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Les tueurs à gages sont des gens comme les autres.

À dérouler, fil dédié à la série la plus sous-estimée du monde : #Barry

De toute façon, que je vous prévienne à l'avance ou pas, rien ne changera ce fait : cette série va vous piéger.

Comment et pourquoi ? 1/9
#sponsorisé Image
Comment ?
Derrière son format 32 mn se cache une étude de caractère dont la douce brutalité va vous cajoler par son humour noir et son humanité

Vous plongerez dans le rêve de rédemption et de nouvelle vie de #Barry

Le tueur émérite se découvre une passion : jouer la comédie 2/9 Image
Pourquoi ce piège ?

Pour vous attendrir, vous préparer à petit feu et mieux vous croquer sa galerie de portraits :

Prof de théâtre vaniteux,
Comédienne obsédée par LE rôle,
Mafieux émotif,
Mentor lâche et véreux.

Entre cynisme et absurde, la spirale ne fait que commencer ! 3/9 Image
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Heh @KariLake, what island is that ?

And who is your friend Barbra. I only know one Barbra.

She seems to be a Trump hater:…
Never mind my second question. Figured it out.

#BarbraSeville taught Kari Lake everything she knows about make-up. Image
Barbra Seville: Arizona's #1 Drag Queen…
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Watched the #Barry season finale last night. Bill Hader’s transition from side-splitting comedy to powerful drama is right up there with Bob Odenkirk’s.
Season 3 was a little hit-and-miss for me, mainly because of the episodes where Barry Berkman was too cartoonishly crazy. To me, the series is strongest when Barry is most grounded in reality & all of the crazy shit is going on around him.

Yes, Barry is very disturbed, maybe even broken. But the show is best when his attitude is “I don’t want to be doing this, but it’s the only thing I’m good at”

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➡️ Del 25 de abril al 1 de mayo ⬅️
🎥 Salas de Cine y Plataformas. 📺
Estas son nuestras recomendaciones:

🟣 Alcarràs
🟣 X
🟣 El asedio de Silverton
🟣 Las 7 vidas de Léa
🟣 Ozark
🟣 Undone
🟣 Bang Bang Baby
🟣 Clarice
⬇️ (1/2) ⬇️
🟣 James Bond Sin Tiempo para Morir
🟣 Mayans M.C.
🟣 Barry
🟣 El bebé
🟣 Made for love
🟣 Pares y Nones
🟣 Las luminosas
⬇️ ¡Tráileres y Sinopsis! ⬇️
🟣 Alcarràs
➡️ [Cine]
➡️ 2h
Después de ochenta años cultivando la misma tierra, la familia Solé se reúne para realizar juntos su última cosecha. #vidarural #Familia #drama #alcarras
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تحت هذه التغريدة ابرز مسلسلات شهر ابريل
مسلسل #TheOutlaws

يركز المسلسل على مجموعة غرباء يجبروا على
سداد دينهم للمجتمع معاً في بريستول

- S1 | #BBC/#Amazon
- 1 ابريل 2022
- بطولة كريستوفر ووكين
- العرض الثاني
- تم تجديده لموسم ثاني
مسلسل #SlowHorses

مقتبس من رواية تجـسس عن قائد ذكي لكن
سريع الغضب لمجـموعة جواسيس الذين قد
انتهى بهم المطاف بـ Slough House التابع
الى MI5 بعد ان تم نفيهم

- S1 | #AppleTV
- 1 ابريل 2022
- بطولة غاري اولدمان، جونوثان برايس و غيرهم
- اخذ مراجعات ايجابية
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A Thread For List of series I have ever watched(Part 1)
Series 1-100
#TvSeries #Kdrama #Anime
Some of my fav's👇 Image
1. #TheFlash (133epi - 6S - Currently Watching)
My First Ever series.
Started watching On - 07.11.2017
First Few seasons are great but after that becomes very average..

S01 - 4.75
S02 - 4.25/5
S03 - 4/5
S04-S05 - 3.25
S06 - 2.75/5

#Shows2blue #CW #DC Image
2. #StrangerThings (25epi - 3S)
Started Watching On - 12.12.2017
Great One

S01,S02 - 4.5/5
S03 - 4.25/5

#Shows2blue # Image
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La directora #KatCoiro (Modern Family, Shameless, Mozart in the Jungle, entre otros) se suma al equipo de #ShueHulk como productora ejecutiva, y quizás dirija el piloto, y varios episodios mas!!

#Marvel #MarvelPodcast #MCU #MarvelStudios
En su película de 2011, Life Happens, tuvo como protagonista a @Krystenritter... nuestra querida #JessicaJones.... se vendrá un cameo en la serie de #SheHulk para #DisneyPlus???? ImageImage
Y ya que de [TEORIAS] viene la tarde, le proponemos un #SheHulk #Fancast #MarvelPodcast!!!
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When there is a problem or need, Rotary asks "how can we help?"

Rotary groups across the UK and Ireland have been doing what they do best, supporting their communities.

📨 DM or email your stories to

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK | #COVID19ireland
1⃣ Rotary Silloth, Cumbria (@sillothrotary)

One of the first Rotary groups to begin helping people in their local area, club members packed support parcels for over-70s containing essentials like food and hygiene items. 🥫🧻

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
2⃣ Rotary Maidenhead Bridge (@MheadBRotary)

Coordinating groups of volunteers has been vital in the #COVIDー19 outbreak, and Maidenhead Bridge Rotary have done exactly that. They've already supported 54 local families with their project.

#PeopleOfAction | #covid19UK
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These are our top 20 shows of 2019:
20. #TheOA Part II

#TheOA Part II is "one of the most ambitious, provocative, and stunning works of art of the last decade." -- @kenobibear
19. #IThinkYouShouldLeave With TimRobinson

" Tim Robinson’s incisive comedic mind delivers at least one brilliant sketch per episode." -- @Joshsorokach
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We asked you if you wanted an open-access syllabus, you said yes.

We've created an open-access #GoogleDocument📝 with resources about #CardiffRaceRiots1919 and #RaceRiots in #Newport

Visit us here:

#Cymru #Hanes #Caerdydd #History
3. In fact, it was @ShaheenCymru who recommended Peter Fryer's 'Staying Power: History of Black Britain" to us a few years ago…

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.@laubf te cuenta los estrenos de series para este fin de semana en @Late931Oficial con @lolibelotti:
2) #QueerEye
3) #NadaEsPrivado ImageImageImage
En la #ComicCon de #SanDiego se estrenó el trailer de #TheWitcher basados en las obras de Andrzej Sapkowski. Image
Las series con mas nominaciones para los #Emmys fueron:
1) #GameOfThrones
2) #LaMarallovisaSraMaisel
3) #Barry ImageImageImage
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Bad weather in the United States and disease in China are threatening food shortages globally and massive inflation. Our national security and stability is at stake over the next few years.
One of the biggest reasons inflation has remained so low over the past half decade is record growing seasons in the United States and Russia for #corn #wheat and #soybeans However this year is the worst season on record as cold, rainy weather delayed #plant19 by several weeks.
Planting progress for all three crops was beyond dismal this year. In fact, it was the slowest planting progress ever on record and many farmers simply chose to skip this year.
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It wasn’t an Act of God. It was an Act of Chevron. An Act of Exxon. An Act of Big Oil.… #NewOrleans #Louisiana #HurricaneKatrina #Barry #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #ClimateChange
Take a look at these numbers dug out of #Louisiana state records:

Conoco 3.3 million acres
Exxon Mobil 2.1 million acres
Chevron 2.7 million acres
Shell 1.3 million acres

These are the total acres of wetlands removed by just four oil companies over two decades.
#NewOrleans used be to a long, swampy way from the Gulf of Mexico. #Hurricanes & storm surges had to cross a protective mangrove forest nearly a 100 miles thick. Then Standard Oil, Exxon’s prior alias, began channeling pipelines & tanker routes thu the soft delta prairie grass.
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In 2005 I explained exactly how #NewOrleans drowned and would drown again, maybe in the next few days...… #Louisiana #HurricaneKatrina #Barry #BigOil
I hope you don’t think #Trump and his army corps of engineers gives a damn about a black city sinking. #Katrina turned #Louisiana from blue to red, a form of voter purging that includes murder in its method.… #Barry
But DON’T blame the Lady. #Katrina killed no one. In fact, she missed the city of #NewOrleans completely, going wide to the east. It wasn’t Mother Nature that drowned, suffocated, de-hydrated and starved nearly 2,000 people in 2005. This is the real story.…
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(1) IMO #HurricaneBarry's NOLA impact will be FAR WORSE than forecast.

Cat 1 vs TS label only means WIND SPEED - which is largely irrelevant in this case.

The VOLUME OF WATER that will come in exceeds what the barriers/pumps can handle.

River already high, ground sodden.
(2) I would love it if my above prediction turns out to be wrong. Pre-disaster talk that under- or over-estimates the impact can cause problems in future disasters. Responsible people try to get it right.
(3) Read this article to see why I am extra worried about NOLA this time.…
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The Atlantic is beginning to wake up as Tropical Storm #Barry will impact the Gulf States over the next 48-72 hours and invest #93L over the Atlantic's Main Development Region. The Calibrated ECMWF EPS has locked onto a 80-90%+ chance for this storm to develop.
The small burst in activity over the Atlantic may be attributed to the passage of the Madden Julian Oscillation, currently passing Africa and moving out over the Indian Ocean. Research has shown the MJO enhances the frequency of seedlings for TCs and modifies the large-scale env
If #93L ends up finding a way to develop into a tropical cyclone, the suppressed phase of a strong Kelvin wave will likely destructively interfere with the storm in a few days, either weakening the disturbance, or killing it (unless the disturbance can lift out of the tropics)
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(1/6) 5:15p Thu TS #Barry Update

🌧️🌊Flooding continues to be the greatest threat - both from heavy rain and storm surge
🌬️Strong/Damaging winds possible along Barry's track as it could still become a hurricane
🌪️A few tornadoes possible, especially near the coast

#lawx #mswx
(2/6) Significant flood threat associated w/ #Barry

📏10-20" of rain with significantly higher local amounts possible
⏰Heaviest rain expected Friday through Saturday night
🌧️Heavy rain could lead to widespread/life-threatening flash flooding and moderate to major river flooding
(3/6) TS #Barry will result in a storm surge threat across SE LA and coastal MS

📏3-6 ft of inundation possible along open coast of SE LA
⏰Water levels begin rising Friday with highest levels on Saturday
🌊Storm surge will flood coastal roadways and other low lying areas
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1) Now that #Barry has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, let's talk about how the forecast has evolved from a few days ago.

First, it appears the GFS handled Barry's initial structure better, with a low-level circulation removed from the mid-level vortex.
2) This is a result of continued northerly shear & dry air advection, which is both from the upper-level ridge poleward of Barry & also a dangling PV Streamer which folded under the ridge off the eastern coast.
3) While previous forecasts had Barry track west towards the LA/TX border, its decoupled structure argues against that now.

The system is now more likely to be steered by low-level flow into a weakness. The ridge SE of Barry is stronger in the low-levels than the one to the NW.
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Reports of disturbances in #Barry. My dad's sister's second husband's third cousin lives there, and we drink in the same pub. He's gonna keep me in the loop.

#1919RaceRiots #Cardiff1919RaceRiots
The information on Barry is rolling in as we speak. Last night, 50 white men showed up to a fish🐟 and chip🍟 shop on 296 #HoltonRoad, if I recall correctly.

#1919RaceRiots #Barry #SouthWales
There seem to have been a few different instigators, a number of arrests were made in #Barry last night. They went to the fish and chip shop owned by #EdithGillespie, who has a husband who is a coloured man

#Barry #RaceRiots #Wales
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If you go to @GlamArchives, there's a wealth of information about the 1919 race riots in #Newport, #Cardiff and #Barry. Loads, and loads, and loads.

We visited recently to learn our history for ourselves. Here's a piece about the #aftermath of the #1919RaceRiots in #Newport

A further echo of the disturbances at Newport was heard at the local police court on Friday, when 24 coloured men+7 white men were brought up on various charges, including unlawful assembling and rioting
in George Street, #CommericalRoad+#RuperraStreet and assaulting police constable Nancarrow and various other people. One of the coloured defendants had fought with the Monmouthshire regiment in the war

[Pics here and below r an old picture of Commercial Road in #Newport]
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1. On Friday 6th June 1919, there was a #RaceRiot in the city of #Newport in #Gwent, #SouthWales. What happened in #Newport had a huge overwhelming effect on #RaceRelations for years to come. Here's a clipping from @nytimes about the #riot
2. As @renireni pointed out in Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race:

"Riots always seem to kick off in the summer." 🔥🔥🔥

In 1919, there were riots in:


+ and more

#Cymraeg #History #Cymru #Hanes
3. According to the #history, a #black man insulted a #white woman in #Newport, which lead to an altercation. It kicked off in #GeorgeStreet [see below], where 3000 white people formed into a mob and attacked the houses of the two black people on the street.
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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