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There's no news of #Modi's visit to the #US when you turn on #CNN on TV in India.

So I looked up #NBC online.

I had to scroll past 11 screens to find any news of Modi's visit.

#XiJinping, on the other hand, was on the first screen.

These are the first six screens.

(1/) ImageImageImageImage
Things more important than #Modi to the #USA:

1. Missing #titanicsubmarine
2. #Biden calls #Xi a dictator
3. Two people killed in #Georgia
4. Charges against #HunterBiden
5. Sweltering heat in #Texas
6. Judge strikes down #Arkansas ban on transition care for minors

(2/) ImageImageImageImage
7. House vote on impeaching #Biden
8. Supreme Court #Alito
9. Limit #Chinese purchase of #US farmland
10. #Sanders to investigate #Amazon safety record
11. NH senator assaults employee
12. #Iowa building collapse
13. #Idaho man shoots 4
14. US ranks 43rd on #gender parity

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“you could simply describe Trump as a never-ending poop cruise, guaranteed to create new content daily. And I don’t know how Licht can solve that systemic problem, with or without Trump.”
I have ideas in the next post……
Imagine a network that filled those no-breaking-news hours with mind-blowing civic education and systems-level narratives. Examples: What @maddow did with #Ultra. @doctorow dissections of the #enshittification of big tech and media. @HC_Richardson-style historical parallels…
Explaining how fascism works and why it works, the Tolerance Paradox, etc. Blowing the minds of white suburban people (like me!) with the history of redlining and stories like this…
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🔥 Dooms Day For 🇺🇸 Near🔥

CEOs of Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Nasdaq and others warn of a 'devastating scenario' if US defaults
About 150 of America's CEOs sent a dire warning to Biden and top Congressional leaders Tuesday that the economy would face a


if an agreement to raise the debt ceiling and avoid default is not reached, #CNN reported
The letter was signed by executives from major corporations and financial institutions.

Among the signees are the CEOs of
#JetBlue etc.

It is one of the strongest collective warnings from America’s business sector
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@nytimes normalizing coverage of DJT is as dangerous as that of #CNN

The #FrontPage NYT influences moderates/liberals/journalists.

Today an A1 abomination of gaslighting, whitewashing & normalization of DJT:
-continued assault on truth
-fascism and danger

@JeffSharlet Image
4 NYT journalists shameful in their erasure of Trump’s criminality, &firehose of INTENTIONAL disinformation.

The online headline is gaslighting us.

@anatosaurus @froomkin Image
This is an accurate opening graph. BUT the entire piece fails to convey any of the “stakes” or harms such as the end of American democracy.

This could have been a #ChatGPT summary of the #CNN entertainment show masquerading as informing America. Image
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1/ (Thread) #TrumpTownHall & the video of #StevenCrowder's abuse gave me the courage to release audio from my marriage with Alex Jones.

TY, Daily Mail, for raising awareness about how #extremists use #DomesticViolence to control their prey. Article: Image
2/I shared the audio w my lawyers during my divorce & after. I begged them to use it while Alex Jones sued me for over 10 years, stealing my kids, harming & neglecting them while accusing me. They said it didn't matter.

I hope Hilary Crowder's trauma will matter in her case. Image
3/What really resonated w me was #StevenCrowder gaslighting Hilary & trying to get a reaction, while threatening her.. Alex Jones often did this to me. He harassed me daily and often hour to hour, then he would whip out a phone (or have one hidden) to try and record my reaction Image
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Thread with a few highlights from the CNN Town-hall with Donald Trump.

January 6th
Trump on how he would have handled the war in Ukraine.
#CNNTownhall #TrumpCNN #ukraine
Trump on school shootings.
#CNNTownhall #Trump #GunViolence
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L'esercito russo lasciò #Bucha il 30 marzo. Il giorno dopo Anatoly #Fedoruk, sindaco della città, annunciò raggiante e sorridente che la città era stata liberata. Come poteva essere così felice con centinaia di cadaveri torturati e uccisi in giro?


Il primo aprile l'account ucraino KHERSON-KHARKIV mostra un video ripreso da una macchina in cui si vedono 7 o 8 cadaveri lungo via Yablonska. Il 3 aprile i cadaveri diventano 20 e vengono mostrate fosse comuni.

#Kiev sostenne che l'esercito russo avesse torturato e ucciso tra i 280 e i 410 civili. #Mosca respinse le accuse e chiese una riunione straordinaria del Consiglio di Sicurezza dell'#ONU. La Gran Bretagna mise il veto sulla richiesta russa.

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#CNN's Clarissa Ward (the same one who identified sarin gas by smell in #Syria) is now driving around #Ukraine occupied territories collecting "horror stories" about "Russian soldiers raping Ukrainian old ladies". Image
This is the same person who worked with al-Qaeda “media man” @BilalKareem .
Star #CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward worked with al-Qaeda “media man” @BilalKareem to gain access to extremist rebel “heroes on the ground” in #Syria.

By @MaxBlumenthal and Ben Norton…
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@amanpour @kajakallas Canned meat distributed by the #Ukrainian #Nazi A. #Gramanchuk with fascist symbols such as the shield of the Ucronazi collabrs and the colors of the OUN-UPA, on the label it says: "#meat of Russian-speaking #babies"
Alluding to dead children in #Donbas
@amanpour @kajakallas Thread 19
FROM: #Marin in #Nazi -funeral #Ukraine | Mar 7, 2023
TO: #Kotsyubaylo eliminated | Mar 7, 2023
- when the #Americans visited the positions in #Avdiivka, he said that he was feeding the tamed #wolf "the #bones of #Russian-speaking #children.
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"Das russische 🇷🇺 Kommando schickt absichtlich Soldaten zum Abschlachten in die Nähe von #Maryinka, um die Feuerpositionen der Streitkräfte der Ukraine 🇺🇦 zu identifizieren" — The New York Times

Die Invasoren stürmen in Wellen die ukrainischen Stellungen. Die Aufgabe der ersten Abteilungen besteht darin, die Schusspositionen der AFU 🇺🇦 aufzudecken, viele 🇷🇺 Soldaten sterben dabei

Ukrainer, die #Maryinka verteidigen, nennen diese 🇷🇺 Soldaten"Fleisch". Es folgt Artillerie- oder Mörserbeschuss – und ein neuer Infanterieangriff.

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🔴 La flotte fantôme de Vladimir #Poutine : la #Russie a cassé en deux le système énergétique mondial.
A. Patrusca

Une mystérieuse flotte de pétroliers, qui sillonne les mers du monde, s'agrandit de jour en jour et aide la #Russie à contourner les sanctions 🔽

#CNN a publié des images sensationnelles et presque surréalistes.

Plus de 600 navires, soit 10 % du nombre de grands pétroliers opérant dans le monde, transportent du pétrole russe aux quatre coins du globe, défiant les sanctions du #G7 et de l’#UE.
Et leur nombre ne cesse d'augmenter.

L'identité du propriétaire des réservoirs reste un mystère. Contraints par les sanctions, la plupart des armateurs occidentaux se sont retirés du commerce du pétrole russe (du moins officiellement). Mais ils ont rapidement été remplacés 🔽
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The #Iranian regime has apparently failed to take measures to protect schools following 46 separate reports of chemical poisonings on March 1. Here's what else you need to know today from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:…
#مسمومیت_دانشآموزان Image
The regime is taking short-term measures to address economic grievances that will likely exacerbate #Iran’s economic crisis in the long run. Image
Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir #Abdollahian gave an interview with #CNN on March 1 likely in an attempt to convince the United States to return to the suspended nuclear negotiations.
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1. It seems that #Russia has found another opportunity to circumvent #EU and #US #sanctions.
Which one? - mass purchase of tankers. Over the past six months, 240 vessels have been sold in the world,⬇️
@SecBlinken @POTUS
@RishiSunak @AndrzejDuda…
2. and all of them have unknown owners. And this is already the largest shadow fleet in the history of shipping.
#Russia is buying 25 to 35 large tankers every month to increase the number of ships it can carry to bypass #sanctions.⬇️
#RussiaIsATerroristState #SanctionsRussia Image
3. The shadow fleet of the country already reaches 600 tankers, which is 10% of the world volume of vessels of this class, - #CNN

Tankers carrying Russian oil are divided into two categories: "gray" and "dark" ships.

The "grey" ships were mainly sold by #European⬇️
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[推察] 「地球温暖化を深刻視する」とは: 「寡頭制社会」推進へ、尤もらしさを与える為の、「詐欺用の態度」。

-偽旗: 「温室効果ガス」縮小化
-実際: 国民達緊縮化

▶︎ 「昆虫食」主導: 国連機関
2013年5月の #CNN の記事「国連機関が昆虫食のススメ」。

「国連食糧農業機関 #FAO」からの推奨。「安価で環境に優しい食料源」に、成り得るとの事。



▶︎ 資料日付

▶︎ タイトル
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People say, "WHY don't I see Vice President Harris?"
Follow along—here's a story.
On @CNNSotu hosted by @PamelaBrownCNN on @cnn, they opened show featuring Munich Security Conference.
Show producers made these CHOICES to erase @VP 100%. @VP made major appearances repping the U.S.
Show producers platformed the faces of two Republican congressmen: Rep. McCaul & Rep. Mike Turner.
BUT the official message about the position of Biden-Harris Administration regarding supporting Ukraine—to the world—was given by Vice Pres. Harris 👇🏼
Vice Pres Harris presented speech saying words: "Russian forces have
committed crimes against humanity..."
@PamelaBrownCNN quoted the line later in show! Nat'l & Int'l newspapers have given proportionate coverage of the @VP & her multiple diplomatic meetings w/foreign leaders
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Focus on the #Japanese Realism Diplomacy for a new Era. We need some inspiration in #EU since Putin is striking strategic relationship with #China, #SouthAfrica & #Brazil. No time to waste on Franco-Italian tensions triggered by a diplomatic dinner. #Hiroshima #Thread Image
#Chinese FM Wang Yi will visit #Russia as part of a diplomatic tour in Europe. His 9-day trip will also include stops in #France, #Italy, #Hungary and #Germany, where he will speak at the #Munich Security Conference. #CNN 1/1
#EU ambassadors were briefed in small groups over the weekend by Ursula von der Leyen’s chief of staff Björn Seibert about the plans for the 10th sanctions package against #Russia. #Politico 1/2
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An opportunity was lost with the collapse of the #IntellectualDarkWeb. Logic only travels so far in the absence of social trust, and building trust rich social networks across tribes is extremely hard to do.

This is part of what I argued to #SamHarris
We live in an era of echo chambers. I won't listen to your information because I don't trust your sources, because I see them as being ill-motivated and not just potentially wrong.

Wherever you stand on voter fraud, the Covid vaccine (both of which Sam and I get in to...)
...there is a need to sustain the attention of vastly different thinking people on a singular topic where information is being discussed that conflicts with their biases.

Most of us can listen to such information if it is coming from someone whose intentions we trust. If not...
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🧵🎯 PART 1 🎯 of XVI
💥 Videos you may have not seen
#RayEpps Made Shocking Admission Of His Involvement…
🚩 Does anyone understand this?
of 2019
Sect 6
Joseph R Biden, jr
from GSA
#opensocietyfoundation Image

🛑 #ILLEGAL+NonCitizens who Accessed & REGISTERED
to VOTE on:
°#CBPOneDatabase APP
°Federal+#NGO Databases

🇺🇸 GOP
PARTNER w/#SocialMedia

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Unbelievably this was #CNN, yes CNN on #Poroshenko's bombing of his own people in #Donetsk in 2014.

Share this with those in denial.
Here's another #Donetsk report from 2016 by #PBSNewsHour.

Its like the West flipped a switch on February 25th 2022 from "acknowledge existence" to "deny existence".

Full clip here…
And another from #CNN in #Donetsk November 2014.
Really difficult to contain one's contempt for the ignorance that deny the suffering of these poor people.
Full clip:…

h/t @thisisnotarose
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🔴 #WEF : Les dirigeants de l'#OMS, de #BlackRock, de #CNN, de #Microsoft et de #TikTok participent à la réunion 2023 du Forum économique mondial à #Davos.

Premières révélations sur les thèmes abordés. Le Forum économique mondial (WEF) tiendra sa réunion annuelle à Davos 🔽
le mois prochain, et pour la deuxième année consécutive, The Dossier est la première publication à publier une liste des orateurs participant à la réunion sur invitation de la classe dirigeante en #Suisse, écrit Jordan Schachtel.

L'auteur décrit la nature extrémiste de 🔽
l'organisation et les projets totalement ahurissants de ses dirigeants :

"Le Forum économique mondial est une organisation politique fanatique qui se fait passer pour une entité neutre avec des objectifs politiques spécifiques qui impliquent la centralisation du pouvoir 🔽
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Haluatko ymmärtää median voiman? Haluatko ymmärtää propagandaa ja miten ihmisiä aivopestään median välityksellä? Selitän ketjussa ydinasiat, jotka on johtanut mediamanipulaatioon länsimaissa ja Suomessa, ja sen miksi enemmistö ostaa kaiken mitä lehtien etusivuilla julistetaan.
Projekti MK-Ultra oli Yhdysvaltojen keskustiedustelupalvelu CIA:n salaisen ohjelman koodinimi 1950-luvulta eteenpäin. Ohjelman tarkoituksena oli tutkia erilaisia hypnoosi- ja aivopesutekniikoita, jottei heidän omia kansalaisiaan vihollinen pääsisi aivopesemään heitä vastaan.
MK-Ultran alaprojekteja toteutettiin 150kpl eri puolilla maailmaa. Suomeen kohdistui esim. projektit nro 95 ja 115. Suomalaisista tutkijoista MKultra-rahoitusta ovat saaneet CIA omistaman Human Ecology Fund -rahaston kautta Juhani Hirvas ja Erik Allardt.…
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🔴 #RussiaUkraine #ZelenskyWarCriminal Toute personne qui soutient un tel homme, prétendant défendre la "Liberté", est capable de tout. Cela signifie que la même "liberté" qu’en #Ukraine nous attend dans l'ensemble de l'Occident.

Un éditorial incendiaire de Tucker #Carlson 🔽 Image
sur Fox News

Vous vous souvenez quand la #Russie a envahi l'#Ukraine en février et que nos dirigeants nous ont dit alors qu'il ne s'agissait pas d'un conflit lointain en Europe de l'Est ? Que c'est notre guerre ?

"Aucune armée ne devrait être autorisée à envahir un pays 🔽
souverain", nous a-t-on dit.

(Évidemment, l'Irak et l'Afghanistan ont été des exceptions à cette règle).

L'invasion de l'Ukraine ne pouvait être acceptée car il s'agissait d'une question de principe, il s'agissait d'une bataille morale historique à laquelle nous étions 🔽
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Another suicide.
A damaged PzH-2000 SPH
2/ ImageImage
Bakhmut, night hunting.
3/ ImageImageImageImage
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⚠️📢⚗🚨Pls RT‼️
#MSNBC #WomenWhoCode #WomenInSTEM #thelaundress
#IDTwitter @B0tSci
1/ "Some strains of PSEUDOMONAS are ANTIBIOTIC resistant, which can increase the seriousness of the infection. (Der) Pseudomonas can... contaminate & grow on LAUNDRY 👀
2/& at high enough levels spreads via contact w/contaminated laundry/sheets/pillowcases/sleepwear, etc.

Pseudomonas also spreads by inhalation & can cause👉CYSTIC FIBROSIS‼️Per Consumer Reports, Pseudomonas a. is a VERY hardy bacteria +can grow in many different conditions.MORE
3/ #Pseudomonas
#AntibioticResistance #influencers
#thelaundress #RECALLED
#Fashion #MaskUp
Consumer Reports, says Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a “very hardy bacteria,” which means it can grow in a lot of different conditions.
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