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yoonmin au where soft, innocent jimin and bad boy rapper yoongi exchange bodies after a magical experiment gone wrong. both agreed to try and live each other's lives peacefully until a wrong tweet changes everything.
#yoonmin #yoonminau fluff, comedy, nsfw (?), smut (?) 🤔
-date and timestamps are not important
-coz im generous, this will have smut 🔞
-i update daily or every other day if busy
-this might be as lame as me so im sorry 😂
-u can reply or quote whichever works
who knows who:
yoongi, hobi, namjoon
jimin, taekook, jin
let the lame story begin!
a little background of our rapper boy min yoongi who doesnt give a shit *sings nevermind*
and our cute boy jiminnie who's a rare find 💎
and so the story begins...
meanwhile, jimin dyes his hair...
scrapbook? sure *paints nails* 💅
taetae is an oldie
#vmin #yoonminau #yoonmin
it didn't work (?) 🤔
morning came....
#yoonmin #yoonminau
jimin texts himself...
#yoonmin #yoonminau
poor yoongi. and i mean it literally...
yoongi is still mad 😩
jimin owes yoongi...let's not forget 😏
#yoonmin #yoonminau
the photoshoot
the rules 🤔😏
#yoonmin #yoonminau
the next day, yoongi does a good job at following the rules
and so does jimin
#yoonmin #yoonminau
well, almost...
the cat is mad
rip jimin 💀
#yoonmin #yoonminau
the next day...
revenge rolling throuuughhh...
#yoonmin #yoonminau
jimin's #1 fan stalks him...
i can feel the heat from here 🔥
#yoonminau #YoonMin
yoongi really out here ruining our innocent and cute jiminnie...
nice hair jimin but a whipped jungkook is all i see 😍
they hate each other...
we all need a backstory, yoongi 😩
#yoonmin #yoonminau
Like a tantrum throwing teenager, Jimin let out a frustrated growl and stomped his way into the bedroom.
Yoongi having the nerve to tell him he has a small dick was what frustrated him the most.
He didn't know what got him so pissed in the first place when the tweet was only up there for barely an hour.
Jimin didn't care about his 'enemies', whoever they were. It was an accident. A simple mistake. The world will not end for Pete's sake!
His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone which broke the silence of the apartment. He was disoriented for a moment before he realized he had left it in the kitchen. Jimin stumbled over something on the floor, staggered, and caught himself on the door frame.
'Hello?' he croaked into the receiver, immediately clearing his throat.
'Yoongi. P-dogg's asking for your new track. Is it ready?' He looked at the phone to see who was on the line. Namjoon.
' track you say?'
'Yes?' Namjoon sounded just as confused as he was.
'I guess it's ready, yeah.' He didn't know if it was, to be honest.
'That should be the last one. I'll drop by before the weekend so we can clean it.'
'O-okay. I guess.' Jimin was frantically trying to figure out what to say next.
'Are you okay? You've been acting weird lately.' He wasn't okay and yes, all this was definitely weird.
'YesyesI'mokayI'llseeyouGoodbye!' Jimin hang up before Namjoon could properly respond. He didn't want to have a lengthy conversation with someone he barely knew so he decided he should just end it right there.
Jimin went back to the bedroom to find traces of the 'track' Namjoon was talking about. Pens and notebooks were scattered throughout the room but he figured the notes would somehow give him a good start.
Yoongi had asked him not to touch his stuff but this could be an exception.

He picked up one of his notebooks and went through a few lines written untidily.
There were a lot more but Jimin couldn't find the strength to continue reading.
His heart suddenly grew heavy with pity for Yoongi and he allowed himself to wallow in the sadness and guilt that swallowed him.
Yoongi is no ordinary person. He clearly went through a lot of dreadful shit to be able to come up with such deep, fiery words. Nothing could describe the newfound admiration and respect Jimin felt for him.
He looked at the mirror where Yoongi's face was reflected. He knew that no matter how long he stared, he was only seeing the shadow of a wounded and scared boy who only needed to be seen.
Barely able to stand up straight, he dragged himself into bed and texted Yoongi.
the apology...
yoongi is weak for jimin 🙄
#yoonmin #yoonminau
yoongi's tongue technology 😏
#yoonmin #yoonminau
did i warn u bout angst? 🤔
it's been a week but...
#yoonmin #yoonminau
fermented WHAT??!!
yoongi spills the deets
#taegi #yoonmin #yoonminau
taehyung the number 1 cypher enthusiast
#yoonmin #yoonminau #taegi
tae meets his first love
meanwhile, hobi (?) wants to meet 🤔
jimin noooo 🤦‍♀️
#yoonmin #yoonminau
later that night...tae updates jimin
and jimin updates hobi...
dragon who??!
#YoonMin #yoonminau
wtf jimin confesses 😂😂😂
#YoonMin #yoonminau
let's pause for a short commercial break brought to u by jungkook ✌
they're here...
#yoonminau #YoonMin
jimin was only trying to hide 🙄
it's yoongi's turn to confess ♥
#yoonmin #yoonminau
my uwu machine is about to break ♥
#yoonmin #yoonminau
these lines are familiar 🤔
#yoonmin #yoonminau
no uwu lasts forever 😩😩😩 is jimin okay tho??
jin doesnt want to die coz he's too handsome
meanwhile, jungkook tries to be funny but uwu 😊
jimin: bitch u thought 😂😂😂
hot dragon 😂😂😂
#yoonmin #yoonminau
yoongi is shookt 😂😂😂
that's it for today but i just want to be clear that gdragon and yoongi are equally hot so dont fyt me lmao kthanks bye will update tomorrow 😘
Yoongi and the gang hurriedly went down the steep stairs leading to the club and Jimin was on his 5th shot when they got to him. Tae ran and stumbled into Jimin's arms, his sudden weight causing the boy to lose his balance for a second.
Yoongi found it weird that Taehyung was hugging Jimin in HIS body. There was no trace of embarrasment from the boy. Instead, he blabbered on and on about Jimin being impossibly careless and naive.
He could only guess that Taehyung was too worried to care who he was seeing in front of him.
Yoongi feigned a quiet cough to get Taehyung to move aside and carefully made his way towards Jimin. He felt like everything around them stopped.
'Are you okay? Are you hurt? I swear if they ever laid a finger on you!' Yoongi was holding his breath and clenching his fists but his eyes were tired and weary.
'I'm okay, don't worry. I kneed them in the balls.' Jimin said, his giggle sounding weirdly loud in the dark and quiet bar. It was a joke of course. He was only trying to cheer him up but he remained motionless.
Jimin gave the boy a hug and felt him go rigid for a moment. It took Yoongi some time to recover before he burried his face in Jimin's shoulder, holding him so tight he could barely breathe or move.
#yoonmin #yoonminau
'I'm just glad you're okay. You fucking scared me. You're okay, yeah?' Yoongi repeated his words like he was trying to convince himself. He sighed, running his fingers through Jimin's hair.
Jimin freed himself from his grasp and took Yoongi's ashen and puffy face between his hands. 'Yoongi, I'm alright. I wasn't hurt. I just feel super tired. Let's go home before the police comes. I don't feel like answering questions right now.'
Yoongi matched Jimin's intense gaze before convincing himself everything was alright.

The boys all looked at the men on the floor, their heads down as if deep in sleep.
'They'll be alright. They'll wake up in a few hours. I didn't kill them. I figured that was a disarming spell or something, I don't know' Jimin assured everyone.
They all nodded, not taking their eyes off the enemies who were in a comically pitiful state.
'These guys are wanted by the police anyway. The police will be thankful for the anonymous tip. I'll ask Joon and Hobi to go straight to the house. Let's go.'
Looking like a kid lost in scattered thoughts, Yoongi turned around and led everyone all the way up towards the main street, to home.
The drive to Yoongi's place wasn't as quiet as he'd hoped. Jin and Jungkook grilled Jimin with questions about witches and even requested Jimin to make potions for utterly absurd purposes. They were like kids raising their hands for questions after being told a bedtime story.
Taehyung, however, was surprisingly quiet. Yoongi thought he either already knows all this stuff or he's just still not over the fact that his bestfriend's life was in danger. He smiled to himself, knowing Tae really cared about Jimin as much as he does.
'I need complete silence while I make the potion, please. So you could all stay outside while I do my thing or I get to -'
'Babe, no. You need to get some rest. Your eyes are fucking bloodshot. I'm sure Yoongi won't mind.' Taehyung interrupted Jimin before he could finish.
'He's right. I need sleep too. We all do. It's been a long night. There are futtons in the cupboard under the stairs and the living room is big enough. You guys know the drill.' Yoongi pushed Jimin to his room before the boy could protest, leaving everyone to do their thing.
He locked the door when they were inside.
'I miss my bed so I'm sleeping here whether you like it or not.'
Jimin searched for Yoongi's face in the dark before speaking. 'But Yoongi, you said it yourself. We all need sleep and I'm very tired. ++
++I don't think I'll have enough strength for what we're about to do.' Jimin looked at the floor, not meeting Yoongi's gaze.
'Jimin, you're acting cute and that's nice but I'm literally looking at myself right now and I don't think I could kiss you or fuck you if you still have my face on so no, I wasn't thinking about that. Get some sleep. I'll join you in bed later.'
#yoonmin #yoonminau
Jimin was thankful for the darkness. His face was as red as a beetroot from embarrassment.
'Where are you going?'
'Hobi and Joon are almost here. They will need an explanation since I've gotten them involved. I'll wait for them outside so you go ahead and sleep first.'
Yoongi gently patted Jimin's head before leaving the room.
the next day at noon, jimin makes the potion
meanwhile, hobi is concerned..
we're all aware, tae 🙄
#taegi #yoonminau
really, joonie? 🤦‍♀️
#namjin #yoonmin #yoonminau
dont google gaebul. you been warned 😉
our boy tries again 😎
#namjin #yoonmin #yoonminau
A final mix of what looked like poisonous properties in a homebrew fermenter and a quick show of essential wandwork from a makeshift wand marked the completion of Jimin's potion.
'It's done! I'm sorry it took hours. I'm not as powerful as my mom.' Jimin said, a trace of bone-tired smile touching his lips.
'What are you sorry for? That combination of Latin and Greek was a hair-raiser by the way.' Yoongi had to dodge a playful swat that came right after his half-meant joke.
'Shut up and let's finish this shit!'
Both boys held their shots up for the mandatory toast before taking the fluid in.
The transition that came after was anything but painless.
Yoongi felt like his head was being squeezed dry by angry hands while Jimin felt fire inside him, achingly consuming his organs, one after another. Both boys dropped to the floor, thrashing around in torturous pain.
The five other boys didn't know what to do. They were warned beforehand not to touch either of them during that critical moment.
#yoonmin #yoonminau
After exactly 5 minutes, it was all over. The pain abruptly stopped like a switch had been turned on. They both opened their eyes and sat up, breaths heaving from the experience they didn't ever want to go through again.
They were back inside their bodies, in their own consciousness, back to their own lives.
'Yoongi, I'm sorry! Fuck, I'm so so sorry. That was beyond anything I could have imagined! I don't know what happe -'
Jimin's words were choked off as a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around his neck. Yoongi mumbled a quiet 'thank you' under his breath.
Being in Yoongi's arms felt like home. It was warm. Jimin didn't want to let go. #yoonmin #yoonminau
'Did I hug you too hard?' Jimin was in a light trance so he didn't realize Yoongi had let go.
'We're sorry for interrupting this excessively lovey-dovey moment and we're really glad that it seemed to have worked but it's getting late and we have class tomorrow so we need to head out.' Taehyung said, sounding slightly exhausted.
He felt like he could cry from relief that it was all over. His heart was stabbed from looking at his bestfriend's pitiful state during the swap but he didn't want to Jimin to know.
'Aren't we gonna stay here one more night? I think Jimin needs to sleep. He's been brewing that potion for hours.' Jin said with a suspicious smile while looking at Namjoon. The poor boy quickly blushed.
'No, Tae's right. We have class tomorrow so we need to go. It's getting late.' Jimin said.
Jin wasn't able to hide his disappointment.
'The gig is in 3 days, right? So we'll definitely see each other again.' Jimin was looking intently at Yoongi and the latter was staring back. Technically, it was their first time seeing each other.
'Jimin, I need you to know something.' Yoongi's serious tone caught Jimin by surprise. He couldn't say a word. He only looked at him with wide eyes.
Yoongi let out a satisfied, playful laugh before pulling Jimin into a tight warm hug. 'I didn't really hate your pink hair. You are beautiful. Always remember that.' #yoonmin #yoonminau
jimin dropping hints coz he wants to sext 👀
#yoonmin #yoonminau
jimin is not happy 😔
yoongi is a softie awwwe ❤
yoongi asks help from mr. worldwide handsome
tea ☕
meanwhile, tae texts his soulmate
#yoonmin #vmin #yoonminau
at least he dropped the @
#yoonmin #yoonminau
morning came and yoongi greets jimin
jimin tweets his feelings as usual
jimin is mad and yoongi tells joonie #yoonmin #yoonminau
yoongi says his thanks
yoongi says how he feels
*i want a yoongi in my lifeu thanks*
#yoonmin #yoonminau
the video call
#yoonmin #yoonminau
they're into video calls now coz they love seeing each other
todays yoonmin episodes: JIMIN CHANGES HAIR COLOR and JIMIN AND HIS PIMPLE #yoonmin #yoonminau
our taekook has their video call episode too
#yoonminau #taekook
and last but not the least: NAMJIN #namjin #yoonminau
the night before the gig, jimin drops a dare 😉
jimin unblocks tae
#vmin #yoonminau
jimin looks HOT af feat. Tony Montana
#yoonmin #yoonminau
bultaoreune! 🔥🔥🔥
meanwhile, yoongi texts jin
jin is hotter than any fucking tea 👌
namjoon tweets too..hmmm, interesting 😏
not gonna happen, huh? 😏
before the gig starts, let's witness a fight between rapline hoe and yoongi stans smdh 🙄
the gig starts and jimin once again forgets his rule about not cursing on twitter 😂😂😂
#yoonmin #yoonminau
WAIT WHAAAAT?!??? Did you guys see this twist coming?!? 😱
The enthusiasm and energy the audience felt from the last song were quickly replaced with a low mood when a piano began playing in the darkness.
The dim glow of two spotlights lit the stage, one pointing at Jin and the other at Yoongi playing the piano with lazy hands.
Jimin immediately felt like he was surrounded by the warmth and pleasant beginnings of dreams unknown. He felt sedated. Everything around him moved in slow motion and the only thing he heard are the hammers hitting the strings.
Jimin sighed and closed his eyes until Jin's angelic voice hit the first verse.
All this is no coincidence
Just, just, by my feeling
The whole world is different from yesterday
Just, just, with your joy
Maybe it’s the providence of the universe
It just had to be that
You know, I know
You are me, I am you
Jimin sucked in his breath, not believing what he's hearing. You are me, I am you. Could this song be about him?
The universe has moved for us
There wasn’t even a little miss
Our happiness was meant to be
Cuz you love me, and I love you
Jimin's heart pounded rapidly, so lost in the song that he didn't notice Yoongi was looking intently at him with eyes reflecting emotions difficult to understand. Jimin looked back and allowed himself to be drowned under Yoongi's gaze.
You’re my penicillium, saving me, saving me
My angel, my world
I’m your Calico cat, here to see you
Love me now, touch me now
Jimin started to feel a warm line behind his eyes.
Just let me love you.
Let me love,
Let me love you.
Jimin's heart has never before felt overflowing with love as it did that night. Just let me love you. Those were his words. Those were his feelings towards Yoongi.
The song ended and light flooded the floor Jimin had to blink a couple times to get rid of the colorful dots clouding his vision. The fans went wild, screaming, begging for more but Jimin's thoughts still lingered on the song, swallowing all the noise.
He just stood there motionless. Taehyung was touching his face, forcing him back to reality but he only looked beyond him.
He was still lost in time he barely felt Yoongi's arms wrap gently around his waist, leading him carefully out of the crowd down a little sequestered spot backstage.
When they got out of earshot, Yoongi laughed, visibly amused. 'You really liked it, didn’t you?' Jimin only looked at him with parted lips.
'That song was for you, you know.' Yoongi gazed at Jimin earnestly, nothing but deep affection and warmth flowing through his eyes. They were in the dark and The Head And The Heart's 'Let's Be Still' is being played.
Jimin gave back an equally tender gaze and slowly, softly kissed and caressed every inch of Yoongi's face before answering.

'I know.'
the afterparty feat. jin's dad joke 🤦‍♀️
i feel bad for these yoongi stans 😔
jungkook must hide 😏
Everyone was enjoying the party. There were spilled drinks on the floor, chips were stuck in the sofa and cake icing were everywhere. Yoongi's apartment was a mess but he didn't care.
It has been a long time since he's enjoyed a party. What made this party even more special was the fact that Jimin was there. He was only observing him from a distance all night thinking when he could get his chance to be alone with him.
Jimin was dancing to a sexy song and Yoongi couldn't help but admire the way he would swing his hips teasingly at Taehyung's legs. Jimin looked so sexy teasing his bestfriend like that.
Perhaps he got a boner. Perhaps now is the time.
Yoongi stood up and walked his way towards Jimin. He wrapped his arms around him, leaning closer to gently kiss his lips.
'Can I have you all to myself?'
Jimin didn't respond but he instead dragged the older boy towards his room and Yoongi thought that was a good enough answer.
They shuffled in, Yoongi closing the door behind them. They kissed each other so desperately even when they were stumbling over clothes and shoes on the floor. 'Can I touch you?' Yoongi asked between kisses.
'Uhmmm, weren't you already doing that?'
'Okay, let me clarify. Can I touch you ANYWHERE I LIKE?' Yoongi said putting more emphasis in the last three words.
'You didn't have to ask.'
Yoongi took that as a yes and started taking off Jimin's jacket and his t-shirt. A few seconds later, they were both naked under the sheets, rubbing each other, Yoongi licking and nuzzling on Jimin's neck like a cat.
Yoongi then reached for the lube that's inside his drawer.
'Baby, I bought this yesterday. I don't know if you like ice?' Yoongi asked as he was putting some in his hands.
'What the actual fuck is he talking about? Does that really matter?' Jimin thought.
His face must've given his thoughts away, 'I'm sorry I'm just anxious. What if you won't like it? I just want to completely satisfy you. I want you to enjoy.'
'Yoongi, it doesn't really matter to me but just to let you have a piece of mind, I like ice, yes.' Jimin answered with a smile that assured the older. 'Now slide those damn fingers in.'
A surprised cry ripped from Jimin's throat. Yoongi was putting in one finger, and then two and more all while sucking on his neck, ears, collarbone and his lips. Jimin was intoxicated.
He would buck up his hips for more when Yoongi would hit the right spot. He was so high he felt like he would lose his mind.
'Yoongi, please. That's enough. I want you now.' Jimin begged, digging his nails on Yoongi's sweat-soaked back. Yoongi stopped and looked blankly at Jimin for a second before he realized what the younger was asking him to do.
He smiled and kissed Jimin's lips for a full minute before putting himself in. He was going slow and steady and Jimin begged for harder thrusts. The older boy was hesitant but gave him what he wanted nonetheless. He wanted to satisfy him after all.
'Fuck, baby. Let me know if I'm hurting you, okay? Let me know if I'm holding you too tight. You can tell m -'
'Sssh...this is perfect.'
Yoongi stopped for a second and gave Jimin a worried look before burrying his head in the crook of his neck. 'I'm sorry. I just don't want to hurt you.'
Jimin's heart was brimming with inexplicable warmth he felt tears threatening to spill from his eyes. So Yoongi was holding him so delicately because he didn't want to hurt him?
No one has ever treated him with so much care. No one has ever thought about asking him what he wanted.
'You can never hurt me, Yoongi. You are perfect. This is perfect.' Jimin whispered in Yoongi's ear.
The older gave a reassured smile and continued to bury himself inside of Jimin, crying out breathy moans with his hands digging deep into the pillow Jimin's head was on.
Both treasuring the moment and greatly aware of each other's needs, they continued to make love under the sheets. Both were crying out each other's names in heavy moans as they reach their peak, one coming after the other.
Yoongi collapsed on top of Jimin, gasping for air, heart filled with glowing happiness. Not long after both of them have managed to collect themselves, Yoongi raised his head to smile at the younger boy he just made love with.
Jimin's eyes fluttered close as Yoongi covered his face with little kisses, whispering with every breath how much he loves him.
'Thank you. That was wonderful.' Yoongi breathed, looking at Jimin with burning affection.
'Next time make me bend in all fours. That sex was quick.' Jimin playfully laughed before urging Yoongi to rest his head in his chest.
The older quickly complied and Jimin wrapped his arms tightly around him, humming the song Yoongi made.
'The song. It's called Serendipity.'
Serendipity. Providence. A happy coincidence. Sometimes they even call it a happy accident. If Jimin hadn't messed up the spell that night, he wouldn't have met Yoongi.
The cosmos moved for us
There was nothing slightly out of place
Our happiness was expected
Cuz you love me
And I love you
Jimin smiled at the thought as he gently ruffled Yoongi's hair.
'It's a beautiful song.'
When he didn't get a response, Jimin peaked slightly at the boy he was cradling in his chest. Yoongi was already sound asleep and they haven't even cleaned themselves up yet.
But Jimin didn't care. Yoongi looked so peaceful and happy he didn't want to wake him up.
Jimin kissed the top of Yoongi's head and looked at him with loving eyes before whispering in his ear,
'Thank you for letting me love you.'
fast forward to a few months...
#yoonmin #yoonminau
i see it too, hobi 👀
#yoonmin #yoonminau
the end 💜
#yoonmin #yoonminau
now i'm sad. i will miss them 😖😭 but i thank you for the hearts and support and comments and for quoting my tweets. i love you all 😘
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