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1/ "Because Jesus oozes from Bruxy Cavey. Bruxy wants a Christianity that looks like Jesus again. He wants Christians to be known for love again."

~@ShaneClaiborne, in the Foreward to @Bruxy Cavey's 2017 book "Reunion"

@ShaneClaiborne @Bruxy 2/ "Our problem is that once we are enthralled with our potential, many of us make a fatal mistake: we assume that complete autonomy is our birthright, & we detach ourselves from anything we perceive as limiting..."

~Predator Bruxy Cavey, "Reunion"
3/ "This book is about the good news of Jesus, the one who keeps our spirituality connected to the Truth and enables us to soar"

~Predator Bruxy Cavey, "Reunion"

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: I also think it's a bit narcissistic to make someone's death about YOURSELF! Now that they're gone, it reveals that you haven't healed from how they hurt you. [And] Instead of working to help other people escape the dead person's toxicity, you amplify it for clout! #Yikes 😢
: [Also] Now that the unfortunate soul is gone, maybe we can figure out better ways of either enlightening more unfortunate souls or simply changing the world despite them; before they pass away too...
: Some of us fail to realize that our own narcissism reveals just how similar to the deceased narcissist we are. We're so pressed about a dead person that we have to center ourselves & celebrate their death; showing how closely related we are, Psychologically.
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Claudia Sahm: "We should have a recession,” John H. Cochrane said in November [2008], speaking to students and investors. “People who spend their lives pounding nails in Nevada need something else to do.” #yikes...

Scott Gosnell: I was there... 1/
.... I may even have a recording down in the archives and may have sprained my eyes I rolled them so hard.

...Brad DeLong: What! Really? Tell me more… I mean, private housing construction as a share of GDP had crashed from its peak of 5.0% of GDP in 2005Q4 through its... 2/
...historical average of 3.4% in 2007Q2, and had bottomed all the way down to 2.1% by 2008Q4, when Cochrane was opining about too many people pounding nails in Nevada. How was it possible to say such a thing? How could he avoid looking at graphs like this one... 3/ Image
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I sent an email labeled "Media Inquiry" to Josh and Vlad, as well as Support, at Robinhood on 2/5 for comment on my story. This is what I got back today. Japanese characters seem to be "wisdom" and "value." #Yikes Image
This is the newsletter story from more than a week ago that Robinhood did not comment on.…
I just got another email from Robinhood Support because I have not yet sent them the last four digits of my #SS and my birth date. Image
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1/ Thread on @adam3us because he's the head of @Blockstream ; an organization that he created as a power grab over #Bitcoin to subvert its direction into a money making machine to salvage all of his previously failed experiments in crypto. @zooko is his student.
2/ We already know about 'hashcash', everyone talks about it all the time. But do you all know about 'Zero Knowledge Systems'?

That's a company he co-founded *way back when* with Sammy Hill…
2a/ Curiously, the former CEO of Blockstream (before Adam Back), was Austin Hill - the same Austin Hill from the Zero Knowledge System company that they had created with one another.

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My journey to my #PhD program was an absolute #strugglebus. I graduated with a 2.75 GPA from @GeorgiaTech. Most grad applicants have a 3.5 or higher. #Yikes

I applied anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ (I didn't get admitted into any programs - post bacc, M.S., or PhD) #AcademicChatter
Fortunately, my mentor @RaquelLieberman gave me the opportunity to work as a #research technician in her lab for 2 yrs to gain the experience I needed for grad school.

This is when I first started studying essential pathways that we could disrupt to kill disease causing bacteria
After working in her lab for almost 2 years..I reapplied again. This time I felt VERY confident I was ready for the #PhD.

I was denied admission to every single grad program I applied to (including the one I'm in now).
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My college sweetie became an #addiction expert. At his funeral, dozens said he saved their lives. He wrote this about his brother's struggle. I was in the studio. He laid down every track but the drums in 1 take. 5-min dueling guitars start at min 4.…
@twtr_is_dumb Listening to Howie's old tracks reminds me of The Other End. I couldn't get them to stop putting up "Jill, Howie, & the Rain" signs. Like showbills for "Yoko Ono & 4 guys from England." #yikes Hope you're staying safe!
ps Ike: That's a really creepy picture of Howie, don't you think?
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@justinsuntron Hit with the hack/scam.

@bitfinex got yeeted, #confirmed.

@bitcoin got hit. #PepeHands
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Good morning! Here's David Victor talking about carbon capture and storage as if we knew it already worked, and praising oil and gas giants for investing in it, as if they were spending real money on climate mitigation.

#Yikes… Image
Yes, I realize he calls "Northern Lights" a "model," but then he says that it "IS a network of CCS systems," not that it "WOULD BE" such a network. Slippery!
Oh look, here he is in the next paragraph praising his funder BP for "building hydrogen networks."

How extensive are these "networks"? How much money is BP spending on them? He doesn't say. Image
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I'm about to start live tweeting THE LAS VEGAS STORY on @tcm. Watch along for trivia tidbits, thirst gifs and more! #TCMParty
I've never seen this movie, because when I was writing my book SEDUCTION: SEX, LIES AND STARDOM IN HOWARD HUGHES'S HOLLYWOOD, I couldn't find a copy. But I still wrote had to write around it, because of the role it played in Hughes's response to the Hollywood blacklist...
The screenplay was initially written by Paul Jarrico, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter who was also an open member of the Communist party. When Jarrico was subpoenaed by HUAC, Hughes fired him
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[Thread] 1/ I downloaded around 22,000 Twitter interactions between today and 1st April. I searched for anyone mentioning the terms "5g" AND "Corona". I was interested after reading about the latest conspiracies that 5g is causing corona, or rather Corona is cover for 5g...
2/ I want to talk about this network graph a little. Essentially for those unfamiliar with these or my threads, the nodes (circles) are Twitter accounts, the lines between the accounts (edges) are interactions, whether tweets, replies, RTs, mentions. Usually a large cluster
3/ like the green and pinks you see mean some is getting retweeted a lot, or replied to a lot. Anyway I just wanted to explain the network a little more. That big p ink cluster is largely people retweeting @wizkhalifa. He tweeted the attached screenshot. I dunno what it means
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.@RepMarkMeadows begins CPAC with this rip-roarer: "You know, with this Green New Deal, they're trying to get rid of all the cows. But I've got good news -- Chick-fil-A stock will go way up because we gonna be eating more chicken!"
Meadows mischaracterizes Cohen's testimony, falsely says he said there's "no evidence of collusion" when in fact he just said he doesn't know of any.

These dudes are completely dishonest.
Mark Meadows does not have a future in comedy: "They may call you deplorable, but most people will call you adorable patriots, alright?
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It's been a little over a month since I got back from #LivingLaVidaLagos and even though I am still missing it like crazy (someone yell "like CRAZY!"), I feel ready to share some of my experiences; the good, the bad & the neutral.

Lagos, THANK YOU for a truly wonderful time ❤.
One of the best things that I did? I went to the opera 💃! Y'all, did you know there's opera in Lagos? And I don't mean 'good enough for Lagos' opera. I mean, proper, 'beautiful, well-trained instruments', opera! I watched #DonGiovanni at the #MusonCenter.
I also loooved Fela's Shrine. I actually went twice; on the day I arrived & again for #Felabration2018. You guys, it was so much fun! I ended up abandoning my people and going up front to dance with the King!
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Dear @thedailybeast
How James Comey Covered His Ass and Elected Donald Trump… via @thedailybeast
Uh Buh Wuh Duz That Haz To Dooooooo With Comey?
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NEXT UP: #4 Tasmanian Devil vs. #13 Ghost Bast #2018MMM
The ghost bat (Macroderma gigas) gets its name from the Greek "macros"=large and "derma"=skin #2018MMM
Hopefully you didn't confuse our competitor with the south american bats of a similar name (genus Diclidurus, way more fuzzy) #2018MMM
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