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Hotstarல அதுவும் Premiumல இருக்குற Movies, Shows எல்லாம் freeயா பாக்கணும், அதோட Sunxt, Voot, Zee5லருக்குற Moviesம் freeயா பாக்கணும், முடிஞ்சா எல்லா LiveTVகளையும் ஒரே Appலயே பாக்கணும்.

அதுக்கு நீ IPTV supported Thop TV, Oreo TVல தான் பாக்கணும்.
ஒரே Appல Live Channelகளான Sun TV, Vijay TV,
5000க்கும் மேற்பட்ட படங்கள், சீரியல்கள், English Hollywood movies, web series with subtitlesன்னு எப்புடி பாஸ் பாக்கமுடியும்ன்னு நீங்க யோசிச்சா
முடியும் பாஸ்ன்னு ஆர்யா மாதிரி ஆஜராகுறது தான் IPTV.
Internet Protocol Television Network பற்றி கேள்விப்பட்டிருக்கிறீர்களா? DTH அடுத்த அசுர பாய்ச்சலுக்கு ரெடியா IPTV இப்போ ரெடியாகிட்டு இருக்காப்ள. IPTV குடுக்குற தைரியத்துல தான் அம்பானியே 4K TV தாரேன், Jio FDFSன்னு அளந்துவுட்டுக்கிட்டிருக்காப்ள.
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HELP! I have a family member in Orange County, CA on a vent in critical condition for #COVID19. We are urgently seeking a person who has recovered from #coronavirus infxn w/ no symptoms in past 14d & able to donate plasma asap. Irvine/Tustin or LA area. DM me w/ leads. Pls RT.
Tweet #2: Thank you SO MUCH for your kindness! I'm getting many Qs, so answering them here for efficiency. People are asking what criteria they need to meet to donate plasma & which patients with #COVID19 can get plasma & how. See here:
Tweet #3: Others are asking if the donor has to be where the recipient is. The answer is no unless there is time urgency to get the product to the pt. Blood products are routinely collected at blood drives & shipped where the need is, but that does introduce a delay. #COVID19
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For entertainment, I wrote myself a #SocialDistancing theme song. In the style of Cake "The Distance" #QuarantineLife

Here goes: (thread)
Reluctantly couched in the living room
Wifi pumping while starting a Zoom
The green light flashes, the lag is real
Did someone just say, “this is no big deal”
They deftly maneuver to not touch the face
Tired of life in too small a place
Reckless and wild, they pour on the germs
The ounces of sanitizer they should conserve

As they speed through the food, the stash goes down
They ran out of eggs and the ‘nanners are brown
The pantry is empty, except for one can
He’s trying, providing, ‘cause he is the man
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March 5, 2020-Low grade fever starts, still thinking bronchitis
March 6, 2020-Fever climbs from 99.8 to 102.6 in one hour, thought it was flu and was now outside the Tamiflu window, stayed home for symptom management.
@lennycurry #LockdownNow @AAutoParts
March 9, 2020-Fever of >102 continues, this isn’t flu, go to urgent care, diagnosed with pneumonia, started on Levaquin. 3/11/20 3-doses of Levaquin in, no improvement in symptoms, go to ER. Admitted, swabbed for COVID19, IV antibiotics got pneumonia on chest CT. @AAutoParts
March 12, 2020-Get to a room and placed on supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula, 1 liter per minute (lpm). I’m only able to achieve 500 on my incentive spirometer, for perspective-my healthy lungs could hit 4000.
@AAutoParts @lennycurry #COVID19
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Coronavirus is now in Gaza — the world’s largest open-air prison.

Will Israel release its Gaza Strip prison in the interest of all humanity — to help the world contain #COVID19?

Surely Palestinians are human.
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Please RT #AcademicTwitter:
Let's not lose the #research & #opportunity of @KzooICMS & @MedievalAcademy since #CoronaCrisis cancelled them.

We have the #technology.
We have the #skills from @QMUL_HSS & @stuffofwar.

Let's make a date in May! cushingmediaeval at gmail dot com
Please note both WMU Medieval & MAA have confirmed that they do not endorse any virtual event in lieu of their #conferencecancelled.
Yet so many people have worked so hard, having work +/- contracts +/- funding in peril, that I can't let it go right when we need it most.
S/f 😎
So please take a look at #WTOStc (symposium) + Prof Todman's blog (below) & consider joining the #medieval #History #twitterstorians
because - #QuarantineLife aside - we all face financial, family, medical, or other barriers to 20th-century ways of work.…
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They say misery loves company, so here's a little story from #QuarantineLife. Feel free to have a laugh at our expense.

I got out of the shower at about 1:30 am last night. Let me tell you why that was amazing.
Yesterday, the floor drain was backing up into the basement. The drain is connected to the septic tank, so yeah, loads of fun.

I'm down in the basement, trying to snake the drain AGAIN. Twitter friends gave me the idea to use nitrile gloves, and I was staying nice and clean.
I ran that sucker way out the line. No luck. Did you know if you get a manual drain snake stuck and keep turning, it builds up force? Then, if you release the handle, it quickly unwinds in the opposite direction, spraying out whatever liquids happen to be on the coils?

I do.
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Listen to this Clip:

#covid19: FDA Issued VS Approved. WHO Cares?

"The Quality of Tests goes thru the #FDA," says #DrBirx


But the #Roche test was *released under Emergency Use Authorization

This means it has not gone through usual testing.
Devil 😈 is in the Details

I repeat: the test itself has not been thoroughly tested.

I'd like to see the data & ensure its accuracy. Less false positives, I hope.

@Roche has not responded to emails or calls.
#HIV: Imagine Receiving
A False Positive? Says #drbirx

Yes that would be devastating.

From my understanding there were issues with hiv tests & misdiagnosis.


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FYI - i didn't kill myself. 🤨✝️ 🇺🇸❤ my time has not come yet.👍🤗 #FightFightFight #NeverGiveUp #Expose2020 #TruthMatters #TruthNeverDies
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Learn to Count in Maya Numbers!

Early today I was drawing Maya numbers on my daughter’s chalk board (#QuarantineLife), and y’all seemed interested, so let’s do this right! 1/8
There are three basic symbols in Maya numeric counts.

A “shell” for Zero

A dot for One

A bar for Five

At their most basic, these symbols were used to count from Zero to Nineteen. 3/8
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Comment trouver des produits et services gratuits (ou presque) pour s'occuper durant le confinement ? Un court thread que je mettrai à jour si besoin. ⬇️

#coronavirus #coronapocolypse #confinement #Confinementtotal
Le patron de Canal+, Maxime Saada, vient d'annoncer le passage de la chaîne en clair sur toutes les box, ainsi que plusieurs avantages offerts pour les abonnés. #Coronavirus #confinementtotal #Confinement #coronapocolypse
Du 17 au 31 mars, les abonnés d'Orange ont accès aux chaînes du groupe OCS ainsi qu'à plusieurs chaînes jeunesse, dont Canal J et Boomerang.

#Coronavirus #coronapocolypse #confinementtotal #Confinement
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Всем привет!
С утра вы могли увидеть следующую новость в разных источниках:…
Так вот эта некая Марина Ф. — моя мама, и я хочу прояснить некоторые моменты.
Это тред о полном говне, которое разгоняют с этим коронавирусом.
Начать хочу с того, что в период с 20 февраля по 8 марта мои родители летали в Южную Америку с пересадкой в Италии оба раза.
8 марта в аэропорту Шереметьево их встретили врачи, померили температуру и как бы ВСЁ. НИКАКИХ АНАЛИЗОВ, НИЧЕГО. Температура норм — и чёрт с ним, валите.
12 марта приехали санитары (во славу дурке, которая сейчас происходит) брать анализы родителей, потому что вродекакнашли челика с короной на борту их самолёта. Меня на тот момент дома не было, мама позвонила мне и ПРИ ВРАЧАХ сказала торопиться, чтобы у меня тоже взяли анализы...
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From fast-moving myths to an avalanche of news - #coronavirus has dominated the conversation online and off.

We’ve put a handy guide and answered your most-asked questions:

#COVID19 - A thread 👇
Why all the fuss? Isn’t the #coronavirus basically the flu?

Answer: No. While the far majority of cases reported so far have been mild, #COVID19 has a higher fatality rate than the flu.

Note: Mild to moderate includes mild form of pneumonia.
What are the symptoms?

While symptoms differ from person to person, a WHO-China report found typical symptoms to be:

• Fever (88% of cases)
• Dry cough (68%)
• Fatigue (38%)
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I NEED HELP! I have 29 current diagnoses, have been fighting for SSI over 5 years, and I need to see 11+ doctors! I am undiagnosed with a lot of illnesses still, and I need many procedures and 4+ surgeries to help me live in less pain....
I have been mostly bedridden since 4/2018 and disabled since 12/25/2012. I am an ambulatory wheelchair user, but I am having to use my wheelchair more everyday. Walking, sitting, and laying all cause me pain. There's no way for me to be comfortable. I have not been....
able to work in 6 years due to my disabilities and chronic pain.  My husband is now an essential worker and his jobs are slowing down / coming to a halt ( he is a mobile mechanic ). For the past 5 years we have been together he has made under $2,000 a month....
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