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Apr 12, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
good day here is my brothers dog scooby falling in actual love with a bearded dragon named carrie fisher

#HappyEaster2020 #QuarantineLife #DogsofTwittter #dog #loveislove #reptiles #HappyEaster #Quarantine
(Also, we didn’t learn till later that apparently dogs can get salmonella for licking lizards 🦎 but the chance of it is especially low for bearded dragons and also if you have ever eaten cake batter you don’t have a leg to stand on so DON’T HATE love is love
) (the number of tweets I have had to post containing one parenthesis to close out a parenthetical I have left open the tweet before is EMBARASSINGLY HIGH) <—-see how good I am at not making the same mistake twice in a row?
(4) Also, Scooby’s look of desperate adoration at the end is the saddest love story I have ever seen.

• • •

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Aug 3
The level trauma of being a neurodivergent person raised in an ableist world is absolutely underestimated. Many of the clients I encounter have levels of trauma that could qualify them for a diagnosis of PTSD.

We need to reframe this completely. /1
Part of the problem is that the way adults respond to symptoms of #ADHD (and other neurodivergence) in kids they are in charge of is perceived by NT people as “appropriate,” while being experienced in the mind and body of the kid with #ADHD as physical or emotional abuse. /2
And sometimes it actually *is* physical and emotional abuse. Sometimes it is an adult physically containing or even assaulting a child for out-of-control or boisterous behavior.

To many, this looks like “appropriate discipline.”

To the ND child, it is experienced as abuse, /3
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Jun 12
People keep asking “if we aren’t supposed to say “you have so much potential” what ARE we supposed to say? Before I go off on this bit, please know I recognize this question is coming often from parents who REALLY want to learn how to do right by their kid, and I respect that BUT
if you are asking this question, you have probably missed the WHOLE point.

You are basically asking me something like: “if I can’t help motivate my child with THAT phrase, what phrase can I use to get them to improve” and what I need you to understand is that you NEED to stop
trying to “fix” your child. You need to stop trying to make your child fit into this ableist society in the ways you do(if you are NT) or in ways you have found to mask (if you are ND). You need to stop worrying about how they will ever make it, and start seeing them as whole./3
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Jun 8
A message I want to share with adults who work with #ADHD kids is: pushing them the way that you push neurotypical kids harms them for life.

Here’s what I mean.

When I start working clinically with an adult who has ADHD, one of the first things we do /1
is we start to map out their trauma history. And I don’t mean non-adjacent childhood traumas (which are also relevant, but we get to those later) I mean their #ADHD-specific, childhood-based traumas that result from having ADHD while growing up in an ableist society. /2
As you can imagine, this is really sad stuff. Bright kids who were called lazy because they literally *could not* complete tasks the way teachers/parents wanted; hyperactive kids longingly watching their peers run and jump at recess while they sat staring at a math worksheet; /3
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May 16
may all the therapists have full offices of willing clients ready to heal this summer

and may all the writers write what is in their hearts

and may their books and poems and stories be published in varied, delicious venues, reaching all they are meant to reach
and may the bus drivers drive in the summer heat with the cold air blasting and may their passengers all find seats to rest, sweaty and happy and still-masked and healthy

and may the musicians book show after show, and share the gifts they honed in the quiet of their bedrooms
and may the teachers take a rest from teaching and tend their gardens—hands in the dark soil, feeling the life of winding roots

and may the journalists write the truest, starkest stories

and may the coders write good code, and the mathematicians write good equations
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Dec 10, 2021
My marriage to my husband strikes a deft blow to the patriarchy, and actually lessens the power of the religious leaders who spent over 35 YEARS trying to convince me that the way I love is abominable.

Let me explain how.

{a thread}

Remember how during the “debate” about marriage equality tons of churchy leadership folks spent millions of dollars legislating against and predicting the destruction of society if LGBTQIA folx had the right to marry?

Turns out they were right to be afraid.

For themselves. /2
Churchy leadership folks are mostly men (in some religious like Mormonism they are ONLY men). The power these patriarchs wield as leaders in churches and in society relies heavily, if not entirely, on the system of patriarchal power and control we were all born into.

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Oct 21, 2021
1/ I grew up being taught that sex between a man and a woman was the only good, pure and “real” sex out there—but my time as a professional helping religious folks with sexual issues showed me why that’s a total crock of crap. Let me tell you why.
2/ It turns out, behind closed doors, that religious-based hetero sex is likely the most selfish, the most demanding, and the most imbalanced sex framework out there. (Of course, as with anything, there are exceptions to this on an individual level. But I am speaking generally.)
3/ It is a sex framework that centers male pleasure and orgasm, while considering female pleasure to be either non-existent or profoundly immoral. It pays little attention to female needs, pleasure or anatomy. Sex begins when the man wants sex, and ends when the man finishes.
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