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PRO TIP FOR #2020Census: March 12 is when all U.S. households are expected to be able to fill out the online form, but you don't have to wait until then to get familiar with the website. Here's a video guide in English from the @uscensusbureau👇
2. The official #2020Census online form will be at This is what the landing page is expected to look like by March 12👇
3. For now, this is what you see when you go to, the link to the official #2020Census online form that isn’t expected to be open to the public until March 12👇
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The head of the @uscensusbureau is testifying before Congress today with less than 2️⃣9️⃣ days before the #2020Census is fully underway across the U.S., so of course this census 🤓 is going to live tweet.

House @OversightDems' stream starts at 10 a.m. ET👇
2. Good morning from Capitol Hill, fellow #2020Census 🤓s!
3. Chair of House @OversightDems, @RepMaloney, says Trump administration's preparations for the #2020Census are "woefully inadequate" and may "jeopardize" a complete and accurate count.
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I’m in a campus presentation of the #BoulderTrends see the thread for what comes up! And schedule one for your BoCo crew! #OEPN
I love being in these #appliedscholarship groups. Campus has incredible breadth of staff and faculty!!!
Someone is here from this, and I didn't know it was still a thing! Yay! Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students collaborate on the affordable housing research project.…
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The @USCensusBureau chose to publicize the upcoming #2020Census to the Asian community by mostly choosing media outlets under the influence of the #Chinese regime, including one that is a registered foreign agent. (Thread👇)…
The Bureau has also chosen not to use two independent #Chinese-language outlets that have been critical of the Chinese regime, even though these outlets have much greater digital reach than those the Bureau has chosen and took part in the advertising of the #2010Census.
China Global Television Network (@CGTNOfficial) was selected as one of the paid media outlets of the #2020Census.

CGTN’s original name was China Central Television (@CCTV), the Chinese #Communist regime’s mouthpiece in television broadcasting. It was re-branded as CGTN in 2016.
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BREAKING: Daughter of deceased GOP strategist Thomas Hofeller has posted on files copied from hard drives Republicans in North Carolina tried to keep sealed. @SHofeller tells @NPR the files are “the property of the people”👇…
@SHofeller @NPR 2. LISTEN: The political redistricting work of the late Republican operative Thomas Hofeller "is really having a profound effect and has had long before anybody really noticed on a broader level," Hofeller's daughter @SHofeller tells @NPR👇
@SHofeller @NPR 3. Some of the previously released Hofeller files have been cited as evidence of gerrymandering that got political maps thrown out in North Carolina, & they have raised questions about Hofeller's role in the Trump admin's failed push for a citizenship question on the #2020Census.
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NEW: Dept of Homeland Security quietly announced last week it's agreed to share certain ICE, CBP, USCIS records with the Census Bureau to comply with President Trump's executive order for data about the citizenship status of every person living in the US👇…
2. This new data-sharing agreement between @DHSgov and @uscensusbureau was announced in this Privacy Impact Assessment document posted on Homeland Security's website on Dec. 27 (H/T @FCWnow's @thisismaz)👇…
@DHSgov @uscensusbureau @FCWnow @thisismaz 3. @USCIS is sharing with @uscensusbureau personal information about naturalized U.S. citizens and green card holders from records going back to as early as 1973👇
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For almost 3 years, I've been reporting on the people, power and money behind the #2020Census 🧵👇
2. As we head into the new year, don't sleep on the #2020Census.

There are less than:
- ➁➀ days until it officially starts in remote Alaska (1/21)
- ➆➁ days until it's fully underway across the US (3/12)…
3. In the new year, I'll keep digging into the #2020Census because, as I told @palabranahj, there shouldn’t be an exclusive club of census 🤓s. Everyone living in the US should understand how it works. It affects our present and our future👇…
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We fought like hell this year… 2020 will be even harder so I’m acknowledging some of the good work accomplished this year.
10. The Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration’s efforts to include an illegal citizenship question on the #2020Census.…
9. Pantaleo was fired. Finally.

Of course, the Garner family’s fight for justice is far from over. They are calling for the passage of an Eric Garner Law that would make police chokeholds illegal.…
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BREAKING: Trump admin tells federal judge it may have found more than 2,000 additional documents it should have disclosed earlier for the lawsuits over the now-blocked citizenship question. From @TheJusticeDept letter to U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman👇…
@TheJusticeDept 2. @TheJusticeDept attorneys say 2,062 emails and attachments didn't turn up in their initial searches because of a "technical error," adding many of these documents are duplicates of docs already disclosed for lawsuits over the now-blocked citizenship question.
@TheJusticeDept 3. DOJ says an "initial search" of the 2,062 docs shows none of them contain “Hofeller” (as in Thomas Hofeller, the GOP strategist who concluded a census citizenship question could be "advantageous to Republicans & Non-Hispanic Whites") or “Oldham” (Hofeller's business partner).
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THREAD: Russian hacks, cost overruns and advice that went unheeded: Here is what I found over 6 months spent investigating the @USCensusBureau’s $5B push to bring the #2020Census online ( (1/13)
@uscensusbureau The Census Bureau is spending $5B to modernize the 2020 census. For the first time, most of you will respond on the internet, rather than via snail mail. But the complex IT system being used is rife with problems (2/13)
@uscensusbureau During testing in 2018, hackers with Russian IP addresses were able to access #Census servers they shouldn’t have been able to access, sources tell us. To be clear, there’s no record of data being stolen (3/13)
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NEW: More than 10 months after federal judge in NY ruled on case over now-blocked citizenship question, Trump admin attorneys say they learned last week of previously undisclosed emails from files of @uscensusbureau official Christa Jones. Read them here👇…
@uscensusbureau 2. @TheJusticeDept attorneys say these Christa Jones emails were "inadvertantly" not shared with plaintiffs' attorneys when the case was still active -- something that "only came to light last week" when @CommerceGov was reviewing files to respond to a request from Congress👇
@uscensusbureau @TheJusticeDept @CommerceGov 3. There may be more emails and other internal documents about the now-blocked citizenship question the Trump admin has not disclosed yet. The @TheJusticeDept says it's "still investigating" if any other documents were "similarly inadvertently omitted" when lawsuits were active👇
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NEW: @NPR has obtained a copy of the agreement Nebraska's DMV signed to share driver's license records with the @uscensusbureau, making it the 1st state to cooperate with Trump admin efforts to produce citizenship data about every person living in the US👇…
@NPR @uscensusbureau 2. Under this MOU, Nebraska's DMV has agreed to share with @uscensusbureau monthly data about its driver's license and ID card holders' citizenship status, plus names, addresses, dates of birth, sex, race, & eye color starting this December through 2021👇…
@NPR @uscensusbureau 3. @uscensusbureau has said state DMV records it gathers will be "stripped of all personal identifiable information," used only for "statistical purposes." Nebraska's DMV told @NPR it takes privacy "extremely seriously" & agreed to share data after reviewing state/federal laws.
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What will it be like to fill out the #2020Census online form?

Here's a preview from the @uscensusbureau👇

@uscensusbureau 2. My earlier thread with screenshots and explainers about the #2020Census online form👇

@uscensusbureau 3. By the way, here's the English-language paper form for the #2020Census that some households will receive (the link also shows the Spanish-language paper form)👇…
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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: I'm back for Day 2 of #2020Census updates from the National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic & Other Populations meeting at @uscensusbureau’s HQ. Live stream starts at 8:30 a.m. ET👇
2. On the agenda for Day 2 of @uscensusbureau’s Nationa Advisory Committee Fall 2019 meeting (from page 2:…)👇
3. ICYMI my monster thread of #2020Census updates from Day 1 of the @uscensusbureau’s National Advisory Committee Fall 2019 meeting👇
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NEW: @TheJusticeDept attorneys are planning to ask a federal judge to toss out a lawsuit by groups that want to block Trump administration from producing citizenship data that may politically benefit Republicans, according to latest court filing in @MALDEF @AAAJ_AAJC lawsuit👇
2. DOJ's filing is responding to an earlier request by @MALDEF @AAAJ_AAJC attys for court order to obtain documents of Thomas Hofeller, the GOP strategist who concluded redistricting based on US citizens old enough to vote could benefit Republicans & non-Hispanic white people.
3. On Friday, DOJ attorneys asked for this lawsuit to be reassigned to another judge. It is currently assigned to US District Judge George Hazel, who ruled to block a citizenship question from #2020Census.

DOJ's corrected court filing for that motion👇…
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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: I’m watching Day 2 of the Census Scientific Advisory Committee’s fall 2019 meeting, set to start at 8:30 a.m. ET at @uscensusbureau HQ. Stand by for #2020Census updates.

@uscensusbureau 2. ICYMI, my monster 35-tweet thread from Day 1 of the Census Scientific Advisory Committee's fall 2019 meeting👇
@uscensusbureau 3. Here's the full slide deck of @uscensusbureau updates on the #2020Census data products👇…
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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: I’m monitoring the Census Scientific Advisory Committee’s fall 2019 meeting, set to start at 8:30 a.m. ET at @uscensusbureau HQ. Follow this thread for #2020Census updates.

LIVE STREAM OF DAY 1 (Thursday)👇
@uscensusbureau 2. Here's the agenda for Day 1 (Thursday) of the Census Scientific Advisory Committee's fall 2019 meeting👇…
@uscensusbureau 3. Two of the newest members of the Census Scientific Advisory Committee, which is chartered to provide scientific and technical expertise to @uscensusbureau, are attorneys:

- Joe Whitley (left)👇…

- Llewellyn Fischer (right)👇…
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The Trump administration ordered the Census Bureau to produce citizenship data that state redistricting officials can use when redrawing voting districts.

But the bureau says no state officials asked for that data.

My latest from the #2020Census beat👇…
2. In case tl;dr, my earlier thread👇
3. Here are the questions @NPR is waiting for the White House to answer about President Trump's July 11 executive order on citizenship information (H/T @tamarakeithNPR)👇
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NEW: No state redistricting officials asked @uscensusbureau to include citizenship data with #2020Census data for redrawing voting districts, but bureau still plans to release block-level citizenship data in 2021 by same deadline for redistricting data👇…
@uscensusbureau 2. At Sept. 6 @copafsK mtg, @uscensusbureau Chief Scientist @john_abowd described the block-level Citizen Voting-Age Population data the bureau plans to release as a "different product" than #2020Census PL 94-171 Redistricting Data File. But same release deadline: March 31, 2021
@uscensusbureau @copafsK @john_abowd 3. Remember: back in July, amidst all of the confusion about the now-blocked citizenship question, @CommerceGov @SecretaryRoss
quietly directed @uscensusbureau to produce Citizenship Voting-Age Population data "that states may use in redistricting"👇
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UPDATE: A federal judge is allowing a coalition of 15 states, other groups to defend the Census Bureau in a lawsuit brought by Alabama that challenges long-standing inclusion of unauthorized immigrants in census numbers used to divide up Congress seats👇…
2. JUST IN: Federal judge in Alabama formally rules to allow these states & other groups to defend @uscensusbureau's inclusion of unauthorized immigrants in #2020Census numbers used to divide up Congress seats: CA, CO, CT, IL, MA, MN, NV, NJ, NM, NY, OR, RI, VT, VA, WA

@uscensusbureau 3. Here's the full opinion by U.S. District Judge R. David Proctor of Birmingham, Ala.👇…
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NEW: @uscensusbureau plans to release #2020Census numbers that include both U.S. citizens & noncitizens, including unauthorized immigrants, who live in the country for determining each state’s share of Congress seats, Chief Scientist @john_abowd says at @copafsK meeting in DC👇
2. How @uscensusbureau will release block-level Citizenship Voting Age Population data (that states may use for redistricting), including which fed agency’s citizenship records will be used to produce them, to be announced by March 31, 2020, @john_abowd announced at @copafsK👇
@uscensusbureau @john_abowd @copafsK 3. For context, @uscensusbureau used total resident population count (both US citizens & noncitizens) to produce 2010 apportionment count. @john_abowd said bureau hasn't "changed the method by which apportionment calculations will be calculated from census data & its processing."
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NEW: Commerce Dept has ended recently announced #2020Census partnership with the largest Muslim civil rights & advocacy organization in the U.S. -- the Council on American-Islamic Relations -- @CAIRNational's government affairs director, @RobertSMcCaw, confirms to @NPR.
2. @uscensusbureau forms partnership with community groups around the country because as "trusted voices," they "play a key role in raising awareness that the #2020Census is easy, safe, and important," according to official 2020 census website👇…
3. On Aug. 28, @CAIRNational announced a formal partnership with @uscensusbureau to promote #2020Census participation among American Muslims👇…
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UPDATE: @uscensusbureau's still "negotiating" for citizenship records from State Dept & Homeland Security to produce Citizenship Voting Age Population data state redistricting officials can use to draw maps based on eligible voters instead of all residents…
2. This update on @uscensusbureau's efforts to produce more detailed citizenship data requested by the Trump admin is from bureau's Aug. 21 responses to recommendations from Census Scientific Advisory Committee's spring 2019 meeting in March.

3. NEW: @uscensusbureau says as of Aug. 21, @OMBPress hasn't delivered public comments responding to @CommerceGov's @FedRegister notice that said citizenship would be added to redistricting data file if state redistricting officials "indicate a need"👇…
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For 200+ years, the U.S. has divided up seats in Congress among the states based on population counts that include both citizens & noncitizens, regardless of immigration status.

I wrote about how the Trump admin is signaling it may want to change that👇…
2. Since the first US census in 1790, the Constitution has called for a head count every 10 years of "persons" living in the US to determine number of congressional seats each state gets. The 14th Amendment was ratified to require the counting of the "whole number of persons."👇
3. State of Alabama & @RepMoBrooks are suing @uscensusbureau to stop bureau's longstanding policy of including unauthorized immigrants among "whole number of persons" for apportionment. Alabama @AGSteveMarshall argues unauthorized immigrants are not "persons" under Constitution👇
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