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No one is above the law is bullshit

Sam Bankman Fried defrauded billions of dollars with millions of customers and he got bail for $250 million from unknown sources

Donald Trump paid a porn actress and getting indicted

Fcuk the biased leftist law

Here’s a prev thread on #Politicians and their biased laws with memes
Law is only for the privileged & left
Law is blind for poor & right
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Sights of the FCT at different polling units.

(Photo by Taiwo Adesina / ChannelsTV)
A young Nigerian glad to be exercising his civic responsibility in the Federal Capital.

(Photo by Taiwo Adesina / ChannelsTV)

Ink for thumbprints at the voting booth.

(Photo by Taiwo Adesina / ChannelsTV)
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I’m excited to be at @HowardU for this launch & conference on democracy & journalism. Gorgeous campus, brisk fall day, wee robots out front, a chance to meet new people & see old friends.… Image
Here’s a “democracy toolkit” for journalists:
Fascists, dictators, autocrats, & demagogues see a free press as enemies to be co-opted, muzzled, jailed, or murdered, preventing the immune system of democracy from debunking viral lies & revealing corruption. ImageImageImage
We must understand that when it comes to democracy and equality, neutrality is an abdication of duty, says @nhannahjones, who says a culture of balance & covering “both sides” impedes the ability of journalists to inform the public of threats to those ideals. #DemocracySummjt Image
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#ElectionDay came and went with most disappointed the highly anticipated #RedWave didn’t leave Florida. But, with key races from #Midterms still being tabulated, all eyes are on to see who will prevail.

However, most have missed important concession speeches these last few days.
On the night of November 8th, some Republican candidates conceded pretty early. A few without any official results called from any major media outlets.

In this thread, I’m going to expose these RINOs for not even trying to contest the count well before the state cert deadlines.
Let’s start with the state where I live and saw the concession first hand, Colorado.

In District 8, @Kirkmeyer4CO (one tough woman endorsed by our local police/first responders) ran against @YadiraCaraveo (Latina daughter of immigrants endorsed by @PPFA and Dems from across CO)
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How do you get people to notice crumbs?

Do you believe in coincidences?

Donald trumps restoration of power has been predetermined.

Who are these people?

#Trump #fridaymorning #QCrumb #election #cheating #Pelosi #USA #happyfriyay #Truth #TruthSocial… Image
Here's tweet.

Why is THIS important?

What distracts us from .@HillaryClinton & the Uranium One scandal?

#Russian #ElectionDay meddling?

.@POTUS45 called out #Russa hoax.

Russia hoax distracts from Uranium One & other things like stealing elections.

This looks like .@TedTurnerIII Bill Gates Sr. .@georgesoros David Rockefeller , Irene Diamond, Brook Astor & Leonore Annenberg.

Again, who are these people?

Can you connect the dots?

Where will these crumbs take us?…

#Trump #fridaymorning #QCrumb Image
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Alright, I promised a thread, didn’t I?

The #Midterms2022 didn’t go as we expected because they had to cheat us out of a Red Wave and I can prove it.

PS: @elonmusk, if your algorithm bands me during this, I’ll never forgive you.
Let’s start with Michigan. Voters came out in sweeping numbers. So much so that they felt threatened enough to ballot dump more than once in the race between Tom Barrett and Elissa Slotkin
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The balance of power in Congress is on the line after #ElectionDay.

Many races across the country are too close to call while others were called.

Here's where things stand right now ⬇️…
At his election night party Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy was heralded as the next speaker of the House.

But Republicans on Wednesday found little to celebrate as disappointing results rolled in from battleground districts across.…
Republicans have a much easier path to securing the 218 House seats required to claim a majority. As of Wednesday morning, several races remained too close to call.

But it also appears that any GOP majority will be far slimmer than McCarthy had hoped.…
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It's the day after #ElectionDay.

Results continue to pour in as ballots across #California continue to get counted.

Here's a look at what races and decisions have been called and which are still undecided. ⬇️…
California voters handed Gavin Newsom a second term as governor, choosing the incumbent over Brian Dahle, an unfamiliar Republican state senator from Lassen County.… Image
The governor’s race was the first to be called after polls closed on election night.

In early returns, voters appeared ready to give Democrats another turn in other statewide contests and continue a decades-long hold on constitutional positions.…
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Mis primeras reflexiones sobre las midterms:

1) Por enésima vez @POTUS calló a sus críticos superando todas las expectativas. Sus constantes éxitos son producto de su retorcido colmillo político y del hecho de que sus rivales suelen darse un escopetazo en el pie subestimándolo.
2) Trump es veneno electoral. Su freak show de conspiracionistas y negacionistas lastró al GOP y quizá esto detone la guerra interna que el partido ha tratado de evitar para no dividirse.

3) DeSantis tendría que aprovechar su arrollador triunfo para degollar a la bestia naranja.
4) Si DeSantis y el viejo establishment republicano se atreven finalmente a desafiar a Trump, el energúmeno no va a retirarse pacíficamente, tratará de destruir al partido y tiene suficientes fanáticos incondicionales en la base para garantizar la derrota del GOP en 2024.
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Another #ElectionDay is in the books.

By scoring two big wins for Democrats, Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman made points that reverberated nationwide.

We'll have live updates all day long ⤵️…
Josh Shapiro won his bid for governor, defeating State Sen. Doug Mastriano, who ran a hard-right campaign that railed against COVID-19 restrictions and “wokeness."

“Real freedom won tonight,” Shapiro told his supporters.

🔗… Josh Shapiro wins Pennsylva...
John Fetterman will be Pa.'s next U.S. senator after defeating Mehmet Oz in the most expensive Senate race in the country this year.

"I never expected that we were going to turn these red counties blue but we did what we needed to do," said Fetterman.

🔗… John Fetterman wins Pennsyl...
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🇺🇸🔴 Se vi siete svegliati ora, ecco una sintesi di tutto quello che dovete sapere sulle elezioni di Midterm di stanotte:

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
🇺🇸 1. Il controllo della Camera e del Senato non è ancora certo, e in attesa degli ultimi dati si può dire che i repubblicani abbiano avuto una performance sotto le aspettative degli ultimi giorni.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
🇺🇸 2. Alla Camera ci si aspettava di passare da una maggioranza Dem di 8 seggi a una repubblicana fra i 25 e i 40 seggi, ma in questo momento non è neanche chiaro chi avrà la maggioranza.
Lo scenario più probabile è una maggioranza risicata Rep (5-10).

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
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1/ A Texas Supreme Court ruling opens up the possibility that ballots cast in the state’s most populous county after 7 p.m. on #ElectionDay won’t be counted. #TXlege #TX2022
2/ The Texas Supreme Court ordered Harris County election officials on Tuesday night to separate out ballots cast during an extra hour of voting that had been granted by a lower court, setting the stage for a possible legal battle.
3/ The order to keep polls open an extra hour until 8 p.m. at nearly 800 polling places came after the Texas Organizing Project sued Harris County, citing issues at numerous polling locations that opened more than one hour late on Election Day.
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🇺🇸 Siamo circa a metà di questa nottata elettorale: facciamo il punto su quello che sappiamo fin qui.

🧵 1/5
#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
🇺🇸 Il primo dato che emerge è che i Repubblicani sono avviati verso un recupero di circa 3 punti rispetto al 2020. L'unica eccezione è la Florida, dove c'è stata una disfatta per i Democratici.
Insomma, un'onda repubblicana, più che uno tsunami.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
🇺🇸 Questo si traduce in un vantaggio Repubblicano nelle proiezioni sulla Camera che si è assottigliato rispetto a quello di inizio serata.
Lo scenario più probabile vede i Rep recuperare circa 15 seggi, lievemente sotto le attese.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
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Good evening! I’m reporting tonight from Laxalt x Lombardo watch party at Red Rock Casino. Follow this thread for updates 👇 Image
It is 15 minutes until polls close and a cash bar has rolled in (not for journalists).

I’d like to add that people in line to vote by 7pm will still be able to do so. So hang in there (we all are)

Attendees have arrived! A few have made their way to the cash bar. We’re awaiting results to start trickling in (though some races we might not know the winner tonight (or the next few days))

They just cheered for Georgia’s governor race called for Brian Kemp Image
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Hey y’all wanna see some #wins #chisme #copolitics celebrations & milestones on campaigns?! Join us on this 🧵 to get your #ElectionDay updates in #Denver #colorado starting with our FAVS @CBWPA 😍🗳❤️ #coloradovotes
We LOVE some of these #ballot initiatives & measures on our #colorado ballot but we are more excited about what our #community #Leaders think, like our lovely Bianka 💕🗳🔥✨ #copolitics #Midterms2022
#copolitics @CBWPA bringing it live to you from Veronika - local #community #leader and co-chair #denverliving #coleg #coloradovotes
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🇺🇸 A minuti potrebbero arrivati i primi risultati ad alimentare il famigerato "Needle" del @nytimes, che indica una proiezione in tempo reale della probabilità per i due partiti di ottenere il controllo delle due camere e i risultati dei singoli stati.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay Image
@nytimes 🇺🇸 È live il #Needle del @nytimes, che indica che i repubblicani hanno il 76% di chance di ottenere il controllo della Camera, mentre il Senato vede un testa a testa con i democratici lievemente favoriti.

#Midterms2022 Image
🇺🇸 Queste le singole proiezioni sulle corse del Senato per il @nytimes. Fra le 7 corse più competitive (N.H., Ariz, Nev, Pa, Ga, N.C., Wis) i Democratici hanno bisogno di vincere almeno 4 stati per mantenere il controllo del Senato.

#Midterms2022 Image
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THREAD: Here are the stories I've published so far for @snopes on #ElectionDay.

First, here are data+sources for each election year going back to 2000 showing all votes did NOT used to be counted by election night. Share with conspiracy-prone friends.…
Second, a false rumor about Sharpie pens and Illinois ballots was going around on Twitter this morning.

The Illinois State Board of Elections (@illinoissbe) tweeted the facts: "Sharpies are an approved ballot marking device for many voting systems."…
Third, here are the facts about today's Maricopa County vote-tabulation machine issues, which a spokesperson referred to as "minor."

PLUS: Here's how people in the Arizona county can track their ballot online and confirm that their vote was counted.…
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#ElectionDay isn’t over yet. That means: if you're in line, stay in line. If you’re contacting voters, let’s keep pushing. Thank you for your critical work.

Speaking of which — I wanted to point to the powerful work @votingwhileblk is doing to reach Black voters nationwide. Image
Our volunteers and team have made:

—599,907 attempted calls and texts
—17,985,395 digital ad impressions
—855,364 pieces of direct mail sent ImageImage
Whether you’re voting in person or by mail today, keep showing up and making your voice heard. Thank you to everyone who made calls, knocked doors, sent texts, planned events and showed up for our communities. ImageImage
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It’s going to be murderously difficult for Democrats to win in #Georgia tonight, not because Abrams & Warnock have been rejected by voters, but because new vote suppressing laws have made voting by mail & dropbox—overwhelmingly used by Democrats—nearly impossible. #ElectionDay
#ElectionDay Absentee ballots voted in #Georgia have PLUNGED by A MILLION VOTES — from 1.2 million just before the 2020 election to a paltry 0.2 million. 🗳️…
An 83% decline in mail-in ballots in #Georgia was not the choice of the voters but the choice of Jim Crow. #ElectionDay…
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Per il 61% il prezzo del carburante ha causato difficoltà economiche nell'ultimo periodo.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
Secondo l'exit poll CNN il 76% dell'elettorato sarebbe composto da bianchi, il 9% da neri.

🔙 Nel 2020 i bianchi erano il 67%, i neri il 13%. Nelle midterm del 2018 i bianchi costituivano il 72% dell'elettorato, mentre i neri erano l'11%.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
Il 34% dell'elettorato sarebbe composto da over 65 secondo l'exit poll CNN.

🔙 Nel 2018 gli elettori appartenenti a questa fascia d'età erano il 26%.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay
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Arrivano i primi exit poll di CNN, a meno di un'ora dalla chiusura dei seggi. La prima rilevazione riguarda il sentimento del paese, con il 75% di intervistati non soddisfatti o arrabbiati.

#Midterms2022 Image
Il secondo exit poll CNN riguarda il livello di gradimento del presidente Biden, che con il 45% di gradimento risale rispetto alla media degli ultimi sondaggi.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay Image
Soltanto il 18% degli intervistati ha votato alla Camera dei rappresentanti per supportare il presidente Biden.

#Midterms2022 #ElectionDay Image
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As we wait for the polls to close and results to come in over the next week, we've got an #ElectionDay timeline cleanser for you, brought to you by the pets of @RewireNewsGroup🐾
First, we have @GalinaEspinoza's adorable Corgi named Guinness, who is feeling the #spookySCOTUSseason spirit. 🎃 A corgi wearing a Minion costume from the film "Despica
Next, we have Kit, who is a Shih Tzu-Pitbull mix, our resident senior, who loves long walks and puzzles. A terrier mix sits on a black and white striped rug looking
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IMPORTANT: We have yet *ANOTHER* unreported, unlisted polling place change in Mississippi—this time in Hinds County's Precinct 45.

Multiple voters told us they went to vote at their polling place this morning only to find it's no longer a polling place. 1/…
This a.m., @bluecanarykit told us she went to vote at McLeod Elementary, only to be told Precinct 45 had moved to St. Philip's Church.

I called Hinds Circuit Clerk's office at 11:21 am, where an official insisted Precinct 45 was still at McLeod. NOPE. 2/…
Later, another voter told @MSFreePress they, too, were turned away at McLeod Elementary and told to vote at St. Philip's Episcopal Church.

I called the circuit clerk's office back at 12:29 p.m. An official again said McLeod was the correct location. 3/…
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#Arizona #Midterms2022 #ElectionDay … kann doch echt einfach nicht sein…
Geht schon wieder los… natürlich werden solche Situationen wieder eine große Diskussion lostreten.

Wählt doch einfach auf Papier, anstatt mit Wahlmaschinen, liebe USA 🇺🇸. HIMMEL
#CNN Reporterin hat die Probleme soeben live on air in #Arizona bestätigt. 20% der Ergebnisse werden durchschnittlich nicht korrekt gezählt derzeit, bestätigt auch der Wahlleiter. Sagt aber auch, dass die Stimmen manuell nachgezählt werden und nicht verloren gehen würde. Chaos‼️
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