I modified Daekle's super simple character sheet (link in comment) for a kid's introduction #dnd #rpg game.
Making a character: stats have to add up to 10. Each number is a 1d6.
Armor is light 1, medium 2 or heavy 3- plus 1 for shield.

Roll over difficulty number (armour) to score a success (owie).
Weapons give +1 or +2 dice.
To cast spell, roll over difficulty of spell. Mana = magic dice. Say how many dice you want to use in a spell and tick off that mana. Get back when rested.
Spells are verbs.



Difficulty is 1 (very easy) to 5 (hard)- depending on what they want to do spell on- area or duration. Dice hits equals spell power to break.
Staves and wands give you +1die to all magic rolls.

Mana and health Potions restore 3 points.

Healing spells heal 1 owie per hit.
100 xp equals 1 level. Gain 1 dice per level to add to anything. Add a spell. Max spells equals magic score.
To hit a monster, roll higher than its armor to score a hit on a fighting dice. Weapons add fighting dice (like the BRAWD SAWD).
Kobold: fighting 1 armour 1
Goblin: fighting 2 armour 2
Orc: fighting 3 armour 3
Skeleton: fighting 2 armour 2- armor 5 against stabbing
Ghost: fighting 1 armor 5- armor 1 against spells and blessed or magic weapons
Red dragon: fighting 8, firebreath 4, armor 5
Monsters die if owies more than fighting score.
Players get 10 owies before they die. When on 9 they are knocked out and need rescuing.

3 owies healed when resting a night.
And if you use this why not buy me a coffee?


Example: Pookie wants to sneak past a sleeping orc.

Difficulty is 3.

Pookie has 2 dice on sneaking. But she gets 1 die for wearing a pair of McRibbonygibbon's Super Soft Stealth Slippers (tm)

She rolls 2,5 and 6. That's 2 hits! She bery bery sneaky.
For stuff that is super hard, a roll of 6 can be rolled again to get higher numbers.

Difficulty therefore goes
1 2 3 4 5 6
6+2 6+3 6+4 6+5
A4 printable version. X
Pookie attacks an armored goblin with her +2 BRAWD SAWD. Goblin has 3 armor.
Pookie has 3 fighting. She rolls 5 dice. 2,2,3,4,6 so does 3 owies with a mighty swing.
The goblin has 2 owies, so is chopped in two!
Initiative is always clockwise around table starting with first to attack or be attacked. Enemies go after players. A player can wait for something to go and then go before it.

Movement is 5 squares, minus your armor.

If you don't have an ability for something, just roll 1d6
Weapons and armor cost 1 gold per dice bonus. Health and mana potions cost 2 silver. Spells cost 1 gold. A meal costs 5 copper.

10 silver =1 gold
10 copper = 1 silver

So 231 coins is 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 copper coins. A gem is 1000 copper.
Give them 300 coins to start with. Unless they promise to do chores.
I am calling this all "The Growly Darks" system.
Gonna write it out properly and post it on my patreon.com/darkling
I was thinking it would be lovely to getting a bunch of my comic book artist friends to make an illustrated version of this.
I might get some quotes in January and do a Kickstarter to pay them their worth.
@threadreaderapp I cast unroll !
The beta rulebook is now up on my patreon.com/darkling page under the Dreadling Tier. Support me so I can turn this baby into a fully illustrated series of books.
Don't forget this tier also gives you access to my King's minis miniature painting fanzine and printable 33mm dungeon tiles!
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