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When there is a problem or need, Rotary asks "how can we help?"

Rotary groups across the UK and Ireland have been doing what they do best, supporting their communities.

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#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK | #COVID19ireland
1⃣ Rotary Silloth, Cumbria (@sillothrotary)

One of the first Rotary groups to begin helping people in their local area, club members packed support parcels for over-70s containing essentials like food and hygiene items. 🥫🧻

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
2⃣ Rotary Maidenhead Bridge (@MheadBRotary)

Coordinating groups of volunteers has been vital in the #COVIDー19 outbreak, and Maidenhead Bridge Rotary have done exactly that. They've already supported 54 local families with their project.

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
3⃣ Rotary Sale (@SaleRotaryClub)

🚖 In the early stages of the outbreak, before significant travel restrictions, Sale Rotary joined together with a local taxi company so people could attend essential health appointments.

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
4⃣ Rotary St Neots St Marys

Having someone to contact when you're isolated and in need is incredibly important. That's why St Neots St Marys Rotary sponsored the printing of 10,000 postcards for local residents. 📬

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
5⃣ Rotary Ribblesdale

Another club who are helping local residents get hold of the essential food items they need, this time using supermarket vouchers rather than handling cash. 🥔🍏

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19
6⃣ Rotary Limerick Thomond (@LimerickThomond)

Over in Ireland, Limerick Thomond Rotary has been supporting @StMunchinsCC by donating to their Meals on Wheels scheme, which cooks and delivers meals to the vulnerable. 🍴

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19
7⃣ Rotary Leatherhead (@LHRotary)

Knowing what local services are still available is an important and helpful resource. That's why Leatherhead Rotary collated a local directory, including those outlets offering NHS discount!

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
8⃣ Rotary Crewkerne & District (@CrewkerneRotary)

At this time of crisis, charities are even more reliant on donations so people can continue to access their services. That's why Crewkerne Rotary have given a financial boost.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
9⃣ Rotary in Reading

By working together, Rotary groups have been able to achieve an even greater impact. That's what has happened in Reading, with 8 local Rotary clubs uniting to support people in the town.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
🔟 Rotary Lytham (@LythamRotary)

From food collection 🥫 to dog walking 🦮 Rotary in Lytham are supporting a local coalition of organisations to help people in isolation.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
1⃣1⃣ Rotary Gordano Breakfast

Rotary members from the Gordano Breakfast group are donating the money they usually spend on a meal during their meetings to the local foodbank. What a great idea!

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
1⃣2⃣ Rotary Tonbridge (@rotarytonbridge)

Thank you to Rotary Tonbridge who have supported their local food charity with a donation of £500.

FEAST continues to support children who receive free school meals during the outbreak.

#PeopleOfAction | #covidー19uk | #RotaryResponds
1⃣3⃣ Rotary Sittingbourne Invicta (@InvictaRotary)

Many Rotary groups are donating funds to support their local foodbank during this time, including @InvictaRotary who have given £1,000 to @TrussellTrust's Swale bank.

#PeopleOfAction | #covidー19 | #RotaryResponds
1⃣4⃣ Rotary Bradford West (@rotarybradfordw)

Getting the right items at the right time is vital to support families in need of food during the outbreak. Bradford West Rotary are supporting @BradMetFoodBank with that challenge. 🥫🥚

#PeopleOfAction | #covidー19 | #RotaryResponds
1⃣5⃣ Rotary Kings Hill (@RotaryKingsHill) with Sittingbourne Invicta (@InvictaRotary)

Offering grants of up to £250 for local groups, projects and charities serving the local community as part of their 'Community Chest' programme.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
1⃣6⃣ Rotary Maidstone Dawn Patrol

Social distancing measures might be in place, but Rotary volunteers are using their daily exercise to keep their community tidy! ♻️

#PeopleOfAction | #covidー19 | #RotaryResponds
1⃣7⃣ Rotary Romney Marsh

Rotary clubs are a key part of the community and are frequently working with other organisations, faith groups, businesses and more to provide support to local people.

#PeopleOfAction | #covidー19 | #RotaryResponds
1⃣8⃣ Rotary Shrewsbury Seven

Many schools nationwide remain open to the children of key workers. Shrewsbury Seven Rotary has given one of those schools in their a financial boost of £500 to help support pupils.

#PeopleOfAction | #covidー19 | #RotaryResponds
1⃣9⃣ Rotary Chippenham (@RotaryChipp)

Many clubs across the country, including Rotary Chippenham, are helping to provide essential food items to those in self-isolation. 🍐🥦🥖

#PeopleOfAction | #covidー19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣0⃣ Rotary Normanton

Small, local charitable projects are doing vital work during the outbreak, but many are facing threats of a loss of income. Rotary Normanton has supported The Well Project in their local community.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣1⃣ Rotary Epworth (@ClubEpworth)

16 families have been supported already through a 'Good Neighbours' scheme in Epworth. Rotary volunteers in the area are contributing alongside other voluntary organisations and businesses.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣2⃣ Rotary Glenrothes

Knowing how and where you can get help is such an important part of keeping communities going during this outbreak. That's why Rotary volunteers in Glenrothes are helping to hand out leaflets in the area.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣3⃣ Rotary Eckington (@EckingtonRotary)

During the outbreak, each person's individual efforts contribute to the benefit of everyone. Well done to Rotary member Philip from @EckingtonRotary who has been volunteering with @age_uk. 👏

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣4⃣ Rotary Llandeilo

Everyone loves a quiz, right?

Well even though we can't meet for a pub quiz, Rotary member Richard Hughes has taken it online, hosting a weekly session for people to test their knowledge!

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣5⃣ Rotary Fareham Meon

📚 Residents in a care home will be able to access their library thanks to this Rotary group, who have purchased a book trolley. They've also supported a bushfire-hit village in Australia now experiencing #COVID19 🇦🇺.

#PeopleOfAction | #RotaryResponds
2⃣6⃣ Rotary Sheffield (@RotarySheffield)

🚴 Members of Rotary Sheffield are among the 750,00 people who have signed up for the NHS volunteer scheme to offer support during the coronavirus outbreak.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣7⃣ Rotary Wymondham

Well done to Rotary Wymondham whose volunteer scheme is helping to look after the village's 550 residents 👏

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣8⃣ Rotary Ipswich (@RotaryIpswich)

Keeping connected can be a way to keep safe, whether it is with family, friends or even neighbours you've never interacted with before! Great work from Rotary member John Skeates in Ipswich.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
2⃣9⃣ Rotary Kettering

Many Rotary groups run regular dementia cafés for people living with the disease. Rotary members in Kettering are making sure they keep in contact with their visitors during the current outbreak.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣0⃣ Rotary in the East Midlands

Alongside immediate responses, long-term projects are being born from the struggle and suffering. Rotary in the East Midlands is planning a new initiative to support the region's food banks.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣1⃣ Rotary #Ellon

A big thank you to Rotary members in Ellon, whose community activities throughout the year have raised enough for a "life-saving" donation to their local foodbank.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣2⃣ Rotary #Louth

💻 Rotary members in Louth have helped children continue their education during the outbreak, even when self isolating, as well as making significant donations to local groups.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣3⃣ Rotary in Bricket Wood

A terrific coordinated effort from Rotary volunteers in Hertfordshire, who have created a Rotary Community Corps, with dozens of volunteers sharing skills and working together to support people in need.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣4⃣ Rotary #Morriston (#Swansea)

Rotary volunteers in South Wales have been hosting weekly Zoom meetings for one hour to help connect people together, support the vulnerable and share ideas.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣5⃣ Rotary #Aberystwyth

Even more support for local foodbanks across the country, this time in the shape of a £795 donation from Rotary members in Aberystwyth. 👏🥫

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣6⃣ Rotary #Cheadle

Resourceful Rotary member Deborah Puttick made the most of a local juice bar closing for the outbreak and took their leftover stock to regular visitors of her club's dementia café. 🍑🍓

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣7⃣ Rotary #Mendip (@RotaryMendip)

☎️ A friendly voice on the end of the phone can be a huge help for someone who is isolated. That's how Rotary volunteers in Mendip are helping a newly formed Community Hub in their area.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣8⃣ Rotary #HambleValley

More great local collaboration to spread important key messages, with Rotary volunteers playing their part 👏👏

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
3⃣9⃣ Rotary #Barry

Thousands of people nationwide are being forced to access foodbanks during the coronavirus outbreak. Rotary in Barry have donated £700 to the area's @TrussellTrust network.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣0⃣ Rotary #Blyth

⏰ Rotary volunteers have been early risers in Blyth in order to deliver food from local supermarkets to local foodbanks to support people in crisis.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣1⃣ Rotary #Nottingham

Volunteers in Nottingham are supporting @SycamoreDining to ensure they can continue their vital operations of combatting loneliness, which is being exacerbated during the outbreak.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣2⃣ Rotary #Thornbury (@ThornburyRotary)

Even more donations are flooding in from Rotary fundraisers and volunteers across the country, including a £500 donation to @TrussellTrust's North Bristol foodbank.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryRepsonds
4⃣3⃣ Rotary #Burford and #Kingham

Another potentially live saving donation to a local foodbank from a Rotary club. Thank you 👏👏

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣4⃣ Rotary Sussex Vale

The number of local foodbanks receiving a financial boost keeps growing thanks to Rotary donations, this time down on the south coast of England.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID2019 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣5⃣ Rotary #Colchester

🐰🍫 Bringing a bit of brightness in dark times is Rotary Colchester. They've taken their annual East Egg Raffle online and donated eggs to children at @RainbowTrustCC.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVIDー19 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣6⃣ Rotary Barnstaple Link (@LinkRotary)

🎨🖌️ Rotary Barnstaple Link are encouraging young people to get creative during the outbreak by hosting an online art competition!

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣7⃣ Rotary #Hounslow (@hounslowrotary)

Rotary volunteers in London have been ensuring that people in the capital are getting access to food by supporting a range of local groups.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣8⃣ Rotary #York (@RotaryClubYork)

A great fundraising effort from Rotary members in York who are supporting their local @TrussellTrust foodbank with funds from their usual meetings.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
4⃣9⃣ Rotary #Bassenthwaite

PPE is vital for health and care home workers to protect them against COVID-19. Rotary in Bassenthwaite with @TravisPerkinsCo have supported @HospiceatHomeWC by providing essential PPE.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣0⃣ Rotary #Birstall Luddites (@BirstallRotary)

Our 50th Rotary project during the coronavirus pandemic is another amazing donation to support a local foodbank, from @BirstallRotary to @BatleyFoodBank! 💚🥫

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣1⃣ Rotary #Newbridge

In Ireland, Rotary volunteers have been supporting the elderly in Newbridge to ensure they get prescriptions and essential medication despite the lockdown.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣2⃣ Rotary #Tullamore

Keeping connected and keeping people stocked with the essentials they require. That's been the aim for Rotary volunteers in Tullamore! 💪

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣3⃣ Rotary #Cardiff East

As part of their plans for 2019/20, Rotary Cardiff East selected their local foodbank for the club's annual project. Members are continuing to donate and support them during the crisis.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣4⃣ Rotary #Northwich Vale Royal (@RotaryNorthwich)

Working together to reach everyone in need, whether it is food delivery 🍞, dog walking 🦮, or a friendly phone call ☎️. Well done to Rotary volunteers in Northwich.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣5⃣ Rotary #Drayton (@DraytonRotary)

Whether a Rotary club was found 100 years ago, or its a newly established group, Rotary volunteers across the country are springing into action to support.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣6⃣ Rotary #KingsLynn

Rotary volunteers were keeping the Easter spirit going over the weekend by safely distributing chocolate eggs to carers and carer home staff. 🍫🌻🐰

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣7⃣ Rotary #Abertillery and #Blaina (@RotaryAber)

Under difficult circumstances, Rotary clubs are continuing to do what they can to help their community, including offering life-changing support for foodbanks.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣8⃣ Rotary Six Towns

A donation to a local hospital is helping to ease the experience for patients.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
5⃣9⃣ Rotary Upper Eden

As well as giving financial support to their local foodbank, Rotary volunteers in Cumbria are also delivering food and sourcing essential items.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
6⃣0⃣ Rotary in #Lowestoft

During the current outbreak, homeless people are even more vulnerable. The three Rotary groups in Lowestoft have joined together to support a charity working to combat homelessness in the town.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
6⃣1⃣ Rotary #Hoddesdon

Another generous and vital donation to a local foodbank from Rotary members in Hoddesdon, who are also helping local residents with shopping and food delivery.

#PeopleOfAction | #COVID19 | #RotaryResponds
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