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felt cute might delete later
can i realistically return to this lifestyle it's not clear
u met this dude before or nah
i suppose it tracks that in my efforts to break loose from the powerfully reignited thrall of the premier spooky gay shit of my youth (stephen king's IT) i would turn to the premier spooky gay shit of my winter 2018 manic depressive spiral (the cw's supernatural)
(i'm gonna be honest it is not working but we'll try)
as a piece of television this episode was unsuccessful but as a vehicle for this single shot of jensen ackles in a tween-sized jacket it really could not been better
oh buried years of poorly processed trauma and unwieldy bisexual energy under moderate substance abuse and pop culture reference laden witty-ish repartee i mean yeah dude me 2 that's a day that ends in y
she's right, too--talking to your girl like that is Not the way to taco town (ba dum tssss)
ohhhhhh we're on some christine by way of smart house shit okay okay i'm back babie
sick burn tbqh
disrespectful to me, a millennial of intellect, but okay, fine, i'm glad to be back in the Dean Making Horror References About The Case At Hand Just After I've Already Made Them fold
leak dean winchester's shoddily composed daddy kink slutty snapchat thirst traps @TheCW or you'll be hearing from my lawyer
Notable that tho i was raised watching 20/20 and deadline in bed with my mother every week, increasingly giggly as we speculated about who the killer might be--knowing, even as i small child, it would nearly always be the husband in the end--i agree w/ dean now u twerps ruined it
will say, though--fully tracks that sam, even given all his own life experience, and i actually mean this with love, would be a late adopter true crime enthusiast, just a good-natured self-serious gomer honestly picking it up as a pastime, i mean, he's a taurus
yeeeeeeee let's go !
just when i thought i was out yada yada what the fuck ever i do Not wanna talk about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lmfao u know what god bless this simple gay soap opera with theological underpinnings
this show attacked me and all that is holy by downloading all of pop culture history into cas by force yet we're gonna act like he doesn't get why a kid might be chilling shooting hoops give me exactly one single break!!!!!!
let this rude ass bad santa motherfucker get out of my face god this has been such an interminable stretch
i'm no scientist i can't be certain but that sure is a face!!!
@ jensen plz play the manic firefighter in my pilot
look i'd die for my son dean but no amount of murder added up altogether compares to this level of perversity
man i'll embrace a lot of wild ass things from this goofy show but jingoistic military propaganda is not among them hard pass
will that one bro who spent years of his life solely focused on preparing to kill dean only to fail miserably when he got the chance now at least get to dick him down in the manner their general vibes suggest?????? get this story and more at eleven
i know i've been away awhile but even keeping that in mind this episode's energy feels inordinately thot-y
sorry that's a flirt
when all is said and done, facts must rule the day
i've been clocked and i don't love it
it's called negging, hon, look it up
glad to know dean found time to watch fleabag season 2
jesus Please in your infinite mercy help this man download grindr already i'm so tired
ok dean knows what's up tho
same energy i bring to watching this programme
do you think crowley also associates the name trent firmly and exclusively with trent olsen the titular brother for sale in the olsen twins iconic banger "brother for sale" or what
i've insisted so many times that dean winchester needs to get his stupid ass to therapy but in my heart i know that even if he did he'd just go in there and fucking do bits like i do
please god let dean fool around with this nice man he needs it
LMA O is this a joke i'm............it's honestly hysterical that so many straight people watch this show and feel with such a dogmatic fierceness that dean is amongst their numbers have you ever even so much as walked past a mirror i mean you're not fun like this, for one thing
the face he's doing in that second screenshot is honestly too debauched for primetime and that's even before the stupid wink
at the end of the day i'm still a bobby
rowena really is doing what the other girls can't
community is so important !
yeah he's got a crush get OVER it, MA
funny how i wrote so many papers in college interpreting folklore as texts about queerness when supernatural was just out here doing it on a terrestrially available tv station you can literally pick up with an antenna the whole time
i Don't KNOW a better person!!!!!!!!!!
he doesn't! dean is very cute!! learn & grow, my girl
the absolute thrill of knowing how to read a text and therefore knowing these dudes have touched dicks before...........it just makes processing media so much easier to have that skillset you know
ok i winced!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am what i am!!
oh ariana we're really in it now
what--and i cannot stress this enough--the fuck would you possibly make of this if you were determined to maintain a straight reading i just cannot comprehend
all i'm gonna say is if jensen really is doing this layered work all, like, by accident, then he's actually some kind of fucking savant
ah yes king of all bitches w a death wish out here
ooh we love this energy Please move forward w this spice i'm so bored
this really is representation for what goes down when a taurus has decided it's time to be serious but you gotta get off your jokes anyway
KING BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pains me to be so earnest on the main but this is good advice just, like, broadly
metatwerp saw that jezebel piece and floored it
cas looks so morose in that last shot and i really get it i mean thirty percent of teen relationships is turning off a song on the radio because you know the other person would wanna hear it and you're mad at them but then you're doubly mad now because you'd have enjoyed it too
"well, speaking as someone who will throw down for dean winchester at An y yy y y Time," me and cas when the barista asks for our order
sex is cool but you ever give your crush a fraternal thump on the shoulder while pointedly refusing to make eye contact
los doyers got me fucked up enough to watch supernatural october baseball really is a hell of a drug
that The Shining carpet adjacent wallpaper doing a lot of narrative work here to create immediate tension in this home where a young feminist is being OP Ressed!!!!
"and please, none of your betty friedan stuff." - this show @ me whenever i float the idea that a woman on it could perhaps not die
sorry i decided to watch the last half of the twins-yankees game because i love to feel bad......proceeding forth w the brothers now
and god said LET THERE BE GAYS
wow i actually medically required this thank U
what i love?? Romance
me in seventh grade explaining to myself why it felt like soul murder to see a boy hold my friend ashley's hand at friendlys after soccer practice
honestly everybody on this website talking all day about emotional labor has nothing on what benny's had to do
you G O T T A wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder!!
man don't you hate it when your dead ex meets you on the astral plane to say dumb bitch don't kill yourself
oh !! oh just kidding he was saying DO kill yourself just don't involve anybody else in it! okay well fair enough in context
the purgatory lighting is sooooo nice if it were in reality a space as readily available to come and go from more or less as one pleases as it appears on this show it would be an instagram hotspot by now
yes see also: soccer team sleepovers!!
i mean yeah cause of the gay sex whilst to your mind outside the bounds of real life anyway go the therapy my guy
oh my Fucking god this is culture this is a poem this is so so o gay, like, imagine, for one thing, thinking a vampire trapped in a liminal space between the human realm and the afterlife would imprint so deeply on some twerp in a carhartt jacket JUST AS BROS read a fucking book!
okay there is absolutely zero fucking possible way that leisha hailey was jimmy's wife the last time we met this character right like it's physically impossible that i'd have failed to clock that....................anyway gay rights
do we have evidence outside of his dangerous caffeine consumption (red eye gang for life!!) that sam was really a troubled teen i mean unhappy sure but that's practically part of the job description
finally!!!!!!!!!!!! i've waited so long
happy halloween my son, he's good
i'm perpetually about to joke, like, DEAN WINCHESTER FEMINIST ICON but i'm afraid someone will think i mean it sincerely and try to fight or, more urgently, that i might, myself, start to mean it sincerely, and have to fight, to be clear, myself
grifter king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!! ! !!!!1111!!
god, what a deranged programme
me explaining why it has taken me upwards of sixty one and a half years to get through season ten of this show
as you can see rowena continues to only ever be exactly right
the two genders
let cas into the nba ref pool his desire to know the rules already has him ahead of the curve
perfect people don't exis-------
i'm really yelling i love her so much
me logging onto this bird app
not to BRAG (read: not to publicly shame myself without any provocation whatsoever) but this playlist i made for our dean's 40th birthday party actually remains undefeated open.spotify.com/user/fannylemo…
gotta be radically honest and say Yes ten seasons were worthwhile to me just for this moment where dean looks at sam's ringing phone, sees cas is calling, glances around w a lil face on like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, then concludes yes, ok, this is a call for me now,
when i called home to chat w/ mom for an hour but only my dad is there
drunk dialing your ex from the lyft line outside the bar like
my sweet, SWEET son feeling the pain and isolation of knowing these absolute gomers are conspiring clumsily to pull off some kind of finesse on him u simply hate to see it :((((
these corny zoom cuts synced to the score really pleased satisfied delighted and invigorated me thanks team
grateful for this rare depiction of high school bullies as they are (disgusting, goofy, in five years gonna be either really embarrassed of themselves or getting fired from 7-Eleven in town or both) in a culture that turns them into roided up killers bent on mass destruction
really good read from colonel sanders here and presuming the poolboy is being appropriately compensated for his efforts we support the whole thing
NOT me coming surprisingly unhinged over the death of a character i found almost uniformly annoying because also she was dean's one queer friend.... ,, ,, ``` NOT that
jared does some very good work in this scene where they're burning charlie's body, and, i mean, he's aided in his efforts by sam being right, and by dean being unduly cruel out of pain, but anyway this season's been a huge snooze and now we're really Really going off, huh?
a Woman
we simply must stan cas, literal angel of the lord, the fucked up bro who--theoretically, anyway--begot all our sorry asses, somehow being unable to relate to standard martyr bullshit
remember when rowena, in attempting to point out to charlie their similarities, called them both "sexually progressive"?? not strictly relevant i just think it's good to reiterate wherever possible that i love this perfect monstrosity
i continue to struggle in parsing exactly what i am to make of these shitty fakes these dudes have wherein, for example freddie mercury's name is spelled wrong and dean is alleged to be only 5'6", but, anyway--------gay rights
there's no good reason for them to be this bad!!!! even if i'm to understand that these big dummies are making their own shitty fakes instead of paying someone w the skillset to do it properly, why do they always have very basic info wrong?
horni lil bitches
love that tbh
i mean, , Me
ohhhhhhhhhh Wow
hmmmmm they really made me work for it but we're On one now huh
k well for one you're gonna need to define "screw over" in context for me sugar
yall mind if i scream dot jpeg
"""miss""" lmao my idiot son, you are, to be very clear, an idiot
is the mark also supposed to make you a fucking huge dumb shithead, because the mythology has not been very clearly laid out here at all but anyway yeah when the podunk town sheriff is offended it's really time to fix this loser up i hate it
absolutely gotta fix him up; a man who has never worked for a gainful income in his life cannot afford to develop a habit for destruction of property.
i love!!!!!!!! one (1) boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT, SO GENESIS IS A LIE? SHOCKER. supernatural emmy for outstanding comedy series WHEN
this sweet, hilarious, juvenile "NO ONE'S ASKING YOU!!" directed at literal Death really brought me a huge amount of delight rn
i scream and scream!!!!!!!!!
ultimately the rowena bits of this season are not, as it were, good tv, as they all really play like these weird pointless diversions which don't truly serve the painfully boring main we unfortunately always must to get back to slogging thru, but man they're great standalone fun
hahahahah i'm....crying. despicable!!
me: lmao curse this trash season and the twenty three hours of my life it stole
me after "sammy, close your eyes": you know all art is different and in some cases it takes time to really unfold...,,,.,
ok these last two minutes were great fun but that's it
she's back
i hate to say it but the truth is LOVE HAPPENS
, the international implications that that has ,
i mean, points were made
these smarmy fuckin angels aka feds of the lord are always so tiresome but at least this one's got jokes
listen i'm not a betting man and certainly it is impolite to make assumptions but i'm gonna go on a limb and say yeah good luck w/ that one mate
oh we do have fun
fine i will be the one to say it: deano time to cowboy up and let crowley kill that infant for the culture
so anyway the thing that's just really awful is how my son is very dumb and extremely good
incredible to remember this show about a noted volboomer (voluntary baby boomer) airs on the same channel as the suite life of the sexy archies
anyway here's me
i'm no scientist but i'd like to put forth a conclusion here based on the available data: this is real good stuff
i'm really being exposed 2nite
see also
1. jumpcut to me screeching violently 2. the taurus JUMped out!!!
i love facts
honestly a cruel bait n switch to lull me into thinking we are all having a real nice time and suddenly i have this bitch john winchester to deal with again
sir suck my dick straight 2 hell!!
insane that here i am, a thinking woman, a person with free will and a working brain, watching some old ass bros sift blindly through their daddy issues over and over for years and years, and i'm like, yeeeeah, that's the shit inject it in my VEINs
my man decided to drop a POEM on your asses wow
my only real hobby is hurting my own feelings
you know almost a full year of deranged tweets and one elaborate theme party later i think i am finally prepared to make a very brave statement tonight......,,,,,..,.,,i Love dean winchester
and of course that's not in a myopic, permissive stan way, but just in the extremely normal and logical sense wherein actually dean is my own most adored, precious baby son, and anything good he does is a credit to me and anything bad is, actually, my fault
anyway this is just to say julien is too cool to have intentionally written a song about dean winchester and yet, , Yet....Ok back to the episode i love to have a real nice time!!
yeah duh what you guys can't access The Vampire Diaries from your lil bunker or?
i'm gonna need a minute
hijinks enthusiasts Stand Up!!!!!!!!!!
this is--and i cannot stress this enough--extremely fun
absolutely screaming
hereditary (2018) dir. ari aster
the disgusted sigh when dean realizes he is gonna have to risk skunking a couple beers in order to put a decapitated monster head in his cooler > the combined output of the entire best actor field in nearly any given award season
not to be annoying but this episode has a completely different cinematic language than usual and it..................slaps
do i want to tuck myself up within this episode of television like it's a weighted blanket and live there forever?????????????????????no no that would be a troubling impulse for one to espouse but what i am saying is it is good
this art ho tight shot on The actual CW???? we're living!
lmao sorry to belabor the point re the cinematography but this dash cam set up????? it's good
a not-not bottle episode filmed entirely from the car i'm, frankly, reeling
the film hoes :( we're eating :(
for my files
must note of course that the deputy is played by teach grant, a man most recently seen stabbing my littlest boy edward kaspbrak in the face as henry bowers in the very, very bad clown film which i saw [redacted] times in theaters
now, see, little sammy never got to go to law school, but his time at stanford did if nothing else give him an understanding of slander
dean really was true crime fatigued before the boom even happened, an absolute visionary
as it happens i have been to the lizzie borden house and regrettably the vibes there are just not as bad as you'd hope
in a way it's good that the winchesters don't go to new england as often as i personally might like because then what would robert eggers even have left to make movies about
can confirm massachusetts will do that to ya
lizzie borden house dude: you weren't feds earlier!!!!!!!!!!!
sam, pained, his very identity being attacked: ...we're.....undercover ........
a thought: you don't actually Have to. another thought: if this strange little man survives this episode i hope he enjoys the kristen stewart lizzie movie w the lesbian sex. we all deserve at least that much.
dean as me when i see people really buying yet more my favorite murder merch in the year of our lord twenty nineteen
i yelled!
do i wish she'd said "wing-ed", two syllables??? yeah but this is still a mood
listen babe we don't have the time
i scream and scream!!!!!!
canadian scream queen du jour from the jump!!!!!!!!!!!
why is this me leaving for work tomorrow morning
this is, i'm afraid................................really something
that look, !!
oh samuel, how he suffers!!
the IMPLIc ation being that sam would NOT call cas himself and get him involved as it is understood that it is for dean to make that decision very interesting much to unpack but you know i see no point in getting mired in this all i can say is Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle
poor sap's got that sallow look native to the experience of cancelling a saturday of flaunting teen limbs in the sunshine because there happened to be an america's next top model marathon on vh1 when u woke up but he's still not wrong
"bad weird" as opposed to the other weirds that are in fact good and also the great joy of my life but who's counting
bad weird!!!!!! i have to go to bed i'm upset
well, that makes one of us, samuel
a simple wholesome knee-slapper
the subtext of every uncomfortable protracted goodbye at the end of a date
cas really just got ok, boomer'd wow you hate to see it
more or less the energy my teen cousins brought to defending their right to make tiktoks at a wake and i mean they had a case i think
hate that this is me talking about vanderpump rules
a rude little shit? sure, but the taste in cinema is unimpeachable.
get him!!!
and the category is "people who've got some splainin' to do"
if what this text wants to say to me is that kardashian stans are all on the brink of putting on a giant bunny head and murdering people in their homes, well, okay, i'll bite
queers after one pilates class
i get that the premise of this episode is it's the costumes themselves that have the homicidal energy and they are really to blame for the wearer's actions but i think we can agree anybody who would willingly put that thing on was already a threat to the public good to begin with
oh man in a weaker moment i could--and very likely upon reflection Will--be moved to tears by this leisurewear
great reference, great outfit, great example of classic dysfunctional behavior in feeling jealous of an imaginary friend your brother had two decades ago. 11/10
buddy really would put his life on the line to get a portmanteau in
this forced indifference to magical air guitar he was obviously very impressed with from an actual imaginary friend,,,, my little son, the most reluctant soft ho in the game. as a side note yes i am starting to fear that i'm a volboomer too
supernatural season eleven episode eight "just my imagination" /// harriet the spy - louise fitzhugh
in case the previous post didn't make it clear these are big crying hours my guys
although, like, since within this narrative imaginary friends seem to have personal autonomy and aren't strictly figments of children's imaginations, i am not sure it would be totally kosher for one to lowkey kidnap a nine year old and go out on the road with him but,, but!
wow this goofy ass spectral sesame street ep has me fucked up fellas
a classic winchesterism meaning "we will chase our tails miserably for awhile longer til it becomes evident there is in fact no other way"
obviously dean's intense aversion to faith despite his own intimate experiences with actual very real divine entities and structures is symptomatic of larger issues i don't have the licenses to parse but Still he makes a fair argument here i mean maybe it's just climate change
easily this show's most glaring failure is that whenever they mention lucifer i'm like LOUD BOOING HARD PASS while in literally any other context the faintest hint of luci chatter and it's YEeeeas the original stunt queen we stan
now obviously i don't mean that i should LIKE their lucifer, per se, but certainly the way the mere suggestion that i may have to army crawl my sorry ass through the muck of another miserable lucifer plot makes me feel terminally exhausted is not ideal
dean winchester predicted churchye, i mean, that's a twist
i love a legende so much and will continue to dare boldly to hope that she will get even one little scrap of plot that is not so toothless and meandering as to barely even merit being called a plot !
years of careful self-manufacturing into a thoughtful and discerning individual fall away like so many rotten feathers as i hook my index fingers into the corner of my mouth and wrench up my face into a disgusting joker smile, groaning in a smeary warble, U LOVE!! TO SEE ! IT~ !
i have claimed to love to see many a thing in my day, but, listen,
shooters shoot amirite
i mean just seems if we're gonna drudge this up to troll the poor guy should probably stress that also he hit the dog with his car
it's a bummer that amara is such a snore because you do theoretically want to cheer on god's mean sister who think he's a fucking tool
ok ok to be fair..............amazing plan
if i were sam winchester i would simply not go to hell and get in a cage with satan by choice and for no good reason
oh Noooooooooo that's very sweet
all right all right see THIS is fun, i can fuck with this
not a phone in sight literally just vibing
obviously technically i did not by complaining just tonight about how supernatural's portrayal of lucifer fails me, one of history's great lucifer sluts, by being a huge stupid bore, will into being this years old television arc and yet....... , well
stan eileen being like imagine a world were you twerps stop saying "legacy"
clearly i've got my clown makeup fully applied tonight but the mental gymnastics required to accept that this nice woman is sensing in dean a great passion for amara, a being of infinite evil he met a month ago when she was in diapers, I mean. .just for starters, renesmee outsold
i mean to be quite clear if i believed my son dean wanted to bone god's sister i would respect that for him and hope it works out but i'm gonna need somebody to show me a little life then
the thing is if you inadvertently release an ancient being even monsters are afraid of and first she's a little baby then she kills a bunch of people and becomes a grown woman w weird vibes and you're like Wait is this love??? then maybe put down the hex bags and consider lexapro
me checking the time as i leave the function: oh good still plenty of time to watch supernatural
there's nothing more distressing than knowing that the essay on disordered eating in supernatural that i want to read is not going to exist unless i write it
i've said it before and i'll say it again: good on jody for literally having a dykier haircut every time she reappears
the lads drinking red wine--and dean's overfilled glass--has actually cut me deep
innocence is a fiction, team claire
ofc realistically it would be best for her if this interest were safely snuffed out and she'd just go to community college and take geology classes that are just long walks near rocks and smoke w thirty year olds at a restaurant job like regular dysfunctional youths (me at 18)
dean short circuiting at the suggestion that ideally one should have an open and healthy connection to and relationship with their own sexuality?? yeah i mean i watched the previous 229 episodes so i got that but nice to underline things so directly i suppose
it's actually sweet how distressed they are over this tame dinner table discord because it goes to show that for all they've seen and suffered my guys have never weathered a thanksgiving dinner with a drunk extended family, i mean, this is quaint. nobody's even lost a tooth yet.
don't personally see much narrative value in using claire as yet another mirror for the winchesters own chronic unhappiness because, like, i already see it just fine as is, team, but of all the heavy handed symbols we've trafficked in to date at least this one comes w queen jody
season after season we do this reluctant teen girl whisperer schtick, pretending to be unable to talk to kids while doing so always with radical empathy, and season after season i feel satisfied and fulfilled by it so anyway it's not a complaint just, honey bee, , sugar plum,plZ!
girls don't like boys girls like to troll dean winchester half to death in a way that makes them feel respected and supported
why are you booing me i'm right dot jpeg
wow not me messing the thread up again almost a year deep what will i have to show of my grandchildren of my life jk no worries the earth will not sustain mankind long enough for that
my real son :(
business brunch
also like i'm all for dad bod joke where the joke is just saying dad bod because it's fun to say dad bod and though i stan the theoretical townie who turned dean down by telling him he had a dad bod it's simply not realistic
i mean that's quite literally just It Follows but it's okay i'm having a good time
wow this show really does remind you next to give up on you dreams......
seems fishy to me too, buddy
my fully grown large adult sons......they're really maturing
me requesting to reset the password so that i can get into my old account on tumblr dot com to have perhaps a small look around at some content
just kidding i'm gonna read a horror novel on my phone instead and pray for salvation
frankly, we all need to get on her level
there he is , my special boy
"be gay do crimes punch nazis" - dean winchester, actually, idk if you'd heard
the fact that they waited six and a half seasons to let misha collins be a mean slut who loves a joke i mean can you call that restraint or is it really just a massive glaring failure
love to observe as my own begotten son reckons with the gender politics of the effectively defunct monster fighting coalition that is his birthright
dean's cheer at being prepared to reference a figure now most commonly known as the go-to halloween costume for toddlers who would rather be something something from paw patrol... .. and i'm happy!
i'm in this photo and i don't like it dot jpeg
oh oh Oh i see, okay, this is real bad. very bad news for me.
"[sighs deeply]" does not approach a reasonable approximation of what i've just been forced to see
quick note here's a dean banger ok bye open.spotify.com/track/2Qhtyvsb…
truly... .. . No i'm unwell
oh luci my guy that wasn't even soft enough by half--take a ucb class or something, christ
dean's cellular level certainty that he has a greater understanding of the minutiae of angeldom than sam ,,,, ,, ... .yea bois it's a big walloping sob from me!!!!!!!!!
deano flying at full mast at the mere suggestion of his being back amongst wwii sailors again i see u and honor u sugar
i mean u been awake for the last eleven years of this shit or no kiddo
this easy certainty has caused me a pain i don't wish to discuss thnx
the coiling malice...............................i don't want to say the talent jumped out! because i'm really too old but what other turn of phrase could express what's occurring here, i mean, it did! it jumped
i mean under normal circumstances this sounds lit
david byrne voice: this is not my beautiful wife
lol i'm already upset!!
the fact that this whole scene plays out without sam being like bitch literally who ARE you??????? i mean. they let that man into stanford?
pretty good tho
samuel: apparently big dumb but a nice boy anyway
don't worry we'll bring him back!!!!!!!!!! SOFT
i say, "that's my baby, and i'm really proud." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was the cards fyi
this is a valuable tidbit for my records on dean winchester's relationship to america's pastime as this is a DISGUSTINGLY bad guess, because the rangers didn't even exist until the seventies, but it goes to my general theory that dean just likes the romance of baseball which same
double-you double-you double-you dot geek dot com
feels bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im yellin
absolutely totally very bad
this is literally the easiest joke and i'm FURIOUS about the way i just SCREAMED in my home
lol our internet cut out and i'm going to kill someone w my bare hands
calling on the full strength of my high school drama club energy--yes, it's true, you're lucky at emily from the spring 2009 production of our town--to remain normal and cordial with my roommates as we helplessly punch the router together
ok amazing news guys daddy's home (i mean me, but also cas)
virtually gnawing on the set dressing now are we Okay fine fine that's good i'm in
oh! my boy!!!! ! :(!
lotta directions to go from here
deeeeeaaaa A aaN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n!!!!!!
my sugar :((((( horrible! real bad! you don't love it even a pinch
wow absolutely fuck off
honestly heard mtv's THE CHALLENGE legendê mike the miz's voice from across the room while hanging up shirts and thought for sure i'd gone into a dissociative state
it would be foolish and short-sighted, given all i have seen, weathered, survived by only the skin of my teeth, etc, to claim this is the most insane thing this show has ever done, but it might really be the thing that has shocked me most viscerally
also yes yes it turns out i can recognize the miz instantly by voice alone, i mean, listen--my mother never made any rules about what tv i was allowed to watch and i've never lacked for curiosity about the depravities native to the human condition
wanted to joke about a wrestler called the hangman being john winchester's favorite but actually latching emotionally onto sports figures you saw your father respond strongly to when you were a child isn't not probably mostly why i persist in scribbling my dumb baseball poems
it's gonna be a SCREAm from me, folks!!!!
real bad imo! ! illegal neck movement it would seem
oh Ohhhhhhhhhhh we're living, huh
his stupid eager little finger stretching out onto the sleeve of this man's jacket !1 sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ring the bell, ref, please.. . i have fallen and i can't get up
the cut from dean clutching onto that old wrestler's hand like it was a life raft and he were a sailor thrown overboard being tossed across the sea to sam telling this blond lady he was hot for her, ,the choices at hand in this text............well, i have some points to consider
that's what i always say
definitely this joke works better and is funnier if they let it sit and don't immediately have sam go, uhhhhh you realize you just described us? but at the same time i appreciate this show being like here's the no fear shakespeare version of a punchline u fucking dumbass
ohhhhhhmg GOD
in marty's honor, in a quest to stand up in this cultural moment that is brutal and inhospitable to art, i myself have made a picture
i feel insane
a chill level of intensity with which to look at some old dude in a bad jacket
when your crush says come to bar trivia and suddenly the next day you have to replace your jacket your debit card and a little piece of a back molar. or so i've heard.
feels like it's been decades since i had the privilege of watching my sweet prince pick a lock
ok we get it thot
literature's finest stunt queen stunts on
i mean, look, i've been called worse. not by much, but still.
the blithely gay supremacist way i just cheered in this kitchen.. ,``````
2 kings!!!!!!!!!!!
was going to say that a show that's just bobby and rufus henpecking one another--and, fine, maybe very, very occasionally killing a demon--but actually you can get that from the early morning old dude coffee crew at any given dunkin donuts
presumably cause the breakfast club had come out and the world was feeling tender
i love He
let's go lesbians etc
friendship is the greatest art form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a pome, a pome indeed !
the palpable agony as he works through this,,,, i Don't Know A Better Person
title of my poetry collection
UNSOOTHED as i get nearer to catching up because it used to be fun to be like oh this aired the week i got my license, or hm i'd just gotten a TA to buy us two handles of grape vodka that month, and now it's Uh this was 2016 u were a regular legal adult dumbass just like now
i guess i persist in thinking of this as a show that premiered when i was 13 as if somehow it has been trapped in amber the last decade and a half which isn't wrong, exactly, but in the dominant timeline it appears that's not quite the case
an exceptional egg by any measure
for my take on this please refer to that screenshot of caroline calloway crying on instagram stories that she captioned "Just lying on my floor thinking about how much i love her."
yall ever see a very good boy and you fall on your knees weeping in the street and when a passerby stops to ask if you require help it's all you can do to just tuck your face into the softness behind their knees and groan, "he's......a very good boy" Or not i mean whatever i
picture me, BOO BOO THE FOOL, settling in on the couch with my little salad thinking i was about to have a fun time
me and samuel, dumb as rocks, the pair of us,
dean winchester punched a cop in the woods so ally campana maine could punch a cop at a bar near my house
let me hear it from the balcony, kids, sing along,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fuck the police
u ever just gaze upon a face and you feel like no i didn't need to look at this it will not help me to thrive
gingerbeard over here is ungrateful murderous collaborator scum and i, for one, in my infinite grace and mercy, hope his brain is outside his skull before this episode is over or if nothing else that he is never able to pop a boner again although i mean unclear if he has
homie really just intentionally OD'd and i'll be left with no choice but to proceed on with dozens more episodes while his stupid ass acts like Oh that's fine it was a stunt, , this programmê is too wild
listen you're on the ground foaming at the mouth, dude, i don't have time right now to excavate this repressed shit, too, ,, ,

but that being said................My honey pie
dean hanging on the brink of death and coming back only for the melodrama of a pulp fiction needle to the chest revival i mean ok that tracks
i always threaten to go to grad school at least twice each fall just because it feels festive and although of course i never ever will if i did then maybe it would be to study only this one zoom
the level of grievous injury being left to this urgent care for treatment and the way in which that speaks for the state of medical care in this country is scarier than any monster that has appeared on this show but anywa y Lol back to the sad boys in the underground library
sounds fake but ok
listen, industrial fixer uppers are very hip, dean
so anyway i just yelled with such animal misery that my roommate came down the hall probably assuming she'd find me butchered
i'm really not well
it's just impossible to overstate what a very intimately personal attack this is on me
bad !
this can of lacroix is going to be lodged in my small intestine before this is over
this is like when rob pattinson shows up doing an insane french accent in the woefully dull THE KING and you start vibrating out of your skin in realizing Oh a movie can be a good time only in this case it is me being reminded that lucifer is actually always supposed to be a riot
that eye roll is what paradise lost is about fyi that's the whole deal
theology's foremost megalomaniacal theater kid providing only facts here
jail!!!! jail for a hundred years!!!!!!!!!
wow everything happens so much it's a real culture shock after it took me months and months to drag my wilted frame through the deserts of season ten
i , ,,,g2g
god! god!!! my BABY BOY said look sure nobody knows better than us that corporeality is a slippery liminal nightmare and as jenny lewis said, i'm not my body or how i choose to destroy it, ya, but listen i'm drawing a hard line right here bitch
no, see, This i simply do not have the emotional bandwidth to dissect right now so we're gonna put a pin in that for the minute kid
oh ariana we're really in it now
brb gotta go put my brain in a bag of rice and see if by tomorrow it restarts again
i feel, approximately, like someone put the spout of a helium tank in my ear and unloaded the thing's whole belly in me
babie !!!!!!
that the final shot of this scene reveals, as it rolls across the table toward the empty beers, that dean was holding a baseball the whole time, just barely beyond the frame, so that i can not preserve it crisply for the public record and my personal files is, yes, hate crime
cheers to sam who really keeps trying to use his soft skills on this one despite getting simply nothing to work with
wow free drinks for life to whoever pitched, so, like, what if we just do IT (1986)
the sweet little gay tween in the opening makes so much since now that i know this is a reddie rights episode
derry maine called it does not want it's cyclical unexplained disappearances and deaths and permeating sense of evil and despair back actually because that's not that fun a vibe for a town
man the stephen king really did jump out
now i'm not saying this directly contradicts previous indications that sam has zero frame of reference for drug culture and was in fact probably a total narc dork in college BUT it is the outlier in terms of the facts we have
even sam looking over at him like god u are the dumbest boy in school
from zero to taking notes in seconds flat
between these cute bros and the lesbians with the evil house a few episodes back it's been a real banner moment for tertiary nice married gays in the supernatural cinematic universe
So the thing is i've known about this twist since before i'd ever seen or considering seeing a single episode of this show because rob benedict is a frequent flyer on my favorite Bachelor podcast and in that way finally getting here does feel like the culmination of all my labors
i mean i have to think i'm very literally the one person on the planet for whom this particular set of spoiler circumstances could have applied and i'm quite happy about it
no yeah i mean we all know god is bi that's a given
i get what we're doing here but come on, you ever heard pet sounds?? grow up
at work disassociating like was i ever So Young
how was this this year it's been decades
i look like i have a broken neck in this photo because i did
while i'm reminiscing, still very funny that i have not put on this coat i liked and looked hot in in a year and will probably never be able to wear this coat again lmfao
must quibble here as that sounds like a very classic big-funny guy & straight man duo but ok go off i guess sadboi lord
i mean somehow rent comes due literally every single month so yeah i agree you fucked up
me shoveling stuffing into my mouth in between telling my relatives that even if i did decide to have a kid it would die screaming in the boiling ocean
oh man screw this I Took Philosophy 100 nihilist little twerp
look i can't claim certain aspects of amara's energy are not relatable
yeah ok i did an awful throaty little yelp like a piglet wrenched from its mother whaT of it ????????
this is a really great question for ninety seven percent of people working on a memoir at any given time
i'm firmly not team god but he didn't lie
when i'm one and a half from blackout and my friends wants to know why we don't head home
i didn't know how horned i was to rail against god as a reedy shithead til it was in front of me, now i'm practically foaming at the mouth. i mean, we all know the real shameful hook that got me that fateful day my friends made me watch 4.1 is that i love a theological melodrama
hmmmm lowkey fuck god tho
bitch really is the living embodiment of that tweet about how you shouldn't judge deadbeat dads because you don't know maybe their kid had bad vibes huh
when there's one cloudy day in la
yeah bruh anybody who has ever been to a house party knows that dudes in baseball tees pretend they can play guitar
ok no no so i did not and would never consent to invoking "fare thee well" dude
sparing humanity for the minute by way of a solo rendition of the track at the center of inside llewyn davis (2013)..... i mean......is god,, me, actually?
lmao i hate this show w my life
kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet prince
this shot feels so indulgently long but every second of it is worthwhile i love Arte
dean posted up hunched in a full pout upon learning there's a god ! i will never love anybody more!!!!!!! how horrific for me !
it wouldn't be worth it to try and screenshot because the whole point is the motion but the series of fluttering micro expressions, awed and mad and awed still, jensen just did after chuck says--as a deflection--actually he didn't turn lot's wife to a pillar of salt,,, ok bitxh !
me when someone does really good work around here: ok and who tf asked u to pipe in!!
i'm so mad about that wowow anyway play the depressed firefighter ex in my half hour pilot bro
get him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111 anyway thinking about "faith" hbu
literally if someone with as little moral responsibility for the fate of others as a stranger in a bar said this to you they'd deserve to lose a couple teeth via a right hook so the audacity from GOD lmao
i know you had a complicated upbringing, YA NO SHIT YOU'RE THE LORD, DUMBASS
honestly god and his sister both have shitty home training
a perfectly reasonable guess we can't all be dreaming about sticking our dicks in old marble life is short
seems if sam wasn't in the car my deano was gonna drop a quick ted talk on the subject of our guy kris kringle and while it's admirable that young samuel (i guess he's not really that young now; it's been a long year.) can keep on task in this way i for one was interested
1. only because you haven't met my high school boyfriend's cousin joey from maine who blew out the electricity in their grandparents house by plugging in two laptops in the attic to play porn on both on christmas eve 2. let him live!!!!!!!!!!
dean sliding that dude's beer down the bar without a word to snag his seat from him is a painting a poem a one for the files
bella begging edward to get in the bone zone
man all of these eldritch nightmare little nerds from that malt shop in the sky want dean for the class pet
ok but give me your ten best episodes of full house ever
screaming at work as i pull cans out from where people have tossed them into the trash bin that is located three inches from the recycling
he's . , good
men have been this bad at apologizing since before man actually existed hm ? hate to see it
even though the picture of the events of lucifer's rebellion and fall being sketched here is somewhat, um, goofy and terrible, i'm thrilled that sam has seen the light
said in a manner as if that could have theoretically been what this is about but only happens today in this specific case not to be
oh it's a whole GETTING THE GANG TOGETHER sequence, one of life's greatest pleasures
nobody's ever made more of a meal out of the word giant--it's perfect comedy, i could listen to it on a loop for days
tfw they salt your game
ya well lowkey it was a mistake but whatever
bummer for the worker bee angels that they're all such soggy irreparable prudes
no but fight tho
this is bullying :(((
i mean it's kinda cute it's like an outreach program for troubled paranormal entities
this color story!!
Not me staring at this infinitesimal whisper of a smile like "you know what they made some good points--take down the mona lisa it's a hack job"
lmfao lads we're back in action
cas plz
a nice time
yeah i mean the scary reality of each day is that we aren't
supernatural really sends such a dangerous message with regard to how much of the time one spends operating a motor vehicle should include putting your eyes on the actual road
impression's not actually anything to write home about except then he really finds it on "word"
h mMm
you know, i was finding it a bit hard to get overly invested in the emotional project of dean winchester nobly walking into his death again but this little you win some you lose some face did finally manage to do it
these boys are getting more and more skillful with their tearful goodbyes, i think, this one's very cute
notable that while yes dean got himself willingly turned into a whole bomb it's actually by most measures his healthiest, least suicidal stunt to date--a growing boy!
sorry to have to take us to a pre-genesis Cruel Intentions place but given the extensively documented depravities of the godly it's really not that wild to extrapolate that god and godara probably used to play a little hide the pickle back before the boom ya know it's just a vibe
anyway gotta go work out and reflect on my life choices
a concept
we have begun season twelve and my anglophobia is very triggered
imagine if you came back from dead and met a really hot dude only to find out he's actually your own son you personally birthed that's the kind of trauma that sticks
has anyone tried approaching an exec with a pitch for a spin-off that's just dean and cas pushing cars together. this is a free idea.
in the car last night, channeling the intensity of a child trying to parent trap their family, i made everyone promise we would watch supernatural today and it was the right move, even despite the fact a lot of absolutely deranged things are transpiring
glad we brought mary back so that at long last the boys can mark the "abandoned by mom" spot off their very crowded trauma bingo card
yeah mood
will, understandably, be contacting my therapist about this sweater
very invasive question imo
how to even speak on the things which i have seen today, , i
in the "confessions pt 2" video when usher finds out his side chick is pregnant and says "PUT THAT ON EVERYTHING" but it's me revising my will to reflect that my obituary must read, "every queer person i know owns that shrunken quilted leather jacket dean wears in the la episode"
also "every queer person i know" amounts, of course, to "very nearly every person i know, actually", so i do feel empowered to speak to this as fact
Anyway love to walk home in a very normal state thinking extremely regular thoughts about my own real life
to go back through and take screenshots from the ten (10) episodes we watched today would be certifiable even by my standards but i do very simply, plainly, and rationally want to say............ , : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
upsetting that someone leaked this private footage of me at the fateful moment lo those many years (one year) ago on catherine & emma's couch when--having colorfully insisted a dozen times that day alone that i'd never watch this show--i saw dean and cas interact exactly one time
get cas a buster keaton pork pie hat and we could take this little routine on the road
here's me
yes the construction of the One Year Anniversary Of Me Being Paralyzed By My Violent Emotional Attachment To Dean Winchester playlist is going Normal & Chill why would u even ask
tonight i delivered, as i'm wont to do, a lengthy sermon detailing the fall from grace which precipitated my descent into loving this show and like,,,,the conclusion was oh no man i just really do love supernatural
here's the thing i love SCREAMING
a few of the 10 episodes of this season that i've watched were so shockingly bad i almost felt as if i were being personally punished for my wrongdoings as i watched them but some of it....as the lab rat being gratefully electrocuted might tell you......some of it's been Real fun
i don't like to say that, and, i mean, as a rule--outside actual serious criticism, which is good & must be supported--i hate when people talk about things they dislike like there's more to see than we can fit in a life so move on but Yikes a couple of these eps are really bad tv
the entire lucifer is the president plot was a bad move from go for sixteen different reasons and i know what it leads to and while i think that's dumb like just in general my main thing is putting sam and dean in a secret federal prison adds no narrative value it's just silly
anyway the very classically on brand supernatural gag is that 12.10 is really very Very good, which is disorienting coming directly off quite literally one of the worst pieces of tv i've ever consumed
even in that hideous escape episode, though, we all couldn't stop furiously screaming about what great work jensen was doing, i mean, sure, it's partly that his hair was all mussed up, yeah, but he really has made so many episodes of this show work which had no business to do so
sorry to this angel but let's be real if you make a service worker hang around longer than mandated at their job because you won't get the hell out by closing time like a respectable citizen of the world and then while doing that you get murdered i mean actions have consequences
poor sweet sam trying so hard always to just corral and coerce these feral cats in his home into giving him a single second of piece
what's nice is when gals are just pals and it's all very calm and normal and everyone behaves in a super relaxed way
lmao the wifi is down it really said bitch don't do this again
man the grid is going down & now it's all i can do to sit here staring at a poached egg thinking disdainfully about how i typed "piece" above when i meant "peace"
anyway dean sees a boundary and floors it
so many ways a person can be and my poor son had to be like this smh
me with knuckles battering against the holes where my tonsils used to be as i try with all my might to eat my entire forearm : E Nough!!!!!!!
1. it is simply INSANE that this is really what happens in this real episode of the cw's supernatural 2. it is even MORE insane to imagine trying to interpret this is as platonic heterosexual content 3. honestly go on & crash the car dude i'm so tired
in a horrific and shocking turn of events, i have been asked to perform a task as part of the job for which i am paid but will pick this up later
yeah i rewound this fussy little eyeroll like four times but the main takeaway should actually be sam fully dissociating in the background of that first shot
whole gang doing big face work 2nite
there really are times when one cannot so much as glance at sam winchester and not see him thinking, like, i could be a lawyer, i could be california, get a dog, and ya maybe a wildfire would rip through and destroy my home one day but at least these two idiots would not be there
the way i just choked on my sad spaghettios dinner over this despite the fact that—just to reiterate and clarify the gravity of the situation—i already watched this episode two days ago,,, no doctor could help me
terrible that my own baby child had to turn out so LOUD i wish i had been able to set a better example
the pure sight gag of making these three large grown men sit together in a tiny diner booth is obviously satisfying but please do not let that distract you from the pressing matter at hand which is that these two are horrible and i hate their guts
there are some constructive things to take away here, like, his human companions ARE unavoidably not well behaved, and wearing that coat all the time IS really goofy, but ultimately i do agree with dean the tone is unacceptable
this love that i have, i hate it. where do i put it all, i'm a renter
not gonna make the "only i'm allowed to talk to you like that" joke because it's obvious and stale and i'm here to push boundaries and innovate the art of comedy everyone knows this about me and knows i would not plumb such depths anyway only i'm allowed to talk to you like that
this jaunty little hat is a fashion journey we love for cas
i mean really dean originally fostered this environment of spiciness and now poor samuel made once again to suffer
if a gang of murderous angels showed up to kill my daughter and my husband instructed me to take the kid and flee i simply would not pause to gather up my papers rip to her but i'm different
just wanna note he only lets the phone ring twice chill the f out bro
the choices we are making, the parallels we are drawing, the allergic reaction i am giving myself putting this daily clown makeup on...
undeniable that i've had actual real life sexual relationships of which i was literally a part which were on the whole less exhilarating to me than the way dean's dumb fingers drag around cas' shoulder here before moving away , ,was i dropped on my head as a baby?? i don't know!
reader,..........he Loves. it's so horrible i hate it.
also ok the way he IMMEDIATELY clenches his fist into an anxious little rock when he pulls away, a fellow randy pride and prejudice (2005) head i see
ok yeah that's good stuff
nothing that happens on this show requires as much suspension of disbelief as the way this posits a kinder gentler alternate universe where people don't know the names of the dudes from the who
really took 251 episodes for somebody to finally relent and give me this wow
i will need time to consult with my team of legal advisors and prepare an official statement on this very personal matter; in the meantime, please respect my family's privacy.
he's so soft i'm ill
sunbeam babīe :(
fascinating how content i am w this media consumption dynamic where i toil for hours, a starving, soot-splotched orphan, waiting for someone to toss a molded crust of bread into the tin cup clutched at the end of my quivering arm like, there, take it and go, you miserable urchin
again LEGALLY i do not believe men should receive praise it's bad for the social ecosystem on both a macro level and in terms of one-to-one interactions but i will state for the public record...........dude's really on one jfc
yes this little montage to "broomstick cowboy" has engendered in me a very large and pulsating storm of emotion which is painful to contain inside of my body and in fact my ribs and hips and skin hurt from the trying, Hello , that's normal!!!!!! !
off the charts feral energy from the jump on this one i see
we've been looking for teachable moments!!!!!!!!!!!
it's striking how much of this show is just people looking over at one another with varying degrees of exasperation
i dropped my mug of tea in the bed just now but i'm absolutely certain it's not related to any of the actions of this horrible man
like i said, feral
ohhhh jeez we're on some quizno tortellini shit, huh? i get it, fine, all's fair in love and the last wb show standing
i do understand that what i am attaching here is are still images and therefore will not serve as a meaningful visual aid for the active body movement of which i am desirous to make special mention, ok, i do get that, but, lads, my guy literally physically gags right here , i--
they—every person involved in the process to create these shots and arrange them in this order, the strange and diverse ways the scars from our culture's puritanical fear of intimacy show up, the seas which have yet to mercifully rise & wash us away—are truly So so wild for this
feels like I could chop down an acre of old growth forest with a butter knife right now
honestly the most upsetting thing that's ever happened on this show really is in the episode w/ dean's wrestler crush when that demon sliced the miz's achilles
that's a very serious injury, guys, he'll never move the same and, what? you think that sadsack wrestling tour offered good insurance? no.
including me, the massachusetts bred victim of this program, ,
dean having facts to feel tentatively proud for brandishing is the only thing i care about ever in this human life so yes it's a good night we're thriving
i love him :(((((((
me at whoever thought this umpteenth shot at producing a single lucifer plotline that's not a woeful burden on the viewer was worth taking
all i can hope is that the more creatively composed spawn of satan related jokes are to come because this one leaves much to be desired
i mean yes but also you really learn all that when you take a seminar close reading paradise lost in college while in the midst of a full nervous collapse cmon get real
doing a vibe check on my own stupid self because somehow dean saying, "gav" really made me emo he's......., he's soft
god i would truly risk it all for ruth connell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a Woman!!!!
a champion!!!!!!!!! making every single line a pirouette!!!!
ok lemme get this lesbian school marm romance tho
i know i've said this a thousand times now and opined on it at length in that one essay but how bonkers that this is literally just a domestic drama with theological themes
makes really no sense that this dude from 1600s scotland would give a fuck about baseball UNLess you ascribe to my theory of its inherent romance in which case the magical realism might be a considerable comfort to one stuck out of time! anyway! bye, gav
i make a point not to get caught up in the logistics of these goons driving that old ass car all over the country at will over and over but when they get all the way out into new england it's hard for me to ignore like from pembroke to the bunker is literally a whole calendar day
i do know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a painting
ok but here's the thing they lost the war
me trying so hard to welcome into my heart this show's first earnest endeavor to give a woman character her own story line vs me hating meaningless nonsense about consorting w some fascist inspector gadget nerds.............really a battle for the hearts and minds of this nation
plz!!!!!!!!!! i'm tired don't burden me with your decades of pain all in one quick shot
u love to see it
the wise introspection!! :( jumped!! :( out!! :(
literally so hilarious to use the phrase "ass clowns" when you're being very serious and actually are seconds from bursting into tears
sounds fake but okay
i'm trying to tell--is that a missouri plate??? who can say. i love criminals
this show only very occasionally dips a toe in grappling w the dubious personhood of monsters or questions about what moral responsibility we have to things that are nonhuman but alive which is fine because while it's an interest of mine we got enough going on BUT! fascist pigs!!
obviously i don't mean what duty we have to, like, literal vampires, but in the sense that monsters in fiction are necessarily a manifestation of that which the dominant culture makes abject ok sry gonna have another coffee & remember i'm grown and should not act this way anymore
reboot the cw's supernatural and everything is the same except i am there and as needed i adjust dean's collar, pat his cheek, and, while pressing a multivitamin into his palm, say, cmon, the end of the world is a marathon not a sprint we have time to watch while You've Got Mail
ok sammy i see what kind of a Justified (2010-2015) stan u are
sam trying to talk dean out of killing that kitsune girl he'd kissed and bonded over having shitty parents w when they were tweens: we dug coal together
personally i find it tests the elasticity of the human imagination to try to believe that it would take like a whole half of a day for sam winchester to commit to going corporate
you're so right however that is a sword i am willing to fall on anyway
i hate that i know this a walking dead joke i never asked to live like this in fact the great curse of bisexuality is how much unwanted knowledge i've picked up about both those tv zombies and tarot card reading due to the simple human mistake of wanting to have sex
this is you people on this website who don't wash your legs in the shower
facts are facts: i Don't know a better person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok maybe i don't know a better person but i know an ancient being of celestial might who is also quite good
years and years of cock rock pseudonyms and finally an intellectüal stands up to leads us to toward the light
the man's literally not wrong but anyway yeah that last face yanked a yelp out of me, fine ,
demons, they're just like us (dumb as hell, the fucking worst, etc.)
i just love him i'm big mad
i'm too old to type out the whole "that's good shit" thing with the emojis and everything the planet is dying but you get where i'm going here
i just!
saved for inclusion in the dean winchester x horror movies spectral multimedia project (me clutching a modelo to my sternum and growing teary talking about dean at a party again while playing selections from the spotify playlist "halloween screams and themes" on my phone)
the nervous handhold.......,,.....,it's curtains for me, guys, i can't go on this way
he's right and he—yes, the rumors are true—should say it
this show really made a firm decision to draw these british hunters as broad caricatures even more cartoonish than the vulgar oliver twist esque character i sometimes slide into after enough alcohol and i must be real i respect that choice
make your voice! a mail! i'm hurt.
love to be of one mind with my nice boys the winchesters on the subject of how we are all rabid eileen superfans
c Ute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome to my eileen leahy blog!! so glad to have finally found a purpose for these endless endeavors! i mean, i bet i could have as many as, what, two, who knows even three more episodes before she gets killed, it's amazing
love & respect that the main theme of this season arc is "eat the rich"
that being said we can't deny those nerds have continually made a lot of really good points re the little matter of perhaps making even the baldest effort at not letting the antichrist be born and the fellas, god love them, are really falling down on the job
wow truly the quandary of the modern woman! certainly i take back all claims i've made about how this text has no desire or ability to engage with a fully formed person with an inner life
i'm being snippy it's just..................so half-assed
had to leave off the "[breathes deeply]" screenshot in order to include the miserable kitten pulled from sleep by the scruff of its neck look at the end and that's fine but i just want it stated for the record that the "[breathes deeply]' is a rich text too
will be funny when at long last i've watched all seventy three thousand episodes of this technically still airing television program and i must to admit to myself that the whole time i'd just been chasing the high of "where've you been?" "jerusalem." "oh, how was that?" "arid."
literally just the one word reading of "arid" it's so good a hall of famer i think about it every day i love it so much i wanna settle down with it and buy a beagle and a pull-out couch
i just got myself really very hyped in the office just, like, thinking, "arid" to myself.
must preserve here for the public record that somehow my career as an influencer is still not popping off the way it should be
this goddamn program doing this shit to me two episodes in a row is—and please understand it brings me not only no joy, but, in fact, the opposite of joy, to say this—literally edging
sam's powerful radiating energy of like look dude whatever the hell this is it's simply Not for me, sam, to try and call and sort out is,,,really beautiful we love a taurus
deeply funny that given all the lore this series is steeped in and all the, i mean, sometimes unclearm and changing from episode to episode, powers that most of the supplementary players have, at the end of the day Find A Phone is the best way to track down your wayward boyfriend
samuel is literally an ally, a tired champion, the pride of palo alto, my favorite fed, a nice man
relatable content
god, i hate their guts
The Witch (2015) dir. Robert Eggers
have sworn i won't litigate dean winchester's bisexuality on this bird app--he's bi, goodnight & tip your waiters BUT there's a whole dissertation to be written on how around hot women he's a slobbering cartoon wolf while it's all soft goofy giddiness for his textual male crushes
not to get earnest on the main about supernatural, but i actually find it moving as someone who spent my adolescence being almost athletically intense in my pursuit of dudes so as to drown out that i liked girls too,,,,,,tldr sometimes bi slut representation is good and right
my babie boy.......we love it
a son that i love and treasure w all i have
don't get me wrong, okay, this is a very fun little sequence—shoutout to director phil sgriccia, who, looking at the list, has done a whole bunch of visual baller moves along the way—but the scariest image on display here is that flat fucking coke dean was served
that's it that's the show
.@ dean winchester join the dsa
terrible boy
sir we've all seen one tree hill ok nobody gives a fuck
very intimate and personal question incoming i do apologize but.......................have you ever, quite simply, Loved
commedia dell'arte
dean holding a steak to his face is viscerally affecting in a way i cannot condone
the mantra when i fly east for christmas
dean angsting over how they'll be remembered and sam calmly being like "lol we won't!" is big air sign/earth sign grappling with the boundaries of human existence energy
not to sound like a whole douchebag but i realize the public wants me to watch 12.19 now and i intended to do so before i go out tonight but now my roommates are being very loud so hold please we shall see
ok everyone rein it in i'm gonna do it i'm making a drink
ok here we go....honestly y'all are lucky my tinder date is with a dude tonight, i'd never push a girl off til eleven
sidenote: it's an absolute NINE ONE ONE from me even though they cast two little babies here who are legit the same age but it's fine it's a stirring image anyway
me looking at that carving: okay i see what kind of PBS's ARTHUR stans you are
i mean the actual winchester family business is sam anxiously offering three separate greetings to cas here while dean stands in stunned, relieved, furious silence but y'all (wherein "y'all" is "The CW's Supernatural (2005-2020)") aren't ready for that conversation
O h he's ready to Fight fight, huh? love that.
wowow honestly cas should move that dumb truck the tires Are getting slashed 2nite
PLease ee this is not sam's problem leave him alone!!!!!
hate to go to the sunken place when i am bathed in such spoils but, MAN, if this is not homosexual content, then i'm a monkey's uncle--actually, no. even if i was a monkey's uncle i'd still turn my monkey's uncle eye upon this and be like, ugh, bummer...hope those bfs work it out
fully unrelated to the attached images i was thinking maybe about trying to drink thirty diet cokes, eat ten packs of mentos, do a couple cartwheels in the driveway, and see if i can rocket my stupid fucking self to tTHE MOON
i'm trying to turn my anger into gratitude and see my tormentor, misha, as my ally, but the VILE, RUINOUS, PAINED little swallow here is one of the worst things that has ever happened to me personally and like i've had 1. a boyfriend who was a theater grad student 2. croup
oh it's absolutely time to die!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm...............so mad
cas as me knowing that's some straight up big time milkfed bullshit
here's the thing..................i may need to be 5150'd tonight
here's a question: why is this like the establishing ninety seconds of a porno if one of the stars chickened out and left
screenshots can't show it but i feel morally obligated to say jensen does this tiny psychotically good little piece of acting here where dean opens the door v stiff and angry and then as it really washes over him that cas left his neck starts to go boneless & Yes i crave death
look we got a real fucking gift of the magi energy out here tonight but anyway i'm having a really nice time how bout yall
featuring cas' voicemail greeting two eps in a row as dean tried to reach him so that now it would be jarring to hear it again with sam calling because dean's too mad to do it is, i mean, very good. i have nothing funny to try and say about it that's just well structured
LMAO fuck this show to hell where it belongs!!!!!!!!
here's the thing this PROGRAM has me on such a starvation diet, greedily gobbling up scraps once every blue moon, that to deliver this much Content at once is causing me bodily harm. my sugars are off the charts. my kidneys are crying. I can't be treated this way i am only human
lol bitch.........my favorite boy in the galaxy................the great love of my horrible life......that's enough outta u
sam reallly got like three seconds to process this betrayal for himself and then it's just back to his thankless daily labors
regrettably yes this shot made me sad & horni for the cold
i don't intend to make it sound as if i need a wellness check like i'm good but given the state of the planet and the ends that we are all likely to meet this literally doesn't sound bad
misha collins puttin on a dumb voice and sitting in a rain dappled truck talking about doing a murder and i'm like "yeah ok that seems fun"
i mean i have some ideas but they do not involve this guy
i'm losing it lads
nihilist cas is a mood i wish we could stay and build from this thoughtful adult place sans the paradise lost spinoff teen but alas
gonna be honest this is nice feels retro very fun i'm in
sweet deano, very calm, super cool, a normal person acting in a normal way, would just like the record to reflect once more that he was scammed, thanks
listen it's fckin hard out here!!!!!!!!!!
the very slight adjustment of the neck that's takes us from "i am listening to your reasonable complaint given the circumstances" to "i will literally murder U right here in the wallpapered hellhole you stupid little martyr"
i gotta be very very honest......................i Hate it
literally please take a breath
big big BIG mad about the intensity of my own feelings hbu
the composition of this shot? magnificent. the content transpiring within it? magnificently goofy
that being said i'm a simple beast i have very few needs so whatever
sitting in a lyft actually fuming i hate this show
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