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Nigerians women diagnosed with HER2+ #breastcancer to receive FREE CANCER DRUGS from ARETTA.
HerceptinSC costs N300k /course & N5.5m for 18courses will be given FREE to woman with EARLY HER2+ BREAST CANCER
Tnx to Prof @folopade
Pls RT @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women and the leading cause of cancer death in Nigeria, with an estimated 26,310 new cases and 11,564 deaths in 2018 said @IARCWHO #ChokeCancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah #breastcancer incidence has been historically low in Nigeria, however, it is increasing now, in comparison to Western countries, more people are diagnosed of #bcancer in Europe & America, but #breastcancer deaths in those countries are lower when compared with Nigeria & in SSA
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah This is attributed to absence of organized screenings, poverty, poor treatment and access to cancer medicine. There is a need for intentional action to increase better cancer treatment in Nigeria and African countries.
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah There are many subtypes of breast cancer, such as hormone receptor positive, HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) positive, and triple-negative breast cancer. In Nigeria, many women are diagnosed with these sub-types of breast cancer, out of the three sub-types,
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah HER 2 positive is the most expensive to treat but ironically it’s outcome is always good if the right drugs are used. #ChokeCancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah To treat HER2 positive breast cancer, oncologists (that is, cancer doctors) usually recommend that patients with such caner are treated with modern targeted therapy known as Herceptin. #ChokeCancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah One course of Herceptin costs about N309, 000 and in most cases a woman is expected to take 18 courses. In total, it could cost over N5,562,000 for a woman to get treated from HER2 positive breast cancer. #ChokeCancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Through ARETTA study, Nigerian women who are newly diagnosed with HER-2 positive breast cancer will received Herceptin SC free of charge, courtesy of Roche Pharmaceuticals, University of Chicago and other partners. #ChokeCancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Prof. Olufunmilayo I. Olopade, a Nigerian oncologist, 2005 @macfound Fellow & professor at The University of Chicago Medicine is the leader of the study known as ARETTA- Assessing Response to neoadjuvant Taxotere and TrAstuzumab in Nigeria women with HER2-positive breast cancer.
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah According to Prof. Olopade “We are doing the study because we want to be in solidarity with women in Nigeria.  Nigeria needs to build the capacity of Cancer Specialists to treat cancer in Nigeria, not in India or any country outside Nigeria. #chokecancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Our Government must act in the interest of Nigerians to reduce costs & provide affordable quality care to patients. Without #universalhealthinsurance & coverage for catastrophic illness that is treatable & preventable like #cancer, the average Nigerian cannot afford health care.
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Nigerian doctors can save more lives but the Government needs to develop a health system that works for ALL Nigerians not only the rich who can leave the country to get care” #chokecancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah “The study is open only to women who have newly diagnosed breast cancer that has not spread beyond the breast. Very important that women do not delay getting diagnosed and treated” #chokecancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah “This is the first time a study like this is happening in Nigeria, and we are delighted to provide this relatively expensive drug – Herceptin SC free of charge to eligible Nigerian women” said Professor Olopade.
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah “In 2015, it took us over 1year to raise N9million needed to purchase Herceptin for one 35year old indigent breast cancer patient who approached us for funding for her treatment. #chokecancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Today, through Prof. Olopade’s efforts, Nigerian women will get this same cancer medicine free. This is commendable. I encourage women across the country to key-in and benefit from this” – said Runcie C.W. Chidebe, Executive Director, @projectpinkblue
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Dr. Atara Ntekim, the National principal investigator for ARETTA, an oncologist at the Department of Radiation Oncology, University College Hospital Ibadan, said “the study will be conducted at UCH Ibadan, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), #chokecancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) and Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (OAUTHC) Ile Ife. We will be willing to extend this study to other facilities across Nigeria for the benefit of Nigerian women”.
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah “When I was diagnosed of breast cancer in 2009, I had suffered greatly to get funding for my treatment. This is a welcome development and I want to thank Professor Olopade, Roche and University of Chicago for adding Nigeria in this project”, #chokecancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah said Khadijat Banwo-Fatai, a 10year breast cancer survivor, Board Member, Project PINK BLUE and Founding Member, Abuja Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC-SG). #chokecancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah ARETTA study was launched officially on 29th July, 2019 at the University College Hospital (UCH) of University of Ibadan. The launch was attended by Prof. J.A. Otegbayo, Chief Medical Director of UCH, other dignitaries and many breast cancer patients.
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah To benefit or for more information: Visit, Department of Radiation Oncology, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. Ask of Dr. Atara Ntekim or email: antekim@comui.edu.ng.
You can also ask your Oncologists at LUTH, LASUTH) (OAUTHC) Ile Ife. #chokecancer
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah I am working very hard with the team @projectpinkblue to get this support to National Hospital Abuja, Usman Danfodio Teaching Hospital Sokoto, UNTH Enugu and UBTH Benin. More centres will be communicated.
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah Cross-section of oncologists, cancer patients and representatives of UCH, LUTH, LASUTH, OAUTH, University of Chicago and Roche Pharmaceuticals after the official launch of ARETTA study at University College Hospital, Ibadan on 29th July, 2019. Photo Credit: UCH.
@folopade @DrJoeAbah @segalink @Omojuwa @HamzyCODE @seunonigbinde @ChidiOdinkalu @HenshawKate @Andrew007Uk @ProfOsinbajo @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @emeka_nwagboso @conumah NOTE: This is strictly for EARLY HER2+ Breast Cancer who have not started any treatment. NOTE, Early Stage.
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