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After his number got leaked, Jungkook, member of a famous band, blocks every single delulu fan who messages him directly on Whatsapp. One night, however, he makes an exception when he receives a drunk text from a gorgeous fan named Kim Taehyung.
#taekook #taekookau
insipired by:
*inspired lol
a few notes:
-jungkook is straight (but not for long)
-only vmin knows each other
-the rest of the boys are band members
-contains cursing, nsfw, smut, some nonsense contents and maybe polls

now let's start this shit 😏
jungkook's number gets leaked
stan confirms jungkook's blocking spree 😂
meanwhile, vmin goes home from a party
#vmin #vkook #taekook #taekookau
nobody's going anywhere tae
tae texts jungkook
#taekook #taekookau
jungkook texts joonie hyung for advice
#taekook #taekookau
jungkook proved to be hard-headed 😂
show yourself, coward!
#taekook #taekookau
jungkook is...catfishing? 🤔
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
yep! he's catfishing smh 🙄
#taekook #taekookau
jungkook, your indirects are too obvious. that don't look straight to me 😒
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
the morning after, tae apologizes
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
poor tae says it all 😖
same tae, same 😔
#taekook #taekookau
and what are you trying to deny, exactly? 🤔
jungkook is confused and almost tells yoongi hyung how he feels
tae texts jungkook again
#taekook #taekookau
oh wow look at that he posted a selca 😏
jungkook sees tae's comment and stalks his account 😏
#taekookau #vkook #taekook
i dare you to send them, jungkook! 😏
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
i can feel tae's hyperventilation from here
🤣🤣🤣 #taekook #taekookau
i once read that being pitied is more miserable than being hated *cuts onions*
the next day, our boy tweets about his favorite food 😋
jimin has to be kidding, right?
#taekook #taekookau
no shit sherlock 😱
our gorgeous boy got himself a stalker 😏
#taekook #taekookau
jimin is a hot (🔥) cop
#taekook #taekookau
suspect number 1: park seo joon
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
suspect number 2: park hyungsik
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
suspect number 3: choi min-ho
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
suspect number 4: park bogum 🤔
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
meanwhile in yoonkook land...
so who do u think it is? 😏
cop jimin reporting for duty
jimin is relatable 😭😭😭
#taekook #taekookau
tae is on the verge of giving up 😞
#taekook #taekookau
a childhood friend stirs the quiet waters
jungkook goes to yoongi hyung for advice and he 🤔
#taekook #taekookau
yoongi holds a meeting 🤣🤣🤣
#taekook #taekookau
that meme tho...
#taekook #taekookau
yoongi's last to know 😂
#taekook #taekookau #vkook
gsbshdslslsbd sorry for the typos and wrong chatbox/s and grammar and gsbzksosdkkd im sleepy so this chapter kinda flopped lmao bye 😂 will update tomorrow
saturday came and tae is drunk again smh 🙄
this looks like it's going somewhere 🤔
#taekookau #taekook taekook nsfw 🔞🔞🔞
gsbdldldnspwlsn what 🔞🔞🔞
#taekook #taekookau taekook au nsfw
tae is dom 🔞🔞🔞
#taekookau #taekook taekook au nsfw
deep 🔞🔞🔞
#taekook #TaekookAu taekook au nsfw
tell him, kookie :(
the next day, kookie still goes out with ji-eun.
dont be mad guys, they're childhood friends after all 🙂 just a friendly date
yoongi hyung you shouldn't have 🤦‍♀️
soulmate comes to rescue tae
#vmin #taekookau #taekook
jungkook texts tae and they fight??
#taekook #taekookau
why don't you just fucking tell him, jungkook?!?
#taekook #taekookau
oh nooo 😩
tae goes out with bogum smh 😩
jungkook sees and hides in the bathroom 😩
#taekookau #taekook
jungkook confesses but yoongi hyung understands 😞
#taekook #taekookau
yoongi, i know exactly what your undelivered message means
#taekook #taekookau
yoongi hyung, this is your fault 😤
they're doing it again smdh 🙄 🔞🔞🔞
#taekook #taekookau nsfw
we know, tae 😏 🔞🔞🔞
#taekook #taekookau nsfw
jk is a good baby boy and tae is dom. that's it. that's the tweet. 🔞🔞🔞
#taekookau #taekook
where did u get that gun, moochi? i'd like to order one
our cute little moochi is the voice of reason
#vmin #taekookau #TaeKook
joonie, we're sorry for your loss
i can't with this group 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️
day 27...
send it, tae 🙄
jungkook is poetic he should write a song 🤔
#taekook #vkook #taekookau
yeah, that's what i said
#TaeKook #VKook #taekookau
i live for yoonkook 😭😭😭
#yoonkook #taekookau
im working on some smut but im always curious to know 🤔
perhaps he snapped
#vmin #taekookau
taehyungie? that's familiar 🤔
ughh! i knew it 😏
jimin, i suggest you dont say another word until you know exactly who you're talking to 🤦‍♀️
#yoonmin #taekookau
i am 100% convinced that jimin and taehyung are soulmates 🤦‍♀️ #yoonmin #taekookau
there, there...
The next day after school, Taehyung came home to a package waiting for him by the door. There was a note on it that says 'Track #3 is for you.'
Setting the black bag on the counter, he opened the package to see a cover that was all too familiar to him. Teasers and posters of BTS' new album have been flooding twitter for months but it wasn't due to come out until the last week of August.
Realization dawned on him and he knew exactly who the package was from.

It was strangely quiet for a moment, quiet except for the ridiculously loud beating of his heart.
With trembling fingers, Taehyung carefully took out the CD from its case and placed it into the laptop. He went over the contents of the album and found the track he was looking for: Track 3: 'The Truth Untold.'
Feeling a cold quease in his stomach he squirmed in his chair and with bated breath, clicked on play. The soft longing melody in the beginning was fitting perfectly into the dark hauntingly somber atmosphere of the apartment.
And I know
All of your warmth is true
I want to hold
Your hand picking the blue flower
Taehyung didn't realize how much he missed Jungkook until he heard him sing again. He's kept himself from listening to his songs to avoid the hurt.
It’s my fate
Don’t smile to me
Lie to me
Because I can’t get closer to you
There’s no name you can call me
You know that I can’t
Show you me
Give you me
I can’t show you a ruined part of myself
Once again I put a mask again and go to see you

But I still want you
Quietly cursing, he put his elbows on the table and rested his head in his hands. He felt the urge to hold Jungkook in his arms as his eyes began to well up with tears.
What I can do is
In the garden
In this world
I bloom a pretty flower that looks like you
And breathe as the me that you know
But I still want you
I still want you
Maybe back then
A little
Just this much
If I had the courage to stand before you
Would everything be different now
But I still want you
And I still want you
When the song died to a melancholic end, Tae broke out in feverish sobs, his chest tightening as tears streamed down his face. 'I still want you.' He could still hear Jungkook's despaired, pleading voice singing the words.
If Jungkook's intentions weren't clear to him back then, they were now. Jungkook wanted him. The attraction was mutual but the feeling of shame blinded him terribly that he didn't care to listen to what Jungkook has to say.
He wiped his face with the back of his hand and grabbed for his phone, secretly hoping it wasn't too late for them.
will you date me?
#taekookau #taekook #vkook
from cheesy to dirty in 0.526373 seconds
#taekook #taekookau
jungkook goes to see tae
no time for games 🔞🔞🔞
#taekookau #taekook smut
tae, we've already established who's fvking who 🔞🔞🔞 #taekookau #taekook smut
'I wasn't called a tiger for no reason.'
🔞🔞🔞 #taekook #taekookau smut
jiminie goes apeshit as predicted
#taekook #taekookau
yoongi hyung is straightforward 😎
#yoonmin #taekookau
fast forward to 3 months...
#taekook #vkook #taekookau
soft uwu hours my ass - kim taetae
#taekook #taekookau
aaaand our baby says it 💜
fast forward to 6 months...
#yoonmin #taekookau
no more hiding...taekook is real...
#taekook #taekookau
the truth has been told...taekook is the best unit
#taekook #taekookau
the end 💜💜💜
thank u, everyone! writing an au isn't easy but i get strength from all your hearts and quoted tweets and really sweet feedback..i write to show my love for taekook and i'm glad for your support..i purple you all! 💜💜💜 yoonmin au up next!
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