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From the beginning of the #COVIDー19 crisis, a few things have been obvious to anyone who wasn't (a) naive, e.g. #DonaldTrump; (b) ideological, e.g. #theAtlantic; or (c) susceptible to bureaucratic arrogance, e.g. #CDC; ... (1/6)
ONE: There's no way to 'beat' #COVIDー19 (or any other virus), but we can protect the vulnerable. TWO: While you can flatten the curve (infection rate), you can't dramatically change the area under the curve (how may people ultimately get infected). ... (2/6)
THREE: Preventing ICU overload is the only real logic for lockdowns, and ICU capacity the only sensible criteria for re-opening. FOUR: Mitigation measures must be data-drive and locally tailored. Blanket policies at the Federal level are likely to be counterproductive. ... (3/6)
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When there is a problem or need, Rotary asks "how can we help?"

Rotary groups across the UK and Ireland have been doing what they do best, supporting their communities.

📨 DM or email your stories to

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK | #COVID19ireland
1⃣ Rotary Silloth, Cumbria (@sillothrotary)

One of the first Rotary groups to begin helping people in their local area, club members packed support parcels for over-70s containing essentials like food and hygiene items. 🥫🧻

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
2⃣ Rotary Maidenhead Bridge (@MheadBRotary)

Coordinating groups of volunteers has been vital in the #COVIDー19 outbreak, and Maidenhead Bridge Rotary have done exactly that. They've already supported 54 local families with their project.

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
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So, I have a #covid19UK #COVID19 #covidー19uk thread I've been mulling over for the past hour or two
I know this is very, er, yesterday, and we’ve all moved onto the economic support, but I still don’t think the virus strategy is getting enough scrutiny. I’ve been thinking about the “advice”, especially after a quick walk around my town, around 6:30pm.
I might be channelling my inner @nntaleb here, but I just don’t think a “right things, right time” approach is compatible with “advice”, as the govt haven’t really *done* anything. The social distancing guidelines say “steps you can take… avoid pubs, restaurants”
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Very important findings from @TheLancet article:

1. SARS-CoV-2 is transmissible in community settings beyond household clusters. Importation and limited local transmission can occur before the lockdown.… #covidindia #covidー19uk #covidinus 1ofn
2. SARS-CoV-2 is transmissible in community settings, & local clusters can result due to spread before travel restrictions. Enhanced surveillance & contact tracing is essential to minimise the risk of widespread transmission . #covidindia #covidー19uk #covidinus #COVID19 2of3
Enhancing detection and containment of local clusters of #COVID19 through surveillance of individuals with general pneumonia or influenza-like illnesses, and of people who have been in contact with unwell travellers is important. 3 of4 #covidindia
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#Covidー19uk Statement

Pawprints Dog Rescue was first set up as a charity in 2012 with the primary aim to save the lives of stray dogs abandoned at local pounds. We will continue to do our utmost to meet any demands in the almost surreal situation that we find ourselves in, as
long as we can meet the financial obligation this will place on us from the highly likely increase of abandonment due to fear, illness or very sadly, death; that we can provide the kennel space and ensure that we have back up plans in place in case of mass self-isolation or
illness of staff at kennels or volunteers; we promise to try our hardest to save as many dogs lives as we possibly can. However, this may become impossible and people should prepare themselves for this eventuality. We expect that most of the larger rescue centres will cease
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This is the key terrifying graph from the latest @imperialcollege #covidー19uk modelling. The red line right at the bottom is the max number of ICU beds. Note, that we've been on the "do nothing" upper black line trajectory until pretty much today
This is what exponential growth looks like. A rocket taking off. So much was fudged & obfuscated today, but Johnson did say we have entered the "acceleration" period. Notice how on the graph, we are still safely under the red line right now...
Vital interventions that could have been taken have not been taken. Look at the curve. Actions matter. But mass events - @stereophonics concerts! - were held this w'end because of lack of govt leadership. It has to be held to account & today's press conference was v worrying eg
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IMPORTANT. Here is the modelling behind the UK Govs #covidー19uk strategy.

Big choice ahead: 1/Mitigation: 250k deaths, or 2/Suppression: 20k deaths but with a lockdown that ends only once a vax or treatment found.…
Both strategies have much the same mix of measures, all of which were announced tonight by the PM. The big difference is they are not lifted in the suppression option. My guess is government will now play it by ear - how long can Britain change its behaviour for
The hard fact driving these hard choices is NHS surge capacity. Remember that lovely 'flatten the curve' graphic the Economist put round with health capacity as a horizontal line across the middle? Well, it was right except in UK that line is at the bottom. Here's the real thing:
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Has the clock stopped on Brexit because of Coronavirus?

Or is it still the case that if a deal isn't done by December, we become the only country on the planet with no trade deals, at a time when the supply of food and medicines might be more crucial than ever in our history?
So to those saying stop talking about Brexit:

What do we need to survive #covidー19uk?

1⃣EU citizens improve our doctor/nurse-patient ratio & their visa rights are on the negotiating table!
2⃣1/3 UK food comes from the EU
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👉NHS Staff need to be tested
👉Drive-thru mobile test centres
👉Citizens with their families at home
👉Utility & Rent Levy to help poorest households
👉Rent Cap
👉Rationing of essentials
👉Living Wage of £10 asap
👉Billionaire’s Tax to fund foodbanks & Homelessness

👉Daily Updates via Radio/ TV
👉All events/ mass gatherings cancelled
👉Schools/ College/ Uni/ Libraries shut
👉Set Up temporary Youth Centres & Sports activities (with access to diagnostic facility) to help with child care
👉Quarantine Centres to have video conferencing facility
👉Transparency with International authorities
👉Co-ordination & co-operation with G-7, G-20, EU & other such organisations
👉Implementing Best Practices
👉Sharing insights
👉Work in collaboration with scientists world over to cone up with a vaccine
👉Set up weekly Action Plan
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Wave LGBT network held an event on focussing on women+ and non-binary people a few days before #IWD2020

The companies involved will now be able to tick the intersectionality boxes on their Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.

Optional pronoun stickers were provided.
It was explained Wave was set up a year ago as a network across 6 international firms.

AIG - finance and insurance
BNY Mellon - banking and financial services holding company
BCLP - law firm
Deloitte - accounting firm
Barclays Bank
Wave hold roughly one event every two months.

The discussion was supposed to be about ‘gender’ - it was said there were too many ‘men in suits’ (boo-hiss) and not welcoming of women and NB people.

Currently we see lots in the news about gender, but
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I'm an advanced nurse practitioner. Our team is responsible for looking after the hospital at night, the sickest patients, those who need CPR. I've just finished my first 3 shifts since the corona virus outbreak in Scotland #covidー19uk
#coronavirus #SelfIsolation
It was difficult and everyone is scared. Here are some things;
-to all the people who can and are working from home, I applaud you. It's not mandatory, you're just taking responsibility for the things you can affect which makes you a hero!
-this will not last forever
-I feel more scared and panicked when I feel helpless. But we're not. We can self isolate, distance ourselves socially and practice excellent hand hygine.
-this will not last forever.
-every one person who stays healthy, is one less who will potentially need a hospital bed
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Let's be clear on this:

The people who voted for something that left us with fewer doctors/nurses than we would have had, just before a deadly pandemic where we're going to be short on doctors/nurses, don't get to complain that those who warned against it, are pointing that out.
Saying now's not the time to talk about Brexit weakening the NHS during #covidー19uk is like saying you can't talk about gun laws after mass-shootings.

The effects of Brexit will be negotiated THIS YEAR. Not talking about the CLEAR EVIDENCE of what's at stake would be STUPID!
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@peterjukes @BorisJohnson 1/. It was actually TEN days ago that @BorisJohnson first mentioned the ‘take in on the chin’ theory.

He told it to @Schofe & @hollywills on #ThisMorning on Thursday, 5 March.

A clip of him saying this was tweeted by @mvdct on the same day.

What happened next was remarkable...
@peterjukes @BorisJohnson @Schofe @hollywills @mvdct On Sunday evening, after a tip off from @CereinynOrd (follow her for #coronavirus), I tracked down the clip of the interview.

The clip beings with Boris saying: "One of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go..."
@peterjukes @BorisJohnson @Schofe @hollywills @mvdct @CereinynOrd 3./ He goes on: "...& allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population, without taking as many draconian measures. I think we need to strike a balance."

To me there were two possible explanations for what Boris had said.

The second far more chilling than the first.
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