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1) What if @Comey was never investigating @Realdonaldtrump but we missed the clues because of our own perceptions. Each political side assumed one of them was dirty, either Trump had colluded or Comey framed him. What if they were both in the right? Working together in 2017!
@Comey @realDonaldTrump 2) What if the evidence indicates that @Comey was conducting a Counterintelligence case against senior Obama officials & Congressional leaders. As my friend @Joestradamus says, it’s like watching the 6th Sense, once you understand the plot you will notice all the other clues!
@Comey @realDonaldTrump @Joestradamus 3) What if both sides got it half wrong? What if Trump never colluded with the Russians & Comey never tried to investigate Trump for collusion? Let’s look at the facts without assuming anyone is guilty, you might be surprised how many people are wearing White Hats!
@Comey @realDonaldTrump @Joestradamus 4) I want to start with a short series of answers James Comey provided to Congress before he was fired. Most people who dug into the details ‘knew’ Comey had to be lying, because his facts did not quite add up. This narrative was adopted by a lot of people including myself.
@Comey @realDonaldTrump @Joestradamus 5) Congresswoman Stefanick asked a very interesting question of FBI Director James Comey on March 20th, 2017. If you haven’t watched this, you should before moving on. Why didn’t he brief Congress’s Gang of 8 during quarterly briefings on sensitive cases?
@Comey @realDonaldTrump @Joestradamus 6)Comey explained that he relied upon a practice that he had to brief the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) first, then the White House National Security Advisor (WH NSA), then he could brief the Gang of 8 (Go8). But he claimed we did not have a DNI until recently.
@Comey @realDonaldTrump @Joestradamus 7)Rep. Stefanick doubted his claim that the AD of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap decided it was a sensitive case. Pointing out that the Go8 briefings were developed to hear the most sensitive cases. Most people assumed Comey lied about his reasoning for not briefing Congress.
8)But the evidence, that I will lay out below, shows that Comey was never investigating Trump & had to conceal the case from the real targets of the Counterintelligence investigation. Until the targets of the investigation moved out of the govt. positions who required briefings!
9) So Comey did not mean the US did not have a DNI between July 2016 & March 2017. What if he meant, he did not have a DNI he could brief about the case he was investigating? How could the case be too sensitive to tell the the DNI or Acting DNI? That is left for us to decide.
10) But Comey made it clear, he couldn’t brief the DNI until Trump appointee Dan Coates was sworn in on 3/16/17. Why could a Trump appointee know about the case but it was too sensitive to tell Obama appointees? Were they suspects? Too close to the targets? We’ll soon see.
11) It seems clear that Comey meant we did not have a DNI that he could share THIS case with. The CI case Comey was investigating was so sensitive that he could not brief the Obama Admin Director of National Intelligence. Nor with his Obama appointed deputy who became Acting DNI.
12) The DNI until 1/20/17 was James Clapper, now CNN contributer, who asked Comey to brief President Elect Trump on the Steele Dossier on 1/6/17 while allegedly leaking that briefing to @CNN.…
@CNN 13) Comey also started to writing his memos that he later leaked after being fired. These memos repeatedly note that he was not investigating Trump. Me makes clear that his job was to protect the President from the Russian efforts to coerce him.…
@CNN 14) Clapper was replaced by Acting DNI Mike Dempsey, a 20+ year veteran of the CIA who had moved to ODNI during the Obama Admin, becoming a Deputy Director in 2014. He was Obama’s primary briefer & left the ODNI to join The Council on Foreign Relations.…
@CNN 15) But Clapper & Dempsey already knew about the Trump Russia Collusion case, yet Comey couldn’t brief them on his Russian Interference investigation? That would indicate not only a separate case, but that they were implicated in (or associated with targets) of the 2nd CI case.
@CNN 16) So if he could not brief them, Comey could have gone to the person the DNI reports to National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Comey participated in meetings with Rice & Clapper about the CI Case into Russian Election Interference & Trump Collusion.…
@CNN 17) Rice was deep into the secret response to Collusion case, but Comey didn’t think he could brief her without compromising his other sensitive investigation? That is extremely telling, in light of the fact that Rice was leading the Obama WH response to collusion.
@CNN 18) Comey could also have briefed Congress, but he had a second excuse, this case was too sensitive to tell the Gang of 8: Ryan, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, Nunes, Schiff, Burr & Feinstein. The people he is supposed to tell about sensitive intelligence matters!
@CNN 19) But how could that be if CIA Director Brennan was briefing the Gang of 8 on the Trump Russia Collusion case? Why could Brennan tell them about Russia, but Comey could not?

Because Comey was not investigating Trump Collusion!
@CNN 20) Senator Harry Reid reacted to a Brennan briefing by sending a highly publicized letter to Comey demanding he investigate the Trump Russia connections. Reid has said he was certain that is exactly what Brennan wanted him to do. Make this sensitive case hit the news!
@CNN 21) Then in March 2017, Comey briefed the Go8 about the case too sensitive for Congress. What changed? Well one person changed on the Gang of 8. On 1/3/17, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) left the Go8 to chair the appropriations committee passing the torch to Sen. Mark Warner.
@CNN 22) The departure of Feinstein made the case no longer too sensitive to brief to the Go8. Interesting, since her former Staffer Dan Jones left his SSCI job & was running a $50 million effort to pay Fusion GPS to get Trump for Russian Collusion.…
@CNN 23) What is the big secret Comey had to keep from Obama appointees & allies involved in investigating Trump for colluding with the Russians?
That Comey's Russia investigation wasn’t investigating Trump.
From Comey’s leaked memos! Written after the hearing in the video above.
@CNN 24) Why could they not know that? It seems clear that FBI Director Comey was investigating the people who were investigating Trump! And Comey was not the only one who was working to get the Russians & their colluders who tried to damage Trump’s chance of winning the election.
@CNN 25) As always, I’ll rely on the timelines & get as much primary sourcing as possible. But we did not recognize in 2017, that the young Trump Admin & White Hats across the govt were taking the offensive & unraveling the plot. The Swamp fought back but mostly bumbled into the trap!
@CNN 26) The outgoing Obama Admin tried desperately to get information about Trump & Russia into the hands of their allies. This included changing information sharing rules, putting their allies in key places, & blocking Trump appointees from access to national security information.
@CNN 27) On 1/5/17, President Obama (with Susan Rice & VP Biden) orders FBI Director Comey & DAG Sally Yates to conceal National Security information on the Russia case from the Trump Admin team.…
@CNN 28) On 1/30/17, President Trump fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, reportedly for defying his order on the Travel Ban. But it is also likely he was removing her to cripple her role in the conspiracy against Trump.
@CNN 29) Yates' dismissal makes US Attorney for EDVA Dana Boente the Acting Attorney General, putting him in charge of the Russia case (cases). What cases had he previously been working? Wikileaks, CIA contractors doing illegal About Queries, & the Manafort case Mueller took over.
@CNN 30) Boente seems like the perfect prosecutor to hand the collusion case, except the Obama Administration tried to prevent him from leading the case or the DOJ.…
@CNN 31) So President Trump placed Boente in charge of the DOJ, replacing Obama’ lackey Yates, with the one person Obama didn’t want investigating Russian Collusion. From that point forward, there is a subtle shift to out the conspirators.
@CNN 32) Who would be the chief holdover in the DOJ after Yates is removed? David H. Laufmann, Counterintelligence Section of the National Security Division & his friend Bruce Ohr. What do they do as soon as Yates is fired, start working with an agent for the Russians & Deripaska!
@CNN 33) Waldman also represented Christopher Steele, author of the Trump Dossier. Steele had also been hired by Oleg Deripaska’s lawyer to write intelligence to convince the US he wasn’t a Russian mobster. Intelligence he passed on to his friends at MI6, DOJ, State & FBI.
@CNN 34) Chris Steele reached out to Ohr after Yates was fired to make sure he hadn’t been implicated too. Asks him for help preventing a disaster if their unidentified guy is forced back home. Who is that? A few theories below!
@CNN 35) Number one probability based on their actions is Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Waldman’s other guy doesn’t want to be forced back home. Would England be motivated to force Assange home to Australia in Jan. 2017 to hide both countries' roles in #spygate?
@CNN 36) Putin's Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska hired Adam Waldman in 2009, reportedly because Waldman was close to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.…
@CNN 37) Waldman was in DC on 2/3/17 attempting to work a deal for his ‘clients’. Looks like this registered Russian agent is at the Constitution Ave. entrance to the RFK DOJ HQ. His project, get Assange to cooperate with DOJ.…
@CNN 38) 3 hours later DOJ's David Laufmann is reaching out to Adam Waldman, registered agent for Russia & Oleg Deripaska.
Their goal? Get Julian Assange to not release information on the CIA’s Vault 7 cyberweapons. Maybe even get him into US custody to control what he releases!
@CNN 39) So these senior Obama Admin holdovers were attempting to negotiate with Assange to prevent him from leaking information about CIA hacking programs!
@CNN 40) Meanwhile @GenFlynn who was targeted by Yates is subjected to leaks of classified info & a suspicious interview w FBI's Peter Strzok. Questions which Strzok later alleged Flynn lied about, not knowing Comey had testified that Flynn told the truth. Flynn resigns on 2/13/17.
@CNN @GenFlynn 41) I think the real reason that Flynn left is because there was a FISA on Flynn & it was being used to spy on the White House. Comey's memos say he told the WH about the FISA on 2/8/17. Imagine what intelligence you’d get within 2 FISA hops of the National Security Advisor?
@CNN @GenFlynn 42) Comey then made sure to document in his memo that someone was spying on secure WH communications & leaking that information. Directly spying on the President's discussions with foreign leaders!
@CNN @GenFlynn 43) Comey’s next memo on 2/14/17 again touched on surveillance of the White House. Again segueing from @GenFlynn to intercepts of secure White House Communications. They were going to fix the leaks by getting AG Sessions to be more aggressive against reporters.
@CNN @GenFlynn 44) If you read my previous thread, you would know that there a 6-month chain of events related to efforts to spy on & even bug the Trump White House throughout 2017. Resulting in several White House remodeling projects to eradicate "bugs" or flies!…
@CNN @GenFlynn 45) On 2/14/17, a new player enters the discussions around Julian Assange, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, Vice Chair of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee. The person who replaced Feinstein as Vice Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence & the Gang of 8!
@CNN @GenFlynn 46) As others have noted, Warner used an encrypted app, set to autodelete all the texts & records. So why do we have these texts? Sources say Waldman provided them.

Surely a member of the Go8 would know this conversation would be intercepted by NSA!

Enter a new White Hat?
@CNN @GenFlynn 47) So Warner engages Adam Waldman on the Assange Wikileaks case. Certainly knowing that the NSA could intercept his communications with an agent for Russia. He had to know everything they said would be evidence in Comey's CI case!
@CNN @GenFlynn 48) Waldman quickly makes it a partisan issue, knowing he is talking to a Democrat. Noting how Assange’s planned leak of Vault 7 would be devastating for Obama, Democrats, & the CIA. Yes, Warner was keeping Comey in the loop on his discussions!
@CNN @GenFlynn 49)What was Vault 7, the evidence that the CIA had tools so it could pretend to be Russian intelligence when it hacked into things. Leaving Russian fingerprints, now how could that be bad for Dems & Obama in the Collusion case? Crowdstrike's attribution of the DNC Hack!
@CNN @GenFlynn 50) Well Waldman comes back to DC & wants to get together with Warner. Plus 2 people we are uncertain of their identity. Jack & BB. Some have made the case that BB is Robert Bauer, high profile Democrat lawyer.
@CNN @GenFlynn 51) Then Assange leaks a warning shot about Vault 7. Warner is now positioned to gather valuable information to know what Waldman & Obama holdovers in DOJ are cooking up! Warner got access even a dinner meeting on the 18th!!!
@CNN @GenFlynn 52) Warner made the contacts with Waldman, then alerted Comey! Warner followed Comey’s stand down order about Assange the guy who poses a threat to Obama, Dems & CIA. Warner then became involved in helping Waldman’s other, other guy!…
@CNN @GenFlynn 53) While this is going on, the #Spygate case starts to see daylight. With the 3/1/17 @NYT story on Obama trying to ‘preserve’ the evidence on collusion by spreading it around. That’s why you have all the leaking!…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT 54)They also use it to take shots at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, part of an effort to get him recused from the case. He recuses from the case the next day 3/2/17. But the Republicans go on the offensive.
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT 55) On 3/2/17 @CarterWPage gives an interview to reveal his letter to the DOJ Civil Rights Division portraying spying on him as an attempt to rig the election. He wrote a similar letter to a European human rights group on 10/26/16.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage 56) On 3/3/17, @RealdonaldTrump tweets about Schumer & Pelosi’s ties to Russia reminding everyone of the Dems involvement with the people he was supposed to be colluding with! Was this a warning shot at two Gang of 8 members?
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump 57)On 3/4/17 Trump announces that Obama had wiretapped him! Charges the Democrats were quick to deny!

Walking into the trap that was already set.
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump 58) 3/5/17 @AndrewCMcCarthy was quick to point out the many stories about the wiretapping that the media had already covered. The allegations of #spygate caused serious panic among Democrats & IC leaders involved!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 59) On 3/6 Senator Chuck Grassley’s letter to Comey with questions about claims the FBI had been paying Steele to investigate Trump!…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 60) On 3/7 Christopher Steele & Bruce Ohr are very worried about the Grassley letter investigating the FBI's use of Steele as a source. We now know Ohr was used to launder Steele's reporting into the FBI for 7 months after the FBI fired Steele as a source.
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 61) The war of words over political spying heats up & continues today. The Dems excuses have been evolving with the releases of facts: from no wiretaps, to incidental collection, to court ordered FISA, to National Security Letters, to surely that FISA was legit, to............
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 62) On 3/09/17 Someone filed a complaint at the FBI about a leak to the media, reporting things Andrew McCabe allegedly said about Trump & Flynn. Quotes published in True Pundit on 3/14 resulting in starting an investigation on 3/15.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 63) This was not a leak by McCabe about Flynn & Trump. It was a leak of the comments "F' Flynn then we F' Trump" by McCabe, should have forced a recusal from the Trump case by McCabe, but he apparently out maneuvers this & continues involvement w the case.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 64) Waldman confesses to Comey's operative Senator Mark Warner that he has had lots of dealing with the DOJ for his Russian Client. That clients is probably Oleg Deripaska, Putin's Oligarch who spent years working with then FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on covert operations!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 65) Following Comey's stand down order, Warner's efforts settle on arranging a private talk with Chris Steele, author of the Trump dossier. Who also worked for Deripaska to influence the US government!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 66) Over the course of the messages, Warner tries to insist on a call or meeting with Steele first, before offering him a letter from the committee to get him to testify. Claims he doesn’t want a paper trail, I suspect he wanted to wear a wire w Steele to discuss certain facts!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 67) Dan Coates, Trump’s appointee for Director of National Intelligence is sworn in on 3/16/17. Comey briefs him immediately on his case, briefs the Gang of 8 & announces he will provide testimony to HPSCI on 3/20. About the case he could not brief to Clapper, Rice or Feinstein
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 68) 3/17/18, briefing of the Senate Intel Committee leadership, including Senator Warner results in them being provided the Carter Page FISA & it’s immediate leak. Was it an authorized leak to confirm campaign wiretapping?…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 69) Christopher Steele begins to panic, that Comey’s testimony would breach firewalls that were put in place. Like that 1/5/17 Obama order to hide intelligence from the Trump Administration?…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 70) 3/16/17 Former FBI Agent & Feinstein SSCI staffer meets with Waldman on behalf of a group of Democrat Donors from Silicon Valley & George Soros’ effort to use Fusion GPS as a “shadow media organization helping the government”
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 71) Democrats who now know about the Page FISA try & preempt Comey’s testimony by focusing on Trump’s wiretapping tweets. They focus on defining his tweet as saying there were hard wiretaps inserted into Trump Tower. Pretending a FISA wasn't wiretapping!…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 72) Comey goes on the record saying that leaks about the case are false. Which is then followed by more false leaks with a narrative about Collusion.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 73) The hearings make sure to remind people that Clapper said there was no evidence of Collusion. The 3/20/17 hearing & earlier briefings seem to be designed to end the narrative. But failed to stop the Collusion narrative.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 74)@Realdonaldtrump weighed in on Twitter to remind everyone that there was no collusion!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 75)The hearings do trigger a range of other activity to reveal the wiretapping. On 3/21/17, Nunes takes a phone call from the WH & then switches cars in the street. Leaving his staff to go to the WH SCIF.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 76) Nunes then holds 2 press conferences & a briefing for President Trump on 3/22/17 to reveal the unmasking scandal based on the information he was provided.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 77) Ranking Member Adam Schiff complains about Chairman Devin Nunes not briefing him, while Senator McCain calls for a select committee to get the investigation out of independent minded Congressional hands.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy 78) Someone in the Comey briefings fights back by leaking stories alleging contacts between Trump Campaign & Russia. Contacts that have since been disproved or shown to involve Western intelligence agents pretending to be Russians. @GeorgePapa19…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 79) A big focus of the leaks is Swamp Creature Paul Manafort, who infiltrated the Trump Campaign, probably in an effort to sabotage it for his 'friends.' Like, Oleg Deripaska who Manafort hoped would forgive his debt for passing intel on Trump to Russia.
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 80) While McCabe, Page & Strzok were leaking against Trump. The Page/Strzok texts indicate that they were not the leakers of that little bit & suspect it was Dems on Gang of 8. It's possible that the leaker is Schiff one of the Gang of 8, who leaks.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 81) McCabe also fights back by initiating a criminal investigation of Attorney General Session for Perjury about Russia. An investigation requested by partisan Democrats.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 82) Nunes on Hannity "I felt like I had a duty and obligation to tell him, because, as you know, he's taking a lot of heat in the news media, I think to some degree there are some things he should look at to see whether, in fact, he thinks the collection was proper or not."
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 83) On 3/24/17 Nunes cancels an open hearing with ODNI Clapper, CIA’s Brennan, & DOJ’s Yates. Not sure why but he may have wanted to solidify facts before questioning them!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 84) Waldman reaches out to Warner again to discuss “Paul” probably Paul Manafort. He also explains that Oleg Deripaska wants to meet Warner to help! Warner had to know this was likely to be intercepted, so he must have been in the clear for his Russian Collusion as a sting!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 85) While Deripaska is in London, Waldman has an idea. I expect we will soon learn about what an interesting idea they had!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 86)Warner continues his efforts to get a private meeting with Waldman & Steele as a condition for a letter asking him to testify. He tried so hard it almost looks like a set up! I think it was a set up to catch Deripaska's agents!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 87) On 3/27 in midst of all of this release. Dem operatives go after Jared Kushner. First for Russian collusion then for Chinese collusion! @jaredkushner……
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner 88) This is part of #spygate2 to continue spying on members of the administration to attack on any front. It involves many of the same characters, Strzok, Stzrok's wife, even DOJ prosecutors in NY!…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner 89) In the middle of this, former NSA official John Schindler @20committee out of the blue but linked to Kushner, he reposts a link to an article about Evgeny Buryakov, the Russian spy apprehended in 2015 in NY. A case involving @carterwpage & an FBI undercover casino sting!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee 90) Buryakov could identify the FBI undercover assets he dealt with as part of the FBI’s Wealthy Atlantic City Casino Investor Russian Collusion sting. FBI assets likely named Donald Trump, Felix Sater, & Michael Cohen!…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee 91) Huh, a federal prisoner that could identify who the 3 FBI undercover assets were who infiltrated VEB to catch the Russians violating sanctions. Yep Russian Collusion was an FBI covert operation to catch Russian spies, mobsters & moles in @FBI & @DOJ!…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj 92) Now how could Schindler & others know that the DOJ was secretly working to release Buryakov & send him back to Russia? How did the Democrat bots know to comment on the thread & link his release to a narrative that it was a Trump plot to hide collusion?…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj 93) On 3/29/17, the NYT identifies Flynn operative Ezra Cohen-Watkins as the source of Nunes’ access to the WH SCIF documents. He is now a Counterintelligence advisor to Attorney General Jeff Sessions!…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj 94) Schindler also returns to the story on the 29th! VEB is part of the Kremlin, but it was also caught in the FBI's undercover Wealthy Atlantic City Casino Investor Russian Collusion sting!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj 95) On 3/30/17, the day before Russian spy Buryakov is released. His judge finally signs and posts a transcript from a hearing about his lawyers’ conflict of interests to the case file from 2015. Judge was worried they represented Russia not the defendant.…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj 96) On 3/31 Waldman discusses Deripaska’s distrust of the US government. His Manafort news, is about delivering something to his contact at DOJ about Manafort in exchange for actions about “his other other guy”?

Was this a bribe to secure the release of Buryakov?
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj 97) It seems like Deripaska & Waldman are trading incriminating information on Paul Manafort for the release of Russian Spy Evgeni Buryakov! With their DOJ contact? Was it Lauffman or Ohr?
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj 98) Someone at DOJ wanted Deripaska to turn over evidence so they could get Manafort to further the Collusion narrative. Someone also wanted a Russian spy to not be available to confirm who the FBI undercover casino assets were. FBI assets that appear to be Trump, Sater, & Cohen!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj 99) While it is possible, I think there is no way Senator @MarkWarner would have participated in those conversations as a Go8 member, knowing the NSA’s surveillance capabilities. Unless he was running a sting on Waldman to confirm who at DOJ was working for Deripaska’s interests.
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj @MarkWarner 100)Comey’s memos resume on 3/30/17 discussing that Comey told the Congressional leadership, Go8 what they were doing & that it wasn’t investigating Trump. It is clear, Comey's CI case was not about @realDonaldTrump
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj @MarkWarner 101)Comey even called AAG Dana Boente to update him on the case & the President’s conversation.
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj @MarkWarner 102)On 4/7/17, Assange released the remainder of the Vault 7 documents. Ending the efforts by many to secure his silence on that issue & his delivery to custody.
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj @MarkWarner 103)The leaks put together an interesting narrative around CIA hacking capabilities. Maybe the same ones used to spy on the Trump team or fake the DNC hack?…
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj @MarkWarner 104)The leaks revealed that secure messaging apps were vulnerable to hacking, just like I am sure Senator Warner knew before he conducted his conversations with Waldman!
@CNN @GenFlynn @NYT @carterwpage @realDonaldTrump @AndrewCMcCarthy @GeorgePapa19 @jaredkushner @20committee @FBI @doj @MarkWarner 105) There is much more to this story! But this is the end of this thread. Read my other threads at… @threadreaderapp unroll please!
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