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1/20 Let’s look at the budget of a TTRPG project and break it down! Hope it’s helpful and you release lots of cool TTRPG stuff! I also hope it helps ensure paying collaborators fairly (or even great)!

#DND #DND5e #TTRPG #Pathfinder #GameBudget #GameDesign #RPG #GameDevelopment
2/20 Here’s a sample budget, based on the brilliant @jefftidball’s Budget Template v1.1:
• Google Doc:
• Excel:

So start with a title. Easy enough.

Thanks to the late Brian Dalrymple for sharing this so many moons ago. Image
3/20 So first things first—the word count expenses. Unless your project is stock art or maps, this is likely the most important expense. Let’s say you think there will be 800 words per page, without art. Let’s say 10,000 words total. It will then calculate… Image
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🗣️Da comienzo la 1ª mesa redonda #CongresoDeAltoImpacto en @baluarte

✅Políticas europeas, nacionales y regionales.
Mikel Irujo, consejero de Desarrollo Económico y Empresarial de @gob_na , @danpeca, Cristina Fanjul, presidenta @EUBIC y directora de @ceeiasturias y @marsanaro
🗣️Cristina Fanjul:

👉El emprendimiento es hablar de algo global, pero quetiene que ver con políticas regionales y transversales.
👉Los #CEEIS estamos acostumbrados en el #AltoImpacto y estamos muy relacionados con el desarrollo regional pero tenemos también una esencia.
👉Los #CEEIs y #BICs llevan en su adn la misión de provocar un impacto económico, social, medioambiental, tecnológico y de innoavación.
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Been thinking about how magic in #DnD / #Pathfinder (High Fantasy, Vancian, "scientific" magic), etc., would influence culture. The more I dig and question, the more frustrated I get with most #worldbuilding. From very high concepts to mundane things, magic changes EVERYTHING...
Let's look at one small (but extremely culturally / economically important) thing: bread. Every culture makes bread, in some respect, whether it's flat, leavened, fried, baked, etc., it's ubiquitious with Human culture on Earth, and therefore probably with sentient ancestries.
The form bread takes is highly dependant on the culture's technologies and cooking equipment. Leavened breads arose because bread was made en masse enough that dough could ferment and release air bubbles from the yeast. A culture without a sedimentary working lower class wouldn't
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"Happy New Releases Day! Many of you may have a new or renewed interest in #Pathfinder and #Starfinder, so I’d like to tell you about all our new open gaming products, including subscriptions and special offers, and point you toward what’s coming next!" Pathfinder Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path cover Pathfinder Gatewalkers Seventh Arch cover art showing iconic
Find digital version of #Pathfinder2e Adventure Path: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix and #Pathfinder Adventure Path #187: The Seventh Arch (Gatewalkers 1 of 3) and more at
The #Pathfinder Gatewalkers Adventure Path, Volume 1 The Seventh Arch, for @FoundryVTT is live!
Bundle:… Pathfinder Gatewalkers Adventure Path The Seventh Arch cover
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A nice improvement out of the starting gate that #pathfinder can take on for next editions to help with this overload that a lot of neurodiverse players have is sacrificing packing for consistently spaced information blocks.

Let me give an example...
So I was using this as a worst case example of easily digested and searched through layout. Again, this is just grabbed off the preview for the bestiary but it is an excellent worst case.
So here we have two listings for enemies- a goblin warrior and a goblin commando.

So if you scan the page quickly, it is hard to tell there are two entries, as the name is doubled, the data is placed differently and colors, font sizes and boldness jumps about
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Unpacking a whole lot of data around #dungeonsanddragons

Last week I wasn't expecting to study the implosion of the Dungeons & Dragons brand owned by Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming.

#Hasbro #wotc #criticalrole #wizardsofthecoast #dnd5e #dnd #ttrpg #pathfinder Image
As a company Wizards of the Coast did over a billion dollars in revenue last year.

After one week of brand damage millions of dollars have been shaved off this revenue and it appears to be getting worse day by day. It will likely evolve into double-digit percentages.
Just on Youtube there were 500+ videos covering the topic this week. Fan creators and influencers generated over 10M views across hundreds of videos that generated millions of hours of view time and 110K+ comments spreading to every other platform.
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If the leaked material sent to @TheRulesLawyer1 is accurate, then WOTC is intent on destroying both the #OSR and #Pathfinder. If you care about #OpenDnD watch his video and get ready to get angry.
The terms themselves are as pernicious as you can imagine, demanding you sign over a license to all of your IP irrevocably while allowing them to terminate your license virtually at will.
But, what's worse, the leaked language suggests that they intend to revoke the existing OGL by asserting that OGL 1.0 is no longer an authorized license. Can they do that? Lawyers differ in their opinion.
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🧵 “Through exploring immersive fantasy worlds and cooperative strategic play, Paizo’s games and experiences bring people together and create lifelong friendships.”
—Paizo Mission Statement.
1/4 Paizo, Pathfinder, and Sarf...
Our Who are people that want connection.

Our What are #Starfinder and #Pathfinder games and experiences.

Our Where is around the table, in real life and online.

Our When is now, for over 20 years.
Our Why is to bring people together and create lifelong friendships.

Our How is through immersive fantasy worlds and cooperative strategic play.

Our How Much is scalable, from free rules to premium products.
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Thread #application #JDR 1/7 :
Dans ce thread, tu trouveras mes 3 applications favorites pour le jeu de rôle.

#pathfinder #wh40k #kult #shadowrun #warhammer #cthulhu #dnd5e #dnd #roliste #geekgirl #geeklife #geek #dice #gamemaster #roleplaygame #maitredujeu #jeu #logiciel Image
Thread #application #JDR 2/7 :
Tout d'abord, j'aime beaucoup pour les ambiances dans les parties de JDR. Plutôt utilisée en physique, elle est assez modulable pour correspondre à mon idée d'ambiance pour certaines scènes.
Thread #application #JDR 3/7 :
Ensuite, j'utilise énormément YouTube pour les musiques en partie et maintenant je couple YouTuble avec watch2gether dont j'ai parlé dans mon premier défi JDR - The Sprawl sur le blog (…).
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Thanks to @IGN at San Diego Comic-Con and the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Tavern Experience, we have our first full looks at the stars of the movie in costume! We'll gather some of the best looks below.
#dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #Realmslore…
@IGN Regé-Jean Page is playing a paladin. The symbol on his noggin seems an awful lot like the eye of Neverwinter Nights. A member of the Neverwinter Nine, maybe?
#dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #Realmslore…

@IGN In the other shots, Chris Pine plays a Bard, seen here thrashing a mandolin. Do they even work that way?!

#dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #Realmslore
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Pues mira, si @AlvaroLoman dice que es una idea chachi, ¿quién soy yo para contradecirle? Se viene... EL MEGA HILO DE REFERENCIAS DEL FANHUNTER NAPIAS OF FORTUNE 👇👇👇 Image
Que si alguien a estas alturas TODAVÍA no se ha enterado de lo que es... #NapiasOfFortune es un pack de personajes (narizones) pregenerados no-oficial y gratuito para #Fanhunter el #JuegoDeRol #Épicodecadente de @chemapamundirl, @celspinol y @DevirIberia.…
Empezamos por They-Ra, superheroine no-binarie a tiempo parcial. Aurorita Puigmartí es un claro homenaje a Adora / #SheRa, protagonista del spin-off de He-Man del mismo nombre, y concretamente al reboot de Netflix del 2018 realizado por ND Stevenson (@Gingerhazing). ImageImageImageImage
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All right! Here is: A d100 list of books you can find on a shelf or desk in your Dungeons and Dragons game. I hope it sees some use! (The full online PDF can be found in comment below)

#DnD #dnd5e #TTRPGs #pathfinder A preview of a d100 list, f...
Here's your link:…

I've found Homebrewery is an amazing resource, but the formatting gets out of whack depending on what browser you're on and what zoom level you're at. Might have to play around to get the best experience.
Okay! For those who just can't the formatting to work no matter what, I bring you a different take, through the magic of Screenshots! ImageImageImageImage
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HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS #dnd5e #pathfinder #TTRPGs Image
Well this blew up a bit didn't it?! If you guys could click buttons for me on the below platforms that would be amazing! TY #ttrpgfamily
This is the first tweet I have ever had that broke 10k likes! Thanks everyone, please do click buttons for algorithms on the above post! Have a great weekend, twitter!
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I would love to see other peoples builds that they played on. From drawings on graph paper to intricate 3D builds to online maps they built. Share your games below! #DnD #ttrpg #pathfinder
My first map I drew for my first DM session. This was when Mines of Phandelver came out. #DnD #ttrpg
Then I moved to using the Dungeon Tiles for a while and started getting minis. This was when the campaign shifted to Storm Kings Thunder after MoP. #DnD #ttrpg
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Flight Lieutenant Otto #Altmann (later Wing Commander DSO, DFC)

A comparitive rarity - a German flying operationally for #BomberCommand!
(See photo - second right with, apparently, his Hampden aircrew.)
The story of Otto Altmann is interesting and yet frustrating.
He served as a pilot with #106Squadron when they flew Hampdens from @RAFConingsby and flew with distinction for the #RAF, rising to the rank of Wing Commander, but little detail is known of this extraordinary man.
This is an example of a research theme with which we'd be
...grateful for any further detail that could be provided by former comrades, family members or interested members of the public.
We know that Otto Altmann joined #106Sqn in March 1941 as a Flight Lieutenant and became considered as a senior pilot. He participated in the...
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The ancient, rune-covered arch known as the Cyphergate rises 100s of feet into the air from either side of the harbor's entrance. #GPTG
You gather your things as the ship you’ve booked passage on sails under the massive structure. Welcome to Riddleport.

#GPTG #Pathfinder
Not long ago you decided that you could no longer do nothing as the tyrant, Grokka the Cruel, amassed more power. This is because:
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