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A ver por favor, todo medicamento, vacuna, biosimilar, genérico..tiene efectos secundarios. Lo que se evalúa es si el riesgo/beneficio merece la pena (fiebre 2dias frente a que te vayas a la UCI pej). Cuando hacemos ensayos cualquier cosa mala q pase
La analizamos, no significa q la cause el producto: te caes por las escaleras-afecta a tu equlibrio? Te muerde tu perro-cambia tu olor corporal? Lo miramos TODO, hasta lo más nimio. Y en éste caso pues prefieren ser cautos y parar el ensayo hasta saber si lo provocó la vacuna
Veis ésta noticia y algunxs ya: uy, yo no me vacuno, primero dejad q establezcan si hay relación, y luego ver si le pasa a uno entre 10.000 y no es grave, a lo mejor aún merece la pena el riesgo
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"we have a situation in 76, which led to the #vaccine injury compensation program of 86. & now we jump forward to 2009 to the second swine flu panic. And that panic, the US government bought some $6 billion worth of swine flu vaccines from 5 major companies.

They bought up the entire supply and just be on the safe side, they bought up a half a billion dollars worth of squalene to use as an adjuvant to spread the amount of product they had, because they only had enough for 150 million people.

#vaccineswork to maim

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1/6 As we have seen with #COVID19, prevention measures such as practicing #PhysicalDistancing, #Handwashing, and #MaskOn with a non-medical mask or face covering when in public can help to prevent spread of the virus.
2/6 But these measures alone cannot reduce the spread of #COVID19 to a point where Canadians can resume life as normal. To have the best shot at normalcy, what Canada, and the world, needs is a safe and effective vaccine. #VaccinesWork
3/6 The vaccine research and development process during usual times takes more than a decade before a safe and effective vaccine is approved for use in Canada. Canada, and the world, cannot wait 10 years for a #COVID19 vaccine...
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Keeping COVID-19 under control requires constant vigilance and tireless efforts, not just by public health, but by all of us. So far, our efforts appear to be paying off, as we maintain the #SlowBurn.
2/4 Yet we can’t afford to give this virus an inch, as #COVID19 will take any opportunity for a comeback, as we have seen elsewhere.
3/4 #COVIDLife, is in some ways like what generations before us experienced. In the 1940s, 50s& 60s, communities banned public gatherings, closed schools, and quarantined those who were sick during outbreaks of #polio and #measles. #VaccinesWork
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Seems like it might be time for Version 3.0 of


There's a lot of misinformation out there at the moment and, amongst it all, we are seeing a lot of old myths about Edward Jenner and smallpox being shared. Here's a THREAD 👇 1/17 Portrait of Edward Jenner
MYTH: "People have been vaccinating for 1000s of years"
FACT: Inoculation (or variolation) involved deliberate infection with smallpox virus to provide immunity against further smallpox. This has a long history, pre-dating vaccination. But inoculation is NOT vaccination... 2/17 Instructions for the conduct of patients under inoculation
...Inoculation was introduced to America after an enslaved African, Onesimus, shared the technique with his owner. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu introduced it to Britain after seeing it in Turkey. Yet vaccination was different to inoculation in that it used cowpox, not smallpox. 3/17 Images of cowpox and smallpox blisters
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A MUST HEAR VIDEO THREAD: 3 short videos on the #Truth of the #CovidVaccine. #TheMoreYouKnow about the #ScamDemic. Share far and wide! 👇🏼
Video 2 of 3. 👇🏼 #CovidHoax doesn’t end with lockdowns. #Lockdowns are the beginning of the #Tyranny. They were meant to condition us all for #Compliance, not “slow the spread”. #VaccinesWork is the scam of the century.
Video 3 of 3. 👇🏼 Taking the #CovidVaccine will be the beginning of the end for those that take it. #InformedConsent is not happening by anyone. Please share! Do not get tested!! #WakeUpAmerica
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Today an independent commission declared Africa free of wild poliovirus. This is a momentous achievement for public health made possible by the strong partnerships of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the leadership of @CDCgov & @USAID, & countless volunteers. #EndPolio
This victory shows that #VaccinesWork. Collaboration at all levels, along with sustained investment from the U.S., has brought us within reach of the complete elimination of this debilitating disease. #EndPolio
Today’s announcement comes after 47 African countries reported zero transmission detection. Recent successes in eliminating polio have bolstered other initiatives in global health, including efforts to end malaria and HIV-AIDS. #EndPolio
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"Today is a day of celebration, and a day of hope.
Today we come together to rejoice over an historic public health success - the certification of wild poliovirus eradication in the African Region."-@DrTedros #AFRORC70

#EndPolio #AfricaKicksOutWildPolio
"On behalf of the Polio Oversight Board, our partners at @Rotary, @CDCgov, @UNICEF, @gatesfoundation and @Gavi, and all donors and partners, I congratulate the people and governments of Africa for your leadership and determination."-@DrTedros

#EndPolio #AfricaKicksOutWildPolio
"None of us could have done this alone. This landmark achievement has only been possible because of the power of partnership."-@DrTedros #AFRORC70

#EndPolio #AfricaKicksOutWildPolio
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: routine medical appts for essential preventative health services like vaccinations #VaccinesWork, cancer screening, dental care, and management of #ChronicDiseases are a MUST DO to limit #COVID19 impact.
2/5 With #COVID19 under manageable control and daily case counts ↓ in 🇨🇦, it’s a great time for you and your loved ones to catch up on any missed appointments and get ahead with prevention visits before the fall/winter.
3/5 Don’t let things get worse before they can be made better! Never delay health visits for acute illness or injuries, #MentalHealth, problematic substance use, vaccinations, #ChronicDiseases. Not sure? Start with a call. #TakeThatStep
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1/3 I remain cautiously optimistic and ever hopeful that #Canada and the world will have safe and effective #COVID19 vaccine(s) in record time. #VaccinesWork #BePartofTheSolution
2/3 As preparation is key to success, we are actively preparing and laying the groundwork as and where we can. #VaccinesWork #BePartofTheSolution
3/3 #GOC is committed to giving #Canada the best chance to achieve protection through #COVID19 vaccines, which is why we are already making advance purchasing agreements to secure millions of doses of leading vaccine candidates.
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1/4 Getting a #COVID19 vaccine produced in record time is no easy feat, as we must ensure any vaccine demonstrates the highest standard of safety and effectiveness. #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives
2/4 There are many steps and partners, across research, government and industry, required to produce and deliver a safe and effective vaccine; all steps and partners are crucial – nothing gets cut. #VaccinesSaveLives
3/4 Instead, fast-tracking means all hands are on deck to increase collaboration, tighten partnerships, and to prepare, plan and run as many steps in parallel as is feasible and appropriate. #COVID19 #Science #Innovation
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Vaccination is one of the top #publichealth achievements of all time, providing safe and effective prevention of serious illness, disability and death due to infectious diseases. #VaccinesSaveLives…
2/4 Until now, the world has never before worked as quickly and with such global solidarity on the technology and #science required to produce a safe and effective vaccine to save lives and reduce the overall impact of the #COVID19 pandemic.
3/4 #Canada has engaged domestically & internationally, involving scientists, researchers, health professionals, regulators, manufacturers and many others to expedite the careful processes of vaccine development, evaluation and production.
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 : Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Monday statement you can read in full here:…
2/5 As we learn to live with #COVID19, we’re hoping for the development of a successful vaccine to reduce the burden of illness and contribute to long-term disease control. #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives
3/5 This is no small feat with many steps and partners needed to rapidly produce and deliver a safe and effective vaccine. We are still a way off from having a safe and effective vaccine for widespread control of #COVID19.
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No es que tenga yo dudas.
Sí, muchos patógenos tienen mecanismos fascinantes para desactivar respuestas inmunes.
Pero eso de ningún modo prueba que "las vacunas desencadenan una respuesta inmune más protectora que si hubieras tenido la infección" que fue lo que dijo Dr Macías.
Si NO te recuperaste y tienes HPV crónico pues claramente tu respuesta no fue efectiva y hasta una dosis de Gardasil será "mejor".
Pero la comparación "infección vs vacuna" debe hacerse entre los vacunados y los *recuperados* de una infección.
La única razón por la que se recuperaron, en el caso de un virus para el que no existe tratamiento, es que su sistema inmune montó una respuesta eficaz y lo destruyó.
Y además desarrolló linfocitos T y B de memoria para que encuentre esos mismos antígenos los ataque.
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It's World #Hepatitis Day.
A #HepatitisFreeFuture is within reach 💪🏽

-Prevent infection among newborns
-Stop mother to child transmission
-Leave no one behind
-Expand access to testing & treatment
-Maintain essential hepatitis services during #COVID19

Global Talk Show: Towards a #HepatitisFreeFuture

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#Hepatitis Image
Hepatitis 🅰️ is a liver disease that can cause mild to severe illness. It is transmitted through ➡️ ingestion of contaminated food and water or through direct contact with an infectious person.

Learn more about Hepatitis A 👉

#HepatitisFreeFuture Image
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Ahead of tomorrow's World #Hepatitis Day, WHO calls to fast-tracking the elimination of hepatitis B among mothers and children for #HepatitisFreeFuture.

More: Image
The proportion of children <5 years of age chronically infected with #hepatitis B - new WHO estimate ⬇️

🟢 Just under 1%: 2019
🟢 Around 5%: Between 1980s and early 2000s (pre-vaccine era)


#HepatitisFreeFuture #VaccinesWork
This marks the achievement of one of the milestone targets to eliminate viral #hepatitis in the @GlobalGoalsUN ─ to reach under 1% prevalence of hepatitis B infections in children under five years of age by 2020.


#HepatitisFreeFuture #VaccinesWork
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"This Thursday marks six months since WHO declared #COVID19 a public health emergency of international concern"-@DrTedros

"This is the sixth time a global health emergency has been declared under the International Health Regulations, but it is easily the most severe"-@DrTedros

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1/3 Health, social and other vital support services include regular health visits for management of #ChronicDiseases, healthy development and vaccinations as well as #MentalHealth and problematic substance use supports. #VaccinesWork
2/3 Health and social service providers have a range of #publichealth measures to ensure you and your loved ones can safely access services and supports. Call your local health provider/social service provider to find out more.
3/3 Many service providers offer virtual appointments where possible/appropriate and @CdnTogether’s Wellness Together online platform offers immediate #MentalHealth and substance use support for ALL AGES at no cost. #TakeThatStep
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As a medical doctor&researcher,I strongly condemn the tagged tweet on social media,spreading false information about vaccines without any authentic evidence , therefore severely compromising the healthy future of our children.Will try to nullify this with evidence
First of all the photo u attached from the website is no more available, it’s from an antivaccine group which has been banned in many countries Vocal vaccine deniers do not only ignore any quantity of evidence provided but have an obsessive eagerness to share their denial beliefs
Their denial beliefs about vaccinations are as old
as the introduction of the first vaccine.While the number of availa- ble vaccines has increased&have improved in effectiveness &reactogenicity,it is evident that its
benefits against a wide range of diseases far outweigh the risk
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Because #BlackLivesMatter ?

Here's a daily dose of #medicaltyranny|

#Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” #Vaccine Record & Payment System

Courtesy of #billgates #Gavi #vaccine mania #mastercard #GeorgeSoros

#covid19 #nwo
No #Vaccine? No Life For You?

In early June, GAVI reported that Mastercard’s Wellness Pass program would be adapted in response to the #coronavirus.

The program will be coupled with a #Covid_19 #vaccination program once a #vaccine becomes available.…
#Covipass S AVE

With #coronavirus you globalists evil fks get to do whatever it is you want. You get carte blanche or a covipass.

We the MAJORITY refuse your enslavement program. #vaccineswork for #eugenicists

We told you so but you did nothing.
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El #infectohilo prometido de hoy:
Actualización en vacunas

Primero que nada, recordemos el esquema de vacunación en México en niños, adolescentes y adultos.

Recordemos también que tenemos vacunas que no están en sector salud, pero que sí se aplican: Varicela, HepA y Meningo
Recordemos también que siempre que demos consulta a un niño, debemos interrogar sobre vacunas Y PEDIR LA CARTILLA, ya que ESTA ES LA EVIDENCIA DE VACUNACIÓN.

Aunque la madre diga que tiene todas sus vacunas,
*** Si no se puede confirmar la vacunación, debemos asumir que el niño NO se encuentra vacunado. ***

Si encontramos que falta alguna vacuna, preguntar por qué no se administró.

Cada vacuna que falta es una oportunidad perdida
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A great, scientifically accurate overview of the #COVID19 vaccine development process. Thankful as always for @NIHDirector at the helm.…
Re quick timeline to human trials:

"That’s really an amazing part of the science.

While it seems like this all happened in a blink of an eye, 65 days, it was built on years of basic science work...." #ScienceMatters
Re timeline for release to public:

"the real important point is that for the phase 3 trial, there are no timesavers. One must enroll 30,000 people and watch them over months in a very rigorous, placebo-controlled environment" #VaccinesWork #SafetyFirst
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Why are young kids with summer birthdays less likely to get their #influenza shot? And why does it matter during #COVID19?

In our natural experiment published in @NEJM, @AnupamBJena @_JaeminWoo and I took a look at this interesting phenomenon... (THREAD)…
Before getting into the details, if you want to skip ahead to the discussion of the #COVID19 vaccine and the ramifications of this study's findings on the ongoing and upcoming vaccination efforts, check out our piece in today's @washingtonpost. (2/n)…
Back to the study: the @CDCgov recommends children receive vaccines on a schedule, which coincides with annual checkups. For example, kids are recommended to get their vaccines against measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox at their 1 year visit. (3/n)…
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Are You Going To Let Someone Put A Swab Up Your Nose?👃

Do not be lazy-minded! Do Not Let Them Stick A Needle In Your Arm. #vaccineswork for greedy pigs.

Listen to @voxnews1 & send this to someone in your family. WAKE UP!

Here's #MikeWallace Blow The Lid Off the 1976 #SwineFlu Pandemic #VaccineInjuries. Back when there was still some integrity in the #MSM.

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