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taekook au where bad boy heir Kim Taehyung decides to look for a sextmate coz he is bored and ends up with Jungkook, an obedient sub, who also happens to be his father's assistant.

#taekook au #taekook #vkook taekook social media au smut nsfw 🔞🔞🔞
I will start this in a few hours coz I need to sleep now lol 😘
who knows who:
tae, jimin, hobi
jungkook, yoongi, jin, joonie
this will have smut, nsfw content, cursing, angst, crack u been warned
a day in the life of our bad boy
they don't give no fuck
poor hobi..i like your shirt bdw 👍
one man left standing
our boy is bored
and so it begins...
someone save jungkook from yoongi hyung 😂
so tae slid on jungkook's dm to ask for his number and he texts him
sorry i really thought they'd do it 😟 i'm disappointed too
#taekook #taekookau taekook au #vkook
yoongi hyung is curious
#yoonkook #taekook #vkook #taekookau
the morning after...
jiminnie: i am confusion
tae texts jungkook
whats with tae and pick up lines?
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
the next day, tae's dad brings trouble 😖
tae 😞
soulmate duties #vmin #taekookau #vkook #taekook
it's nighttime and tae just fell asleep, kookie
bitch im crying with u 😭
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
lol jin eomma
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
'Took you long.' Jungkook whined loudly when Tae came back from buying them food. He was sitting with folded legs on top a backless bench.
'I was looking for banana milk. This shit is hard to find.' Tae said, tipping the small bottle in Jungkook's direction.k
This took him by surprise. He didn't think Tae would remember.
'I bought pastries too. You like them.'
'Woah! Hold it right there! How did you know?'
'I was actually stalking your account so I knew that you're from Seoul even before I asked you out. I hope you're not creeped out or anything.' Tae then raised his beer bottle to his lips.
'It's all good. I was stalking your account as well.' Jungkook grinned, sounding a bit embarrassed.
Both boys were sitting on a bench by the Jamwon River terrace, waiting for the Banpo Bridge rainbow fountain to light up. It was Tae's favorite spot in Han River.
'So tell me 'bout your work.' Tae spoke after a comfortable silence between them.
'It's okay but boss is crazy. He has this overbearing, sometimes ruthless attitude. Drives me nuts!' Jungkook complained, complete with dramatic arm flailing.
'Sounds like someone I know.' Tae laughed half-heartedly, thinking about his father.
'Do you have a job too? I dont think you do. You're always at home drinking.' Jungkook giggled, tousling Tae's messy hair.
The fountain lights lit up, looking like dragons breathing fire. The view was magical but Tae couldn't seem to appreciate it as much as Jungkook did. He had something else on his mind.
'I don't have a job. Still at school.'
'I didn't see any tweets about school though. Are you one of those bad boys who skip classes? Some are too boring to get anything out of them' Jungkook glanced at Taehyung, waiting for him to react to his joke. The other boy wasn't laughing.
Tae ripped off a piece of his croissant, obviously abstracted from his surroundings.
Jungkook felt that Tae had a whirlwind of emotions swirling inside him.
'Hey, are you okay?' Jungkook gave Tae's shoulder a nudge.
'Yeah...Yeah, you're right. Some classes are boring. Most of them are. All of them, actually.' Tae was forcing a laugh and Jungkook knew.
'Hey, you can tell me anything.'
'Yeah, I guess I can.' Tae looked at Jungkook without really seeing him.
'Hey, I won't judge you, I promise. I don't want you to think I'm only here to suck your dick. I can be your friend too.'
Tae's face relaxed and his eyes softened as he looked at Jungkook.
'My dad made me take Management so I can own his shitty business but that isn't what I want. I tried to tell him countless times but his ears were off. I drank too much, got into fights and even went to prison once, LOL -
-I took up arms to let him know I don't want anything to do with the life he's trying to make me live. It frustrated him more but didn't change his mind.' Tae said, pulling down the double-lined hood of his jacket over his eyes.
Jungkook was sure the boy was trying to hide his tears.
'What about your mom? How's she reacting to all this?' Jungkook asked with genuine concern.
'Mom died after giving birth to me. I'm thinking that might be the reason dad hates me so much.' Tae gave a dismissive shrug but his eyes were still lost. 'Dad has been hiding me from everyone.-
-Only his guards know I exist coz he sometimes send them out to spy on me. That's why he knows I've been skipping classes, going on fights and all that.'
Jungkook was taking all the information in with a heavy heart. He felt bad for Taehyung and suddenly wanted to protect him with his life. He was a lost boy only wanting to get love from his father.
'Dad has been secretely laughing at those fakes who only gets on his good side so they can take over the company when he retires. He will soon bring me into the picture so he doesn't lose it completely.'
Tae didn't know why he was opening up to Jungkook. He only knew he could trust him.
'Your dad...he doesn't beat you up, does he?' Jungkook asked with a heavy sigh, not wanting to hear the answer.
'He used to. It came to a point when I had enough so I threw him back a punch. He might've realized I got heavier hands so he stopped.'
Jungkook didn't know what to say. It felt like a sad movie was being narrated to him.
'I always go here whenever I want to clear my head. This is a secret spot. Since I took you here, you're not allowed to bring anyone else. I'll kill you if you do.' Tae joked, trying to lift the heavy air between them.
'I won't. I promise to keep this a secret.' Jungkook gave him a reassuring smile.
'The only person who knows this spot is Jimin.'
'Your bestfriend.'
'My soulmate.' Tae corrected.
'You guys are really close.'
'Yeah, we suck each other's dicks when we're bored.'
Jungkook's eyes went impossibly wide and Tae laughed at his innocence.
'I was only joking. I love him though. He was always there for me. We've been bestfriends since time immemorial. I owe him my sanity.'
Jungkook was feeling a little jealous but mostly happy that someone was there for him during his hard times. He only wished he knew Tae sooner.
The light show was over and the river was peacefully quiet. They sat there for a few more minutes, talking about less heavier things before they decided to go home.
i think i know where this is going 🤔
i knew it!! 🔞🔞🔞
#taekook #taekookau #vkook taekook au smut nsfw
it's going down for real 🔞🔞🔞
#taekook #taekookau #vkook nsfw smut
tae loves an obedient boy 🔞🔞🔞
'i'm a good boy.' 🔞🔞🔞
#taekook #taekookau #vkook smut nsfw
tae, don't punish him too much smh 😥
it's over but tae has an undelivered message 😖
jin eomma and his idioms
and so the family date starts
#namjin #kookjin #taekook #taekookau
jin is furious 🤣🤣🤣
#namjin #taekookau #kookjin
i can relate to joonie lmao 🤣🤣🤣
poor yoongi 😥
the kids fight uwu 😂
the kids heard u loud and clear 👍
#yoonkook #taekookau #vkook
meanwhile, in vmin land...
jiminnie comes back from busan
our jiminnie looks cute here though 🤔
#vmin #taekookau #taekook #vkook
tae is jiminnie's biggest fan (see what i did there? 😏) #vmin #taekookau #taekook
beach? bitch? 🤔
hmmmm i agree with tae 😯
and so the soulmates get drunk
#vmin #vhope #taekookau
tae cant spell anymore 🤣🤣🤣
i'm really soft for vmin 😭😭😭
#vmin #taekookau
two days later...
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
it wasn't tae's intention we gotta believe him 👀
here it comes again 🤦‍♀️🔞🔞🔞
#taekookau #taekook #vkook smut nsfw
tae gets what he wants 😏 🔞🔞🔞
#taekookau #taekook
bitch please 🙄
all is good when there's soju and lamb skewers 👌
we been knew 🤔
sorry, i just love this song
the date continues and no one dared to disturb them
written smut coming up. this will be the actual thing guys 😂😂😂 need your thoughts
hard is in the lead so uhmm, i dont know what im doing tbh but 🤔 *teaser? draft? * #taekook #taekookau
the date continues and tae gets drunk?
jimin needs to chill tho 😂
tae is not drunk and they get cheesy 😚😍
and so it starts 👉👌
slow? not in Tae's vocabulary 🔞🔞🔞
morning came
news brought to you by min yoongi
he is so wrong in so many levels though 🤔
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
sorry for the long text i didn't realize it. wasn't able to control my brains. angst is coming. goodnight 😪
storm came a few days later...
tae is having a panic attack 😭😭😭
#vmin #taekook #taekookau
panic attack 2.0
the two go on a date and dedicate songs to each other they so cheesy
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
just wanna be cheesy before things get angsty
Saturday came and Tae was slipping into his washed out jeans when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. He opened it slightly, just enough to see who was outside.
'Sir, we came to bring your suit. We are to take you to the corporate dinner as well.'
A suit. He guessed his dad wasn't kidding when he said he wanted him to look decent.
Minutes later, he was looking gorgeous in a black Dormeuil Vanquish II which he thought was made up of at least 6 of the world's rarest fabrics but he didn't care. He put on a little touch of make up and he was ready to leave.
'You will be alright. Just breathe. Don't be nervous. It will be a long night but you'll be okay.' Tae assured the boy in his mirror before stepping out of the room.
The drive to Signiel hotel was eerily quiet but it gave him time to unknot his shoulders and relax as he was feeling very edgy. His heartbeat was chaotic and his palms were sweating buckets.
He thought about texting Jungkook to calm himself down but eventually decided against it. Jungkook had mentioned a company emergency convention, or something similar, so he didn't want to disturb him.
When they arrived, a footman ushered him to the 76th floor where the Grand Ballroom was located. He didn't think the dinner would be this big.
He foolishly thought he will only be meeting a few important people, fake a smile, talk to his father privately and then call it a night.
He was awkwardly standing outside the door, downright confused as to why he was asked to wait there when a few minutes later, he heard a muffled noise from inside the room. A speaker seemed to be announcing his grand entrance. Great. He couldn't get any more nervous than this.
The large door opened and everything was hushed for a split second before the piercing noise of a thousand applause erupted.
Jungkook picked at his smoked salmon rotollos quietly asking himself why he had to attend a lifeless party. The room was palatial, sure, but the people inside it were all stiff and uninvolving.
He was thinking about sneaking off when suddenly, the lights turned down and deep yellow spotlights lit up the door.
The controversial son of the CEO stood outside, evidently overwhelmed by the attention directed at him. Jungkook's eyes squinted in his direction, trying to get a clear look at his face as there were lucious white flowers getting in the way of his view.
He could only make out a familiar body outline, not quite sure where he's seen it, and the man started to walk down the long hallway getting closer and closer to him.
He rounded the table, moving closer until he stood directly in front of Taehyung.
He was more than shocked to realize that it was him. The son of the CEO; the talk of the town. If Tae was heir to the company then that must mean...
Tae advanced to the end of the hall with a grave pace, somehow managing to put a smile on his face - all for the show.
He was looking at people here and there and was temporarily caught off guard when he locked eyes with someone he didn't expect to see. Jungkook was there, looking just as confused as he was.
As much as he wanted to run to him, he has a show he must finish. There will be a lot to discuss with him after the party. Jungkook shared the same knowing look and both boys nodded in agreement. Tae was somehow glad he was there.
The night proceeded just as boringly as it started but Jungkook already had a reason to stay. He kept looking at Tae from a safe distance, reassuring him every now and then that it was alright.
Minor promotions were announced and less important people were giving insubstantial presentations making Jungkook feel more exasperated. Thankfully, it all came to an end and the main host stood back on the platform, waited for everyone to settle and called the CEO for his speech
It all happened very quickly. The CEO announced the merging of two renowned companies in the Construction industry, that his son will be legally entitled to own his company and that he will be his successor when he retires.
It took a turn for the worse when his father announced that he was marrying off his son to his business partner's daughter. He even shared a convincing story about them being together for 5 long years. What a load of bullshit.
The crowd had mixed reactions towards all this but the only thing that mattered to Jungkook was how Tae must be feeling at that moment. He watched with great concern as Tae looked increasingly anxious, a mixture of panic and distress creeping up his face.
Jungkook made a move to approach Tae. At that moment he wasn't giving a fuck about what the people might think.
His steps were cut short when he saw Taehyung jump up from his seat, completely looking at a loss and disoriented before running towards the door like his life depended on it.
Jungkook texts Tae...
jungkook looks for tae 😩
still couldn't find him...
about time, jungkook 😩
Jungkook saw all of Jimin's messages but didn't have time to respond. He was too worried to care. He knew now where to find him and he cursed at himself for not thinking about it sooner.
//'I always go here whenever I want to clear my head. This is a secret spot...'//
Fuck! He should've come sooner.
When he reached the backless bench by the Jamwon River terrace, Taehyung wasn't there. He quartered back and forth, looking in all directions but couldn't find him.
There were only a few people around as it was already 2 in the morning. Negative thoughts kept nagging at the back of his mind and wouldn’t let him settle. Jungkook decided to check his phone to see if Jimin has arrived.
but he sees Tae's messages instead
Jungkook didn't know what to feel after reading Tae's message.

There was an ache in his chest.
Jungkook ran towards Hangang Bridge with tears in his eyes, desperately hoping he wasn't too late.
Jungkook has heard about biodegradable burial pods that turn your body into a tree after you die. He thought it was impressive and the greatest thing since sliced bread. Who wouldn't want to be a tree after they die?
Jungkook was standing in front of a burial tree, cold summer wind creeping into his bones. Everything around him was green except for a few resplendent and unusual flowers springing up in mushy grounds. Jungkook raised his head while sniffing the damp, clean mountain air.
It has been a year and a lot has changed since then. Jin and Namjoonie got married at last, after 5 long years of being together.
Yoongi hyung got into a relationship with Jimin and both were inseparable, disgustingly wild, to say the least. Jungkook snorted dryly at the thought.
Hobi now owned a donut shop and his donuts became a big hit. Jungkook couldn't remember when it started but he's been eating stale donuts every night for a few months now, courtesy of Hobi.
Everyone was happy.

Everyone was doing well.
The peaceful moment was interrupted by a wheezing sound coming from behind him. He turned around, just as Taehyung came to a stop, clearly out of breath from running.
'Tae, what took you long?' Jungkook pouted playfully, knowing full well it was Tae's weakness.
'Baby, the fucking car is at the bottom of this mountain. I tried to run back as fast as I could.'
Tae gave a breathy sigh and lazily grabbed Jungkook's hands to pull him into a hug.
'I was just kidding. Why would you leave the flowers in the car anyway?' Tae felt Jungkook's devilish smile in the crook of his neck.
He slid his hands down Jungkook's waist and tickled him. The other boy squeaked loudly, leaping backwards.
The boys' giggles were echoing through the quiet mountain where Tae's father was burried. He was shot after the company party. After further investigation, it turned out Tae's father had a lot of enemies in the business.
A whistleblower had said this after the burial. Being his father's only family left, Taehyung inhereted the company. He decided to sell it as there was too much politics going on within and he wasn't the type to deal with that kind of bullshit.
The night when his father was shot was also the same night Tae decided to end his life. Fortunately, Jungkook got to him in time to yank him back to the ground, to reality, and talk some sense into him.
It took a lot of fighting and screaming and you-don't-understands but everything turned out well in the end.
'Dad, we're going on a trip tomorrow.' Tae said as he bent down to put the flowers in between the roots that sprang up from the ground.
'To Hawaii.' Jungkook added.
'We'll be there for a week. We'll see you when we get back.'
'Tae, what if your dad still doesn't like me?' Jungkook asked nervously, not leaving his eyes off the tree in front of him.
Tae held Jungkook's chin, gently forcing him to look his way.
He then cupped Jungkook's cheeks and gave him a long, soft kiss before telling him how perfect he was and that he didn't need to worry because anyone in their right mind would immediately fall for an adorable bunny like him.
Jungkook was immediately comforted by that.
They stayed for a while, talking about all the little things before they decided to go home.
the trip to Hawaii + the start of ship names
#taekook #taekookau #vkook #taekook au
yoonmin coming throughhh
#yoonmin #taekook #vkook #taekook au
enter namjin 😍
#namjin #taekook #taekook au #vkook
aweee poor hobi we love u! 😘
taekook is the best unit
taekook is real lol 😍
the end 💜💜💜
thank u so much for all the love and support. honestly, it came to a point when i wanted to abandon this au because self-esteem 🙄 and i felt like it wasnt good enough. but wow i actually have readers and feedback so i thought i shouldn't leave u hanging. thank u again uwu! 😭
i'm working on a yoonmin au..feel free to give me feedback bdw..i take them constructively 💜💜💜
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