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Cloé, 11 ans, habite à Saint-Nolff, au sud de la Bretagne. Depuis un an, elle lutte contre une #leucémie. Ses parents, soutenus par un collectif citoyen, aimeraient que leur voisin cesse d’épandre des #pesticides près de chez eux. Récit. Par @NolwennWeiler…
Cloé rêve de redevenir «comme avant», avant le #cancer qui a bouleversé sa vie et celle de sa famille. Chaque semaine, il faut aller changer le pansement qui maintient le cathéter pour la chimio : « On s’efforce de porter son attention ailleurs mais sincèrement, c’est très dur. » Image
Toute la famille est tenue de s'organiser professionnellement mais aussi d’appliquer des règles d’hygiène très strictes pour protéger Cloé, dont le système immunitaire sort affaibli des chimios. « Nous ne sortons plus, ne faisons plus de week-ends ni de vacances en famille. » Image
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#IRBScience: Published in @GenomeMedicine, the latest work from the SBNB lab points to the co-occurrence of #cancer driver genes as a key to precision medicine.

Read👓the news➡️

(1/4) Follow this thread to learn more ↘️
The system is called Targeted Cancer Therapy for You (TCT4U), and it's aimed at predicting tumour response to different treatments.💊

It has allowed the identification of a set of complex biomarkers🧬that have now been made available to the medical-scientific community.

"The sum of two or more mutated #Cancer driver genes affects the tumour's response to treatments" says @ptck72, "through this work, we see that studying cancer driver genes as a whole can bring about a great advance towards precision medicine".

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Rife believed bacteria or viruses inside tumors emitted specific electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). He developed a microscope that could detect EMFs from bacteria and viruses by the color of their auras.
- 🦠
In the 1930s, he developed a machine called the Rife Frequency Generator. Which produced low-energy radio waves with the same frequency as cancer-causing microbes. He believed sending this frequency to the body would make cancer-causing microbes shatter and die. This frequency
was called the mortal oscillatory rate.
- 🧬
It claimed the American Medical Association (AMA) and government agencies were covering up evidence about Rife machines.
- 🔬
Researchers have started experimenting with radiofrequency EMFs to treat cancer. They’ve concluded low-l
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New #radonc attendings:

Your first cases will take a long time. That's normal. It means you understand how big #cancer care is and are doing your best by your patients. Be patient with yourself. It will get easier. You *do* know what you are doing.
Also, don't forget:
1. Expert contours vary.
2. Imaging now is better than the old trials that often define care.
3. Dose has a gradient.
4. Prescription doses are basically never threading the therapeutic window like a needle. You know the standard of care. It's usually a pretty wide lane.
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#WATCH: Everyday Mohammed Al-Fifi gets up and goes to work – he’s a teacher, has #cancer and his classroom is a video link from his hospital room where he is undergoing chemotherapy
The #coronavirus has posed many problems to us all, but #cancer patient and school teacher Mohammed Al-Fifi has turned it to his advantage and used the virtual world to get back to his students while he undergoes #chemotherapy Image
#WATCH: Saudi school teacher Mohammed Al-Fifi has cancer and is currently in hospital, but he still teaches from his bed – it’s something he sees as a duty, despite undergoing #chemotherapy
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According to Hindu scriptures,
Lord Shiva and Maa Shakti are pleased only by
NOT doing the complete circumambulation of Shiva Linga.
Very few people know the Medicinal application of this religious aspect.
I would try my best to explain this #Ayurveda concept in layman..
We apply such medicines,
made on the basis of this concept,
in some life threatening diseases like #DMD, #autoimmune diseases, #Cancer etc.

How r the medicines prepared?:

@HinduMediaWiki told 1 pradakshina for shiv & 1 for maa shakti,
some say 3/4 pradakshina..
for shiv & 1/4 pradakshina for maa shakti.
But one thing is acceptable to all
only incomplete circumambulation pleases Lord shiva & maa shakti.

Let's assume cancer.
Cancer means #DESTRUCTION of healthy cells in the body
Destruction is done by kruddh/angry Shiva.
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Do #qualitative interviews cause #distress when used for sensitive topics and/or in sensitive populations?
A thread (& case study with #cancer #survivors).
2/5 #Qualitative research is ideally suited to gain rich insights into human experience, including those with medical conditions and at-risk groups.

But, one #barrier to conducting #qualitative interviews is concern (often from physicians or IRB/ethics) of causing #distress
3/5 Yet, data on distress around #qualitative #interviews with medical pops is lacking.

In our new #PsychoOncologypaper, #AYA #cancersurvivors completed a validated distress screening tool before, after & 1 week after an interview on #fearofrecurrence…
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🛑We have literal #OwlsEye #SnakeEyes markers in our bodies that identify viruses like #HIV #AIDS #Cancer

🛑[THEIR] occult symbols are in OUR BODIES pointing to the viruses/cancer [THEY] created?!

🛑HIV-1 M* = HIV 113👈🏼

🛑Qu points to AIDS!

🛑#AngelaMerkel is VERY INVOLVED in #Obama + #AIDS

Pic 1: Cue #251 = decider
Pic 2: “..referred to as the decider”

#AngelaKasner #AdolfHitler


🛑11.3 (M)arker?👇🏼
#HIV1 •subtype M = HIV1•13👈🏼 ImageImageImageImage
Where it began:

#SilentWarContinues in Qu drops which I’ve connected to #SirWinstonChurchill

Also connected:

#SpanishFlu, #COVID19, #HIV inserts, #Herpes, #Hepatitis, #EpsteinBarr etc..

Qu #213 • 11/22/17 • 11:33👈🏼
The world cannot swallow the truth.
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Powerful planetary combinations today!
Today a rare #cosmic phenomenon is taking place with 6 planes located in their own house- #Sun in #Leo, #mercury in #Virgo, #mars in #Aries, #moon in #cancer, #Jupiter in #Sagittarius and #Saturn in #Capricorn. Image

Such a rare yoga is now formed after 250 years and it has capacity to bestow good results for the world. In astrology, time is referred to as supreme force. (Samay ati balvan). Even Ravana appreciates the power of time and therefore he tried to fixate his destiny

by utilizing the powerful planetary transits. You might be amazed to know that his son Meghnath was born when all planets were transiting the 11th house from his son’s ascendant. He purposefully planned his birth during this time but Saturn didn’t obey him and put his
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Daily truth bombs: lesson 1
The horrific result of vaccinosis was the manifestation of blood poisoning through what was known at the time as 'Eczema vaccinatum.' This iatrogenic illness claimed many lives during the smallpox vaccine era.1/ Image
This miasm became grafted onto our genome and up to this day continues to manifest itself in the most stubborn forms of eczema. Dormant cases or where predisposition is strong can easily be triggered by routine vaccination.2/
Eczema and its' deeper manifestation - asthma, are among the most common illnesses, often referred to as inherently common.
From a homeopathic perspective eczema has a tubercular diathesis and is a precursor to the cancer miasm, which plagues humanity like no other illness. 3/
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It is a shame that Niger Delta, a region that produces the greatest economic resources for Nigeria, does not have a single functional CANCER Radiotherapy Treatment machine for her 40million people.…
Call on Govs & Pres. to save cancers patients
Pls RT.
Radiotherapy is one of the major treatment options in cancer management, according to the @WHO
52% of cancer patients should receive radiotherapy at least once during the treatment of their cancer.
Together with other modalities such as surgery and chemotherapy, it plays an important role in the treatment of 40 percent of those patients who are cured of their cancer,” @WHO
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Ex. In the beginning, the Elohim created the Heaven & the Earth.

(Aries) In the beginning, (I) created the Heaven & the Earth.

(Taurus) In the beginning, (I have) created the Heaven & the Earth.
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Saturday, 5th September 2020

#Moon is transiting through the Revati, the 27th nakshatra ruled by #Mercury. Mercury is exalted in #virgo which is directly aspecting the moon. Moon- mercury opposition makes us quite calculative & the free flow of emotions is not there. However Image
#Revatinakshatra gifts prosperity and nourishment. The month of #september is filled with many planetary transformations. #Venus has changed house and is currently transiting #cancer. Mercury is in its exalted state in #Virgo. #Jupiter is going to become direct on Sep 13, 2020.
#Rahu and #ketu are changing signs on Sep 23, 2020. As ketu will leave Mula, Major relief from Corona can be seen. Also,we can expect some good news regarding vaccinee in coming days due to changing cosmic weather.

#Astrology #astroquote #SaturdayVibes #SaturdayMorning
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Thursday, 03rd September 2020

Today #moon is transiting #purvabhadrapada nakshatra whose lord #Jupiter is retrograde and fallen in #Sagittarius. The most important thing to notice in the cosmos is that both #saturn & #venus are at 1 degree in #capricorn and #cancer respectively. Image
Both are casting direct aspect on each other which is causing extreme conflict of energies. To add upon it, #Mars is sitting at 3 degree of #aries is also casting 4th aspect. Venus is in real trouble.The next forthcoming days can become defining moments for #India & entertainment
industry both. The aspect of 7th lord mars on ascendant shows that there can be war like situation or clashes with neighbouring countries. Saturn, the lord of justice may reveal some deepest secrets of the entertainment industry in order to cleanse the corrupt polluted system.
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New pulse survey on the impact of #COVID19 on health systems finds that 90% of 105 countries report disruptions to essential health services due to the pandemic
The most frequently disrupted areas due to #COVID19 include:
-routine immunization
-NCD diagnosis & treatment
-family planning & contraception
-treatment for mental health disorders
-#cancer diagnosis & treatment
-malaria diagnosis & treatment

👉 Image
Due to #COVID19 potentially life-saving emergency services were disrupted in almost 25% of responding countries with:
-disruptions to 24H emergency room services affecting 22%
-urgent blood transfusions disrupted in 23%
-emergency surgery affected in 19%
👉 Image
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Sunday, 30th August 2020

Today #moon will be transiting #uttarashadanakshatra till 13:52 and then shift to Shravana nakshatra. It will closely conjunct #Saturn in uttarashada nakshatra which may bring some negative thoughts. However,as the day is Sunday and Sun god's Image
nakshatra is rising in morning,it is auspicious to chant Aditya hrudyam today. Moon's transit in shravana is always auspicious to honour Shree Vishnu and gain blessings of the palanhara.

#Venus is vargottama in the sign of #gemini, therefore holds very powerful dual energy.
It will shift to sign of #Cancer on Sept 1 where it will be aspected by both #Mars and saturn.This venus can create imbalances in realtionships and our power to connect with other people.

Mars and ketu are still together in navamsa which gives a lot of energy to malefics for
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"I knew our federal government behaved like a psychopath who loves his mom so the neighbors assume he’s a nice guy. But I didn’t know we had a federal law prohibiting Americans from getting #healthcare"
by @LeeCamp #cancer #ThursdayWisdom #ThursdayThoughts
"With unfettered capitalism we inevitably find ourselves with the worst drugs, priced at the highest amounts, hoarded by those who need them the least."
by @LeeCamp… #COVID19
Peace seems to have exceedingly, ridiculously, laughably bad timing, this latest time in #Afghanistan, says Lee Camp.
by @LeeCamp…
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The thing that makes me the most frustrated about #COVID19 (and has for many months) is the failure to learn lessons from previous outbreaks, particularly about the downstream effects of #pandemic response policy. A thread 1/
This morning @BBCr4today @TheCrick discussed disruption to non-covid #clinicaltrials ; also have seen depressing delays to #cancer detection and treatment ; and changes to routine SRH, maternity, NCD, mental health services.

This is well documented impact during #Ebola 2/
Economic disaster at macro + micro levels follow outbreaks - look at economic impact SE Asia post #SARS and W-Africa post #Ebola ... and to look at individual narratives of household financial hardships & increases in poverty (w/associated disease, kids out of school to work) 3/
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1/ Wow! What intervention showed a 56% REDUCTION IN CANCER MORTALITY? MUST READ in @AnnalsofIM. Bariatric Surgery and All-Cause Mortality: A Population-Based Matched Cohort Study… Image
2/ Overall, #bariatric surgery was associated with...
✅47% reduction in cardiovascular mortality
✅56% reduction in #cancer mortality
✅36% reduction in other medical mortality at 4.9 years of follow-up.

Lets dive into the study in latest @AnnalsofIM…
3/ The mission was simple (👏👏to @McMasterU &
@STJOESHAMILTON): Determine the association bw bariatric surgery & all-cause mortality. Esp since other studies of mortality post bariatric surg were limited by cohort selection bias, completeness of follow-up, & confounders.
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#IRBScience: The @bbglab publishes "A compendium of mutational cancer driver genes" in @NatureRevCancer, with mportant implications in clinical decision making.

📢568 genes identified with the potential to trigger #cancer!

(1/5) @nlbigas @fran_mj88
The study stands on the analysis of the genomes of 28,000 tumours from 66 types of cancer and it's a major update of the #IntOGen platform (, aimed at identifying mutational cancer driver genes.

“The compendium of driver genes provides cancer researchers, both in the clinical and basic research setting, with crucial knowledge and it has an important impact on clinical decision-making,” says @nlbigas, head of the @bbglab at @IRBBarcelona and @icreacommunity.

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5 planets in own sign: An Rare cosmic combination


Today, a rare astrological phenomenon will be experienced when 5 planets will be in their own signs. #Jupiter is in #Sagittarius, #Mars is in #Aries, #Sun is in #Leo, #Moon in #cancer and #saturn in #capricorn. Image

Overall,Sun and mars entering their #mooltrikona rashis will give favourable results for most people. But lets analyse this current phenomenon in detail. At one glance, planets occupying own sign symbolises strength. Yes,of course own house give power to natural Image
natural significations of the planet.

-As Sun is in leo,government will be able to take powerful decision without any major opposition.
-Mars give you the courage and passion to execute the ideas.
-As both sun and mars are strong,you will have lot of energy and vitality. Image
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Monday, 17th August 2020

#Moon will be transiting it's own sign of #cancer and #pushyanakshatra today.#Pushya is the king of #nakshatra and considered as most auspicious one.It is the birthstar of #Jupiter. Therefore, you should worship #brahaspati when moon Image
transits pushya as it will bestow great wisdom on you. This nakshatra is best for spiritual insights. Worshipping Ashwatta (Peepal) tree also helps you gain blessings of Pushya.

Today,a very rare phenomenon can be noticed in cosmos with 5 planets in own sign. #Mars,#Sun and
Jupiter in own #mooltrikonas sign is a very powerful time to get rid of bad karmas. u should utilise ur time for dharmic activities mainly fire rituals (Havan).

#GajananSays #GajananKrishnaMaharaj #GajananAstrology #mondaythoughts #MondayVibes #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning
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Mars transit Aries : Effect On 12 Zodiac

On 16th August,2020, the fiery planet of mars will transit its #Mooltrikona sign of #Aries. The graha #Mangal is the warrior planet and it is the karaka for brothers, might and courage. As #Mars is entering its own house, Image
all the significations of mars will gain prominence. There will be a heightened Martian energy and passion to pursue your dreams. The people who are employed in professions which need physical energy such as police, army, detective, sports, gym etc. will be benefitted
depending upon natal placements.

The stay of mars in Aries is temporary as it will again retrograde back to Pisces. Check this exclusive timeline for detailed view of mars transit in upcoming 5 months.
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The source of energy for whole Universe – #Sun God will be entering the sign of #Leo on 16th August, 2020. Sun transiting in Leo also known as #SimhaSankranti. The days of #Sankranti are considered pious and sacred in our country. From ancient times, Image
there is a tradition of taking dips in holy rivers on the day of Sankranti. Sun God, Lord Vishnu and Lord Narsimha Swamy are prayed on the this occasion. Nariyal Abhishek (coconut water) is performed on this day. #Suntransit through its own sign will have different impacts
on all signs. Sun is the planet of dominance, authority, government, societal honour, self-confidence etc. Leo is the natural 5th house of zodiac. It stands for romance, love, creativity, joy and children. Sun is a fierce planet & Leo is a fiery sign. Therefore at tatva level
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