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"Whole slide images are graphs": Our paper on effectiveness of graph modelling of WSIs in #cpath & Graph Neural Networks (#GNN) for receptor status prediction of #breastcancer from routine WSIs is accepted in Medical Image Analysis.
1. Motivation: Whole slide images are big and holistic modelling of interactions between different tissue components using only slide level labels is difficult with conventional "patch-then-aggregate" approaches used for weakly supervised learning in CPath.
2. We introduce a flexible #GNN based #ML framework (#SlideGraph+) that can holistically model WSIs for different large scale prediction problems
3. For HER2 status prediction, the method gives AUC 0.75-0.8 and can be used for case triaging & advanced ordering of tests.
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💊💊 New Tweetorial Alert 💊💊
Please take a break from your #doomscrolling and read this thread. If you have an even longer break read the paper @NEJM:… 1/7
This paper is about #PartD & cancer. It is also about #pharmacoequity (shoutout @UREssien). Not the way we typically think about equity, though. This is about how screwed you are if you need cancer treatment and your treatment happens to be covered by #PartD and not #PartB. 2/7
Half of cancer drugs are covered by #PartD. Whether you get a pill versus infusion is based on your cancer type or subtype. For #breastcancer the preferred regimens for #HER2+ cancer are infused (#PartB); for HER2-, ER/PR+ cancer preferred regimens include a #PartD drug. 3/7
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Hoeveel economisch (corrupt) voordeel heeft NL veehouderij door gebruiken illegale groeihormonen en farmaceutische middelen te gedogen structureel in meerdere jaren volgens recherche rapport. Wob-verzoeken #Rivm #fraude #doofpot #Wob #WOBdocumenten #wobonderzoek #boerzoektvrouw
#persvrijheid, Wob-verzoeken tonen aan daar afval en restproducten van Big Pharma nog benut worden op DUIZENDEN Nederlandse #boerderij. Het gaat in tegen Europese Wetgeving volksgezondheid en voedselveiligheid.! #Pfizer #WOBdocumenten #boerzoektvrouw #bzv #doofpot #RIVM #fraude
#persvrijheid , Neutraal onderzoek geven de gevaren aan naar #kanker. Met name #borstkanker wordt benoemd met de illegale gebruiken van farmaceutische chemische afvalstromen van BIG PHARMA.! #breastcancer #Pfizer
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Great article by @toyoufromlee on @KoningCorp #breastcancer as many of you know im super excited about this revolutionary company and how its a game changer for breast cancer…
detection with no compression and 3D accuracy. Lee Fan makes a compelling case for why its so revolutionary plus why their move into SAAS (screening as a service) will transform the industry and could catapult Koning as a market leader (existing cos like @Hologic have inferior
Technology and have an installed base so cant just mimic what koning is doing. This is super exciting and even though im beyond pumped on $btu #uranium and $panr (esp today), im even more excited about @KoningCorp and how big this could become. Hopefully many of you joined the
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Thank you to our Keynote Speakers from COAST-to-COAST for their insightful presentations & to the 8,752 participants who attended @MedNewsWeek Conference in February 2022. It was a pleasure learning from everyone.
I would also like to thank our great team that helped to make this event possible.
@etahmed @CParkMD @drysilay @LVento @lexyv717 @MedNewsWeek @evolusean_
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@looking5452 Stay

"Histology of mRNA vaxxinee lymph nodes shows abundant germinal centers

Vaccine spike antigen and mRNA persist for weeks in lymph node germinal centers."…
One very real hypothesis is that the substitution of pseudouridine for uridine to avoid the
@looking5452 immune response is working so well that the mRNA is completely evading the normal clearance/degradation pathways. Hence, mRNA that is not being incorporated into cells at the injection site, is migrating to the lymph nodes (and throughout the body as the non-clinical>
@looking5452 Pfizer data suggest?) and CONTINUING TO EXPRESS PROTEIN there. In this case, the cytotoxic protein antigen is SPIKE. SPIKE PROTEIN CAN BE DETECTED FOR AT LEAST 60 DAYS AFTER ADMINISTRATION OF DOSE. Note that the duration of the protein expression was ONLY TESTED FOR 60 days.>
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Women considering hormone replacement therapy (#HRT) can be reassured about the risk of #BreastCancer. New research suggests that HRT is generally linked to only small increased risks. Different types of HRT were linked to different risks of breast cancer.
The researchers looked at data from 99,000 women with #BreastCancer aged between 50 and 79. Each was matched to five other women who did not have breast cancer. This was so researchers could look at the association between taking HRT and having a diagnosis of breast cancer.
The research team found that there was no increase in the risk of breast cancer for HRT taken for less than a year. Risks increased with the duration of HRT treatment and there were also different risks depending on a woman’s age and the type of progestogen taken.
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1) Welcome to our THIRD #accredited serialized #tweetorial from @onc_ce, your new (and only) home for the latest education from #experts on #cancer care. #Physicians #nurses #pharmacists #PAs and #NPs can all earn 0.5h CE/#CME by following this thread!
2) We continue to highlight the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (#SABCS21), with more expert commentary for OUR #tweetorial followers! Our content authority is Hal Burstein MD (@drhburstein) from @DanaFarber Cancer Institute & @HarvardMed.
3) @Onc_ce and its companion website are supported by educational grants from Astra Zeneca and Daiichi Sankyo and content is intended for #healthcare providers. Faculty disclosures are listed at
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1/9 #TumorBoardTuesday #PostTest Q1️⃣ #CME

@doctorC369 took us on a 🛣️through metastatic #GEA. Lots of pearls🦪 here. First: two ❓...then the wrap up!

🤔These biomarkers are actionable in advanced #EsophagoGastricCancer except…

👉🏽Posttest 🔗:
2/9 #PostTest Q2️⃣ #CME #TumorBoardTuesday


🤔 Addition of immunotherapy to chemotherapy in the 1st line Rx of advanced #EsophagoGastricCancer significantly improves PFS and OS PDL1 CPS>1%
3/9 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thursday Case🎀- 12.14.2021

Lots of take🏠messages- 2 TWEETS!
We discussed metastatic #GEA
✅Chemo + XRT needed to be used fast when facing obstruction- biomarkers can wait
📣✅REMEMBER- no 5-FU bolus‼️📣
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1/14 🆕 🚨Accelerated article on #breastcancer just out in @nature! #bcsm

We asked:
1️⃣ What drives response to #chemotherapy in #breast #cancer
2️⃣ Can we use #machinelearning to predict response to chemotherapy❓


A 🧵👇👇👇 @OncoAlert
2/14 We are unable to #predict #response to treatment in clinic…

✅Good response ➡️treatment very effective ➡️better survival
❌Poorer response ➡️treatment less effective ➡️worse survival

Being able to forecast response would be a landmark advance!
3/14 We ran a study in women with #breastcancer @CUH_NHS+@CRUK_CI:
1️⃣who had a #cancer biopsy (which we analysed)
2️⃣received 18 weeks of chemo+/-targeted therapy
3️⃣had surgery (and we measured how much cancer remained)

We associated PRE-therapy profiles↔️POST-therapy response👇
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அக்டோபர்"மார்பக புற்றுநோய் விழிப்புணர்வு மாதம்", மார்பக புற்றுநோயின் தாக்கம் குறித்த விழிப்புணர்வை ஏற்படுத்துவதற்கான பிரச்சாரங்கள் நடந்து வருகின்றன.அதே போல மார்பக புற்றுநோய் குறித்த கட்டுக்கதைகளையும் தெரிந்து கொள்வது அவசியம், அது தேவையில்லாத பயத்தை போக்க உதவும் #Thread
(1/n) Image
கட்டுக்கதை no.1 :- உங்கள் மார்பில் ஒரு கட்டி இருப்பதை கண்டுபிடித்தால், அது உங்களுக்கு மார்பகப் புற்றுநோய் இருப்பதைக் குறிக்கிறது !?

உண்மை :- மார்பகக் கட்டிகளில் ஒரு சிறிய சதவீதம் மட்டுமே புற்றுநோயாக மாறும்.

(2/n) Image
ஆனால் உங்கள் மார்பகத்தில் தொடர்ந்து புதியதாக மார்பக திசுக்களில் ஏதேனும் மாற்றங்களைக் கண்டால், அதை ஒருபோதும் புறக்கணிக்கக்கூடாது. மார்பக பரிசோதனைக்காக மருத்துவரை அணுகுவது மிகவும் முக்கியம்.

(3/n) Image
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రొమ్ము క్యాన్సర్ ఎంత త్వరగా నిర్ధారణ అవుతే అంత త్వరగా దాని నుండి పూర్తిగా భయట పడవచ్చు.ముఖ్యంగా ఆడవారు వక్షోజాల స్వీయ పరీక్ష (BSE)తరచు చేసుకోవాలి. గట్టిగా గడ్డలు చేతికి అనిపిస్తే డాక్టర్ ని సంప్రదించాలి.
Check the comparison below.
#breastcancer #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth
వక్షోజాల స్వీయ పరీక్ష (steps to follow)
#BreastCancerAwareness #breastcancer
రొమ్ము క్యాన్సర్ లో తరచుగా ఉండే లక్షణాలు
12 common changes you may find that needs a doctor attention immediately
#breastcancer #knowyourlemons #BreastCancerAwareness
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Remarkable technology developed by @LIMSLTU researcher @BrianAbbey16 and supported by La Trobe's Strategic Innovation Fund reveals the eye-popping colour of cancer cells — it promises to revolutionise medical imaging and aid early-detection of cancer. Side-by-side comparison of cancerous cells under a tradition
@LIMSLTU @BrianAbbey16 @PeterMacRes @ANUmedia @GarvanInstitute @ONJCRI @UniMelb @ONJCancerCentre @CancerVic 'Breakthroughs in #nanotechnology allowed us to manipulate the interaction of light with biological tissue so that abnormal cells appear to have a different colour to healthy ones,' said Prof. @BrianAbbey16, explaining how NanoMslide helps detects disease. An image of a slide with cancerous cells using NanoMslide, a
@LIMSLTU @BrianAbbey16 @PeterMacRes @ANUmedia @GarvanInstitute @ONJCRI @UniMelb @ONJCancerCentre @CancerVic @latrobenews Around 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with #BreastCancer by age 85. But accurate early diagnosis is 'incredibly challenging'.

Adjunct Prof. Belinda Parker (@parkerlabPMCC) explains how @BrianAbbey16's NanoMslide illuminates early-stage breast cancer.…
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I’m fed up of the media blaming GPs for the spike in late-stage #breastcancer. From my experience GPs refer anyone with a breast symptom to a clinic, no matter the age. They know, as I do, that the only way to exclude a cancer is to be examined and have …
… either an USS, mammogram or both. And even then, a cancer might be missed. Cancers can be sneaky. One month they might be too small to be felt or seen on a scan. Then 4 weeks later, there they are. I should know. I’m a breast surgeon. I have ‘expert hands’. I just thought…
… I had a cyst. Turned out it was a 6cm cancer sitting on top of a 13cm cancer. Yes you will hear about the rare cases when a GP didn’t send a young girl up. But remember - #breastcancer is RARE in women under the age of 40. Less than 4% of all cases. Most young women have …
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/04/2021…
Study shows a whale of a difference between songs of birds and humpbacks…

#songs #birds #HumpbackWhales #ResearchStudy #differences
A Function Approximation Approach to the Prediction of Blood Glucose Levels…

#BloodGlucose #levels #prediction #diabetes #FunctionApproximation
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65 year old man presents with pain in the right upper quadrant of his abdomen and weight loss. (1/n)
Core needle biopsy of the liver mass shows adenocarcinoma. Immunohistochemical (IHC) testing was positive for CK7 and CK20. IHC was negative for TTF1 and HepPar1.

Photo taken from a very nice review from @VijgenSandrine… #TumorBoardTuesday (2/n)
Imaging studies reveal a dominant liver mass & satellite liver lesions. The patient also has peritoneal and lung metastases.

Labs showed no abnormalities other than CA 19-9 of 15,000 and CEA of 100.

The patient is diagnosed with metastatic intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. (3/n
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Promising research into metastatic #breastcancer from the UK in @Nature

The FDA-approved antibiotic Bedaquiline (for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis) “downregulated ATP5F1C expression in vitro and prevented spontaneous metastasis in vivo”…
Bedaquiline prevented “spontaneous metastasis in a xenograft model, without affecting tumor growth, or inducing significant toxicity… consistent with the idea that ATP is a functional biomarker of metastasis.”
Small study: 12 female patients with a diagnosis of invasive breast carcinoma. Samples of lymph node metastasis (5) or distant metastasis alone (6). One sample included the primary tumor; axillary lymph nodal metastasis; plus skin and the liver metastases.
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THREAD: Info on impact of covid vaccines on women.

1/ The vaccines may cause infertility in women (&men). Imp is reference to vaccine induced auto immune reaction which other researchers are also saying. That can raise rates of cancer.… Image
2/ Here are the adverse effects on female reproductive organs being reported in the UK. Includes miscarriages,
Still births, abnormal periods, vaginally bleeding, clots, breast changes, post menopausal bleeding & early menopause.… Image
3/ Heavy period bleeding & clots post vaccine can indicate vaccine induced THROMBOCYTOPENIA (drop in platelets). V.dangerous. Can lead to CVST (clots in veins of the brain).MUST be checked & treated with anti coagulation treatment.… Image
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LIVE NOW: @DrTedros' opening remarks at the #WHA74 ⬇️…
"Lucy Nyambura is a health promotion officer in Mombasa City, 🇰🇪. When #COVID19 arrived last year, a strict lockdown was introduced, but it was met with strong resistance by the local community, who refused to be tested, isolated or treated"-@DrTedros #WHA74
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Returning from a trip to attend memorial services for a dear vegetarian friend who died of Cancer.

Almost everyone I saw has Cancer, too.

And they all say:

“Why am I sick? I eat such a healthy diet, mostly fruit, vegetables and plant based!”
When I suggest it might be a chronic lack of protein, B-12, carnitine, carnosine, minerals, collagen, saturated fats and iron...and too much sugar and oxalates they are in complete denial. #vegan #cancer #breastcancer Image
I ate a lot of hummus, nut butter, tahini, rice, vegetables and fruit. (To be polite.)

I secretly cooked steaks on a small stove I travel with.
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I gotta vent! Chemo is scary af! I have to flush the toilet twice and preferably use a separate bathroom to keep the Chemo from other people. I can't have sex for 72 hours after infusion because my vagina can leak Chemo after infusion. Terrifying!
All of my clothes that I wore to my infusion and 72 hours after infusion I have to be washed separately from other people laundry. I can't share towels or anything for that matter. If my hubs comes in contact with my body fluids during this time he has to wash and flush...
the area that may have been contaminated. Signs he's been effected are a rash or worse. I'm toxic during that time for three days out of the week. It's scary. It's working as far as we can tell but it's scary!
#chemotherapy #Chemo #breastcancer #ActuallyAutistic
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Is it possible to predict signaling in single cell? 🤔
Our @attila_gbr with Marco Tognetti, @BodenmillerLab group, @tanevski, and @Sagebio designed a @DR_E_A_M challenge to crowdsource this question and our manuscript is out 🎊…. Here is what we learnt🧑‍🎓
we used this… rich dataset from the @BodenmillerLab and @Picotti_Lab labs: 80 millions of #singlecell from 67 #breastcancer cell lines, 36 measured markers, 5 kinase inhibitors, time courses #CyTOF + #proteomics , transcriptomics and genomics
Did the antibody stop working or you cannot measure a node? We can predict it’s activity from other measured nodes. Predictions correlate strongly with test data and are accurate across time and conditions. Watch out for rare signaling patterns though.
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In-depth individual interviews of 25 #women #workers at the Ambassador Bridge produced #breastcancer risk understandings & agency narratives.

Kathy said: “put us all together, and pretty soon you have just got lots of stories that all have the same ending.”

A thread

The research captures & explains layered & multifactorial influences on women’s narratives of #breastcancer risks & related agency and to see how #health and health knowledge are constructed in a #nested set of relationships.

Multiple information sources influenced #women’s #breastcancer risk and agency narratives.

Social, cultural & experiential information were all included.

#Workplace & #environmental exposures & socio-cultural aspects of work & environment were critical to the narratives.

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On the 30th of January last year, I declared a global health emergency over the spread of the novel coronavirus.

At the time, outside #China there were less than 100 cases of #COVID19, and no deaths"-@DrTedros

"I wish to be very clear: a public health emergency of international concern is the highest level of alarm under international law"-@DrTedros #COVID19

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