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OCT 25: #COVID19 in #Ontario
326 cases, 0 deaths🙏🏻, 369 resolved,
18397 tests/day, 7079 pending, 1.6% pos
138 in ICU (94 on ventilator)🏥

+9,697 vaccinations💉
87.9% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(83.9% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario
Daily new cases vs. test % positivity in #Ontario
Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth
#Covid_19 Ontario: A closer look from June 1
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It's #WorldPolioDay! Protect yourself and your loved ones from #polio. Polio vaccines, given multiple times, can protect a child for life.

Proper hygiene and sanitation (use a toilet, wash hands) also help limit the disease’s spread.

#VaccinesWork Protect yourself and your loved ones from polio. Ensure your
Remember, there is NO cure for #polio, but it can be prevented through vaccination. Polio vaccines are safe and effective. #VaccinesWork Polio vaccines are safe and effective. Polio vaccines have b
To #EndPolio, it is crucial that everyone – especially children who have missed their vaccine doses during the pandemic – are fully vaccinated and protected against #polio.
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After 10 days of follow-up, the Quilty Household Human Challenge/Daily Contact Testing Study has concluded.

Headline result: we didn't get Covid 🥳

Tentative conclusions: despite a small N, this study adds to a growing body of evidence that #VaccinesWork
Other findings:

Daily nasal lateral flow testing was deemed acceptable by study participants.

Positive test sequences were continuous and viral load could be inferred from the time-to-appearance and intensity of test line.

Flowflex LFTs were unable to detect virus in saliva.
Covid symptoms first manifested in Housemate #1 as a runny nose, a non-Covid specific symptom which would be unlikely to warrant a PCR test. "Core" symptoms manifested several days later.
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1/5 The latest #COVIDmeasures analysis report compares #COVID19 incidence, hospitalizations, and vaccinations across age groups in 🇨🇱 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 (weeks 15-35, 2021).


Overview of results in thread 👇

@rki_de @BMG_Bund @CBcheraoui
2/5 Across all countries (🇨🇱 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇸) #COVID19 incidence was highest 📈 in the youngest age groups and lowest 📉 in the oldest.

At the same time, the oldest age groups had the highest #VaccinationCoverage - especially in 🇨🇱🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇩🇪 🇪🇸 at 80% or above 🛡️
3/5 A key finding reinforced by this report is #VaccinesWork: as full #vaccination coverage in the oldest age groups increased in 🇩🇪 and 🇪🇸, hospital occupancy and admissions steadied or decreased.
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OCT 18: #COVID19 in #Ontario
373 cases, 2* deaths, 423 resolved,
20432 tests/day, 7862 pending, 1.8% pos
168 in ICU (97 on ventilator)🏥

+12,399 vaccinations💉
87.5% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(83.2% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario Image
#Covid_19 Ontario: A closer look from June 1 Image
Daily new cases vs. test % positivity in #Ontario
Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth Image
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Got a booking? 👉Move it forward
No booking? 👉Find a walk-up
Our dated to reach 70% and 80% fully vaccinated, at this rate of uptake, are two months away! We can't open up until we get there.
And at the moment, that date is getting *further* away, not closer.
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OCT 15: #COVID19 in #Ontario
496 cases, 2* deaths, 542 resolved,
35905 tests/day, 14870 pending, 1.4% pos
163 in ICU (102 on ventilator)🏥

+29,762 vaccinations💉
87.3% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(82.8% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario Image
Daily new cases vs. test % positivity in #Ontario
Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth Image
#Covid_19 Ontario: A closer look from June 1 Image
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Long overdue 🧵 on a COVID study we preprinted last year, now out in JID. Co-led by @nialljlennon @gabriel_stacey @eric_lander, enabled by @BroadGenomics & @MassDPH

Key finding: shed viral load is independent of symptoms at time of testing (pre-vax)…

Back in Apr 2020, COVID overwhelmed our hospital in MA (I was on service & will never forget).

It also swept thru nursing homes, so @MassDPH tested ALL residents+staff of SNFs for COVID (back when tests were rare: big job w help from MA Nat'l Guard).
B/c of @broadinstitute's remarkable early scale-up of testing, >70% of these (>30,000 over 2+ mo) were run @BroadGenomics. @nialljlennon & @gabriel_stacey recognized an opportunity to study viral loads on their standardized platform; @MassDPH had queried symptoms (yes/no).
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OCT 8: #COVID19 in #Ontario
573 cases, 10* deaths, 621 resolved,
37118 tests/day, 13993 pending, 1.8% pos
154 in ICU (97 on ventilator)🏥

+30,575 vaccinations💉
86.8% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(82.0% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario
OCT 8: Cases/Hosp/ICU by vaccination status *PER MILLION*

Cases: RR 4.5x unvaccinated to vaccinated

Of those currently hospitalized (non-ICU) due to COVID19, 7.2x more likely to be unvaccinated.

Of those currently in ICU due to COVID19, 14.2x more likely to be unvaccinated.
🦠Cases (new):
Unvaccinated: 300
Partial vax: 33
Full vax: 192
Unknown: 48

🏥Hospitalizations (non-ICU total):
Unvaccinated: 107
Partial vax: 13
Full vax: 43

🚨ICU (total):
Unvaccinated: 73
Partial vax: 11
Full vax: 15

(Unknown status excluded.)
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A child dies from #malaria every two minutes.
One death is one too many.

🚨 Today, WHO recommends RTS,S, a groundbreaking malaria vaccine, to reduce child illness & deaths in areas with moderate and high malaria transmission

Over 800K children have so far received the RTS,S #malaria vaccine & are benefiting from this additional protection against malaria.
The vaccine significantly reduces malaria & life-threatening severe cases and could save tens of thousands of young lives each year.
RTS,S #malaria vaccine was introduced in a pilot programme two years ago.
Since then, more than 2.3 million doses of the vaccine have been administered across Ghana, Kenya and Malawi

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@CAPublicHealth Image description: orange background with white text that reads:
What is in the vaccines?
The Johnson and Johnson vaccine: uses adenovirus type 26 encoding for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.
The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines:
Use messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) to encode (1/?)
@CAPublicHealth the spike protein.
None of the vaccines contain:
Eggs, gelatin, latex, preservatives, metals, rare earth alloys, or any manufactured products such as microelectronics, electrodes, carbon nanotubes, or nanowire semiconductors.
None of the vaccines contain the COVID-19 virus (2/3)
@CAPublicHealth so they can’t give you COVID-19.
Also includes logo for California Department of Health and little images of people asking questions, stars, and shots in red.
#Covid_19 #VaccinePassports #vaccinated #VaccinesWork
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An unexpected source of joy in 2021 has been my 4/5 AM walks on Saturdays. I pass so many young couples or small groups of friends returning, happily drunk and giggling after a night painting the town red. I like this version of Manhattan way more than a year ago. 😍😍🗽
Reminds me of my 1st visits to NYC 15 years ago and one of the reasons why I fell in love with the city so instantly. The very central and non judgmental role that night life plays in NYC. Drunk happy young people in the streets in the middle of the night is a feature not a bug.
Also why I fell in love with New Orleans instantly. Any city where young people, especially women, feel comfortable being themselves publicly in the middle of the night, with a general sense of safety, is a city I'm always going to love.
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👇🏾 Even more evidence that #VaccinesWork — with delta circulating, it's much riskier to remain unvaccinated. The vaccines are offering significant protection against infection AND hospitalization.

Explore all of the numbers, in detail, at: 🧵
All of our key indicators are decreasing, but we still have work to do. Many of these cases, hospitalizations and deaths could be avoided with vaccination. Summary table of COVID-19 i...
Transmission is still high. With cooler weather coming, we have to keep a close eye on where the virus is spreading in NYC. Transmission level chart, s...
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Eyre et al (…) is a tour-de-force. Bravo!
- traced 150k contacts from 100k cases (! - NHS👏🏽)
- Pfizer vax'd index cases had ~5x (Alpha) or 3x (Delta) lower odds of spreading (this is beyond protection by preventing the index case to begin with)
🧵 1/6
- this despite similar cycle thresholds (Ct) in vax'd vs unvax'd index Delta cases, as others have shown
- Pfizer vax'd contacts had 16x (Alpha) or 10x (Delta) lower odds of being infected
- Ct is not infectivity
- Ct is not infectivity
- Ct is not infectivity
- #VaccinesWork
- they also saw waning, c/w other studies (incl imo the best studies, the post-hoc crossover analyses of mRNA RCTs). Here, they found 1.2x increased odds of transmission "for each doubling of weeks since 14 days after 2nd vax in index cases" (?), & 1.4x increase in contacts.
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The 7 most well vaccinated countries (all>75% fully vaccinated) are competing for the lowest death rates from COVID. #VaccinesWork Image
I could only have 6 countries in the graph. Singapore is same as well.
Some of these had recent spike in cases. But it didn't result in the type of loss of lives they had experienced with COVID in prior waves. ImageImage
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Update 9/28: Feeling bewildered-I cannot understand why we are still dealing with #COVID. We know what will stop the spread and preventable deaths. Please do your part.

Get Vaccinated
Wear a mask
Stay home when sick
Improve ventilation

Consider COVID an open-book quiz.
Current hospitalizations (top, orange), ICU (red, middle) and new admissions (blue, bottom). Might be seeing the first signs of the hospitalizations coming down. Still so very high - please be kind to a healthcare worker today (or all the days). @utahhospitals
A very slow decline in positivity rate (one way to monitor community transmission). If these numbers stay steady, we should expect the number of cases (reported or not), hospitalizations, and deaths to also remain steady. #covidtest
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🆕! First ever global strategy to #DefeatMeningitis - a debilitating disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people each year. 👉
#Meningitis is a dangerous inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, predominantly caused by infection with bacteria and viruses. It can be fatal within a few hours and cause lifelong disability.

👉 #DefeatMeningitis
#Meningitis that is caused by bacterial infection tends to be the most serious – leading to around 2⃣5⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ deaths a year - and can cause fast-spreading epidemics.

👉 #DefeatMeningitis
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SEPT 27: #COVID19 in #Ontario
613 cases, 0 deaths🙏🏻, 578 resolved,
22633 tests/day, 9306 pending, 2.0% pos
184 in ICU (130 on ventilator)🏥

+20,454 vaccinations💉
85.9% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(80.4% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario
🦠Cases (new):
Unvaccinated: 350
Partial vax: 35
Full vax: 159
Unknown: 69

🏥Hospitalizations: N/A

"Due to incomplete weekend reporting, vaccination status data for hospital & ICU admissions is not updated on Sundays & Mondays."
Sept 27: Cases/Hosp/ICU by vaccination status *PER MILLION*

Cases: RR 6.0x unvaccinated to vaccinated

"Due to incomplete weekend reporting, vaccination status data for hospital & ICU admissions is not updated on Sundays & Mondays."
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Let’s recognize that although case counts are dropping in some states - they are just starting to go up in others.
Here is Pennsylvania:
(thanks to @statnews great website on rate of change of #COVID19)
Here is WV
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Un hilo ilustrado sobre #Vacunas 🧵👇🏾

Las #vacunas están diseñadas para generar una respuesta inmunológica que protegerá a la persona vacunada de exposiciones futuras a la enfermedad.

#VaccinesWork ¿ya te vacunaste? 🥰💉
💉¿Qué tipos de #vacunas hay y cómo se preparan? El día de hoy te contamos sobre las vacunas vivas-atenuadas 🥚 #VaccinesWork
Hoy te contamos sobre las #vacunas inactivadas. ¿Qué son? ¿Cómo se preparan? 💉#VaccinesWork
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Great presentation here from @MediaTJC on #COVID19 by the numbers and how #VaccinesWork
A 🧵 1/10
2/10 🦈
3/10 ⛈
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👉People fully vaccinated in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 per age group:

✅age 70-79 👉100%

✅age 50+ 👉~95%

✅age 40+ 👉~92%


🚨Yet deaths are growing in 70-79 (100% fully vaccinated!) since June.

🚨Similarly deaths for 60+ (>95% fully vaccinated) are growing too!

📌This is not surprising!

👉Vaccines are very effective (~90% against hospitalization and death) but if you let virus spreading without mitigations, deaths will be among population, even if vaxxed!

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A brief summary of science literacy in the US, with extensive citation credits to @ENirenberg , @ShawnOtto , and @neiltyson : Why its so important, why the US still has issues with this, and what you can do. #medtwitter #Immunology #VaccinesWork #tweetiatrician #pediatria
The explosion of misinformation, disinformation, and anti-medical establishment sentiment goes way back, even back to the invention of the concept of vaccination. One source reports this maybe goes back to at least the time of US President John Adams…
If you ever wanted to make a scientist upset, tell him/ her that science has political power. Why? Because if you were a child, poor, and could get a scholarship to school, your science experiment was on a level playing field with the rich expat child who conducted an experiment.
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Team it's time to address the Hoeg et al preprint on post-COVID vaccine myocarditis. How am I qualified to speak about myocarditis? I am board certified in paediatric cardiology and currently have patients recovering from this condition. TLDR: They are doing quite well. #MRI
What is the premise of that article? directly scanning VAERS data will result in capturing more cases of myocarditis, and therefore the "conclusion" that COVID vaccine generates a higher risk of myocarditis than COVID disease. But - cardiologists have diagnostic criteria. #heart
All that bleeds troponin is **not** myocarditis. I cite my professional society, the American College of Cardiology: #myocarditis #COVID19 #vaccination #VaccinesWork Image
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