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I'm back! I was running a combi-comic/anime/gaming.cons confor a few days so I figure I'd better do a recap of the story so far. Eh, you might want to get comfortable for this Ready? No? Tough.
You are playing Peu Pue Flintwalker, a gender neutral
Goliath, 7' 2", 350lb, druid, who left their clan to see the world and map a way to Chult for your chief.
Day one off the mountain range, you met a human father and child with a broken cart wheel you helped them fix it and accompanied them to a nearby village to get the lay of
the land, there was a monster terrorizing the locals and you promised to help them hunt it the next day, you bought a map of the world from a dark gnome book store owner called Bobkins, discovered an ancient temple at the bottom of an old well, underwent the trial of elements by
accident, nearly dying (A lot) in the process, you got a ring with red and green stone which light up in proximity to other rings, You also found a shiny pebble which you kept as a pet (it's name is George).
After that you had an encounter with some local hard men who tried to
have you arrested after you intimidated them into fleeing from you.
An altercation between them and the local watch led to one of them getting shot in the rear with a crossbow. You took him to the local temple for healing, the blind priests magic revealed the man to be a monster
disguise, you the healer and one of the local watchmen killed it, realising that the men who were arrested with him were probably monsters too, the watchman raced to the watch house to warn the others.
A brief stand off ended when the other prisoners learned their companion had
killed, they threw their rings off, broke out of the cells and a ferocious battle occurred, you and the priest attempted to help but as he was about to unleash a fireball the priest was killed, stabbed in the back by Bobkins the book seller who yelled "Hail Bhaal" just before you
stomped him into the floor, moments later the watch defeated the monsters and you passed out from sheer exhaustion
You awoke strapped to the the altar in a shrine to Bhaal, recently vanquished murder god. You were offered a chance to become Bhaals vessel on this plane and conquer
the known world in his name.
You refused.
You escaped the underground shrine after loosening your bonds enough to cast a spell that knocked two cultists out. You encountered the Father and child (Norman) again on your way out and had to knock the boy out when he tried to murder
you as his initiation in the death cult.
You barred the door and found yourself covered in someone's blood on the outskirts of the village, the road to Waterdeep on your tight and the village to your left. You took the road to Waterdeep and left.
What was the deal with the rings?
Why were the monsters there? We'll never know now will we?
You passed a peaceful day and camped in a grove of oak trees, You meditated and chose the druids circle of twilight, meaning you became a hunter of the undead. When you "woke" you met a fey Wolf in a grove who
guided you through your first shape changing and helped you hunt down an und dead grey dwarf in the area. At one point you tried to intimidate it with a howl but instead, being unused to the form you farted so loud it nearly had the same affect, something the Fey will never let
you forget.
The next day passes peacefully as you travelled on to Waterdeep, you were looking for a place to camp when a naked guy ran past you screaming to run. You tried to keep up with him, switching to wolf form but he was much to fast for you and his pursuers the Wyld Hunt
soon caught up with you.
The fey Wolf was there and lifted you onto his horse, when the hunt paused to hunt for their prey the lord tested your hunting skills and you were found wanting so they left you there.
You camped there for the night then tried to find your way to
to civilisation, there you met a bard who traded a tale of how the hunts prey fared for some/all of your lunch. see here: legendgerry.blogspot.com/2018/03/forewo…
Now we're nearly to the current situation bear with me.
The Bard invited you to a Fey feast on the condition you told a story of your
own. Despite several warnings from yours truly about how bloody dangerous that was you pressed ahead..
You were told the rules of hospitality and promptly breached them when you got inside, nearly getting eaten, you got very, very intimate with a pair of shape changers known as
the mists (Will and Wisp) had a very emotional bath and went to the feast.
There you got into a row with the Dryad queen (You were in the right) argued with the Lord of Spring (You were in the wrong) for which he has promised you an inconvenience of the non fatal variety when/if
you leave./ during the feast you discovered everyone had been enchanted to forget the names of the gods and after a serious struggle you broke the enchantment which caused another mortal guest severe and possibly fatal harm. An invisible intruder yelled that you should be tried
breaching the laws of hospitality
You stood trial for that after the feast and were found not guilty much to the annoyance of the invisible intruder.
The Bard found you to be such a nuisance he magically bound you to a seat until he got the post feast show started. While there
someone cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter on you and the Lords of Spring and Winter sent spears after the caster as you passed out laughing uncontrollably.
You woke in a small ante room and were summoned to meet some of the fey who were standing over the body of a man you recognise
as one of the death cultists.
You had an inkling there may be a second enchantment on your memories and asked the Ladies of Spring and of Winter to examine your memories, a procedure that could have killed you and in fact the only reason you didn't suffer brain damage is someone
literally paid real cash money to prevent that from happening.
Which is an interesting development but I'm not going to open that particular box again, this year.
You believe that your memory of the hunt was tampered with and that it was a Mind Flayer you encountered not a grey
Dwarf. This means the Fey Wolfs memory was also tampered with which he refuses to believe.
Now they are currently all arguing but you have noticed the servant who brought you there is trying to get someone's attention....
Next post 17:00 gmt tomorrow.
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