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🔞Namjin NSFW AU🔞
▪▪[Lustful Love]▪▪

Jin as a camboy trying to open his new business but found himself got cheated and got into a debt. Namjoon came into his picture, to save him or to slave him?
#namjin #rapjin #namjinNSFW #namjinAU
This AU is created as a celebration to thank you guys for 1K followers to this nsfw Jin dedicated account! Cheers to bottom Jin ❤
TW: Prostitution; maybe light bdsm; forceful rough sex; graphic legit p*rn vids

▪ignore time stamp and hair color of the characters
▪First AU, pls go easy on me ^^
▪Please dont report if u dont like it. Just block me pls.
▪All BTS acc are blocked
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「 How I Met You 」• #yoonkook au
《This is a fictional work and in no way true. I do not encourage ship wars either. Please keep in mind that the only real bts ship is ot7xot7. Enjoy!!》
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#Namjin au where drunk namjoon gets a little bit (VERY) excited doing karaoke during a company dinner and ends up embarrassing himself in front of his company’s CEO kim seokjin
FINALLY a namjin au. We made it everyone ✊🏻. This is inspired by me seeing those photos next to each other in my camera roll lmao and more importantly I’m literally writing this to feed my kink of seokjin in suits.

joon, jimin, yoongi, hoseok, tae and jeongguk are all in the team — yoongi is their chief and in direct contact w/ seokjin (close with him personally too)

Jeongguk is SJ’s cousin but no one really knows

tw— ALOT of cursing

Also ignore all timestamps

Now let’s REALLY start
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yoonmin au

Bad boy Min Yoongi was cursed to turn into a cat every night and the only way to break it is to make a cat lover fall in love with him before it reaches 100 days.

#yoonminau #YoonMin fluff, comedy, nsfw (?), smut (?)
i'm gonna start this in a few hours coz i'm sleepy lol goodnight 🙀
the usual notes before i start:
-everyone knows everyone (one way or another)
-i'm thinking of smut coz as u know, my other aus they all smutty but let's see (if it cant be helped)
-contains cursing, angst, nsfw (?) idk i guess ++
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#TAEGI AU where out and proud idol Agust D is looking for a male actor to play his love interest in his new music video.
1) Question!
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yoonmin au where soft, innocent jimin and bad boy rapper yoongi exchange bodies after a magical experiment gone wrong. both agreed to try and live each other's lives peacefully until a wrong tweet changes everything.
#yoonmin #yoonminau fluff, comedy, nsfw (?), smut (?) 🤔
-date and timestamps are not important
-coz im generous, this will have smut 🔞
-i update daily or every other day if busy
-this might be as lame as me so im sorry 😂
-u can reply or quote whichever works
who knows who:
yoongi, hobi, namjoon
jimin, taekook, jin
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taekook au where bad boy heir Kim Taehyung decides to look for a sextmate coz he is bored and ends up with Jungkook, an obedient sub, who also happens to be his father's assistant.

#taekook au #taekook #vkook taekook social media au smut nsfw 🔞🔞🔞
I will start this in a few hours coz I need to sleep now lol 😘
who knows who:
tae, jimin, hobi
jungkook, yoongi, jin, joonie
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bts au where varsity track jungkook finds out he has a crush on varsity basketball yoongi

thing is, taehyung likes jungkook while jimin likes yoongi, and these troublesome boys won’t let things go easy

can jungkook finish the race to yoongi’s heart?

#yoonkookweek #sugakookie
sophomore kook, juniors vmin, senior yoongi
yoongi shuts it down real quick
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Taekook AU :Youtubers Sequel (pinned 1st) Jungkook & Taehyung are known as the King & Queen of Youtube. Kook spoils tae rotten with gifts & trips,fans turn toxic, tae gets his first acting job and yoonmin having trouble in their shared mansion.

#taekook #vkook #kookv #yoonmin
this is the sequel to the first taekook youtubers au (see pinned). Story will contain:
-slight nsfw but nothing too explicit
Also my cc is open if you have any suggestions or want to request something in particular for this au ,, ily and ty for all the love 💕
nobody can tell tae that he can’t bring his fave Gucci shirts camping noBODY

#taekook #vkook #kookv #yoonmin #namjin
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(taekook au ft. yoonmin)
Taehyung and Jungkook are Korea’s hottest solo artists. One day, they are spotted together at the airport and rumors start to spread.

They share no similar schedules though. Then why? Who set this up? Jimin and Yoongi, their CEOs.

#btsau #kookv #vkook
Taehyung is signed under Jimin’s label. Jungkook is signed under Yoongi’s label.
min ceo don’t play
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Taekook au where Rising Vlogger!Taehyung meets the cocky ‘King of Youtube’ Jungkook (with over 50 million subs) at the YouTube Fanfest World Tour. They get off on the wrong foot at the Creator’s Party and spend the rest of the tour bickering.

#taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung’s channel is mostly daily vlogs, beauty and a few VEVOs.
(His inspiration is Edward Avila)
Jungkook was a gaming channel but nowadays he often posts memes and the occasional vlog.
(His inspo is PewDiePie)
First stop Amsterdam! 95er’s and skewer buddies unknowingly at the same airport
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