originally came from👇…
2. If you’re wondering why ask about non-Hispanic white origins, @uscensusbureau says it’s trying to respond to requests for "more detailed, disaggregated data for our diverse American experiences as German, Mexican...& myriad other identities"👇…
3. “Lebanese” & “Egyptian” are among the suggested answers for non-Hispanic white origins because the “original peoples” of the Middle East and North Africa are currently classified by the U.S. government as "White” for federal surveys👇…
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NEW: Commerce @SecretaryRoss has directed @uscensusbureau "to produce Citizenship Voting Age Population (CVAP) information prior to April 1, 2021 that states may use in redistricting," according to document uploaded July 3 to👇…
2. Using citizenship information for redistricting was highlighted in both President Trump's July 11 executive order and GOP strategist Thomas Hofeller's unpublished study that concluded it would be "advantageous to Republicans & Non-Hispanic Whites"👇
3. The doc also says @CommerceGov determined there's "not sufficient time to develop an alternative record to support" #CitizenshipQuestion. says it was uploaded July 3, more than week before President Trump said he's abandoning Q👇…
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